Quickie Sext

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Stories are like sex. Sometimes it’s a pleasant break from the world to while away an hour reading a long tale with lots of complex characters and exotic places. But then there are those times when a quickie will do just as nicely to return one’s world to tolerable order.


Abby entered her apartment reaching back to lock the door behind her. Taking a few more quick steps into the kitchen she dropped her keys and laptop on the counter while carelessly kicking her heels off across the room.

“What a day!” She dreaded Mondays but this one was especially rough meeting her new boss. If it wasn’t for the fact her new boss was really hot Abby might have had her head screwed on better.

But, however difficult the day might have been it wasn’t anything a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon couldn’t remedy.

Her phone buzzed an incoming text. It was Simon. “Nuts.”

She had dated Simon a couple times after an impassioned moment impossible to ignore trapped in the building elevator. But aside from him being ten years her junior it felt a little too close living in the same apartment building. Abby had been trying to figure out the best way to let him down. It was hard, though. He was mature for his age finishing his last year of college. And he was such a hunk!


Abby…Hi Simon

Simon…Haven’t seen u for awhile. Just checking in.

Abby…Yes. Been busy

Simon…I get it. Me too

….Been thinking bout you 🙂


Simon…Yeah. Really enjoyed our last date.

Abby…Your kidding, right? After I spilled an entire plate of spaghetti in my lap?

…Not much fun for me!

Abby had finished her glass of wine and poured a second, turned on some Rihanna and was making her way into the bedroom before Simon came back.

Simon…Sorry. Forgot. Must have been really embarrassing.

Abby…Shit. I was too drunk to notice.

…You were a real gentleman though.

Simon…Thanks. I guess my mother raised me right.

Abby…Speaking of Mother. Any luck finding a new place?

Simon…Not yet. Don’t think my mom wants me to move out. Says she’d be all alone.

Abby…Don’t know how I feel about dating a younger man who lives with his mother.

Simon…I know. But we’ve always got your place?

Abby…How many times do I have to tell you I can’t keep doing that. I’m breaking all my rules for you.

Simon…What do you mean?

Abby…Remember how I said I’m not comfortable having sex at my place? I want the choice of leaving to be mine?

Simon…Oh, yeah. Right.

Abby…Simon. That one time we did it in the elevator was very special! But I’ve never done anything like that. And I’m not sure we should keep up this little affair we’re having.

Simon…Yes. That elevator was special. You were fantastic!

Abby…Simon! Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

Simon…Yes. I can read between the lines.

…You don’t enjoy having sex with me anymore.

Abby…No. That’s not it.

Simon…Then you do like having sex with me?

Abby…Look. I just want to get undressed and take a shower. Maybe we can talk later. I’ll call you .

Simon…No. Please don’t go!

…Mom’s gone. I’m bored out of my wits.


Simon…Yeah, I’ve been thinking about you all day.

Abby…Let me guess. You’re horny.

Simon…You must be telepathic. Yes. I’m lying here on my bed thinking about how gorgeous you are and can’t stop thinking about all the things I’d like to do to you.

Abby…Were you paying attention when I said I’m tired? It’s a bad time for me right now. I had to put up with a new supervisor today.

Simon…Sorry about that. Yeah, bosses can be a real pain!

Abby…You have no idea!

Simon…Why don’t you tell me about it. It might help to ventilate. Let off some steam.

That last text stopped Abby in her tracks. Texting in between undressing she was just about finished ready to sign Simon off when a new idea had just presented itself.

The tall redhead harassing her all day had consumed her thoughts the entire afternoon. Her original goal had been to let it build up until she could get home to the privacy of a hot steamy shower. But maybe their was a better way to resolve the unresolved and have some personal fun at the same time.

By now Abby had almost downed her second glass struggling out of her jacket, blouse and unzipping to push down and step out of her pencil skirt and slip. Unsnapping her garter straps and now unconsciously removing her nylons she was thinking, reassessing her situation.

All she was finally wearing was the matching black lace bra and panties she occasionally wore to work. Sometimes she caught herself sinfully smiling. This special underwear concealed by her unassuming business attire made her feel risqué and sexy. By the time she’d get home she was so aroused a hot shower was the perfect güvenilir bahis atmosphere to indulge in a nice quickie. Except for the alternate excursion that one afternoon trapped in the elevator with Simon for 20 minutes.

The way that cute smart aleck looked at her. He was all sweaty having just finished a run and she was horny and dying to get to the shower after a long day. After just a few minutes it was so hot even she was sweating. Casual conservation diminishing, his sweatshirt getting damper, her skin feeling hot and flushed. And he wouldn’t stop staring at her! It was all she could do not to look back.

He could probably even smell her. Her panties were so wet. All she could remember was her resistance finally broken and taking the plunge, jumping him, forcing her tongue down his throat. It was one of those risky moments planted permanently in one’s memory that might result in unforgettable shame and embarrassment if he hadn’t forced her back into the corner.

They tore at each other’s clothing. He tore her skirt ripping at the zipper. But she didn’t care. She yanked her skirt up over her waist barely quick enough to make room for his cock to slither past her panties and slide right into her lathered pussy. She’d never forget how awesome it felt to have that young buck’s hard cock forcing its way into her over and over. The elevator might start moving again any second!

She had never come so fast! Their hot bodies mashed together in sweaty clothes. She was too incensed to be concerned about his muscular body seizing, emptying everything inside her.

She should have cut it off right after that but he was persistent. They had passed each other for months but didn’t even know each other’s names until she agreed to go out with him after their serendipitous elevator incident.

The sex after that was good but never quite rang the bell like that first time. She knew she needed to end it. However, she was uncomfortable brushing this one off unlike other guys who made passes at her.

The phone chimed another text removing Abby from her trance.

Simon…Still there?


…Ok. Let me get another glass of wine. I’ll call and we can talk for awhile.

Simon…No. Can’t do that.


Simon…I’ve lost my voice.

Abby…How’d you do that?

Simon…Screaming karaoke at a bar last night.

Abby…Shit! That sucks. You ok?

Simon…Yeah. Will be better tomorrow.

…Let’s just text. I’m really enjoying it

Abby…Yes. Me too

Abby had meandered out to the kitchen and poured another glass working her way toward the sofa just avoiding tripping over one of her shoes. She set her glass down on the coffee table. It felt good to get her clothes off. Probably best to close the living room blinds. Don’t need any peeping tom’s getting a free show.

Abby nestled down longways along the sofa snatching her trusted afghan blanket and positioning it just so up to her waist. To insure easy access.

There. All set. Wine and phone in easy reach. Everything except the vibrator and some lube. Probably unnecessary. A little too tipsy to get up anyway. The wine was starting to have its effect, “Slow down, Abby. Try to relax.”


Abby…Sorry. Still here. Just getting comfortable so we can talk.

…I mean text.

Simon…So, tell me about your day. You said it was rough.

Abby…Yeah. We got a new supervisor. I think she’s going to be hard to work for. A real bitch!



Simon…Why is she a bitch?

Abby…I don’t know. She just makes me uncomfortable. She’s one of those people who just has to get in your space. And I think she’s got it in for me.

Simon…How’s that?

Abby…After we were introduced today she seemed to be giving me more attention than the others.

…Constantly checking on me. Looking over my shoulder.

…And she’s got this bad habit of pressing herself up against you and getting right in your face when talking.

Simon…Wow! Is she hot!

Abby…Really? You would ask that. I swear you have sex on the brain all the time.

Simon…Just curious. Well?

Abby…Yes. She is extremely hot!!! Feel better?

Simon…Maybe she’s interested in you. You told me you like women, too.


Simon…You told me on one of our dates. Remember?

Abby vaguely remembered cursing herself for confessing such a personal secret to a 22-year-old. She needed to start doing a better job of controlling her liquor intake on dates.

…If you say so. I was probably just talking out of my head when I was drunk.

Simon…So, you’re not into women?

Abby…I didn’t say that. Why is that so important?

Simon…Don’t know. Just think it’s kind of hot.

Abby…You watch too much porn.

Simon…Yeah, probably. Lol

…Wonder though. What are you thinking about when you güvenilir bahis siteleri see a woman you’re attracted to? Take that boss of yours, for instance.

Abby…Who says I’m interested in my boss?

Simon…Describe her and I’ll decide.

Abby…Decide What?

Simon…Let’s see if she’s hot enough for someone as sexy as you.

Abby paused. She hadn’t considered what it would be like to put such personally sensual thoughts into actual words let alone share them with a young man she still didn’t know that well.

But she was already horny. She couldn’t resist.

Abby…Ok. If you insist.

…She has red wavy hair that comes down to her shoulders.

Abby paused.

Simon…Yes. Go on. Tell me anything about her that turned you on.

Abby…Slow down, Tiger!

Abby…How bout this? I know how much you like my tits.

…She has great breasts. Large, too, but not disgustingly so. Actually perfect by my standards. And she apparently takes pride in displaying her cleavage. She was a knockout in that dress today. It was cut so low she was definitely testing company ethics.

Simon…That’s more like it! What about her legs?

Abby…Let’s see…What I could see when she wasn’t standing right over me was how toned her calves were in those stylish heels.

Simon…She was wearing a dress?

Abby…Yes. Red hot! Even the shoes were red. Very erotic.

…You would have loved her backside, too. She must workout with a figure and ass like that.

Abby took a quick break letting her fingers slip under the waistband of her panties to release a little tension. She didn’t realize how wet she had become reliving her elevator ride. After a brief moment of exploration she rubbed her slippery fingers together re-visualizing the redhead. Bringing her hand to her face she closed her eyes and inhaled her unique scent. A shower would have deprived her of that luxury.

Guiltily drying her hand on her faithful Afghan she returned to the phone.

Simon…Wow! She’s seems amazing!

Abby…So, getting a stiffy, yet?

Simon…Yes! It’s definitely getting warmer down there.

S..How about you? Getting horny?



Abby…A little.

Simon…A ‘little?’

Abby…Ok! I’m horny, too!

Simon…That’s better

Abby…I’m starting to have some thoughts, too.

Simon…Ooh! Is it something naughty?


Simon…Tell me.

Abby…I’m not sure I should.

Simon…Come on Sexy. Quit being such a cocktease!

Abby…Do you want me?

Simon…Oh, baby! I want you something bad!

Abby…How’s that big cock of yours?

Simon…It’s rock hard begging for you!

Abby…Well………I don’t know. I’m so horny I might embarrass myself if I say it.

Simon…Oh baby! Don’t stop! I’m just about to come!

Abby…Don’t you dare come! That’s not what I have in mind.


…Sorry. I’m holding it.

Abby…Don’t lie. Did you come?

…It’s ok. I won’t be mad if you did. Just tell me.


Simon…Sorry. I didn’t come. Promise. Just a little cum. But I stopped in time.

Abby…Very well.

Simon…You still horny? I’m really sorry. I know I should wait so we can come together. Right?

Abby…It’s ok. Quit apologizing.

…You’re always in such a hurry to get in my pants I should have expected that. We’ve never really sexted before either.

Simon…Tell me what you were thinking about.

Abby…No. The mood’s gone now.

Simon…Please. Tell me

Abby…You’ll just be disappointed.

Simon…No. I’ve got to know.



…I was considering being a bad girl breaking my rules for you again.

Simon…Yes? How’s that?

Abby…I thought you might like grabbing a condom and come over for a quickie?

Simon…I can’t.

…Remember? The voice? I might have something contagious.

Abby…You could wear a mask or something?

…I really want you!

…Right Now!

Simon…I just don’t think we should take a chance.

…Tell you what. I’ve got an idea.

Abby…Sad here.

Simon…How about a quickie right here on the phone?


Simon…Phone sex. I bet I can make you come.

Abby…Lol. That’s a tall order. I don’t think you know what you’re doing.

Simon…Seriously. I can do it.

Abby…And how do you propose to do ‘it’?

Simon…We’ll role play some hot, steamy sex.


Simon…You’ll be you

…I’ll be that hot redhead bitch at work you won’t confess liking.

Abby froze. She wasn’t prepared for that. While she had been obsessed thinking about her new boss from the moment she met her, she wasn’t sure she was ready to place her passion in the hands of a college student and a male one at that.

Abby…I don’t know about that.

Simon…Come iddaa siteleri on! It’ll be fun!

…Tell you what. If I can’t make you come I’ll buy you the most expensive wine. Your choice.

Abby…Clever. You know me too well.

…BTW. How do you know I won’t just fake it?

Simon…I trust you.

Abby…Ok. But if I do come I’ll buy the wine.


Abby…So how’s this going to work?


…Got it!

…I’ll ask you some questions to get started.

…Eventually I’ll get an idea of what turns you on. You’ll start getting in the mood and not be able to text back less and less. Eventually you’ll only have one hand free to hold the phone. If you know what I mean.

…I’ll keep texting but you might get lost in the fantasy and might want to close your eyes to finish.

…How’s that?

Abby…???? A little confident about yourself, huh? I’ll admit, though, hypothetically possible. I am pretty wet already.

…How’s that appendage between your legs?

Simon…It’s getting hard again just thinking about having phone sex with you. Ready?

Abby…Just one thing first.


Abby…Admit it. You masturbated while texting me just now. You blew your whole wad thinking about me didn’t you.

Simon…Ok. Yes. I admit it. It really felt fantastic! You should have seen it. White cum was flying all over me! You’re so HOT!

Abby…You’re such a liar you naughty boy! I LOVE IT!

…You know what I’m thinking right now?

Simon…No. Tell me.

Abby…I’m considering breaking another one of my rules.

Simon…What’s that?

Abby…The next time we get together I just might be willing to give you a blowjob.

Simon…Yes! FANTASTIC!!

Abby…Wouldn’t you like me on my knees looking up at you while I licked your balls and sucked your cock, just like in one of those disgusting porn videos?

Simon…STOP! You’re going to make me come!

Abby…Ok. I’ll stop. Now that I have you in the proper frame of mind again. Somehow I have a feeling I’m going to be buying a bottle of wine pretty soon.

…Ask away. My body is yours!


…What’s the first thing you remember about her? BTW…What’s her name?


Simon…So, Vicky.

Abby…No! Victoria! She’s tall and an overbearing bitch. Call her Victoria. That’s much hotter.

Simon…Got it

…Tell me the first thing you remember about Victoria. Nothing sociable. Something steamy and sexual. Something you’d be ashamed to say out loud.


…There was that time she bent over me while I was sitting at my desk. I was showing her something on my computer screen.


Abby…Remember I said her dress was cut really low in the front?

Simon…Yes. And you wanted to look down there, didn’t you? Did you?

Abby…Yes. I confess. I tried not to. She wasn’t paying attention looking at the screen. I snuck a quick peek.

Simon…You should be ashamed of yourself.

…Tell me what you saw. And make it HOT!

Abby…Her breasts. The way they laid so evenly in her bra. Sweet, full round mounds rising from her chest. The deep crevice between them a lighter tan speckled with freckles descending downward out of sight.

Simon…Wow. Thank you for that. I can see her. I’m so turned on.

…You said she didn’t see you. Just because she wasn’t looking at you doesn’t mean she wasn’t aware you were looking down her dress.

Abby…She didn’t give any indication she did.

Simon…Did she do anything else besides just stand there looking at the screen? Think.

Abby…I remember her leg touching mine. I was hoping she didn’t give me a run.

Simon…Where were her hands?

Abby…One was resting on the desk in front of me for support I assume.

Simon…The other?

Abby…On my shoulder. I remember now. She was lightly rubbing my arm then started massaging my shoulder and neck. I was really tense. It felt good.

Simon…Damn girl. She was making a move on you!

…What was the expression on her face?

Abby…I’m not sure. In between talking and sneaking opportunities to peek down her dress I had my eyes closed enjoying the massage. I didn’t want her to stop.

Simon…You must recall something about how she looked?

Abby…I do remember her lips. They were sexy. Seductively full. She must have just freshened up. Her flaming red lipstick was perfect. Then her bright pink tongue came out. It was fleshy and wet. I just stared at it exploring her lip.

Simon..That’s so hot! Abby! She was making a pass at you!

Abby…Damn! I think you’re right. I thought she was just concentrating on my work.

Simon…My god! What would you have done if she had made a move on you right there?

Abby…Not likely. That kind of thing is severely frowned on these days.

Simon…I’m telling you she’s really got the hots for you.

Abby…I think you’re right.

Simon…How do you feel about that?

Abby…What do you mean?

Simon…Would you go out with her?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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