Raising My Grade

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In order to graduate from college, I had to take a culture social studies class, so I took African studies with Professor White my senior year. Dr. White was a radical black man in his early fifties who had frosty grey in his hair, wore a bow tie and was very proper in his teaching approach. This class was extremely difficult and I was not doing well.

One Wednesday, Dr. White asked if I would stay after class and we could discuss my grade. The class had ended and he asked me to follow him to his office. Dr. White’s office was very big and proper with a huge desk, a leather love seat and chairs. I honestly did not know exactly what we were going to discuss but I thought he had some type of tutoring in mind.

Dr. White did not beat around the bush when he asked me to sit as he spoke in a very “matter of fact” tone, “I see you are struggling with you your academics in this class and I have received information from a reliable source that you provide a service. Given this information, I wanted to propose a trade of services. You may earn a ‘B’ in this class if you perform your special skill on me and my graduate assistant, Jenta.”

I actually had to do a double take. Was he asking me what I thought he was asking? I had regular sex with a couple of the black athletes on campus for, at that time, over a year, and I’m sure the word got around, but how did Professor White hear about it? Was he really this bold and was he worried about his job?

We talked a little more and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like no big deal and I really needed to pass this class. I eventually agreed to give them a blowjob for that B grade. I really think he included Jenta just so he would have another person involved to protect himself.

Dr. White stood and removed his dress slacks, his underwear, and his shoes. He sat back down in his swivel chair still wearing his shirt, bow tie, sweater vest, and black socks that had those garter straps to keep them up on his ankles. He unbuttoned the two bottom buttons of his shirt so he could split it in order to keep it out of the way. Dr. White turned his chair to where he was now facing parallel to his desk. I found it interesting that Dr. White also talked very clinically without using slang terms even when discussing sexual topics.

“Mr. Lazer, please bring those pillows over from the love seat for your knees,” he instructed.

I brought them and sat them down right in front of his chair. Dr. White was stroking his meaty soft cock. I could see that his cock was uncircumcised and very thick because I could see all the foreskin cover that black head every time he stroked upward like a turtle head recessing back into its shell. What really stood out was how huge Dr. White’s balls were. It looked like he was sitting on two balloons. Those nuts were hanging off the chair’s edge with very loose wrinkled skin surrounding them.

Dr. White proceeded, “Young man, my wife and I have not had relations in very long time so it shouldn’t take very long for you to make me erect. When I’m erect, I have a very large penis and testicles and my source tells me that size is not a hindrance for you. I am ready for you to come down here and begin.”

I put my knees on the pillows and placed my nose and mouth on Dr. White’s balls and began to sniff and kiss them sensually. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. I took hold of his cock and started stroking it. I continued to stroke his massive foreskin covered dick to life.

Dr. White stopped me to give me specific directions on how he likes it, “When I ejaculate, I want you to grip gizli porno the base of my penis firmly and systematically jerk upward in about one second intervals to coincide with each squirt as if you are milking it. My wife Barbara used to do this when we were dating and I had very powerful ejaculations. I will warn you young man, that because of my extended abstinence, I will probably produce an abundance of semen. I will verbally cue you with ‘I’m ready’ when I need you to start milking me. You may now proceed.”

He scooted forward in his chair as I once again started playing with Dr. White’s foreskin. It was very thick and looked like wrapped deli meat around his dick. I would stroke it for a little while and stick my tongue inside the skin and swirl it around his head. Dr. White’s cock became about half hard and I could see the outline of his monstrous head through his foreskin. I peeled down the skin to expose an apple sized head. It was huge but mushy. I stuffed it in my mouth and started sucking Mr. White’s dick.

Mr. White leaned back in his swivel chair to give me better access. I mouthed and jerked that cock until it was now fully hard and I would guess it to be about ten inches surrounded by kinky black and gray pubic hair. His dick smelled like a mixture of Dove soap and sweat. I first was sliding my mouth up and down on it very slowly before I started gaining momentum. I eventually was in a zone and giving Professor White a tremendous blowjob with great passion. I really wanted his cum in my mouth. Because of my enthusiastic sucking and Dr. White’s oversized cock head, I was slobbering all down his shaft and this was evident by the wet spot on the tip of his dress shirt.

“Mr. Lazer, you are… tre…mendous. Your fellatio skills are top notch,” Professor White moaned.

Dr. White’s size was much too big to deepthroat, but I was sucking him thoroughly with slurping noises filling the air when there was a light knock on the door.

Dr. White stammered from the pleasure he was receiving from me when he answered the knock, “Ju.. Just a min… minute. I will ‘oh’ will be right out.”

Through the door I could hear a response, “Professor White, it is Jenta. You wanted to see me?”

“Jenta, please come…oh my…come back in a little while,” replied Dr. White flustered as his sentences where getting interrupted from the head I was giving him.

“Oh my, young man. I’m getting close to ejaculating. Keep going just like that. Go ahead and grip the base of my penis as you orally work it,” Dr. White directed.

“Yes that is correct. Just like that,” Dr. White assured as a gripped the base of his shaft.

I held it tightly as I continued to suck this magnificent cock. Dr. White was breathing heavy and getting close to losing his load. He was leaking a tremendous amount of precum. He gripped his arm rests on the chair and warned me, “I’m ready!”

As I kept my mouth moving up and down, I firmly gripped the bottom of his twitching dick as it was trying to shoot its wad. I then loosened my grip then jerked upward on his foreskin covered shaft, to ‘milk’ him like he requested. Dr. White was tensed up and deeply groaning as his cum bolted out. He would even lurch his hips upward to coincide with each jerk. He was emptying several months and maybe even years, worth of built up sperm and I wanted to get it all out for him. His hip jerking soon became hip quivering as his spurts started to slow down.

Dr. White finished cumming but I kept jerking him even after he finished to ensure I drained it completely. My mouth was completely götten porno full of his spunk and even though I carefully tried to slide my mouth off his cock without spilling any of it, I wasn’t successful as some of it oozed down and coagulated in his pubic hair.

“I apologize for the abundance of semen. Like I stated earlier, it has been an unusual amount of time since Barbara and I copulated. It would be a shame to allow it to go to waste,” Dr. White stated as he implied for me to swallow.

I swallowed Dr. White’s load as he blotted his forehead with a handkerchief trying to recover from his blowjob. I then pulled his foreskin down to reveal some bubbled cum collected around the rim of his head. I licked it off to make sure he was cleaned up. He stood up, put on his slacks and shoes, opened his office door, and then called for Jenta. Jenta was walking down the hall when Dr. White said, “He’s ready for you now.”

Dr. White then looked at me while we waited for Jenta and sighed, “Thank you Mr. Lazer. That was incredible. You have earned that B that I had promised.”

Jenta walked in and then it “hit me” who was Dr. White’s source. It had to be Dante, the basketball player whom I have had sex with many times. Jenta was the 7 foot Nigerian basketball player who graduated a few years ago. He was coal black and very thin. I bet he didn’t weight more than 200 pounds which for a man that tall, was rail thin. He reminded me of Manute Bol who played basketball in the NBA back in the 80’s.

We shook hands and talked about where he grew up. He just learned English about five or six years ago so he had a very thick accent. He was slightly effeminate when he spoke and I had a hunch he was gay. I was really anxious to see his cock.

“You want to suck dick, yes?” Jenta asked me.

I answered with a head shake.

Jenta turned around and took off his all his clothes, not just his pants. When he turned back around, my jaw hung open. I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing hanging between his African legs. His cock was soft and hung to his mid-thigh. I was surprised it was circumcised and very thin. It looked like a long black snake with a small head.

I motioned for Jenta to stand in front of me as I sat down on the leather love seat. I was fascinated with Jenta’s length. I have had a couple of huge dicks in my day but this one was probably the longest I had ever seen in person. I touched and fondled it which gave my jaws more time to rest. I let it sit on my hand as I had my palm upward. I lifted his dick and put his small cock head in my mouth and begin to lick the underside of it. I stroked Jenta’s pole with my hand at first before eventually using two hands as be became more and more hard.

Before long, Jenta’s shaft was fully erect. I kept jerking him when I pulled my mouth off, looked upward while I asked, “Have you ever measured it?”

Jenta told me that his “friend” had measured it one time and it was almost thirteen inches long. Because of it being so thin, it looked about 20 inches long. It reminded me of a black broom handle. I went back to sucking it as I simultaneously slid my hands up and down. As I continued to blow this long cock, I became very aroused and decided I was going to try to swallow it. I knew with the small girth, it was possible. The other huge cocks that I had sucked in my life where too fat to deepthroat so I was anxious at the possibility.

I reached around Jenta’s slender ass and pulled him a little closer to me. His cock stuck up and out so far, I had to put it in my mouth and hide my upper teeth grup porno more than usual so I could pull it down with my lips. If I let it stick straight up, he could easily give himself a blowjob. I pulled his hips to me slowly until his dick touched the back of my throat. I gently squeezed on his ass cheeks to give him a sign to stop moving forward. I carefully breathed out of my nose before I leaned forward to get that cock head past my gag reflex. I forced it a little further until my eyes started watering and when I dry heaved, I pulled off. Jenta’s hard pole was glistening with my saliva and I had a little gag slime running down my chin to wipe off before I went back in for a second try. I was not going to be denied having this beautiful black dick down my throat. I was going to swallow this thing even if it took me all night.

I swallowed a couple of times, relaxed my throat and concentrated on breathing out of my nose even more. I slid Jenta’s dick just past the gag reflex and stopped. Careful not to swallow, I was trying to adjust to it being lodged in my throat like a predator digesting its prey. I sat forward on the edge of my seat to improve my throat angle as I went down further and further until I had done it. My lips had reached their destination which was his balls and pubic hair. With my determination, I had a thirteen inch cock all the way down my throat.

Now I wasn’t sure how I was going to suck him off without gagging. I bobbed back and forth on his shaft with small distances at first. I continued to widen my distance until Jenta’s long dick was finally being properly deepthroated even though my eyes continued to water. I used my hands on his ass to properly direct him to what I needed. My jaws were getting tired but I was also determined to extract this man’s sperm. I was so excited, that I just wanted to actually swallow this guy’s penis. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Jenta was talking in his thick African accent, “That feels very good. Nobody has ever swallowed all of me like this. You are going to make me cum.”

When I heard the word cum, I went just a little faster. At that moment, Jenta put both his hands on the sides of my head. He was squirming in place. I went all the way down to his balls and just rocked my mouth back and forth. With his hands still on my head, he pushed it down, let out a growl, and suddenly I felt powerful twitching in his shaft. Jenta’s abdomen muscles were also tightening ever time his dick twitched and I knew he was cumming but with his length, I knew he was not far from cumming directly into my stomach while skipping my mouth and most of my throat all together. I couldn’t tell how much spunk he was releasing but I sure could feel every pulse of every squirt. I love the submissive role in sex and I was aroused just thinking that Jenta had just “marked his territory” by depositing his seed directly into my stomach.

Jenta had finished cumming but I kept deepthroating him anyway. His legs were weaker and I felt as though I was holding him up with my hands on his ass. I could feel a little bit of his warm slime in my throat but I couldn’t get enough of this long black snake. I never wanted to stop but it was growing soft in my gullet until I finally pulled off him. His flaccid cock was soaking wet with my slobber as were his balls. There was no cum left in his piss hole.

Jenta was telling me how great that felt when Dr. White came back into the office as if he knew I had finished.

As Jenta was getting dressed, Dr. White said, “Outstanding, I’m glad to see you guys have concluded your liaison. Mr. Lazer, I shall repeat, you have certainly earned your B for the semester, but if you return next week, there is certainly a possibility you can earn an A.”

I couldn’t wait to get back to my apartment and jerk off to what had just happened and would definitely think about returning for an A.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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