Rain, Rain

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Kerry slid the glass door open and looked out into the pouring rain. She could hardly see the fence on either side of her yard, much less the house to the rear. She felt like playing in the rain but she wanted to play her own way.

She wanted to do something wild and crazy. She was tired of being dull, drab, and boring. She stripped the baggy old sweatshirt off over her head. She tossed it over her shoulder and rubbed her breasts with her hands, caressing them and teasing the thick nipples until they were hard and tingling.

Before she let herself think about it, she hooked her thumbs in her baggy sweat pants and slipped them down off her hips. Hurrying even more, she pushed them down her legs and kicked them behind her. Now she stood naked in the open doorway.

Her mind screamed for her to close the door and to draw the drapes, that she was being foolish and crazy. The crazy part she agreed with and laughed loudly, something she hadn’t done in what seemed forever.

Now was the time to get even crazier. Now was the time to take back her life and live on the edge again. With a deep shuddery breath, she stepped naked into the rain and out on her deck totally nude in the middle of the day.

She gasped loudly as the large cold drops splashed sharp and hard on her skin. Her hair was soaked and in her eyes in seconds. She pushed it back with both hands and felt the rain on her breasts and nipples even more as her arms came up and her breasts were thrust out.

The initial shock of the cold water had worn off and now she marveled at the caressing flow over her whole body. She walked across the deck and placed her hands on the rail. Spreading her feet wide apart, she leaned back still holding the rail and let the rain pelt the front of her body.

It was more of a massage feeling than the sting of a shower spray and it covered her from head to toe. The surge of heat between her legs at the thought of being out here built even more as she Büyükçekmece escort bayan let go of the rail and did a backbend, placing her hands on the deck above her head.

She could feel the pelting rain on her bare sex and shivered as she realized her clit was peeking out and getting hit directly. With her feet wide spread and her hips arched up, her clit was becoming even more exposed.

That itchy antsy feeling was growing deep inside her pussy, a feeling she had almost forgotten. Water ran over and between her separated breasts, and caressed and tickled her neck and shoulders. Her eyes were closed against the downpour but she opened her mouth and drank the rain in.

Slowly she walked her hands away from her feet and ended up lying on the cold wet deck, her arms and legs spread wide. The rain was still falling hard and thick, maybe even harder and thicker that when she first came out in the open. The thought of only being protected from prying eyes by a curtain of wet gray made her smile and roll over on her belly.

The cold of the deck against her breasts, belly, and thighs made her shiver. The pounding drops on her back and ass made her shiver even harder. She lifted her hips and then brought her knees forward as she presented her ass to the dark clouds overhead. The rain on the tight skin of her ass cheeks felt delicious.

The drops finding their mark on her open pussy made her gasp from time to time. Thoughts of how obscene the position she was in crossed her mind and she groaned softly, the itch deep inside was growing stronger by the minute. Her hand was under her hips and on her pussy before she realized it.

A fingertip brushing over her clit made her jerk and moan. The heat and wantonness in her sex shot up several notches. She suddenly knew she was going to masturbate to orgasm right here in front of God and everybody. She was taking back the power.

Her finger caressed Escort Çatalca and rolled her clit as her hips bounced up and down. She had almost forgotten what that felt like. It felt so good it should be against the law. Being out here and doing it was against the law, her mind shouted. Kerry laughed and then moaned as her fingertip rolled her clit even harder. That finger seemed to have a mind of it’s own and was out to show her a thing or two.

When it moved back and pierced her vagina to the hilt in one thrust, she gasped loudly and then moaned as it rotated and flexed against her g-spot. Kerry couldn’t believe how wet and slippery she was. She had gotten to the point of think of herself as a dried up old hag.

Hey wait a minute, her mind protested, you’re only forty-two and you should be at your sexual prime. The finger was sure pointing that out as Kerry shiver and moaned as her hips flexed, fucking herself on the finger. One finger was good; two fingers would be even better.

The two fingers jammed into her sopping wet sex almost took her breath away. A finger on her clit at the same time did. Her hips were shivering and shaking so hard she had a problem keeping the finger on her clit. The bump and flick on her clit just added fuel to a fire that was very close to being out of control.

For the first time in what seemed like a lifetime, Kerry felt an orgasm racing and coursing throughout her body. Her body jerked and twitched as though she had been struck by lightening. The sparks and flashes behind her eyelids was mirrored by the ones flowing and crackling along her nervous system.


Kerry’s mind gave a deep happy sensuous sigh and so did she. She was laying flat on her belly with her two fingers trapped deep in her pussy by her tightly closed legs. The rain was still falling hard and fast as she rolled over on her back, keeping the fingers in place. She sighed again as she relaxed and spread her Esenler escort legs wide.

She moved the fingers around searching for her g-spot. It wasn’t hard to tell when she found it. As her fingertip and nail ran across it, her hips arched up and she sucked in a sharp breath. Her hips trembled as she massaged it lightly, another orgasm growing and expanding deep in her belly.

One was good; two would be even better she thought with a smile as she remembered thinking the same about the two fingers that were working her up so deliciously. The rain on her face, breasts, stomach, and legs felt so sensuous and erotic. It was a wet lovers caress and a micro massage at the same time.

Her body tingled all over, and shivered and quivered to the movement of her two fingers. She was controlling the rise and fall of her orgasm with those fingers. She was in no hurry and wanted this one to build to even bigger heights than the last.

Kerry became aware of her other hand on her belly and that it was snaking downward toward her sex. The hand wandered over her belly and hips and then paused on her mound with her fingertip just a fraction of an inch from her clit. One touch there and she would explode.

She was an armed bomb and on a hair trigger. Power in her own destiny flowed through her body. She was in complete control the way it was supposed to be. It was her decision when and even if she touched her clit. She took a deep shivering breath and let it out with a big sigh.

There was a sultry sexy smile on her lips as the finger jumped forward and rolled her clit around. Her legs slammed shut on her hand as the orgasm burst over her. Her knees came up almost to touch her breasts as she tried to hold it all inside. A long drawn out incoherent yell ripped from her lips as she surrendered to the pleasure.


Kerry lay relaxed and sated on the cold deck with the rain pelting down. Her arms and legs were once again spread wide to welcome it and the start of a new life. One without pain and abuse, one without an asshole ex-husband taking everything from her, her mind, her body, her soul.

It had taken her a long time and a lot of help to get to this point in time and mind. But now she was free at last, the cleansing rain had seen to that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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