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Big Tits

Janet Martinez was curious how things would go with the new CEO of the Wall Street firm. She had met him a few times before. She had also heard about his reputation and lavish lifestyle.

As she entered his office, she wondered what exactly he wanted from her. Maybe the new boss was interested in meeting with everyone on the corporate legal team. It was a nice gesture, she thought. Her pessimistic side wondered if this had to do with the boss eyeing her legs and backside a few days ago.

“Ms. Martinez!” the CEO said with a big smile, extending a handshake. “My new favorite lawyer. It’s a pleasure to have a private meeting with you.”

Janet beamed right back. “The pleasure is all mine.”

“My apologies. This will have to be brief.”

“Anything, sir.”

They stood face to face, while the CEO still held onto his phone after having finished a call. Janet wasn’t surprised to see her new boss leering at her. As it turned out, the guy lived up to his reputation. Besides, for their first professional meeting, Janet made a point to look sharp. Isn’t that what people are supposed to do? She always wore a skirt and heels to work, which apparently was to the boss’s liking.

After getting a good look, the CEO was curt. “The current dress code. Are you familiar with it?”

Naturally, Janet was offended. Did her boss just critique her skirt and heels? It’s standard for office women!

“I’m familiar with the general guidelines,” she said politely. “But I haven’t read the official policy, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to speak with you about. Official policy. Dig it up, and I’ll need you to change it.”

Janet nodded. “I can do that. What did you want?”

The leer returned on her boss’s face. Once again, the CEO openly gave her a look-over, with his eyes returning to her legs for a brief moment.

He sucked in plenty of air. “Loosen the restrictions a bit. Let’s say, skirts don’t have to be as long, they can be shorter. Maybe pantyhose won’t be required. Heels are fine. You know the rest. Arms are okay to bare.”

Their first meeting, and this is what the boss chose to focus on? Janet knew what kind of man this was. She had dealt with this attitude plenty of times in the world of big law. Power players, she realized, were entitled to everything because they can afford everything.

The only difference now was that she was dealing with the main boss. Being a lawyer, her poker face was on-point and she was ready to play ball.

“And for the men?” she asked, hoping the boss would get the hint of the double-standard.

He thought for a moment. “Sure, men can go without neckties on Fridays, but the blazers and slacks are required. Good shoes are a must.”

“Understood, sir. I’ll get right on it.”

“Excellent. I knew you were a great attorney the moment I laid eyes on you.”

She forced a smile. “Thank you, sir.”

“Good. After you’re done, make sure the new guidelines are distributed around here. We’re expecting some new employees.”

“That sounds interesting. I didn’t realize that new hires were being made.”

The boss smiled. “We’re squeezing in some extra help. Some of our employees could use the support. It’s nothing to worry about, really.”

As they shook hands, Janet had an ominous feeling about these plans and her new boss. Having worked corporate law for years, she knew trouble when she saw it.

But being a closet exhibitionist at heart, she wondered where this would all lead. Of course, as one of the prominent attorneys in the firm, she had to look the part, so she had to maintain her high standards of dress. But a woman can always fantasize about showing off her body to her colleagues.


After a few weeks, it became an open secret that managers had frequented strip clubs, taking clients and loyal employees with them.

The bigger open secret was some of these managers had the audacity to actually hire these strippers as their secretaries! Others were given menial jobs to ‘help’ out around the high powered firm.

Worse, to Janet’s dismay, some of these women were given jobs in the coveted legal department. According to one of her colleagues, a judge in court had asked one of the women, “Are you a defendant?” Janet’s jaw nearly dropped in shame hearing that story about how a judge actually thought their new employee was an escort on trial.

Nonetheless, she kept on with her duties. She had spent a week with her staff preparing a report for an upcoming acquisition, and as usual, she personally carried the file to a new Director who had made the request.

With her usual poise and confident demeanor, Janet took the elevator up a few floors with the report in hand.

She walked past a myriad of talented employees. Along the way, she passed a few skirts that seemed way too short for a company of this standing. It made her cringe to think that she had some involvement with the declining standards.

When she approached the office, a skinny young blonde bahis siteleri in a tiny dress had just left and closed the door. There was a mischievous look on this new employee’s face as she fixed her top.

“Is Roger alone in there?” Janet asked, trying to be polite when they were near each other at the doorway.

The young woman pursed her lips and nodded. “Mmm hmmm.”

“Oh, well, I have a meeting with him.”

Inexplicably, the young women extended her tongue. It was covered in what clearly was a man’s cum. The woman seemed unabashed by this, and when she brought her tongue back into her mouth, she gulped it all down and swallowed.

“I already took care of him,” the woman said, licking her lips clean with traces of cum still on her tongue. “Oh, did you actually mean work or something, like a job?”

Janet tried to brush it off. “Roger’s expecting this report from me.”

“Nice! You must be smart. See you around.”

The young woman smiled as she headed off with a sultry walk.

Janet took a moment to compose herself before stepping into the office. Her deepest suspicions were confirmed. Upper management were actually getting sexual favors at work! They didn’t even have the decency to wait until after hours.

After a deep breath, she entered the office, closed the door, and for the first time in her legal career she had a meeting after knowing something sexual had just happened. The Director stood by the window looking out into the view, still dazed after his intense orgasm (as evident by the mess in the younger woman’s mouth).

She placed the file on the desk and stood next to him.

“It’s all there,” she said. “My legal analysis is on the table. The acquisition deal looks solid.”

“Hmmm… that sounds good.”

“Snap out of it, will you?”

Roger took that advice and shook his head clear. “Sorry, I was… ummm… thinking about something.”

“Your little friend, or whoever she is, was nice enough to show me what was in her mouth. I bet you’re relaxed. She looks pretty, and skilled at wherever she was doing, which was on her knees I’d imagine.”

He blushed. “Oh, that. I needed the relief. I’m a busy man, you know.”

“No worries. So, there’s your memorandum. You requested a meeting with me. Did you want to go over it, or would you like me to leave you alone so you can enjoy the service you just had?”

“There was something, actually. Something besides the legal report.”


“I reviewed your resume,” he said, managing to turn serious. “It’s impressive. We’re very lucky to have a lawyer like you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Your resume stated that you taught business and professional communications before.”

“I was an adjunct professor while I was a young attorney,” Janet explained. “I taught a variety of communication courses in my younger days.”

“What exactly did you teach, in regards to business?”

“How to write memos, letters, and reports. Legal writing. How to give speeches and talk effectively. Anything that can make a person presentable in an office place.”

Roger looked her over. “I can tell. You look very presentable. You’re one of the more presentable employees of this entire firm.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“The reason I mention is because we have a number of new analysts and employees working here. Guys who are brilliant with numbers and making money, but when it comes to professional communication, they’re unsophisticated. You know how a lot of millennials are; emails are brief and written like text messages, and their reports are just as bad. Communication is a lost art.”

“I agree with that,” Janet nodded. “Sure, I suppose I can give a few pointers to whoever is interested.”

The Director smiled and turned around to face the desk. He briefly flipped through the report.

“I suspect a lot of people will be interested,” he said. “But only if you make your tutorial more appealing to the average financial analyst here.”


“Let’s be honest. People around here work long hours and there’s a lot of stress. They’ll need motivation.”

“Doing better at their jobs should be enough motivation,” she said firmly.

“I know, I know. But you understand men. With the new dress code and everything, there are additional ways of motivating them.”

Janet’s ears were officially piqued. The new leadership of this great firm had taken a drastic turn in recent weeks. But this? She was absolutely positive that this new Director had lost his mind.

“You want me to wear less?” she asked bluntly.

“Not just that. Let’s be honest, Ms. Martinez, you probably have the best set of legs in this building. And don’t even get me started on the rest.”

“Say it,” she dared him. “Go on, I won’t be upset.”

He suddenly looked bashful. “Your bottom. You realize that men comment on your posterior all the time, right? I’m sure you hear the whispers.”

By pure instinct, Janet’s butt clenched so hard that she stood upright. Her bottom had long been canlı bahis siteleri the source of her insecurities as a woman. Back in college, she knew it was always grabbing attention and she had to adjust her clothing as a result. As an office worker now, she was always mindful of the shape of her posterior. It was the reason she preferred wearing office skirts; her bottom would be less noticeable (if that was even possible).

And when she went to the gym, she purposefully avoided doing too many reps for squats or spending too much time on stair-climbing machines. Her butt would become even more shapely and would stand out even more than necessary.

Now, as an older, more assured woman, her butt was a source of sexual self-confidence. She learned to take pride in having a stereotypical Latina ass. She loved taunting lovers with it in the bedroom, shaking her bottom and wearing tiny outfits on occasions. She loved having it admired.

Just not in the workplace!!!

“What does my bottom have to do with anything?” she asked. “I’m a lawyer. If you want me to teach younger employees about legal writing, I’ll do that. But my body has nothing to do with it.”

“Well, like I said, Ms. Martinez, it’s a motivator. Trust me, these guys are stellar when it comes to making money, but they’re cavemen in a lot of ways. We need them. They’re the life-blood of this firm. It’s in everybody’s best interest to make these young guys into great employees.”

She crossed her arms. “Do you realize that I could file a lawsuit over the comment you just made? I get the feeling that your good friend the CEO knows about this too. Shall I ask him?”

“No, because we’ll make you the Chief Legal Counsel soon. You know the top lawyer is retiring next year, right? Well, who better to replace him than you? That is, if you’re actually the most valuable lawyer in this firm.”

Janet lifted an eyebrow. The thought of a promotion like this made her eyes light up and her cheeks blush. She had long thought that her brains and speaking skills would make her one of the top lawyers in the city– not her legs and ass!

“I’d be interested in that job,” she said after coming to terms. “I can handle it, too. I’m more than qualified, and I know the ins-and-outs of corporate law.”

He smiled. “Of course you do. You have a stellar reputation around here. Now, like I said, we need you to polish up our newest guys, and to do that, you’ll have to look the part.”

“Look, I know how to teach. And I know how to get attention. Let me work my magic with them and it’ll be like college for these guys.”

Roger looked her over like a fashion designer would, with a critical eye.

“The CEO and I agree,” he said. “You need to perk up, in accordance with the new dress code that you helped enact.”

“Oh? What about it?”

“Hmmm… Your skirt is a bit too long.”

Janet nearly gasped. Her skirt was down to her knees! It was a standard cut for any respectable office woman.

“In other words, you want me to dress like a stripper,” she said. “Like the secretary who just sucked your dick a few moments ago.”

He smiled, “Angela? She works hard and shows plenty of head-strong dedication, if you catch my drift. Something you should try a little more. Now, aside from the shorter skirt, you’ll need… hmmm… let me see…”

Once again, Janet watched his eyes examine her legs, searching for any possible improvement. She froze in utter shock when the Director got on his knees before her. She had no clue what was going on.

In a casual pace, he reached under her office skirt and pinched at her panties, pulling them down to her ankles in one swoop.

“Step out of them,” he said, pinching the white panties around her ankles.

In any other circumstance, she would have slapped him the moment he put his hands under her skirt. But it was so brazen and ‘professional’ that she just complied with what he was saying. Maybe it was the fact that a big promotion was looming that Janet was in such a daze.

He handed the panties back. “There you go. Keep that someplace safe, so no one sees it.”

“Thanks.” She blushed, snatching her panties back and shoving it inside of her jacket pocket. “Can you explain to me why you just removed my panties?”

“Turn to the side.”

Janet automatically complied again, feeling betrayed by her own body so that the Director could make a quick inspection.

“It’s much smoother,” he said, looking at her butt. “Without panty lines, your natural shape is more prevalent. Do you have any shorter skirts?”

She turned to face him, to cover her butt. “This is as short as I go. Knee length. Appropriate.”

“Actually, you helped change the dress code. You can go a little smaller. In fact, why don’t you have the rest of the day off? I’ll review the memorandum and you can go shopping for something smaller. At night, come up with a lecture plan for our employees. Oh, and don’t wear any panties tomorrow either.”

Janet felt slightly bewildered. “I… okay. See canlı bahis you tomorrow then.”

“Thanks sweetheart,” he smiled. “I knew we’d make a great team.”

Her buttcheeks were still clenched from nervousness, and she practically left the office on tip-toes like a ballerina. It was her first time going around pantyless and it was certainly an interesting experience.


The next day. The elevator door opened and Janet stepped onto the office floor with her new heels and short skirt, which was riding up her thighs. It was breezy outside, which left her exposed pussy quivering. Her butt was quivering too and she tried to walk naturally.

There was even an extra perk in her step, since she had been masturbating all night thinking of the potential ramifications to this. Eyes roaming up and down her legs made her excited. Gazes at her pantyless short skirt, hugging her tight bottom made her wet.

The only downside was that she’d certainly lose the respect of a few men and women in the workplace over her smaller choice of outfit. Oh well, at least she’d land her dream job out of this.

Her other legal duties were delegated to her colleagues. After briefly swinging by her office, she felt like a professor again, a job she hadn’t done in many, many years. Only this time, she’d be guiding younger men in sharp suits, who already had budding careers in a lucrative field. Most of all, she’d be doing so knowing that their gazes and attention would be on her prized bottom.

The first session (or whatever it was) happened in the conference room, which had walls made of glass. It was an open plan floor, so everyone in that department could see everything. The men were all seated around the conference table as she handed out stacks of papers that she had typed up the night before.

She gave short lectures on how to write like a legal pro, and whenever she wrote something on the board, she’d notice eyes going down and up. They had all been staring at her ass whenever she turned around. It was something she would have likely scolded them for, had this happened any other time, but now, it seemed to be part of her job.

“Use these templates,” she said. “I’ve used them for years as part of my work and they’ve never let me down. The key to organized writing is…”

She froze mid-sentence, which was rare whenever she spoke in official capacity as a lawyer. But she had good reason.

From where she stood, she saw one of the new ‘secretaries’ on the other side of the department through the glass wall, on her knees giving a guy oral. It was blatant and seemingly in full view of everyone else, although this mystery woman was kneeling compactly beneath the guy’s desk.

Janet cleared her throat and returned her attention to the room. “Excuse me. As I was saying, the key to organized writing is coherent thoughts that are neatly arranged. Always have a plan before you write, whether it be an email or a report.”

“I can’t think coherently for some reason,” a smart-ass who was sitting in the back commented.

The group of young employees snickered amongst themselves and Janet was nearly fuming. After all the work she was doing for them, they paid her back by a comment on her ass?

“Then maybe I’ll let your boss know,” she replied coldly and calmly. “It’s only fair, don’t you think? After all, if you can’t concentrate on a simple task, then maybe this firm isn’t for you.”

Her snide remark seemed to work, and the young employees kept their heads down, away from her tiny skirt. Suddenly, her sense of embarrassment over the tiny skirt turned into her source of strength. Her brains and status as a lawyer had won in the end (or so she thought).

Sometimes good really does prevail, she thought.


She dismissed the group so they could return to their official jobs. Still feeling emboldened, she locked eyes on the group of men, wondering who would stare at her ass first. None of them did. The threat of reporting them to the boss had worked wonders. She could only imagine the power she’d wield if she finally became the top lawyer for the firm.

But there was something else she had in mind.

As everyone else left, she looked through the glass wall. The woman on the other side of the floor had just finished her ‘oral duties.’ It was obviously another stripper who had been given a fluff job around the office for personal enjoyment. She could almost tolerate men getting blown in their offices or someplace private. But on an open space floor? It was a bridge too far.

She marched out of the conference room with the intent of confronting the woman, who now sat on the desk, socializing with the guy who was now cleaning his cock with tissue, before tucking it away.

Ironically, she had to be mindful of her march. If she took wide steps, her tiny skirt would hike upwards and her ass and pussy would be exposed. She did the next best thing and used her hands to hold her skirt down.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” Janet asked the salaciously dressed young woman.

The woman looked confused. “Ummm… sure.”

Janet ignored the guy and took the young woman down the hall where they’d have more privacy.

“I’m Lilian,” the woman said, offering a handshake.

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