Quit Whining

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Big Tits

Do any of you guys have this problem? My girlfriend Tricia has three things on her mind. Commitment, ring and marriage. I get to hear about it on a regular basis. The thing is, I don’t want to marry her. Right now I just want sex and I am getting very little of that. Tricia puts out because she has to. It is really too bad because my girlfriend is attractive and smart and has a good job.

We were invited to a party one weekend. We no soon get there than Tricia starts telling our friends she want to get engaged. I was within earshot of listening to all this nonsense. I think my face got crimson, I was so pissed.

“She shouldn’t be talking like that,” I heard a voice talking in my ear.

I turned around and saw Michelle. Michelle was a friend of Tricia’s. She was an attractive light skinned black woman. I always liked Michelle. She was quiet and always kept to herself. It didn’t hurt that she was hot looking. I looked at her ass on more than one occasion. I also had fantasized what it would be like to have Michelle in bed with me. I had never been with a black woman before.

Michelle reached into her purse and pulled out a pen and paper. She scribbled something down and handed it to me.

“Call me if you want to talk,” she said.

I took the paper and looked at it. There was Michelle’s name and phone number on it. I quickly stuck it in my pants pocket. Thankfully we didn’t stay long at the party. On the way back I had to control myself. I wanted to start yelling at Tricia. When I pulled up at Tricia’s apartment she asked if I was coming inside. I told her no. I couldn’t wait to drive away.

I drove a couple of miles and pulled over. I dug out the piece of paper and looked at the phone number. I got my cellphone out and dialed Michelle.

“That was quick,”she said to me. “Did you want to come over now?”

I told her I was on my way. I got there in record time. Michelle opened the door and let me in. She was wearing a bathrobe. I could easily see her cleavage. Michelle offered me some wine and I said yes to a glass. We were sitting on the sofa together. We clinked glasses and I unloaded about my problems with Tricia.

“She shouldn’t pressure you, I would never do that to someone I cared about.”

I was looking Michelle over. I wanted to reach over and pull her bathrobe off. Michelle saved me the trouble.

“Do you want to stay tonight?” She asked.

Just like that, we were walking back to her bedroom.

“You might as well get comfortable,” she said to me.

I ankara escort undressed in just a few minutes and I got onto the bed. Michelle undid the belt on her robe and it slid to the floor. God, her body was incredible. Michelle had pear shaped breasts and her pubic patch was cut down. I could see her pussy lips practically opening to me. She climbed onto the bed and I took her in my arms. I flipped Michelle onto her back and I spread her thighs open. I slowly lowered my face and I found her pussy.

I started flicking my tongue up and down her black gash. Michelle was starting to moan and she put her hands on the back of my head. She didn’t have to worry about me pulling away. I slipped my tongue inside and I tasted Michelle. She was already soaking wet. I pushed a finger past her folds and I began to finger fuck her. Michelle pulled her legs back and gave me full access.

My dick was rock hard from just lapping at Michelle’s pussy. After a few minutes of that I pulled my head back. We looked at each other’s face.

“Go slow Tommy, I am really tight.”

There was no discussion of wearing a rubber. I didn’t have one with me anyway. I took hold of my dick and I slid the flat part of my cock across her folds. A few minutes of that and I thought Michelle was going to explode. I guided my mushroom to her opening and I began to push inside. Fuck, Michelle was so tight. She wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t far from it. It must have taken me close to ten minutes before I had my cock fully buried inside Michelle’s pussy.

I stopped and held my prick in place until Michelle got comfortable with me being inside her. I slowly pulled back and then I pushed in the whole way. Michelle let out these noises as I began to fuck her harder. Michelle wrapped her legs around my back and we got into it. All I knew was that I was going to make her mine that night. I wanted to hear Michelle beg for my cock, if that was possible.

I felt Michelle’s hands go to my hips. I was pounding her harder now. My balls were slapping against her brown ass cheeks.

“You’re so big, Tommy!” Michelle practically screamed at me.

“I want you for myself Michelle, I don’t want to share you,” I told her.

Michelle said she didn’t want anyone but me. I later found out she had the same feelings that I had about her. She wished I had been her lover instead of Tricia. I must have taken Michelle for close to an hour. Michelle was so tight. Her muscles had me in a death grip as I fed her cock.

“Are you getting close?” elvankent escort Michelle asked me.

I thought that this was it. She was going to tell me to pull out before I came.

“I want you to cum inside me,” she said.

I asked her if she was sure. She said yes, she needed to feel me explode inside her dark tunnel. I pumped my dick into her a few more times. I held on for as long as I could but I felt my cum rising. I arched my back and I squirted my white hot cum into Michelle. All I remember is that there was lots of grunting and love cries. I was filling Michelle’s tummy with my baby seed.

Michelle’s muscles clamped down onto my rod like a tight vise. She was getting every drop of my love oils that she could. I looked down and saw her nipples were rock hard. I lowered my mouth and I started to chewing on each nipple. Michelle let out this scream as I had each of her erect nipples in my mouth. All I can say is, I never had sex like this with Tricia. Fucking her was so mechanical. Stick your dick in and hurry up and finish. That was all she cared about.

I soon began to slow down. I held my spent cock inside Michelle for as long as I could. Eventually I was soft enough that I needed to pull out. Out came my cock with a plopping noise. I looked down and saw my white seed dripping out of Michelle’s black hole. God, was that a turn-on. I fell onto my back. We were both panting after that intense fuck session. Michelle eventually leaned over and took hold of my dick. She started to lick the remaining cream from my cock with her lips.

Michelle got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. When she returned she had a warm cloth that she cleaned me up with.

“I hope you meant what you said Tommy,” she said to me.

“You wanted me all for yourself, no sharing.”

I told her I meant every word of it.

I spent the night with Michelle. When I awoke I felt Michelle stroking me with her hand. I was surprised to see I was erect. That had been one hell of a fuck last night. Michelle had me hard when she mounted me. She climbed over top of my dick and she sunk down onto my rod. I took hold of her ass cheeks and I spread them apart with my hands. Michelle bounced up and down my thick cock. I am around seven inches in length and am quite thick as well. It seemed to suit Michelle just fine.

There is nothing like a tight pussy sliding up and down your erect dick. Michelle’s tits were bouncing up and down as she rode me. I moved my hands to her chest and I otele gelen escort began to massage her breasts. That really got Michelle worked up. She was grinding her ass down onto my groin. I pinched her nipples with my fingers and Michelle went off. She started squirting her juices all over my stiff prick. I had never experienced anything like that before.

It got to the point where I was ready to seed her black tunnel once more. I brought my ass up and I dumped another load of my baby cream into Michelle’s belly. She reacted the same way as the previous night. She began to scream when she felt my sticky load enter her body. I just kept thrusting up into her passage until Michelle finally collapsed onto my chest.

We were lying there trying to recover when my phone rang. I looked and saw it was Tricia. I probably shouldn’t have answered but I did.

“Are you coming over today, Tommy?”

I told her not today. I was going to be busy. I said I would get back to her on Sunday. I could hear the disappointment in her voice. She probably wanted to work on me about getting engaged. As far as I was concerned we were officially over. I got to know Michelle that weekend. Yes we had sex but I found out what she was all about. I was right about one thing. She practically was a virgin. She had only had sex twice before me.

She said she was jealous that Tricia had this wonderful guy and that she was all alone with no men in her life. She took a chance that night and slipped me her phone number hoping I might call. Yes, we had more sex that weekend. I surprised myself that I had so much stamina in bed. I took Michelle in every position that I could. By the time I finally went home my dick was raw from all the sex we had together.

The next part wasn’t so much fun. When I next saw Tricia she immediately went into her nagging about where we were heading together. I wish I had taken a photo of her face when I told her I was breaking up with her.

“Why?” Was all she could manage.

“I’m tired of you pestering me about marriage. I am not marrying anybody right now. I also don’t appreciate you trying to embarrass me in front of our friends. Besides the sex is pretty poor, anyways.”

It was like I hit her right in the gut. She asked me if I was seeing someone else. I told her no. Frankly it wasn’t any of her business. Eventually Tricia found out I was with Michelle. Needless to say, the two of them are no long friends.

I now have Michelle all to myself. She likes our relationship just as it is. She isn’t trying to wear me down with talk about marriage. To be honest, if things work out between us, I might just get a ring for her and pop the question. However, that is way down the road for now. Right now I am having sex nearly every night with Michelle.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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