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It was all about sex for me, she was one of the best fucks, and I always find myself thinking about how kinky, hot, sweaty, wet the sex was. How I could do anything to her, and she would love it, she would beg for more. But it’s the old saying, once a cheater always a cheater.. It’s true.

It’s been a year since I fucked her last and we have both found our true loves, she say’s she is happy and I’ve been with a girl who is perfect, perfect in almost every way.. Just not slutty… I’ve found I crave the kinky, slutty sex more and more lately. So one day, I called my ex. We have always been able to talk about anything, I’m sure if her boyfriend found out he would be pissed, but I don’t care.

When she answered I said, “Hey, this is one of those phone calls, that you need to be alone, are you?”

“Yes, my boyfriends at work and the kids are asleep, what’s up?” she said, in an almost sexy voice.

“I need to talk to you about something, something that we probably shouldn’t talk about, but it’s something we both want.”

I wanted to drag her into this conversation. Make her so hot and wet that she would beg for me to come fuck her right then and there.

She said, “And what would that be?”

“It’s awkward to talk about, but you know how we used to fuck, and how even after you met your boyfriend you said I was the best fuck you’ve ever had?”

She cut me off saying, “I don’t know if we should talk about this, what would your girlfriend say?”

“I don’t care I need to talk about this to you!” I said in a stern voice to make sure she understood.

“Ok, so what can I do?” using the same soft voice as before.

“I need to fuck you, I need to fuck you like a whore, like the little slut you are!” I found myself saying, not quite the way I wanted to reel her in but I couldn’t stop, and she didn’t stop me either.

“I want to do everything to you, fuck your mouth, watching you swallow my entire cock, then fuck your pussy while you say how big of a whore you are, then fuck your tight ass, you still like that right?”

“Yes, I still like that, but we can’t talk about this, I’m in a serious relationship,” She said with a shaky voice.

“That never stopped you, and it won’t now either, tell me this, if you could fuck me and not feel bad, or get caught would you?” I asked.

“I can’t answer that, but I think you know the answer. She said softly again, oh how that voice made my cock so hard.

Now it’s the fun time I thought. “Are you wet?” I asked her. No answer but I thought I heard the phone rustling.

“Are you touching yourself?” I asked

“Yes, why now?” She asked me, “Why now do you want this?”

“I want you to tell me how wet you are, how many fingers are you shoving inside MY tight pussy!” I asked her.

“Two, two of my fingers are in your pussy, I want your fingers inside me, ankara escort I want to feel your cock in my mouth, I want to taste your cum and feel it covering my pussy!”

I had to pull out my cock at that point, my jeans hurt so bad against my 8 inch cock. “My cocks out of my pants, if you were here, what would you do to it?” I asked her.

“I would let you do whatever you want to me! I want you to fuck my mouth with your big hard cock, then my ass, then cum all over my slutty body!” she said.

You could tell she was fingering herself so hard.

“Put three fingers in that tight little pussy, how’s it taste?” I said, “Tell me how big of a whore you are!”

“I’m the biggest whore you’ve ever seen, and it tastes so good, but not as good as your cock does. I want to fuck you. Come fuck me now. My boyfriend is off work in two hours.”

I didn’t want to tell her but as soon as she got into the conversation I had started driving towards her house.

“I want a picture. I want a picture of you fucking yourself right now” I said. “I need to see that wet little pussy after you’ve been thinking of my cock inside you!”

“Ok, hold on while I free a hand ok.”

After about a minute she got back on the phone, “Its coming, where are you?” She asked, you could still tell she had her fingers deep inside her tight wet shaved pussy.

I said “Coming, what you need it that bad?”

“Yes, I need you to fuck my ass! I want you to fuck me so hard, my boyfriend, he likes to be soft, he’s more traditional. You, you treat me like I want, like a slut, like a dirty slutty sex doll!”

“What are you wearing?” I demanded

“Jeans and a tank top.”

“Take them off, I want you in a robe, just a robe, cause I want to fuck you on your doorstep,” I said in a stern voice

“No, my neighbors will see, and they like my boyfriend.” she pleaded

“I don’t care! I’m going to fuck you right there. You will suck my dick while your sitting on your step, this is my deal, I’m fucking you how you need it, and you don’t get a choice!”

She didn’t argue back.

When I pulled up to the house, I was shaking like no other, not sure if it was excitement or just plain old because I wanted to fuck her, there she was, sitting on her front step in a pink robe. I got out and walked up to her as she stood up. I reached out and pulled her robe to the side, exposing her right tit.

“There’s my slutty tits! God your a dirty little bitch arn’t you!!”

Her nipples were already like rocks, as I flicked it I looked at her. She looked scared but you could tell all she wanted was to feel me fuck her as hard as I could.

“Sit down bitch!!” I said, “And show me your sloppy wet pussy!”

As she sat down, she looked around nervously, and then spread her legs showing me her freshly shaved pussy. Oh it looked so good, she has the elvankent escort tightest pussy I have ever felt, and it’s perfect.

“Stick your fingers in there, fuck yourself and tell me how much you want my cock in you! How much you want me to choke you with my rock hard cock! You want that?”

“I want you so bad, let me suck your cock, I want to feel that fuckin dick inside of me, feel your cum all over me. I want you to fuck me like you used to, hard!”

I pulled my cock out and before I could even get the zipper all the way down her lips were around my head. Sucking my swollen cock like a pro, her tounge flicking at the base of my head, swirling against the shaft, her lips tight, and her teeth not biting, but just enough to feel them. I looked down to see her fingering that wet tight pussy at the same time. My cock got even harder!!

I reached down to expose her 36 C tits, her nipples as big as bullets, getting even bigger against the slight breeze. While she sucked my cock taking it all the way in her mouth every time, hearing her gag turned me on to much. I could feel my cock getting ready to throw her first treat to her, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and said,

“Open your dirty mouth bitch, I am going to cum down your throat.” But I knew I wasn’t.

Right when she opened her mouth I cummed all over her face, in her eyes, and in her hair. She went to wipe it off and I said, “No, you’ll leave that there, now stand up”

As she stood up I grabbed her and threw her against the door, pulling her off her legs and getting her tits at face level. I started biting her tits, starting with the left one, working my way around her big areolas then to her nipples which I pulled as hard as I could, she gasp with pleasure, grinding her hips against my swollen cock. I stuck my cock into her wet swollen pussy and started fucking her as hard as I could. Oh it felt so good, she came right away, covering my balls and legs in her sweet sticky juices. I kept fucking her pounding her swollen tight pussy, giving her orgasm after orgasm.

After about fifteen minutes I set her down and turned her around, looking at her tight little ass.

“You want my cock up your slutty ass bitch?” I asked her with force.

“Yes, yes, I want you to fuck my ass, fuck me hard!” She begged as I guided my cock to her tight little hole.

Going slowly, I felt the pop as my head went into her ass, then I guided it almost all the way in, but before I could get there, she started fucking me, rolling her hips back and forth and clenching her ass muscles around my cock. Oh it felt so good, and hearing her moaning made me want it even more. I knew then she just needed to be fucked in her tight little ass as hard as ever, so I started slamming my cock as hard as I could into her ass, while she screamed out how much she liked otele gelen escort it.

I knew her neighbors could hear her, it’s a damn apartment building, but I didn’t care, and obviously she didn’t at the time either. I figured it was her that would have to deal with the consequences.

I told her to beg me to cum all over her tits, but she said, “No! I want you to cum in my ass, I want to feel your big hard cock throbbing in my tight little ass. PLEASE!!!”

“Ok” I said, “Do you like fucking me more than your lame ass boyfriend?”

“FUCK YES!” she screamed “Oh FUCK YES I DO! I’m your dirty whore”

I felt my balls tighten up as I started shooting wad after wad of cum into her tight little ass. I could feel the juices oozing out of her beat red asshole. Looking down at it I knew she wouldn’t be able to sit down later.

Once I was done I pulled my cock out and grabbed her hair, “Now clean this cock up whore!” I said as I pulled her head down to my cock.

She started licking my cock clean from the base up. Flicking her tongue against my head, she knew how to keep me going. God she was a dirty bitch!!!

I bent down and picked my phone up off the ground, and checked the time, ten more minutes and her boyfriend would be off work, thinking he was going to come home and get some from his wife, it made me chuckle thinking about what he would say when tried to fuck her.

“You have ten minutes to suck my cock, now get to it,” and with no arguments she started in on my cock again.

Since I had my phone in my hand I figured it was a perfect time to get some video so I opened it up and recorded her sucking my dick.

“What are you doing?” She asked me.

“I’m getting something to look at later and something to keep you in check!!

“WHAT?” she stopped sucking my cock and looked at me with little doe eyes.

“Well, I figured we could do this more often and this will keep you inline so you don’t do anything stupid. We wouldn’t want your boyfriend seeing this!!!”

As I pulled up my pants I looked at her cum stained face and hair.

“You might want to get cleaned up before he gets home, don’t forget to wash everything.”

I took a picture of her tits, and turned to walk away. When I reached my truck, she was there right behind me. I sat in the seat and looked at her.

She asked “Do you..”

I cut her off right then, “We’re happy, we’re happy with what we have, and as long as we do this every once in a while, we’re perfect.”

I reached out and squeezed her right tit flicking her softening nipples, “Just never forget, I own this tit you dirty little whore!” I said with a smile as she stepped back. I closed my door and drove home. When I reached my house I had a text from her. It had a picture of her in the mirror naked with cum all over her face. it read,

“I walked inside, looked in the mirror, forgot to close the door, this is what my boyfriend saw when he walked in. He didn’t say anything, just went up stairs. I guess it could be ok for you to do this some more. Thank you for the night.. YOUR WHORE!!”

What a perfect night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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