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Thanks to vgrove for the help….

I caught a lift from you because it’s about to rain. Not because I like you. I don’t. I’m amused by you. Yeah, that’s the right word, amused. You’ve got that cheeky little boy grin, but you know it. I don’t like guys who know it. I don’t like their expectation that it will get them places, not to mention get them into places. I prefer guys with a studied, measured confidence, where they don’t have to try to impress. You’re more like a little puppy who’s learned some new tricks. You’re altogether too eager for my liking.

I have to admit, though, you’ve got the body I like. You have that broad-shouldered, narrow waist thing going on. It means you look good in just about anything, and as we drive along I can see your bod out of the corner of my eye.

I can also see you watching me. It’s not the casual glance of someone talking to me as they drive. It’s more studied than that. More localised. You’re unconsciously licking your lips when your eyes land on my flat stomach, visible below my short blouse. The girls at the office told me you’re into asses in a big way, but as I’ve got mine perched on your leather upholstery, you’re making do with a generous shot of firm, tanned thigh. You almost got a look at my pussy when I got in but ah, you weren’t quick enough, were you?

We can see the storm heading for us before the rain starts. The sky is black – night during day – and the streetlights and headlights are on before the rain falls. It takes about ten seconds to become a blinding, driving downpour. I tell you to pull over into a disused lot, a derelict garage sporting graffiti, and weeds growing through the tarmac. Some dishevelled oak trees partly shield us from the traffic. You ask me why we’re stopping here, but you have to shout, because the rain is drumming hard on the fabric top of the convertible.

“Because you want to fuck me, and I’m gonna give you the chance.”

Most guys would wait a second, see if I was just kidding, question whether they’d heard it right. Not you. That arrogant thing again. You just reach over to grab my tits. Don’t be a fucking kid. I want a man to nail me. Not a fumbling boy. I slap your hands away.

“Uh-uh. Not like that, honey. You want to fuck me, you’ve got to take a chance to get it. I want to fuck right now, on the hood of this car, in front of all this traffic.”

You smile, thinking I’m joking, but I’m not. I can see you weighing it up. You’re such a prissy little prick about your look, your hair, your clothes. Maybe you just don’t wanna get wet, mama’s boy. Maybe you don’t want to fuck in public. Maybe your folks would go nuts if the cops dragged you home, for fucking some slut in front of the highway at rush hour. Maybe you don’t think you can get it up. Yeah, maybe it’s that.

I open the door. The erotik film izle fierce roar of the rain hits us. The water lashes against the open door. I step out, and I’m drowned before I reach the front of the car. It’s like walking through a swimming pool. The water stings my head, my back, my tits. The blouse is drenched and opaque. My nipples are rock-hard, slapped every second by the rain. The blouse melts against my stomach like a second skin. My skirt is just a wet cloth gripping my ass, and my pussy mound. It’s useless, so I tear it off. I’m standing in front of your car in the rain, bare-assed, offering to get fucked. But you don’t move.

I can barely see you. The rain is sliding off the windshield in waves. You’re a shadowy, waxy figure, distorted by the water. You appear immovable, implacable. I don’t know if you’re trying to get up the guts, or thinking of driving off and leaving a skanky little bitch like me to take her chances. Frankly, baby, you’re pissing me off. You’ve become a challenge. I’m used to guys itching to get their dicks into me. I become a brat when they don’t – I admit it. I can’t let it rest until they’ve nailed me, and I’ve won.

I climb up onto the hood, on my knees in front of you. You switch on the wipers. Ah, good, a fucking reaction at last. I can see you inside the car. You have your dick out – I can tell from your hand movements that you’re jerking off at the sight of my drenched teenage body. I run my hands across my tits and pull on them, as if my nipples could get any bigger. One hand snakes down to my shaved pussy, as the rain slips and oozes across my skin. God, it feels good. It’s like a power shower, but better. Because I’m lapdancing on your car, baby. In front of hundreds of passing cars. They can’t see me properly because of the storm, but I can see and hear them going by. So close, but oblivious. It’s a rush.

I slide two fingers into my puss and find my clit with my thumb. My eyes are on you, and your eyes are on my pussy. The wipers flick across your vision, but you never leave the sight of me frigging myself for you in the rain. I can bring myself off real quick with my fingers. I’m a nasty little bitch at the best of times, and when I have an audience I’m even hotter. No sound but the roar of the rain and the traffic. No sight but you, behind the wipers. No feeling but the water stinging my body, whipping it. And my cum, rising up from the pit of my stomach.

I press hard on my clit, to push me to the point of no return. Oh shit, here it comes. I pull my fingers out of my cunt and spank my pussy. Quick, hard slaps against my pussy lips and across my clit. That does it, like it always does. The cum shoots up and all around my body. I can feel myself tensing, the blood slide from my head down to my cunt, and I arch back, screaming. Amid the film izle explosive rush of my orgasm, I can feel the rain smacking me in the face, over and over. It heightens the rush, and I go into a prolonged one, continual little waves sweeping across my pussy and making me shudder. I clench my fists each time the wave passes, and arch back further. Oooooohhhhhhh that was soooo fucking good.

I shout at you, even though I know you can’t hear me. With my fingers pressing on my clit, on my knees on the hood of your car, I know you can get the basics of what I’m saying.

“Oooohhh fuuuuuckkkk yeeeaahh. Oh shit, I gotta cum some more. Come on baby, get outta that fucking car and gimme that dick. Come on, punish me for being such a fucking slut. Get out here and abuse this little fucking whore. I need it, baby. I need that big cock they all talk about. Get your ass out here and rape mine. Come on, honey, I fucking need you splitting me in two.”

I open my eyes to the sound of your door opening. The rain’s still crashing down, it’s still semi dark, and the traffic is whooshing by ten yards away. The sound of the rain makes it impossible to hear anything you say, but I can take a guess. Something like horny fucking bitch, sick little cunt, going to ram this up your fucking ass, something like that. The look on your face, and the size of your dick, means I can take a pretty good guess.

I slide off the hood, and drop to my knees out of instinct. A slutty little whore’s instincts. And only eighteen years old, too. However did I learn all that?

You grab your dick and just shove it into my mouth. No preamble. No build up. No nice kissing the tip, or licking up precum, or cupping your balls in my hand. Just a basic instinct, to open my throat anytime a guy shoves a big cock at it. Mmmmmmm, tastes fucking good, baby. Cock meat always does, to me. I can feel it pushing against the back of my throat as it goes in all the way.

My eyes are closed because the fierce rain is still pounding against my face, but also because I’m in fucking heaven. On my knees, next to the highway, getting your dick ready for my ass. I’ve got three fingers jammed up there already. They feel great, but your cock will be even better. The tables are turned now. I’m the one who can’t wait.

I spit the cock out, relishing the saliva drooling off it and onto the floor. I get a quick look at your hot bod, your clothes slick against it from the drenching rain. I slam the palms of my hand onto the hood and bend over it, my hot wet asshole in the air. I must look awesome. My butt must be shining in the streetlights, glistening with the pouring rain. My asshole’s probably winking at you now, because I’ve told it to expect some meat. I must look submissive, powerless, expectant. I’m all those things and more. Take it, baby. seks filmi izle Take it and fuck it good.

You figure the rain is lube enough. You figure I’m already hot from that first, gigantic cum. You figure I’m a little teenage whore who’s done this before. You’re right on all counts. So you just shove it in. That big dick slides up me all the way, first time. Along the way, it hits every nerve ending in there. My insides explode. I can feel every inch, every vein, the ridge of your foreskin, everything, as if I were touching it with my fingers. It feels so right up there.

It’s the perfect angle. At first you take it slow – a strange move for an arrogant little bastard like you, and it takes me by surprise. I stand up a little, and grab hold of your ass. It feels firm, bunched up because you’re burying yourself in my butthole again. You take the hint and grab hold of my soaking hair, and start fucking. As you pull my hair, my back arches. We turn into a couple of rutting animals, drenched, horny as fuck. I’m a sodomized little girl getting nailed in the pouring rain. I love it.

One hand reaches round to grab my tits, then up to touch my throat. Mmmmmmmm. I just loooove getting choked, but you don’t need to. Not this time. My throat’s an erogenous zone, and just feeling your fingers on it while you buttfuck me gets me off. The rain keeps slapping my upturned face as little cums set off inside me, one after the other, more and more frequent until it’s just one undercurrent. You erupt and throw yourself into me one last time. I collapse onto the hood of the car as you spew into my upturned ass. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, I’m counting the spurts.

I take it I turned you on, then.

You stagger back, leaving me sprawled across the car like a nasty little hood-rat. Which I am. Your cum bubbles up to my sphincter, looking for a way out. My ass is really tight, as you’ve just found out, and it won’t let go of your sperm. I relax my ass and let it gape a little, just enough to let your cum ooze down towards my pussy. I scoop it up in my hand as I turn around.

The rain has stopped as suddenly as it started. I’m standing next to your car, next to the highway, nearly naked, with a handful of your cum and my ass juice. Your cock is still out, but you daren’t touch it – it’s too sensitive still. I stare at it, marvelling at the talent in my butt. I put my hand above my head, and let the oozy mixture slide off my hand and into my waiting mouth. Oooohhh fuck, you taste good. A corn-fed mid-Western boy. Just the way I like ‘em.

I grab my skirt and climb back into the car. You get the hint and put your dick away, climb into the car and start the engine. I get the feeling you want to say something. Maybe something stupid about how great that was (like I don’t know). Maybe something stupid like let’s do it again (like I care).

You see, I still don’t like you. I just wanted to get my ass fucked, that’s all.

Girls and guys – I need to know if I’m doing it right! Help me out please and feed back. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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