Puttin’ In Work

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I had a bad itch. That type of itch that needs to be scratched before it turns into a problem. When a beast is hungry, you feed it. You don’t let it starve. It has been three weeks since the last time. And it wasn’t even all that good. So in my eyes I shouldn’t even count it.

Well I have had my eyes on sexy ass Jamaal for a while now. He just never noticed me before, till a couple days ago. I was walking with mi little “sister” and he asked her “Don’t you think me and her should get to know each other?” She replied with a “No”. I laughed and kept walking. The truth of the matter was that I didn’t want to get to know him. I wanted to fuck. Not even make love to his immaculate body, okay maybe just a little. But his body may just have to give it to me. Hard. But a real bitch is not that desperate for some dick, to put her business out there for a piece off ass. Point blank.

Today is Saturday and my pussy is yearning for his attention. I don’t have to second guess that he could get the job done, and well. Both my parents were gone as always. So I decided to let my guard down with this one. The picture of his body was driving me wild. I know I shouldn’t be even thinking about it, but just imagine a dick being inside a hot pussy, your hot pussy pushing up everything that has been held up for a very very long time. I was like a virgin. All over again and tonight I was getting popped. I ALWAYS made sure my pussy was on point. Tight as hell, to make the sex so much better, it drives a grown man crazy. Like as if he was on the brink of insanity when the walls of a woman’s pussy is oh so right. Let me stop so I can get myself together. So I get ready to call and it was as if he knew I would be calling. He had reached my weak spot, which was Jamaal. His light skinned body was like hot caramel. Melting in my hot body just right. He answered like he read my mind or he was just psychic. He completely read my mind.

“I knew you would be calling.” His voice was so sexy. It turned me on even more.

“Shut — up. And listen. I want you. Now.” I demanded him. I controlled the zipper.

“Okay. I knew you would come around. My manly senses knew it”. He was so confident.

“Whatever. Just come over and satisfy my needs. Wants”. Hearing me was incredible.

“Okay. Give me like twenty minutes.” He told me.

“Alright, I will be waiting, but don’t keep me waiting to long.” I replied.

I was so freaking horny and he was coming. It was like a game to me and I had to win.

My body had to be fresh. As always I used the best smelling body wash money could buy. My body was beginning to loosen up while I took a shower. I am so proud of myself; I bought the matching lotion to rub myself down with. It had the most beautiful smell ever. I only used it on “special occasions”. While I rubbed my breast ankara escort and pussy I began to get a hot sensation. I knew I shouldn’t have, but couldn’t resist. The anticipation was getting to hot. My skin was so soft. I would get some extra points for that. My pussy was so soft and warm, waiting and longing for the grand entrance of Jamaal. So I throw on a bra and panty set. The bra was so sexy. The twins were held up perfectly. Perfectly rounded and shaped. The set of 44Ds went just right with the rest of my body. My best friend had given me a gift a minute ago. When I opened it there was a pair of red and white boy shorts in front of my eyes. He said I was a freak and they went perfect with my personality. On the front they stated the fact that somebody wanted to get eaten, it said “eat me”. He was so right.

After I was finished I admired the incredible body God had given me. But I did have to cover it up, just for a minute, till he comes. Then he will be taking it all off. I wanted him to know I was horny not a slut. And I just couldn’t go answer the door in this. Giving my noisy ass neighbors a view and something to gossip about. So I throw on a pair of fitting boxer shorts and low cut tank top to expose all the goods I had to offer. Damn the little effort I putting in started to give me more confidence.

I hear the door bell ring and excitement jolts through my body. I could feel myself getting hot and wet in the center of my pussy. When I heard the ring for the second time I knew I couldn’t wait any longer for the feeling he was about to give me. I gather my thoughts and take a deep breath. Jamaal was going to please my mind and body. And I wasn’t going to stop until I got it.


“Well look at what we have here. You are a true sight to see. Aren’t you?” he asked.

“Of course, but no ‘hello’?. How rude.” I had to back with a comment or it just wasn’t me.

“You did surprise me. It was a huge surprise for me to see like this” he gave a slick smile. “Quiet a surprise.”

“There probably will be a lot of surprises tonight.” I stated that fact with a combination of shock and courage; I didn’t believe it my damn self.

I turned around to let Jamaal in and give him a view to love. Yes I did do it. I didn’t have to add an ounce of bounce at all either. I held my head with confidence and gracefully strode into the living room to the couch. I sat him down and looked at that body. Discretely I lift my head up and say ‘thank God’.

As if I was his girl I climbed right on. Giving him sensational kisses. His lips were so soft. Jamaal didn’t even have to try. My main goal was to please him, but the tables were turned. I thought it was going to be me giving the entire amount of pleasure then get then get every drop of him in return. He had to get my mind elvankent escort right, he jus had to.

I love the sweet taste that he left on his lips. He put little to no effort into it. And damn did that little effort go a long way. His ass was giving me way too much to think about. Hell my mind, body, and even the soul knew what it wanted and it was it was his body body. Don’t front like you don’t know. The part that makes you screams to the heavens thanking Lord Jesus Christ for the making of a man. He began to massage my baby soft luscious thighs. They needed that desperately. It was a good ass feeling and I didn’t want it to end. His kiss added a little force. Oh yes. I never gave him any type of control until he over powered my mouth. He parted my lips and slipped his tongue inside and I didn’t let go. I came back with just as much force he gave off. It was like I fed off of it. Jamaal began to slide my shorts off with so much ease; I had completely forgotten that I even had them on. I guess he felt my wetness through my panties.

“You must really enjoy this because I haven’t even entered inside of you and I can feel your moistness.”

So he did the only logical thing. Go harder. I grabbed at his pants and began to attempt the unfastening. I wanted to pull it out so bad, but it wasn’t me this immortal was taking over my body. Ok there wasn’t an immortal it was my pussy. It was doing all the thinking for me. My legs began to tremble as his hands grabbed my thighs closer towards his ‘body’ being wrapped around. I started to lift up his shirt wanting him to take it off. Slowly it was coming off. Damn it was like slow motion the way he slid it over his head. His body was just right as I licked my lips as I got even more excited at the touch of his masculine body against mine. I wasn’t trying to waste any time. Reluctantly I got him up. We had to go to a bed. As much as I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to be sprawled open across a bed.

“It wont take long.” I told him.

We reach the upstairs in a matter of seconds. It was horribly dark and I couldn’t see a thing. But we didn’t turn on a single light.

“I want my imagination to run wild with your magnificent body. Later I can see my queen and what I have done to her.” He whispered in my ear.

“I’m cool with that.”

With those words Jamaal threw my arms above my head and against the wall. Then he wrapped my legs around his waist. He began to kiss and suck on my neck and chest. Then I could feel his lips slide down. Further and further till he reached his prime destination. The center of my legs was waiting on him. Niggas be frontin like they aren’t ever going to eat a bitch out. My pussy is fresh, so fuck that. He knew he was because he aint never had a bitch like me. Me, I’m always fresh. An otele gelen escort undesirable taste that I know he can’t resist. It had to be eaten. Planting soft seductive kisses in my inner thigh mad me cringe and wanted to just fall in his arms.

“Don’t stop.” I tell him in a soft whisper.

“Believe me, I’m not.” He came back.

I took those words to the heart and ran with them. I sure as hell hoped and prayed to God he wouldn’t stop.

After that Jamaal came with a bang. Finally he was pulling my panties off with his teeth. My thighs bucked twice to let him know they liked it. With a swift motion he added two fingers into my pussy. Sliding them right in. He knew the perfect moment to add one, two mire fingers. Damn. He was pleasuring my pussy with a passion. His speed was amazing! Driving me bonkers, of course I couldn’t tell him to stop, my mouth was frozen. But he did. Yeah I wanted to question it to. What the hell was going through his mind?

His head snaked back up my neck and lips.

“I know you want me.” He was just stating the obvious.

No shit smart ass. Haven’t we already gone through this already??

My hands begin to take control. They don’t agree with the rest of my body. None of my body agrees. I let my hands roam free to the buckle of his pants. I’m shocked that he hasn’t pulled it out before. I controlled the zipper as I said before. As his pants dropped to his ankles, a song began to play in my head. Oh my god, oh lala. Part one of my mission to get inside of me was complete.

“Why do you tease me like this? You shouldn’t even have to ask. It should be so obvious.” It told him trying to see if he could get the picture in his head that I really didn’t want him to stop.

“Where is your room?” he asked me.

“Two doors down, past the bathroom. Why?” curiosity was going to get the best of me.

“Well if you want it, you have to come and get it.”

What the hell was he thinking? His ass was bold to tell me that. I give him that.

After he stated that as I he was daddy, he left me standing there ass naked, craving the entrance of his dick. Looking dead in my face he told me ‘No, you have to come and get it’. I was weak and my legs were becoming jello. As fragile as porcelain they were going to break at any moment.

“Give it to me. Now.” I told him.

It was becoming unbearably possible for me to continue standing there.

“Well if you want it, come and get it.”

He left me and went to his room. I had to go get it.

Hot, wobbly, weak and I all I scrambled off the floor and went after him. My legs were unsteady, but I was not about to let this slip through my fingers. When my slow ass finally reaches my own room I took a glance at his body. It was truly a sight to see. Figured, look at who we talking about.

I wasted no time, climbing right on top. Jamaal had to be packing. I began to pull his boxers off, I could finally feel it. My body was screaming for it to bust out. And rip through me. It scratched the surface of my bare pussy. Driving my wild and blowing my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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