Rainy Day Walk

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It was a very cold, rainy day. We had decided to take a walk, though it was not raining when we left. The streets were pretty empty and the rain was getting stronger. We were about a mile from our downtown apartment and felt we could go a little longer in the rain. It was nice, there weren’t too many people around and the rain really wasn’t bugging us too bad. She was nestled up against me as we walked through the wet streets, talking banalities to each other. The rain continued to pour and the wind was picking up big time. It was starting to reach a point of discomfort.

To shield ourselves, we took cover under the awning of an abandoned building. It looked like the place was in the midst of a complete re-structuring. It was pitched black inside and there was chains sealing the door. We huddled together under the awning, waiting for the rain to die down enough to move on or go home. If a cab happened by, we would flag it down and get a ride home. The rain continued to pour and the wind picked up even more. Between the heavy rain and the strong wind, even distances as close as across the street were now difficult to make out.

Through the cloud of rain and wind, we saw a cab coming. I attempted to flag it down, but it was no use. The cab flew by, spraying water up all over us. In my anger, I turned around and kicked the front door of the old building. The chains slipped and the door opened slightly. It was just enough for us to slip in. I took a quick look around and slipped through the opening. It was just as cold inside and the wind roared like a crowd at a concert, but it was mostly dry. We walked through the dark building, tripping over the occasional broken desk or exposed floor board. Our eyes quickly adjusted to their surroundings. We wandered around, waiting for the weather to clear up enough.

We found a small room in the back that looked to be a big office at one time. There was a large, dusty desk in the middle of the room and a few cabinets around the perimeter. It was dry and mostly quiet here. You could still here the wind, but it seemed to be muffled a bit. There was also some dim light coming in the scattered dusty windows around the office. You really couldn’t see much out of them, but they provided enough light to make this an ideal place to wait out the heavy stuff.

My girlfriend looked around the office as we sat there. There wasn’t much to look at. An old extension cord lay on the floor, some supporting beams exposed around the room and lots of dust. My allergies threatened to become an issue, but I kept them under control. It didn’t sound like the weather was going to let up anytime soon, and I started to get paranoid about bugs and rodents. It was too dim to see anything small, so I just tried to keep my mind off the idea of spiders running all around us.

“You know, this is my fault.” She said apologetically. “You didn’t even want to go walking in the rain and I talked you into it.”

“It’s not your fault, besides; I’m not having a bad time, are you?” I asked.

“Nope, but all I’m saying is that maybe I need to be punished for being so bad.” She said in her sexy voice. Suddenly the mood shifted. Was she suggesting we play around in this dirty place? She looked at me with a subtle smile on her face and a look of desire in her eyes. Whenever she says she’s been bad, I know she wants it rough. Did she want to get rough here? I wasn’t going to give her an out.

“Yeah, you’ve been real bad!” I said in the commanding voice I take on when we have rough sex. She liked to be pushed around, to be spanked and punished and then to be fucked hard. So hard, she hurts, that’s how she likes it. She was sitting on the desk with her legs crossed. I walked up to her and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back so she looked ankara escort upward. She let out a gasp of mixed pleasure and pain as I pulled on her hair. Her mouth was open slightly and I licked her lips lightly as I held her head back.

“Stand up!” I said as I directed her head upward, pulling her to her feet. I stood her up then turned her around and bent her over the desk. Her head slammed against the dusty desk and she gasped again. I started spanking her through her clothes. My hand smacking dully against the wet denim pants. The smacks were not satisfying enough for the situation. I pulled down her wet pants, exposing her white, damp skin and black cotton panties. I pulled the pants down to her knees and started spanking her again. My hand met with her sexy bikini cut panties, smacking louder than before. She moaned out with pleasure each time my hand met the soft cotton stretched over her ass.

“GOD, I’VE BEEN SOOOO BAD!” she screamed out. I stopped spanking her for a minute. She breathed heavier than normal and gyrated her hips to entice me to spank her some more. My hand ran down her back slowly, down her ass and slid between her legs. Even through the black cotton, I could feel how wet she was getting. I slid my fingers under the panties and pressed them against her wet hole. I slipped them out, wet with her desire. I put them up by her nose and ask her “What is this?!”

“I can’t help myself sir, please don’t punish me anymore!” she says in her fake panicked voice. I pull my fingers out from under her nose and bring down a strong smack on her ass. Her hips buck out in pleasure. I slipped the now wet panties down to her knees and start spanking the bare skin. As I reddened the soft white flesh on her ass, she started moaning deeper and shifting her hips more. I was fully erect as I spanked her ass.

I gave her ass one last, strong smack that echoed through the abandoned building and left my hand resting on her hot, red cheeks. I slowly stroked them, rubbing the sore flesh softly. She trusted her hips backward, pushing her ass out more prominently as I rubbed them. My hand slipped down, rubbing her wet lips and her swollen clit. She gasped in pleasure as I started to rub around her ass hole and wet pussy. I middle finger slid up and down, tracing the edges of her ass hole and down past her wet opening and to her clit. I did this until I felt she was really building up to something. Her pussy got very wet and her breathing became very heavy. It wasn’t time for that yet.

I grabbed her by her hair again and lifted her up to a standing position. I turned her so she was facing me, my hand still closed around her hair. I pulled back slightly, so she faced upward a bit. I bent toward her and ran my tongue up her neck. She shuttered in delight as I licked her neck. I bit down ever so slightly so my teeth lightly scraped against her neck. Tiny goose bumps popped up on her arms and she let out a small moan of pleasure.

While holding her hair, I unsnapped the buckle on my pants. I slid the belt out and dropped my pants around my ankles. I pulled her downward until she was facing my crotch, covered by my boxers. She kissed around the fabric right over my crotch. My erection was quite obvious, stretching the thin material. She reached up slowly and slid my boxers down, my erection springing free. She rubbed her face against the erect cock, her soft skin brushing my sensitive manhood. She kissed very lightly along the shaft, her fingers lightly teasing my balls. She kissed down to my balls, her tongue sliding beside then, licking the backside of them, almost touching the taint. She lifted the balls, and gave my taint a good, long lick. Waves of warm pleasure shot through me.

“Open your mouth.” I commanded in a very stern voice. She opened her mouth, elvankent escort my hand holding her head still. I slid the head in, past her lips and deep into her mouth. She gagged a bit and I pulled out. Slowly, I started fucking her face, my hand pulling on her hair, guiding her. She put a hand up to stroke my shaft as she sucked me and I told her to put it down at her side. I put a hand on each side of her head and fucked her face like a pussy. My cock buried deep in her mouth, slamming against the back of her throat. She moaned in excitement as she looked u at me with her watery eyes. I pulled her away, thick strands of saliva still attached to my cock and her mouth. She moaned out loud as she gasped for breath. After a brief break, I shoved my cock back into her mouth; she gagged audibly as I fucked her face hard.

“Keep looking at me bitch!” I command to her. Her eyes looking upward at me, tears form her gagging dripping down her cheek. Her cheeks are flushed and I notice she is rubbing her clit with her hand. My body fills with overwhelming desire as I pound her throat. She starts moaning hard with each thrust and I know she is only inches from an orgasm. I let her finish, pounding her face as an orgasm explodes inside her. I pull my cock out of her mouth and let her finish her orgasm, my cock dripping with her spit.

As her orgasm subsides, I pull her to her feet again. I pull her over to the wall where there is an exposed beam. I tell her to grab the beam, then I tied her hands to them beam with the loose extension cord. She was bent over slightly, her hands bound to the spot. She faked a struggle, like she wanted to escape. It was all part of our little game.

“STOP!” she screamed out as I started kissing down her naked back. Her flesh was hot and sweaty. My lips took in the flavor of her perfect skin as I moved lower down her back, her hips arched back towards me. I reached her sweet ass cheek and kissed around them. My lips got closer to her ass hole and she squirmed. “Not there!” she said in false fear. I didn’t listen, my tongue slipped out between my lips and made light contact with her ass hole. Her hips flew back as she lost control. My hands spread her cheeks open more and my tongue started swiping rapidly across the tiny hole. Her breathing became strong again.

I licked her ass, slowly working downward until my tongue was on her wet pussy. They licked around her wet opening, getting her lips more soaked than they already were. Downward I moved until I found her swollen little clit. It stuck out prominently from the hood, bright red with excitement. My tongue met the erect little button and she yelped out in pleasure. She couldn’t control it anymore. She couldn’t play at fear when she felt this good. I guided her hips around while I licked up and down. Her pussy and ass both dripped with a mixture of her pleasure and my saliva. I took my right hand off her hip and started stroking my very hard cock. I was so turned on by the situation, I couldn’t control myself. I was moaning heavily as I lapped up her sweet sex flesh.

“GOD, FUCK ME!” She screamed out. I stood up and pressed the fat head of my cock against her wet, wanting hole. She tried to push back forcing me in, but I pulled away. She got frustrated, shifting in her binds, trying to make me fuck her. I pulled her head back by the hair and told her to stop. As she stood there, frozen, I pressed against her wet hole again. I left it there against her needy flesh. Her pussy was dripping hot juices all over the head of my cock. I hesitated for a second then shoved the whole thing in hard. It hit bottom and she jumped. She gasped out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. My cock slid with great ease in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck that little hole, fuck otele gelen escort it hard!” she screamed as I pounded her. My cock drove deep into her, slamming the bottom hard. I felt like I should pull back, but when I slowed down slightly, she screamed at me. She wanted it deep and she wanted it hard. I gave her that. Our flesh slapped as I drove into her. She started throwing her hips back with each thrust, forcing me in deeper and deeper. Her pussy was soaking wet, my cock more erect than it had ever been. I felt like I was pushing an extra inch I was so erect.

My wet balls slapped against her clit as my cock buried deep into her pussy. Her nails clawed at the dusty wood she was tied to, sweat covering both our bodies. She started moaning and gasping increasingly stronger. I knew another orgasm was only seconds away. I reached down and started rubbing her clit and another large orgasm consumed her. I felt her pussy convulse with pleasure as the waves of climax washed over her. Her nails were digging deep into the old wood as she let her orgasm subside. I held my hard cock where it was, buried inside her, covered in her pleasure.

I slid the hard cock out, dripping wet from her orgasm. I pressed the engorged head against her ass hole, rubbing it around the perimeter. She knew what I wanted. I wanted to be in her ass hole. I wanted to fuck her in the ass until I filled her up with my cum. I felt her ass tense up as the swollen head teased it.

“I’m gonna put my huge cock into your little ass hole girl.” I told her in my commanding voice. She feigned fear, pleading with me that it was way too big for her tiny, virgin ass hole. I ignored her pleas and pressed the slippery cock more firmly against the hole. It opened up under the pressure and spread tightly to accept the hungry member. My head slipped all the way in and she gasped, this time in more real pain. I stopped for a second then slipped a bit more in. Her ass hole was tight and hot, the lube fro her pussy helping it in. She tensed up as I went deeper, clawing at the wood more. I got my cock about halfway in when I stopped to slowly slide out again. I slid it in and out with increasing rhythm. I felt an orgasm start to build almost immediately. In an effort to control my orgasm and help her, I pulled out. I untied her hands and guided her over to the old desk. She lay down on her back, her legs up in the air, spread open. I slid her so her ass was almost hanging over the edge of the desk and put her legs on my shoulders.

I pressed my cock against her ass again and slipped it in. Her pussy was still wet as ever, and provided enough lube for me to penetrate her ass. I started pounding away again, this time she seemed more comfortable. Her fingers lightly teased her clit as I banged her. My rock hard cock slid in and out of her ass, waves of orgasm starting to build uncontrollably. I started breathing heavy and moaning with each thrust. She shoved two fingers into her pussy and started finger banging it while I slammed her butt.

“You want to be double penetrated bitch?” I asked her in my crass, hard voice. She nodded innocently as her fingers worked in and out of her pussy, pulling out once in a while to molest her clit. I started to let go, the whole scene was too much. My cock exploded inside her ass hole. I pumped what seemed like gallons of thick cum into her butt and she finished one final orgasm. It was a small once, but the convulsions in her ass milked the last drops of cum from my spent cock. I slid it out of her ass, and fell on top of her. Our sweaty hot bodies smashed together.

It took us a second to realize the rain had stopped. The wind was barely making any sound and you could see a bit of light coming through the windows. We dressed ourselves and made our way to the front door again. I stuck my head out the door slightly and noticed that the rain had fully stopped. I looked around, saw an empty street and we both ducked out from the building. We didn’t say anything on our walk home, but the 3 hour nap we took told fully of our adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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