Rachael Ch. 01: The Card Game

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I love to play cards. My master told me he going to have friends over to play cards and wanted me to be his hostess for the evening. I was so excited. I hoped that his friends would appreciate me, too. I had only met one of them before, so it should be a fun time.

I arrived at master’s house early and headed to the kitchen to start to prepare snacks and canapés before the guests started to arrive. I let myself in and stopped in the bathroom to change into my maid costume, and as I came out of the bathroom, Master was standing there. He looked me over with a different look in his eye, strange but warm and almost loving. Not a usual greeting for him.

We just stood there for a moment, and I told him I wanted to help make the food for tonight, and he nodded his head. I turned to go to the kitchen and he touched my shoulder, turned me back to him, put both of his large hands on my shoulders and pushed me onto my knees, I immediately understood when I saw his already erect penis pushing out against his shorts.

I reached under the open end of his leg and slid my hand around his erection and squeezed it gently. Whispering, “hello darling” I pushed my face up against the cloth and breathed hot breath onto it as I held it. “What does Master desire?” I whispered.

He stood there, swaying in the pleasure of my touch, not speaking, just shifting from one foot to the other, moving against my face and hand. He got very hard, and I knew he wanted relief, but I also knew not to make decisions for him. He would be very angry if I started to suck him off and he didn’t want that. So, I just waited and kissed his penis thru the cloth, held him tight with my hand and waited patiently. I felt very needed, and I only wanted to please him.

“I won’t be able to fuck you tonight with all the guys here,” he finally said. I just looked up at his handsome face and nodded my understanding. “I want you bad right now, but I guess you can tell that. We need to go to the bedroom first.”

“Yes Master,” I said.

Usually sex with master is at the end of some form of punishment. He didn’t seem interested in punishing me tonight, he was showing me some kind of affection that I was not used to, this was going to be a strange evening, I could tell that already.

By the time we got upstairs and into the room he had recovered some of his distance and started giving me orders in a more normal fashion. He directed me to the edge of the bed, pulled down my panties and immediately without so much as a slap and tickle rammed his hard cock into my waiting ass. I always keep my ass soft with lotion and fortunately easy to enter, had I not been this would have been a painful start to the evening. He did feel quite good as he filled me up, his hands held my hips tightly and he repeated the penetration several times. He seemed to enjoy the moment of submission as my anus let him inside more than anything, he loved to pull out and do it again and again.

This is not a comfortable position for me, and although I enjoy the fucking, I cannot relax and get anywhere near an orgasm, so I enjoy the attention, the stroking and the feel of his hardness as he pushes into me time and again. Soon I can feel him getting ready to cum, his strokes quicken, and he stays deep inside me longer and longer. I ready myself for his explosion. He cums in a rush, slams into me as hard as he can, pushes me down onto the bed and groans loudly, pumping his hot semen into my hotter ass. For a short instant we are lovers of the first degree, totally lost in the feeling and the sensation, nerves at attention, sweat on our bodies, breathless in the moment of culmination. He quickly recovers and becomes master again.

“Clean me up slut,” is his response to the wonderful moment we just had. I of course get up and head to the bathroom, return with wet cloth and towel, clean him and then return to the bathroom myself. He sticks his head in the door and says, “Use the douche bag, I don’t want you dirty for my guests.”

Ah, the mixed emotions of love.

I used the douche bag, enjoyed the respite and the warm water, cleaned myself up and went back downstairs where I found him in the kitchen putting pastry into the oven. I didn’t expect to have a conversation, so I just went about my business getting things ready. “Get me a beer,” he ordered.

I did so, and asked him if he wanted a glass, to which he laughed and smiled at me.

“For a whore slave you’re a pretty good fuck,” he said.

“Thank you Master,” I gushed.

He handed me the beer bottle and said, “have a swig, you earned it.”

“Thank you, Master,” I said again. This was going to be a strange evening.

We made the food ready, and I laid everything out on the sideboard in the dining room. The table had been squared off, four chairs set around it and several decks of cards put on the blanket that covered the table. I also laid out a score pad next to the cards with a pen. My kneeling görükle escort pad was placed next to the kitchen door, and I knew I would be spending little time on it. Just as everything was ready, I heard the doorbell ring and jumped at the sound. He nodded, and I headed for the door to greet his guests. I opened the door and two guys were standing there dressed casually in jeans and tee shirts. One of the guys wore a motorcycle T that said on the back “if you can read this the bitch fell off.” I thought that was cute but a bit crass.

As I started to close the door, I saw two more people coming up the walk, one guy and a girl. She walked behind him with her eyes cast toward the ground and not looking at anything. This was a posture I instantly recognized as a fellow slave. Another unexpected event for the evening. The guy didn’t say anything as he pushed his way thru the door and the girl gave me a knowing glance. I closed the door and followed them to the living room. Master had me take drink orders and introduced me to Rachel who would be helping me serve drinks and food. Rachel and I went to the kitchen and made some mixed drinks, got a couple of beers and returned to the living room to serve them. They were all sitting around chatting or bull shitting each other was more like it. Rachel and I retreated to the hallway, out of site, out of mind.

They would call us if we were needed. I introduced myself and we whispered hellos. She seemed reluctant to chat, so I kneeled on the rug and bid her to follow. She was very pretty, nice make up and a very sexy shape. I wanted to make a joke about unfair competition for my plain looks, but I didn’t think she would appreciate it.

Soon I heard, “Sally, two more beers.” I jumped to the order and returned with the two ice-cold Budweisers. I delivered them and retrieved the empties. As I moved about the room one of the guys slipped his hand between my thighs and I froze. He massaged my leg and pushed his had up to my bare ass. When he let me go, I moved out of the room, not knowing how this would go. I put the empty bottles in the recycle bin, and as I came back into the kitchen, he was standing there. “Your master says your here for our pleasure”. I bowed my head and did a bit of a curtsey for him. He unzipped his fly and ordered me to take out his penis, which I did, and he pushed it roughly into my sweet, soft mouth. He had a very large penis and obviously used to being sucked off by untrained women. When I pushed him passed the gag point and headed him down my throat, he froze in place. I kept pushing and soon had my lips in his zipper. (Not a comfortable place.) He groaned and I felt him swell even more as I held him there, not letting him move. He came almost instantly, and I swallowed and cleaned him up. He zipped up, gave me a strange look and returned to the living room. I returned to my spot next to Rachael and awaited the next part of the evening.

I guess it didn’t take long for them to find out what treats were in store or them, as the fellow who had brought Rachael came out of the living room and looked at us. We both looked down and awaited his command. “Rachael stay,” he said, and then looking at me he said, “blow job, now.”

I reached for his fly, and he pulled back, “not in front of Rachael.” I got up and led him to the kitchen, and then to the large powder room, equipped with a kneeling pad and a love seat. He pulled his pants off and sat on the love seat leaving the pad for me directly in front of him. He was already erect in anticipation of my mouth. I licked him for a while, sucked on him, fondled his balls and generally had a good time playing with him. Yes, I teased him, running him up and backing off from the edge. Bad me. He grabbed my head and forced me down on him and said, “get it off or I will beat you.”

I didn’t hesitate, pushed him into the back of my throat, (he wasn’t big enough for the gag reflex,) and after three long strokes, he came in my mouth. I swallowed and cleaned him up and he left to rejoin the group.

When I returned to the hallway where Rachael had been kneeling, she was gone. I heard some grunting from the pantry and realized he was doing her in the pantry. Well, it looked like round one was done. Everybody had gotten off and the card game could begin. Rachael returned, and I realized that she had been with my Master, as she kneeled next to me she smiled at me and winked her pleasure to me. Without saying anything I could tell he pleasured her right off the bat. Something I could only hope to see some day.

Shortly after Rachael’s return to the pad, the guests and Master moved into the dining room and Rachael and I went to set out the goodies on the table, so they could eat and play at the same time. When everyone sat down and had a fresh drink Rachael and I went into the kitchen to escape their view. We were quiet and started chatting with each other about our relative Masters and how they treated us. I really enjoyed bursa escort bayan talking to her and I thought we might become friends afterward. It wasn’t too long before I heard the little bell that Master had on the table, and I went quickly to see how I was needed.

One of the guests wanted pizza instead of the nice canapés that I had prepared and more beer. I was dispatched to the phone to order the pizza and went back to the fridge for more beer. Soon things settled down, but I was having a hard time trying to figure out what they were playing. There were no chips on the table and one of the players didn’t have any cards. I couldn’t stand and stare, so I returned to the kitchen and resumed my chat with Rachael. I told her about the strange set up on the table and she smiled and said they were playing Contract Bridge, a game I did not understand or know how to play. She patiently explained it to me. She told me how they partnered up and bid for contracts on how many tricks each team could take. It was still a mystery to me, but I thought I understood it a little better. I took a turn thru the dining room and filled the dishes on the table and made sure all the drinks were fresh, for my efforts I got a pinch on the ass by Rachael’s Master. Something told me there was more to come.

I went back to kneel by Rachael and she told me more about playing Bridge. She explained the parts of the play where the contract is won, the declarer’s partner lays down his cards and he doesn’t play out the hand, he is called the dummy. The scoring is wild, something about winning a rubber and penalty points. More than I could figure out.

She said she would teach me if I wanted to learn. I thought, great, and we made a date the next evening to learn bridge.

We soon discovered that the particular dummy for each hand found time to come visit us. When that happened one of us went off to the downstairs bedroom to entertain. I stayed busy serving the table and Rachael spent more time in the bedroom, the guys seemed to like her a lot. Her master came for me later on, and wanted me in the bedroom with him. He told me to get naked and lay on the bed, with my butt up in the air. He proceeded to check me out pretty thoroughly, stroking my balls, fingering my asshole and then he surprised me by licking my ass. It really turned both of us on, I loved his tongue pushing into me, and the feel of my anus got him super hot.

Soon he had me down on the bed, straddled me and plunged his cock into my sweet tight hole. We got into a rhythm and I heard somebody yelling for him because it was his turn to deal. He pulled out and put his pants back on, leaving me splayed on the bed. Before I could get up the new dummy was there to pick up the fucking. He wasn’t so tender and just hammered my poor little hole. He didn’t last too long and finished before it was time to deal another hand.

I went back to Rachael, asked her how it was going, and she allowed that she was having fun. We were getting very familiar with each other by then and knelt closer and closer as time went on. We did our duties and chatted in between, all in all a great evening.

The card game finally wound down and there was a bit of money exchange before the guests left. Rachael’s master left her behind to aid in the clean up, he gave her stern words and said he would hear if she misbehaved for my master. He formally gave my master permission to punisher her if she acted improper.

She and I busied ourselves with the clean up, saving all the food that was not eaten, clearing out the dining room, washing the many dishes and glasses. It seemed like everybody used a fresh glass with every drink. Wasteful if you ask me. It only took us less than an hour and we were finished, the kitchen spotless and the dishwasher running. I went to find Master and he was dead asleep in his bed. I told Rachael I should clean up the spare bedroom where all the fucking took place and she stayed to help me strip the bed and put all that in the laundry.

Finally, we were alone and decided to take a couple of beers with us and go have our own party.

She had arrived with her Master, so I offered to take her home. She wanted to change clothes because she was still in her female slave costume. I had street clothes for me, so I changed, and we set off for her place. The ride went quietly, we sipped the beer and rode in almost silence, my mind thought about her great tits, I don’t know what she was thinking. After the wild card game, we were both charged up and really wanting to keep things going. The beer helped both of us relax a little and by the time we got to her place we felt a bit more mellow and relaxed.

She had a bottle of wine on the counter, tossed me an opener and said pour us a glass. The glasses were in a glass front cabinet, the wine a nice merlot, so I did what she asked and after pouring the wine carried the glasses back to the bedroom where she was changing. When bursa escort I got there, she was in the bathroom with the door about half closed and I could here water running.

I stuck and arm around the door and offered her the glass of wine. She took the wine, and then my hand, pulling me into the room with her. Still half dressed she looked at me hungrily like she wanted something. We both had wine on our lips when we pressed them together for the first time and I never wanted to part from that kiss. We swirled wine around, shared the taste of the fluid, and pulled ourselves tightly into an embrace. She looked up at me and said, “Shower?”

I replied “absolutely”.

Still sharing mouthfuls of wine, we undressed each other slowly, one garment at a time, her blouse, my shirt, her bra, my socks, and on and on until we were both naked, still embraced and still kissing. She turned the water on and we stepped into the oversize shower and stood under the large rain showerhead. The water felt wonderful, hot and refreshing at the same time. We continued to kiss and stand in the water, of course my manhood made an appearance and stood at attention between us. She reached down and gently surrounded it with her hand and looked up into my eyes.

“Baby, my pussy is beat up and sore but I want you inside me bad.”

With that she turned her back to me, bent forward, reached around and guided me up into her slowly.

“Easy she said, nothing too fast or hard.” afraid to move I stood still. She felt so good, we both just kind of stood there until she finally moved a little, rubbing me inside her, wow this was really hot. Abruptly she stopped, moved forward dropping me out of her pussy and said, “Baby it just too painful for the time being.”

I pulled her to me and whispered, “Okay, not to worry.” We continued to shower, soaping up everything we could find, and laughing at the situation. Finally, she got some liquid body wash out and started soaping up my penis. My cock got hard as a rock and the attention was maddening. She sucked on my tongue and asked if she could have my cum in her hand? All I could do was nod and kiss her some more. She was slow; her hands were slick and moved with ease up and down my pulsating manhood. She took me to the edge, watched my face and backed off enough to keep me up there, the water was pounding on me, she was kissing me, and her hand was taking me off, I was going nuts. Then without a warning I exploded, I just couldn’t hold off any more.

She milked it down, and then washed it again. We were both smiling as we went for the towels, and toweled each other off. She took my hand and led me to the bed, pulled down the covers and bade me to climb in. I did, she turned out all the lights and climbed in next to me, our bodies nested together perfectly, we kissed some more and quickly we were both asleep.

I came awake with the dawn, fresh sunlight coming thru the window shining on my companion’s beautiful face. She was nestled into my side, her head on my shoulder, one perky nipple sticking up staring at me. She looked so sexy, her breathing was smooth and easy, and she was relaxed to the extreme. I just watched her, looked around the room in the stunning sunlight and dozed for what seemed like a lifetime. Gee this was good. I never wanted to move.

She was still asleep as she moved tighter against me, I squeezed her gently with the arm she was sleeping on, pulling her even tighter, her arm reached across my chest and just rested there, her fingers relaxed and touching me gently. I thought she was waking up, I gently kissed her forehead and felt her move her legs closer to me, her top leg crossing over mine, we just got closer and tighter and closer and tighter. Our bodies were heating up, she felt really warm and again I sensed that she was coming awake, but her eyes remained closed and her breathing slow and steady.

I relaxed and hardly noticed how her fingers slowly rubbed my left nipple until the nipple hardened and tingled, she was making little circles around it, teasing it in her sleep? No, that can’t be true. She had to be awake, I didn’t want to move, the feeling and the moment I wanted to cement into my brain forever. My thoughts returned to the night before and the incredible shower and the card game and how all night long I wanted to know more about her.

She was in her late twenties but acted and talked like she was much more mature. I thought she might be well educated and worldly, the way she spoke, and the words she used all night long reminded me of a serious lady with class and breeding. Little did I know the secrets I would learn that day. But at that moment I never wanted it to end. I wanted this warm sensation next to me to be there forever.

She stirred, and I noticed her arm and hand moving across my chest, her fingers dancing lightly on my skin, touching me but not touching me, it was exciting and suddenly I felt my manhood come alive. It was morning after all. It was if she sensed it in her half sleep, her hand slowly circled my left nipple and then started down over my abs toward the waking member. I heard a little rumble from her throat as she moved her head up onto my chest and her hand continued its slow descent to the groin.

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