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Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER THREE: � Trying on and trying out – 2 By Quentin Collins ail)

� BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This work was originally intended to be a prologue to another story, but somehow blossomed into more than twenty chapters. It is my first attempt, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

Another thing that makes me cry is the thought that Nifty might go away if we don”t support it. Think of the hours of fun you”ve had on this site. Isn”t it worth the price of a movie ticket every month or even every quarter to keep it going? Donate here.


Roger had been doing busy work in the fitting area of his tailoring shop, but he didn”t miss any of the just-completed Channing-Joaquin-Pablo show.

Roger announced, “Right then. The store is officially closed now. I”ll go lock up and turn off some lights and then we can finish the fitting. Are these boys remaining with you?”

I explained the situation. Roger said that Nick could try on suits to select one, but he wouldn”t be able to do a fitting tonight because of altering Channing”s suit and shirt.

They agreed.

As Roger went to lock up, he turned to me. “Make sure you clean all that cum off your son, so it doesn”t stain his shirt or suit.”

I saw a few drops of cum on Chan”s shoulder and chest, so I licked him clean. I”m a very generous man, so I shared Chan”s cum with him in a rather aggressive kiss. I didn”t want to get him fired up again, so I got the job done and then headed to the restroom to dampen a towel to wipe him clean.

Nick was undressing while the other two watched us. Young Pete asked if I liked Chan”s cum.

“Hell yes. It”s the best. Haven”t you guys ever had any?”

The three boys shook their heads, and Nick added, “It”s cool that you”re into that, but we”re not. All of us are straight.”

Dave shot Nick a sideways glance while Pete looked down. I think I was the only one who noticed. I countered that lots of straight guys eat their cum. They didn”t respond.

Nick was down to his black box cut briefs, which were very low-rise. Although he was three years older than Chan, he was not quite as developed, but he was an exquisite example of young manhood. His thighs looked especially impressive ballooning out from the absurdly tight underwear.

Nick was a swarthy guy and had black hair dusting his broad chest and a treasure trail descending from his naval into the briefs, which sat just above his pubic bone. His belly was flat � almost concaved � and highlighted a nice bulge in his underwear.

As he turned, I could see how the tight-fitting briefs hugged his ass. He probably outgrew them a year ago. The top third of his ass and crack were visible with just a few fine dark hairs showing. His impressive back was otherwise smooth. His lats spread impressively up to his mounded shoulders. I imagined myself lying on his back and kissing his neck as I plowed his teenage hole. Ah.

Chan was putting on the shirt we picked out and noticed me drinking in young Nick. He winked at me in approval. I sensed he knew precisely what I was fantasizing.

Roger came back and went over to Chan as he finished buttoning the shirt. “We”ll have to take that in if you don”t want to look like a pirate. How tightly do you want it to fit?”

I jumped in.

“I don”t think it should be clinging since it is a dress shirt, but it should be tapered enough at the waist, so there aren”t big folds as he tucks it into the pants. We also don”t want to conceal his shape. That would be a shame.”

Chan and Roger agreed. Roger was pleased with the fit around the shoulders. He noted that the sleeves are typically pretty loose on most men, but Chan”s biceps and trips seem to fill them out impressively. Chan smiled and radiated beauty. I can”t fathom how much I love him!

Roger started marking where he would put darts to make the shirt hug my son”s torso. He asked Chan to step up onto a box that was about 15 inches on all sides. Roger continued chalking the shirt and then faced me.

“You said you were concerned about it gathering when he tucks it into his pants. Do you want me to do anything with the tails? They will be unsightly under the pants. They will shorten a bit when I take the shirt in, but I can bring it up more like this.”

Roger folded the rear shirttail under so that it covered only the top half of Chan”s butt and kept his hands on the lovely ass so I could assess. Chan”s butt was about at chest level to me. It took a herculean effort for me not to dive in and feast.

I thought it should go a little higher. I folded the tail up a little more and held it on Chan”s left cheek while Roger held it on the right one.

“I think I like it up here, so it”s above the curve of his ass.”

I caressed Chan”s ass, indicating the curve. Roger followed suit and adjusted the shirt while continuing to feel my son”s ass. We both clearly appreciated the contact with the almost-fifteen-year-old skin on Chan”s powerful glutes, although Roger tried to masquerade his actions as necessary busywork. I brought my hand to rest, but let my thumb slip into Chan”s crack, swirling it subtly to tease his rim. I heard Chan draw a sharp breath.

“Yes, we could take it to here. I wouldn”t go any higher because it will pull out and ruin the look when he sits, especially if he takes off the jacket.”

We agreed on that and moved around to the front.

“Now, in the front here,” Roger continued, “we can take the tail higher and go straight across, more or less following the beltline.”

Roger was looking at Chan as he folded the front shirttails up and under, exposing Chan”s cock. My son”s penis was plumped up from our touching him, hanging out and down about five inches. He was not leaking, so we didn”t have to worry about that. Roger seemed unfazed.

“What do you think about this length,” Roger asked me, holding the shirt against my son”s lower abdomen, while running the back of his other hand absentmindedly back and forth through Chan”s trimmed pubic hair, hitting the base of his cock.

I looked and joined in putting my hands on my son without any real need. Roger stilled his hand, so I played with Chan”s pubic hair, gently tugging it and arranging the blond silk to my liking. It was trimmed short enough that it wasn”t curled upon itself. I lost myself in the pleasure of playing with Chan until Roger redirected my attention to the task at hand, as it were.

“So, I”ll mark the shirt here then?” Roger asked.

“Yes, that will work. What do you think, baby?”

“I”ll go along with whatever you guys think. I really can”t tell from this angle.”

Roger marked the shirt and had Chan step down so we could move on to the jacket.

Other than a little additional tapering, the jacket didn”t need much work. Roger said he would remove the bit of padding in the shoulders because Chan obviously didn”t need any help with his shoulders. We all laughed.

Chan was naked again in about four seconds as I hung up the shirt and jacket. Roger noted that Chan should be wearing the shoes that he will wear tomorrow so he can get the hem correct.

“Oh crap. I put the shoes in the car but forgot to bring them in. I”ll be right back.”

Roger said I could just open the deadbolt on the front door, and I made a quick dash to my car on the side of the shop and brought in the bag with the shoes, locking the door on the way back.

Roger had turned to Nick to see how he was faring. Nick and his two friends had just been watching Roger and me as we fondled Chan. Dave and Pete had bulges in their basketball shorts.

Nick, still standing in his skimpy square cut briefs, commenced trying on the first suit while Roger grabbed some foot coverings to help Chan ease into his new shoe boots, and then had Chan hop back up on the box.

Chan pulled on the suit pants and then the shoes. We were both disappointed to have to cover any of his virile beauty.

The pants hung low because I had to get a size 33 to accommodate his butt and thighs. Roger double checked his waist to verify it is 29 inches. He chalked several places and put clips along the waistband to hold the pants in place.

I asked Roger if Chan should put on the shirt.

Roger said not to because he was going to be taking away so much material from the shirt that it wouldn”t give an accurate indication.

After tucking here and there, I saw Roger stroking and pressing his hands on both of Chan”s ass cheeks. He suggested taking out the linings of the rear pockets so they wouldn”t show through, as he cupped the cheeks to demonstrate the problem.

I readily agreed, noticing how snugly even the larger-sized pants draped over Chan”s ass. It would be a shame to break the line. The seam was recessed into Chan”s crack, so both cheeks were clearly visible as separate entities. Roger said he would seal the pocket openings with a basting stitch.

I moved around to the front and started sliding my hands up and down the front of my son”s thighs, looking for a similar issue with the front pocket linings.

Roger joined me and examined Chan”s right thigh repeatedly as I did the same on his left. I used both hands and felt Chan”s cock hanging down the left pant leg.

Both my hands lingered on his thigh, and I squeezed his cock to tease him. I didn”t want to arouse him fully right now, but I couldn”t resist a little feel. Chan smiled appreciatively. My sweet baby.

Roger finally agreed that the front pocket linings should come out too so the suit fabric would cover the muscular thighs smoothly.

Chan asked Roger not to seal the front pockets so that he would be able to adjust himself. Roger warned that the pocket would likely pull open when Chan sat.

Chan countered that it wouldn”t be an issue because the jacket would cover it, and if he were to remove his jacket, he wouldn”t care anyway.

Roger looked at me. I just shrugged to indicate for him to give the boy what he wants. I asked Roger if “this,” running my fingers along Chan”s covered penis, would be an issue.

Roger moved over and felt the fit over Chan”s left thigh, also running his hand along my son”s penis and feeling the seam of the pants between his thighs and under his balls.

“I don”t think it will be an issue under normal circumstances,” Roger opined, continuing to rub Chan”s cock and thigh. It looked like Roger was pressing a couple knuckles into Chan”s perineum.

Chan looked down smiling and said jokingly, “Well, it might become an issue if you keep that up.”

Roger blushed a little and stopped moving his hands but left them in place for a few moments.

“Right, then,” Roger snapped out of his reverie, “Let”s see about the hem.”

He made quick work of marking the hem. We decided to have no “break” in the pant legs so that they would be hemmed just above the instep. I”m not a big fan of the retro 1950″s look of wearing pants to the top of the ankle.

I noticed Chan”s cock was a little plumper and pushing out his pants. We smiled at each other. I patted his ass to show my love.

Roger stood up and said, “I”m ready to get going on the alterations. You said that you would wait for them. If I add the additional work on the shirt to the alterations on the jacket and pants, I would guess it will take about 90 minutes total. Do you still want to wait?”

I looked over at Chan, who had just removed the shoes, socklets, and pants and returned to splendid nakedness.

He said, “I guess we can wait. I can help Nick with his suits. You”re sure it will take only 90 minutes?”

“I”ve done this more than you might surmise,” the tailor reminded me, intentionally using an uncertain antecedent.

Roger stepped to his machines and work table and got going while Chan looked over at Nick in an olive green suit.

“The jacket looks fine, Nicky, but those pants are way too big,” Chan told his friend.

Roger told us that the rental suits, like the tuxedos, had internal adjusters so you could tighten or loosen the belt line at the hips, and the excess material would fold into the outer seam. Chan walked over to Nick and unfastened his pants so he could get to the adjusters.

“Oh. Ok, Chan. Don”t be shy or anything,” Nick said jokingly.

“That”s never been my problem,” Chan answered. He made the adjustments and then refastened the pants, running his hands over Nick”s hips, backside and front.

“That”s a good fit now, don”t you think,” Chan asked the room.

I remarked, “I like the fit, but I don”t like that color on you, Nick. That color would look better on Dave.”

Dave and Nick were about the same size and similarly built, but, while Nick was a swarthy Mediterranean looking fellow, Dave was a richly-hued African-American young man with similar shoulders but slightly narrower hips.

Dave looked at me, “But I don”t need a suit, Mr. Tarnow.”

“I know. But I”m just saying that color would look good with your complexion. You should try it on just to see. You”ve got nothing else to do.”

Channing agreed, “Yeah, Dave, let”s see you in this one. I think the maroon one would look better on Nick.”

Nick started undressing, handing the suit pieces to my naked son. Dave looked a little nervous.

“I didn”t come prepared for this.”

“How prepared do you have to be,” asked Chan.

“I”m freeballing under these shorts,” Dave explained, gesturing to his loose-fitting knee-length basketball shorts.

“So what? Look at me,” Chan said.

“Well, we don”t all go around naked all the time as you do.”

“Well, you should. Come on; it”s just us guys in here. It”s like being in the showers at school,” Chan encouraged.

“I don”t know. It seems weird,” Dave said.

“Look,” izmit escort bayan Chan continued, “Nick will take off his pretty little panties too if it makes you feel better.”

We all laughed at Nick”s expense.

“I will?” Nick asked goodnaturedly.

“Sure, be a team player,” Chan cajoled.

Nick shrugged and tugged off his too-small briefs and stretched out his cock and balls to air them. His cock hung about four inches over large, rather hairy balls. His bush was thick but lightly trimmed.

“Happy now?” asked Nick.

“I”m getting there,” Chan answered.

“Dave, your turn.”

“This is stupid,” Dave protested, while nonetheless taking off his loose tank top and pulling off his shorts. He stood there in only his sneakers.

I tried not to gasp when I beheld Dave”s splendid nakedness. He appeared to have extremely low body fat. He looked cut enough to pose in a junior bodybuilding competition, but he was not extremely vascular. Dave sported a pronounced six-pack and Adonis Belt. His balls were even bigger than Nick”s, but his sleeping cock was a bit smaller at about three inches. It was quite wide.

Then I noticed that Dave was completely hairless from the neck down. I stepped a little closer to verify my initial assessment. Dave appeared to be uneasy with our attention.

“Do you shave?” I asked the teen.

“Well, no. not anymore. I shaved a couple of times for the swim team, but I kept getting ingrown hairs. My dad is a dermatologist and said it”s a common problem for those of us with really curly hair.”

Dave pointed to his 8-inch afro as exhibit “A.” I smiled. His thick afro was not kinky but tightly curled, with some stray curls sticking up here and there. It was lustrous. He was hot.

My first boyhood crush was a man from Ethiopia. Since then I start to feel feelings whenever I see a handsome dark face. Dave met both those criteria handily.

Dave had a serious looking but cute face: an oval shape, a little bit of a pointed chin, flat forehead, subtly arched brows, a wide nose and very full and pronounced lips that remained barely parted as if he were about to say something. His brown eyes had a determination behind them, giving the impression that was scrutinizing everyone. He looked delicious. There was something about this teen that drew me in.

Dave continued. “Dad suggested that I either just trim my hair or get laser hair removal instead of waxing,” Dave continued. He was becoming more comfortable standing nude in the middle of the tailor shop as he spoke.

“Waxing would pull out the hair under the skin, some of it permanently; but, the hair that grows back would be even more likely to be ingrown. The laser would work well since I have black hair, but it would be permanent.”

“I decided to go the laser route, and it took twenty sessions to get it all done. It burned a little, especially on my balls, but it was worth it.”

Chan walked over to Dave and felt his bare lower abdomen and then felt his balls.

“Dude! Do you always just go around touching a guy”s junk,” protested Dave. But he didn”t make a move to impede my son”s actions. In fact, Dave widened his stance to give Chan better access to his scrotum.

“I”m just examining the work,” Chan said. “Besides, I am a connoisseur of cocks, and this, sir, is not `junk.” I”d say whoever did your work did an excellent job. Look, dad, even the underside of his cock is smooth and hair-free.”

Chan lifted Dave”s cock and stroked the underside with his index finger to show me the hairless penis. Dave had trouble fathoming what was happening.

I walked over and looked at Dave as I reached for his genitals. He rolled his eyes and smiled as he looked down at my hand joining my son”s.

“I guess it”s a family tradition, huh?” Dave remarked, gesturing to give me permission to explore him.

“It appears so,” I answered.

Dave”s balls were larger than golf balls, but not monstrous. His right nut was a little lower than the left. I examined the crinkled black skin of his balls with my fingertips and then moved to his dick, which had grown to over seven inches and must have been over five inches in circumference. It had a gentle upward curve and was a tad flattened.

I stroked the penis lightly, observing how much blacker it was from the root up to his circumcision scar. The dick continued to rise.

My other hand started wandering over his smooth abdomen and up to his chest. His black nipples were getting erect too, and I flicked each one in encouragement. His body felt amazing. His skin was soft and supple, but the musculature was right there, millimeters below.

Before I knew what I was doing, I reached up stroked Dave”s dark mahogany face, sighing in appreciation of his smooth cheek and jawline. He met my gaze. I looked into his eyes with all the kindness my building lust would allow. He maintained a trace of apprehension in his eyes, but I could see lust building in him too. I sensed he had a suppressed desire that he wanted to set free.

I arranged a few curls in his afro, planted brief kisses across his forehead, and pressed my right cheek against his. He had either shaven within the past couple hours, or he didn”t need to shave because of the scant growth on his face. I inhaled against his cheek and moaned in pleasure. Dave sighed. We spent a few moments just being in each other”s presence as he wrapped me in a loose embrace.

How can he be so alluring?

I kissed his right shoulder and worked my way to his neck and clavicle, then moved to his left shoulder. His arms dropped to his sides. I could almost feel the power thrumming in those mounded shoulders. I encouraged him to raise his arm so I could get into his armpit.

Oh, what heavenly flavors and aromas resided there! I wanted to change my address so I could live in that hairless armpit forever. But there was so much more of this beauty to explore and stimulate.

I traveled down the side of his ribcage with my mouth and then around to his left nipple. I sucked on it as I batted it around with my tongue. We moaned simultaneously.

I spent some time tasting his cleavage as I used both hands to gently stroke his sides from his armpits to his outer thighs and back up again.

Then my mouth found Dave”s right nipple, and I showed it some love before moving back to his cleavage to prepare for my descent into heaven.

I kissed and licked each ridge in his eight-pack, feeling his heartbeat and breathing through my lips. I used both thumbs to stroke from hip to pubis along the pronounced ridge of his Adonis Belt.

Dave had the most perfectly round navel which quivered as I tickled it with my tongue. I was determined not to miss a square inch of is lower abdominals, and I held on to Dave”s hips as I knelt before him.

I caught Pete in my peripheral vision. I had forgotten there was anyone else in the room. Pete stared in shock and … lust. His basketball shorts were tenting wildly.

I decided to give him more of a show as I pulled my loose hair away from my face and I kissed the beautiful curving cock and then opened wide and took it in down to the hairless root.

I held on to Dave”s narrow hips as my tongue acquainted itself with the young black man”s penis. I slowly made my way to the tip and circled his glans before pulling off.

I had even forgotten that my son was supposed to be sharing Dave with me. I refocused on where I was.

“Wow, Dave you are exquisitely smooth. And your penis feels like it belongs in my mouth. Come Chan and explore for yourself.”

My naked son knelt down next to me and eagerly started to lick Dave”s penis before going down on it as I had. Dave was huffing and offering low moans.

Nick and Peter were transfixed, but Nick, standing naked next to us, was still flaccid. Pete, on the other hand, looked like he was quivering.

I stood up and went to the overwhelmed boy.

“Pete, you should try Dave”s cock too. It”s really nice.”

Pete looked mortified. “I, uh, couldn”t. I can”t. I mean I never have. I mean I don”t know how.”

I replied, “Well, everyone has a first time. It”s great that yours will be among friends. Chan will show you what to do. I can see by your erection that you want to.”

I guided the neophyte over to Dave and watched as he dropped to his knees next to my son. Chan pulled off Dave”s cock.

“Let”s lick it first. You take that side. I”ll stay here. We”ll just go up and down to get a feel for things.”

Chan looked up. “Is that alright with you, Dave?”

Dave”s eyes fluttered. “Hmm. Yes.”

My son, himself again aroused, joined Pete in licking the gorgeous black penis. The two boys were essentially kissing each other while sliding up and down the ascending shaft.

Pete eventually took the head in his mouth. That was all he could handle for his first time.

Chan instructed him to keep his teeth away, seal his lips and provide some suction while using his tongue to explore. Pete was transfixed. Chan serviced Dave”s shaft down at the root and then began sucking and licking his smooth balls.

I was feeling confined and decided to strip off, unceremoniously removing my Polo shirt, cotton shorts, and Dockers. I was now as naked as Chan, Nick, and Dave, except that Dave still wore his sneakers.

My unfettered cock stood at almost seven inches, about 45 degrees above horizontal. I moved around to Dave”s prominent but narrow backside and started massaging and pressing my face against his cheeks. It was a lovely place to nestle.

Dave was lost in the sensations induced by the three of us. I wanted to lose myself in his ass.

As I continued the massage, I separated his glutes and swiped my tongue up his crack, noting even that was hairless.

Dave shuddered and moaned and reached out to the naked Nick to steady himself as he swooned. Nick stepped closer to support his friend but was still not at all aroused. Nick moved so Dave could drape his arm over Nick”s shoulders. The high schoolers pressed their skin together from underarms to knees. Dave stood a little taller because of his footwear.

“I got you, buddy. I won”t let you fall. You just concentrate on enjoying yourself,” Nick said to Dave as Nick put his hand on top of Dave”s as it gripped his shoulder. Nick reached his right arm around Dave”s waist and rubbed his hip as a sign of support.

I pulled Dave”s cheeks farther apart and started licking his hole while enjoying the aroma of a freshly washed but musky teen. Dave squealed. I kept at it, and he started to relax, allowing me access to the delicious pink center of the dark chocolate hole.

I was able to penetrate his hole lingually an inch or so, while my son and Pete continued to work his cock and balls. Dave was approaching delirium.

I wet my middle finger and traced around the dark rim of his beautiful anus, stopping to add more saliva with each circuit. I wet my finger again and inserted it about as far as I had gotten my tongue. Dave let out a shuddering exhalation, but he did not clamp down.

I removed my finger to wet it even more, and to taste lovely teen essence. I reinserted it further into the warm moist darkness, moving around to offer him as much pleasure as possible while snaking my way toward his prostate.

I stood up and turned my middle finger upwards while moving slowly in and out. I placed my left arm over Dave”s, so we both yoked Nick”s shoulders. I gripped Nick”s hand as he continued to hold Dave”s hand on his shoulder.

I rubbed my face through Dave”s afro, allowing it to tickle me. I sniffed my way around his scalp, desiring to sample every inch of him. I moved through his sexy hair and slid my mouth to the back of his broad neck. I kissed and tasted the smooth black skin while my finger cycled in and out of his receptive anus.

I proceeded to Dave”s left ear, licking and nibbling the attached lobe, and then went inside his ear. I glanced over at Nick to see that he was watching as Chan and Pete stimulated Dave”s genitals. Nick was helping, but still, no arousal was in evidence.

I kissed and licked along Dave”s left jaw, moving my left arm from atop Dave”s to Nick”s lower hip, so I could more comfortably kiss Dave while working my finger in and out of his rectum, ever closer to Nirvana.

I pulled Nick even tighter against his teammate”s side and explored Nick”s ass and back while humping my cock against Dave”s firm ass cheek, enjoying the lubrication supplied by my continually leaking cock. The tip of my leaking penis contacted Nick”s arm on an upstroke of my humping. Nick betrayed no negative reaction as he continued to support his friend emotionally and physically.

I glanced down Dave”s front, having to stretch to see around his substantial pecs, to witness Chan”s and Pete”s tongues joined together licking the underside of Dave”s penis, which was flat against his cut abdomen and boiling over with precum.

I decided it was time: I snaked my finger in Dave”s ass until I found his prostate, curled my finger and stroked the nugget three times. I could see the piss slit of Dave”s wide penis open as if it were respiring.

Dave roared and began to shoot. The first shot hit my forehead and left temple with a forceful thud. The next coated Nick”s right shoulder and chest. Three more shots became airborne and landed on Dave”s dark brown abs and Chan”s and Pete”s faces as they continued to lick the throbbing penis.

Four or five more spasms brought ejaculate running down Dave”s cock and belly. Chan and Pete”s tongues competed to get to it first. Pete groaned ecstatically, cumming in his shorts as he consumed Dave”s cum.

We eased out of our ecstasy. Pete and Dave were the only ones who came. Chan and I were hard as anything and leaking profusely.

We separated. Chan and Pete licked sprays of cum off Dave”s chest and abdomen and then proceeded to clean each other”s faces and share the cum with a lingering kiss. Pete”s awkwardness had vanished.

Nick stepped away as Dave regained izmit eve gelen escort his ability to stand unaided. I saw cum on Nick”s shoulder and chest. I licked it up. I still had a rivulet of Dave”s cum running down my left temple. When I finished cleaning Nick”s chest, I held the cum in my mouth and went in to kiss him, forgetting that he is straight. He pulled his head back and looked at me.

I offered a kind, encouraging look back to him. I could see the conflict in his eyes. He finally decided to accept my kiss. I moved in slowly, offering a gentle massage of his lips with my own. I parted my lips and started licking Nick”s lips with Dave”s cum on my tongue.

I slowly entered his mouth with my tongue. I could feel him react as he tasted Dave”s cum. To me, it appeared to be a reaction of surprise rather than revulsion, and he started to participate in our lingual play.

I could tell he wasn”t all that experienced, but he copied my actions, and I welcomed him into my mouth. We broke apart after a minute. I watched his Adam”s apple bob as he swallowed Dave”s cum and my saliva.

Finally, Nick spoke, “You know that dudes aren”t my thing, but I must say that you”re a damn good kisser, Mr. Tarnow. That was nice. That was very nice.”

“Thank you, Nick. I enjoyed it too. I hope Dave”s cum didn”t disgust you.”

I quickly glanced down to see the state of Nick”s tumescence. He was slightly plumped, but nowhere near erect.

“It surprised me at first,” Nick replied. “But then I realized it didn”t taste all that different from my own, so, what the hell, right?”

I felt the trickle of cum on my face and asked Nick, “Would you like more?”

“No, thank you,” Nick smiled shyly.

I turned to Dave. He was still breathing deeply, his wide nostrils flaring with each inhalation.

“Would you mind,” I asked, tilting my head to finish the question.

Dave willed his eyes back into focus, and his full lips broadened into a smile. He stuck out his tongue. I swear his tongue was wider than his penis. Three swipes later he deemed the cleanup complete.

Before he could retract his tongue, I flicked my own onto his and lapped up his golden nectar. It tasted like Dave, the best flavor in the world. Second best flavor in the world.

We moved together to kiss. I pressed my body into his, snaking my hands around his deep mahogany back and rubbing my erection on his lower abdomen. I purred.

I moved so that I could maximize the amount of naked skin we pressed together. The light sheen of perspiration Dave worked up only enhanced his beauty and desirability.

I have kissed many men of all races and ethnicities. (Well, maybe not all, but I am determined to get there.) But I have never kissed a man with lips as full and broad as Dave”s. They are a natural wonder: powerful and sensual, yet soft, smooth and moist.

I am often the more aggressive kisser, but I let Dave take control. His broad tongue entered my mouth, and it kept coming.

He licked behind my upper teeth, onward to my hard palate and soon reached my soft palate. I tasted the underside of his tongue with my own, relishing his diluted cum still in my mouth and coating his tongue. He was teasing my soft palate, making it rise in an induced yawn.

He flicked the tip of his tongue on my uvula. I am an expert at suppressing my gag reflex and allowed him complete access to wherever he wanted to go. He wanted to go everywhere.

I pushed my much smaller tongue into his mouth, and he somehow allowed me to explore him while sliding his tongue around mine. My longish blond hair cascaded on both our faces.

I could have sworn that at one point he curled his tongue completely around mine. Maybe it just felt that way. But there was no doubt this young man was a one-in-a-million kisser.

I bathed his lower abdomen and spent penis in my precum as I ground my pelvis into him. 

Too bad I met him the day before I”m to leave the state.

That thought brought me back to the present. I broke our exquisite kiss, snaked my fingers through his afro to lock them in a clamp around his head, then bit his broad nose and flicked my tongue into each nostril.

He laughed and tried to turn his head away from the tickling in his nose. I held tightly to his head and massaged his scalp while drilling my tongue into each of his nostrils a few more times. Even his nostrils were a delicacy: sweet and smooth with just a hint of tang.

“Hey, don”t break my `fro, bro,” he said with a smile of his beautiful, talented mouth.

We pulled apart. I noticed Pete and Chan both looking at us. Chan was still hard as a rock and leaking, as was I. Nick had stepped back over to the suits and was pulling on the maroon one. He did not put his underwear back on.

I smiled at Nick. I was sure that he was straight, but I admired the fact that he was completely accepting of his gay friends, to the point of some minor participation in our fun.

He will grow up to be a special man. He is already a special man.

“If you guys got any jism on my suits, you”re going to pay for the dry cleaning,” Roger called from his table.

“Who says `jism,”” I asked insolently.

“Just make sure you clean up before trying them on,” Roger chastised while sewing the silk lining back into Chan”s suit jacket.

Dave stepped to my left, and we put our arms around each other”s naked waists. I let my hand slide down to pat and caress his left glute as we relaxed into each other.

“You know, Mr. Tarnow, I wasn”t sure I was gay before tonight. But when you licked my asshole and put your finger inside me, it felt so good; I know now that I must be gay.”

“Dave, what are you talking about?”

He looked at me as if he were being scolded.

“I mean, it felt so good to have your finger in my ass. That means I”m gay, doesn”t it?”

“Not at all, my extraordinary young man.”

I couldn”t stop myself from kissing his cheek. Nick, Pete, and Dave all looked at me. Chan rolled his eyes. He”d heard it all before.

I continued. “Listen to me, boys.” I looked to see that I had their attention while still lightly rubbing Dave”s lovely glutes.

“You are confusing two different things: sexual orientation and sexual activity.

“Your body is a mass of nerves that carry all sorts of stimulation, enjoyable and otherwise. Some people respond to their nipples being stimulated. Others can go into an orgasm just being kissed along their neck.

“You, my dear,” patting Dave”s ass, “really liked it when I rimmed you and stuck my finger inside you.

“But that is all sexual activity. That is your body responding to pleasure. Sexual orientation doesn”t reside in your ass, or nipples, or even penis.”

I stroked each body part as I mentioned it. “Sexual orientation resides here,” I put my finger on his sternum, “And it resides here.” I moved my finger to his forehead.

“You can be straight and still find anal stimulation pleasurable. You can be gay and not like anal at all. “Sex is what you do. Sexual orientation is with whom you fall in love. Do you understand what I”m saying?”

The three teens considered my impromptu lecture.

Nick was fully dressed in the maroon suit and looked very nice. He asked, “So you mean that I could like getting fucked in the ass but still be straight?”

“Absolutely, Nick. You think all those guys in those mythical submarines are turning gay? Nope, they are just getting pleasure where they can find it.

“A recent survey showed that 40 percent of men age 18 to 45 have engaged in some form of anal sex play. If you go with the conventional wisdom that ten percent of us are gay, that means that three out of four people who try anal play are not gay.

“You wouldn”t be anywhere near unique to be a straight guy who likes to get fucked.

“However, I guess that, if a straight man such as you likes anal stimulation, you might enjoy it more from a finger, dildo or vibrator with a female partner rather than from another man”s penis. But you can absolutely enjoy a man”s penis inside you, or another man”s mouth on your penis while being exclusively in love with a woman � an understanding woman.”

Dave leaned over, kissed me softly and looked into my eyes. “I”m still gay because I think I fell in love with you tonight directly from here,” pointing to his heart.

We kissed for a few minutes, my cock leaked even more precum, and his penis started to reawaken.

“I could fall in love with you too. But I think what we are feeling is infatuation. I”m sorry that Chan and I are leaving tomorrow so we won”t be able to help you explore those feelings. But I think we could be in love before the night is through.”

“So, you like this one or not,” Nick interjected.

We all laughed at the abrupt change of topic and said we did, but I wanted to see him in the khaki color one too.

I looked over to see Chan kissing Pete again and then helping him off with his shirt. Pete was two years older than my son but much leaner. He had a classic runner”s body, though his arms were well developed. It looked like he had just a few light brown hairs around each nipple. There was no evidence of a treasure trail. Pete dropped his cum-soaked basketball shorts to reveal a surprising nine-inch cock quickly coming to life again. It was thin and straight and looked inviting. His butt was small, round, and very tight.

Nick removed the maroon suit and rejoined our nudity.

Dave turned to me and asked, “Mr. Tarnow, do you enjoy anal stimulation?”

“Yes Dave, I do. Very, very much. And, my love, why don”t you call me Drew?”

He hesitated a moment. “Drew, do you think you would like me to stimulate you now?

I smiled. “Yes Dave, I”m sure I would enjoy that. How would you like to proceed?”

We turned to face each other and held lightly to the other”s waist. I leaned in and bit his broad nose, just to dissipate the awkwardness I sensed he might be feeling. I licked down the deep groove of his philtrum from the bottom of his nose to his upper lip. I held his upper lip between my teeth, growling like a dog.

My precum was running down my shaft and scrotum, starting to form a stalactite towards the floor. I was buzzing with anticipation.

Dave crinkled his face. “I think maybe I would like to try using my tongue, but I am sure that I would like to use my dick.”

“I am sure that I would enjoy both of those.”

“But, Drew, … I don”t know what I”m doing.”

I answered, “I”m sure you know more than you think you do. Don”t worry; I will guide you if I think you need it. How do you want to start?”

Dave turned me around, got on his knees, and proceeded to run his mouth around my ass, kissing each cheek with his beautiful full lips. I was enraptured by the sensation already. I hoped my ass was as smooth as Dave”s, having had it waxed the previous week.

I heard Pete ask my son, “Chan, I don”t think I want to lick your ass, but could I fuck you?”

Chan replied immediately by dropping to the carpeted floor on his back and hoisting up his muscular legs.

I looked at Nick and motioned to the bag where I had brought in Chan”s shoes. He retrieved it for me, and I watched his penis bob as he walked.

I had stopped at my go-to adult shop earlier in the day to resupply various things. I retrieved two of the six bottles of my favorite silicone lube, keeping one and motioning Nick to give the other to Chan and Peter.

Knowing Chan”s experience with dildos and, recently, my tongue, and seeing how thin and wet Pete”s cock was, I was pretty sure Chan wouldn”t need extra lube, but, better to have it than not.

Dave started to use his broad, powerful tongue on my hole. He was tentative at first, but soon was swiping his flat tongue across my ring with tender assurance.

He must have liked my flavor because he quickly tunneled his large, long tongue into my hole. “Yes! Dave! That is perfect. You are perfect!”

My exclamation spurred him on, and he was running that powerful muscle in and out of me, making me see stars. Nick looked back and forth between Dave and me, and Pete and Chan. Chan had just finished sucking Pete to perfect hardness � it took about twenty seconds � and was lubing his fourteen-year-old hole.

Chan called over to Nick, “Come join us. We can sixty-nine while Pete fucks me.”

Nick was unsure. “I don”t know if I want to suck cock.”

Chan answered, “Well, just come over anyway and get in position. I want to suck you no matter what. It doesn”t matter to me whether you suck me or not. But of course, I would like it if you decide you want to.”

“I guess I can”t say no to a blowjob.”

Nick straddled Chan”s head as Pete entered Chan”s ass with his long thin penis. Chan let out a low moan as Pete went all the way in with moderate speed.

Chan was ecstatic. He reached up and took Nick”s rising cock into his mouth, so both his orifices were being satisfied. Now it was Nick”s turn to moan. He watched carefully, his face inches above Chan”s cock, as Pete”s nine-inch dick slid out of my son”s ass and then reentered its welcoming envelope.

I joined in the moaning as I felt Dave go so far into me with his tongue that he almost touched my prostate. I didn”t want to cum this way.

“Fuck me, Dave. Please fuck me now. Please, Dave, sink that magnificent cock into me.”

I felt Dave”s tongue withdraw and I dropped to the floor and scooted over to the writhing threesome. Chan and I were shoulder to shoulder. Nick looked to see what was happening and lifted his right knee to widen his stance, so his crouch enveloped both our heads.

Dave liberally coated his fat dick with lube and then ran a lubed thumb in and around my hole as he let a few drops from the bottle land directly in my hole. I knew this was going to be good!

Dave”s cock pushed through my sphincter. The pain was moderate and brief. His penis felt exquisite inside me. As soon as he entered me I izmit otele gelen escort felt … complete, content, in love, at peace. I wrapped my legs around him. I wanted those eight inches to fill me. Chan was in a similar position with Pete.

I had been fucked by probably a couple hundred different men in my life. Not one came close to making me feel as good as this virgin African-American teen. I could feel my rectum almost subconsciously trying to massage his penis, attempting to return to Dave some of the pleasure he was giving me.

I looked at Dave”s face. He was watching himself fuck my ass. His smile filled me with love. He must have sensed that I was looking at him because he made eye contact with me. I felt us sharing our souls with each other. To hell with what I told him before: this is love, not infatuation. I am in love with Dave.

We held our loving gaze for a few moments, and both wore goofy smiles. I felt Chan”s head move next to me.

Chan let Nick”s penis fall from his mouth while he turned to me to share our first passionate father-son kiss. We had kissed briefly before, but never like this; and, certainly never while we both had two first-time ass fuckers working us over.

The feeling of love for my son overwhelmed me. I felt an electric charge pass between us as our tongues met. The new feeling of love for Dave swelled within me as I kissed Chan. Why did this teen affect me like this? I love Dave. I love Chan exponentially more. Logarithmically more.

We broke our kiss, and I heard Chan moan, “Yes, Nick.”

Nick was tentatively licking my son”s penis and balls, his face just a couple of inches from Chan”s hole that was engaged in Pete”s steadily accelerating fucking.

My ass felt wonderfully filled by my hunky black lover, whose instincts were spot on.

Chan and I both turned our attention to Nick”s cock and balls, alternating who got to suck on which. The straight boy deserved our best efforts for being so accepting and willing to play along.

I sensed all of us were on edge. Despite Dave”s having had an orgasm already, the newness of making love to my ass would speed his second orgasm.

Dave”s wonderful curved dick filled and stretched me to another plane of existence. He was slowly rotating his hips to hit all the right spots. I continued to reward him for a great job by massaging his dick with my rectum. How I wished I could have more time with him.

Nick moaned his appreciation for Chan”s and my ministrations on his genitals. He had three inches of my son”s cock in his mouth and looked like he was mimicking what Chan was doing to him. Pete”s lower abdomen and pubic bone were hitting Nick”s face with ever-increasing force, but Nick persisted sucking Chan while taking the beating. What a trooper!

Pete squealed his oncoming orgasm. He was suddenly bunny fucking my son as he shot off his load inside him. The sensation set off Chan. Nick sensed Chan”s imminent ejaculation and pulled his mouth off my son”s cock, not wanting a full load in his mouth. Bless his heart. He kept stimulating Chan”s penis on the underside of his glans with the tip of his tongue, and my son was coating both their chests and abdomens � and my chin � with his semen. I licked the inside of Nick”s upper thigh as Chan deep throated him, groaning around the straight boy”s penis.

Nick shouted to announce his orgasm while I felt Dave”s fat cock hit exactly right. Chan pulled off Nick”s dick and moved to his balls, allowing Nick”s cum to be generously distributed over all of us.

I was a goner. I ejaculated even more than Chan. Several shots hit Nick”s thigh and my face. I was coating myself with subsequent shots as I felt Dave swell inside me and pulse eight times. He was completely enraptured and, except for his panting, utterly silent.

I picked up my head and rested it on Nick”s cum-soaked thigh, not caring that it was getting all over my hair. Dave dropped down to kiss me, and I shot him under the chin with another ejaculation.

He licked some cum from my neck � it could have been mine, Nick”s or Chan”s � and then kissed me with those broad lips, letting me taste that cum-coated tongue that was in my ass a few minutes ago, as his glorious penis slowly deflated in my ass. Our kiss was unhurried and soft. How does a seventeen-year-old virgin know how to kiss so wonderfully? It”s worth repeating: I love Dave.

Nick sat on his heels, allowing me to continue to use his massive thigh as a pillow.

Dave and I kissed for another minute, and then he sat up. I felt a glob of cum hit my chest. I looked over to see if Chan was still firing, but I could see his ejaculate slowly leaking from his spent cock and pooling on his concave stomach.

I looked up to see Roger standing nude above my head, next to Nick”s knee, masturbating himself onto the naked quintuple beneath him. His sixty-ish frame was reasonably well maintained. He was not at all flabby but not especially toned. A thin, even dusting of salt and pepper hair covered his torso. His silver bush was tightly trimmed.

His spewing cock caused my eyes to widen. It was at least as fat as Dave”s and about nine inches long.

He kept pumping out cum. I could tell it was thinner than mine and obviously more watery than the teens with whom I just had sex, but the volume was still impressive.

I watched from almost directly under his cock as seven or eight shots coated us. Then more ejaculate burped out. I happily opened my mouth to catch the drippings. Some ran on my face. Though not as sweet as the teens” it was still pleasant. It was cum, after all.

After a few more drops landed on my face, Roger let go of his cock and sighed, “Right, then. I”m finished … with the alterations.”

Roger walked back to his work area without uttering another word.

We all laughed and started to lick each other clean. I felt empty as Dave withdrew from me. Chan eagerly took Dave”s cock while I did the same to Pete. Chan had little trouble with Dave”s girth and quickly figured out how to deep throat the African-American god.

Dave leaned in and took Nick”s deflated penis into his mouth. While sucking on Nick”s penis, Dave”s long and talented tongue slithered out to lap at Nick”s balls. I licked Nick”s thighs when I finished up with Pete.

We were all on our feet and returning to normal. I was surprised when Nick leaned over and kissed me. My mouth and tongue were coated in six men”s cum, but he didn”t seem to care anymore. We shared the cum and mutual passion for a few minutes.

“I like kissing you, Mr. Tarnow, but I”m still not gay.”

“Only you can make that determination, my young friend. I have to say how very impressed I am that you are so open to new experiences.”

I kissed him briefly as my hands explored as much of him as they could reach. He smiled. “I guess I”m just curious.”

Then he turned to Dave while I held him.

“Hey, bro, maybe you and I will be sharing blowjobs next time you sleep over. But I”m not going to take your whole load in my mouth, at least not the first time. And I”m not going to fall in love with you. It will just be two friends making each other feel special.”

Dave smiled and came in to join our loose embrace. He kissed his friend Nick for the first time. I could tell Nick was surprised by both the width and length of Dave”s tongue, but he was also benefitting from Dave”s innate talent.

I stepped behind Dave to let the two friends enjoy each other. I couldn”t resist once more running my face through Dave”s long afro before I rested my head against his left lat.

“I look forward to that,” Dave said to Nick. “Whatever you want to try, I am willing to do. I can rim you and fuck you if you want to try that.”

Nicked replied, “I don”t know. I”ve never played with my ass. I”m not sure I”d be into that.”

I looked over Dave”s shoulder at Nick while reaching out and running my hand over Dave”s scalp, once again flattening his afro. My other hand slid up and down Dave”s front from his penis up to his neck.

“Let me tell you, Nick, Dave has the best tongue I have ever experienced. You just got blessed with it in your mouth. You owe it to yourself to let him use it on your asshole too. I am certain it will change your life.

“His tongue may even find its way to your prostate and set you off. Whether you let this massive dick in you is another matter. But I can tell you truthfully: nobody has ever fucked my ass better than Dave just did.”

Dave turned around to look at me to see if I was kidding. I was not, and told him so with a sweet kiss. As I caressed his face with one hand, I fondled Dave”s spent cock with the other. It was too tired to respond right now. The seventeen-year-old would probably need all of five or ten minutes to recharge.

“Also, you might want to try rimming Dave in return. He has the best-tasting hole I”ve ever licked, with the notable exception of my son”s.”

Chan approached and hugged both Dave and me. He kissed my mouth and then he rested his head on Dave”s right lat and joined me in stroking Dave”s front.

“Thanks, dad. I like your hole too.”

Pete looked at Dave. “I think I would like you to fuck me some time if you want to.”

Chan and I released Dave. He walked over and kissed Pete.

“Sure, man, that would be awesome. You could fuck me too. It might take us a few tries to get it just right, but, you know what coach says, `You”ll never get results if you don”t put in the work.” I”m willing to put in the work if you are.”

“Any time you want,” Pete responded with a beaming smile.

Roger looked over and asked, “Chan, are you ready for your final fitting?”

I looked over at the naked tailor and said, “Just one minute.”

I turned to Dave. “Dave, my love, would you be so kind as to eat Pete”s cum out of Chan”s ass? I don”t want him leaking in his new suit pants.”

Dave dropped and started slurping. I rubbed Chan”s hard, smooth belly and told him to let Dave have all that cum. A couple of minutes later Dave stood up and pushed Chan over toward Roger.

Dave turned and kissed me again, sharing Pete”s cum from my son”s ass. It was delightful. Then he dropped down and performed the same service for my ass. I do love this boy.

Dave stood up, and we kissed, sharing all our collected flavors with each other. We held each other tightly, and I swooned as I felt Dave”s muscles move against me. I couldn”t get enough of his taste, his fragrance, his beautiful black skin, or his muscled physique.

Chan called to us to ask what we thought the alterations. We all agreed the fit was perfect and he was stunning. Chan was naked again almost instantaneously, and we put everything in the garment bag.

As I gathered my bottles of lube and Chan”s shoes, the other three pulled on their shorts but remained shirtless. They prepared to leave. I noticed that, after all the teasing Nick received about his underwear, he threw them in the trash rather than stretching them back on.

Roger asked where we all parked. Both Nick, who brought Dave and Pete, and I said we were parked on the side. Roger said he would let us out the side door and then he would finish locking up and setting the alarm.

Roger, Chan and I were still naked. I slipped on my Dockers but gathered the rest of our clothes and stuffed them in the bag with the lube and Chan”s dress shoes.

I approached Roger, kissed him briefly on the lips and pressed a roll of hundred-dollar bills into his hand as I stroked his back. His skin was surprisingly soft and supple, and his back seemed to be hairless. I continued stroking him tenderly.

“Thank you, Roger, for tonight and for everything you”ve done for me every time we”ve needed to look respectable.”

Roger was taken aback. He didn”t count it, but there were 50 bills in the roll.

“I can”t accept this.”

“I insist. You know I can afford it, and you really do deserve it.”

“Thank you, Drew. You are a special man. Your son is too. And, by the way, you have always looked respectable. Except for now with all that dried cum in your hair.”

I laughed and kissed him again, offering my tongue so he could sample flavors from the five of us. Chan kissed him too and thanked him for his expert service and kind attention. Roger wrapped my son in a loving embrace. It was touching to watch the naked sixty-year-old tailor entwined with my naked fourteen-year-old son, sharing their affection for probably the last time. They held on to each other for a few minutes in loving silence.

Eventually the five of us � Chan completely naked, and I in only my shoes � made our way out the side door and walked to our cars. I kissed Roger again as he closed the door and retreated back into the shop. The lot was fenced on the side, so it was somewhat secluded. The three boys said they were all staying at Nick”s and would see us tomorrow. I looked surprised.

“Of course we”re going to be there tomorrow. We”re a team, even if Chan was an informal member,” Nick explained.

I was touched. Both Chan and I kissed each one of them. Dave took his favorite nudist father-son couple into his commanding arms.

“Do you think it would be alright if I stayed with you tonight instead of going to Nick”s? We don”t have to do anything except cuddle. I love you both, but I understand if you want to be by yourselves.”

Chan kissed Dave again and looked to me to encourage my consent. My eyes were misty with affection.

“I think we would both appreciate your company tonight, my love,” I told the youngster.

Dave smiled, dropped his shorts and toed off his sneakers, so he was as naked as we. He tossed his clothes to Nick.

“I won”t need these tonight. Can you pick me up at Chan and Drew”s tomorrow morning at 8:30 and then take me home to get dressed?”

“Sure thing, bro. See you then. Maybe Pete and I will do some cuddling of our own.”

Nick and Pete hopped into Nick”s car and were off.

The three of us stood in the parking lot embracing, then realized that our state of undress was partly exposed to passing traffic, so we got in my car and headed for a naked drive home with the windows open to the warm July night.

That was not at all the way I thought the night would unfold. I was glad for it nonetheless.



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