Randy Relations Ch. 02

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My name’s Fenella. I’ve got a younger brother, Andy, and a new lover…Randy.

Yeah, it can get confusing.

They’re really similar – Andy is one of those genius inventor types…he’d been working on some new project with Randy, and Randy really seems to be obsessed by it. Whenever he’s around, he doesn’t put it down…I don’t know why Andy doesn’t mind – I’ve never actually seen both of them in the same place at the same time. Weird, I know, but I don’t think about it too much…

See, almost immediately after I met Randy, he convinced me to be his sex toy. Every time he wants to take me, no matter where, no matter when, I’m there, ready and waiting…

He’s such a fucking sexy guy. Before I met him, I never would have thought that I’d be interested in the kind of thing he likes, but he quickly turned me around. Sex toys, anal…whatever he wants, I’ll do it. I’m dedicated to getting him off, and I don’t mind saying: I’m pretty freaking good at it.

Like when he mentioned that he wanted to start doing some incest roleplay, he probably expected me to be grossed out, but I just nodded, and immediately started calling myself his “big, sexy sister” whenever we hooked up.

(Which was all the time.)

I’d honestly thought that I was pushing Randy to his limits as it was. Whenever he came around, I’d make sure to get him off at least two or three times, which has always been the upper limit for guys I’ve been with. But it turned out that he was really into roleplay – after I started calling myself his “older sister”, and “begging my little bro to spank me”, it was like I’d found a switch inside him and turned it on. We would fuck for hours without stopping – he’d cum in each of my holes, and then often coat me with a load or two. On one particularly intense night, he fucked me until I passed out, and I woke up to find his cock in my ass again.

The idea of being used while I was asleep turned me on more than anything I could remember, and we played out that fantasy a few more times, I can tell you that.

I even started getting into the fetish a little myself…I found a few websites full of brother/sister incest tales, and would read them while I had a toy in each hole. At first it was just to come up with new ideas for Randy (“the family vacation”, “the drunk, horny older sister”, “the girl who let her brother hypnotize her”) but after a while, just the idea of a brother and sister doing the nasty was enough to get me excited.

The day that I really discovered that Randy was practically super-human, however, was the day when I came home to find Mom going down on him…

While all of this “fuck toy” business had been going on, Mom had never stopped asking questions. The one time she’d met Randy, he’d really left an impression – Andy, as far as I know, had never given her any contact details for his friend (actually, now that I think about it, he never gave me any contact details either. We only ever got together when he turned up at our house) – and so I was her only source of information about the guy.

At first, I was reluctant to tell her the nature of our relationship, but she kept on hounding me, and eventually I gave in and just told her.

I expected the usual “Mom” stuff – you’re better than that, don’t you think it’s degrading, why don’t you hold yourself to a higher standard, etc etc etc. Instead, her reaction surprised me. Her eyes had widened, her mouth had dropped, and she just said four word that I never thought I’d hear my Mom say.

“That…is so hot.”

Well, I’ve got to tell you, it was a huge relief. Not only was she not being judgemental, but she even seemed to get into the idea – she asked for details, and once I got past the weirdness of talking about this kind of thing with my Mom, I told her. And once I started shopping to better fulfil my new role as a fuck toy, I showed her – she seemed enthralled by my collection of costumes, and even began to ask if she could borrow them.

For sex with Dad, I assumed?

One day, I’d returned from work (I’d started doing more shifts, so that I could pay for my ever-expanding bursa escort collection of sex-related paraphernalia) and entered the lounge-room to find Randy sitting on an armchair, his ever-present machine next to him, and Mom enthusiastically fellating him, dressed as a French Maid.

I was shocked, more than anything – Mom had never expressed any kind of dissatisfaction with her marriage, and Randy had certainly never said that he was anything but happy with the sex that we had – but it only took a few seconds for that shock to turn into an incredibly arousal.

Looking back, I’m not sure exactly what it was. The idea of sharing a man with my mother had certainly cropped up in my fantasies, once or twice – it’s a common theme of the incest erotica that I was steadily reading more and more of. The fact that Randy was so sexual that even our times together weren’t enough…it made him so much more manly, so much more powerful…but perhaps arousal is one of those things that you just shouldn’t work too hard to understand.

It could have even been just the sight of it. Randy is, by far, the sexiest thing I’ve ever encountered. For some weird reason, he won’t let me take photos or video of our time together, so I have to rely on imagination to think about what it looks like when I’m being fucked by him, dressed as Xena, or when I’m rubbing my pussy against his back just to get off.

But in that moment, I could literally see it – Mom’s head, bobbing up and down on Randy’s enormous cock, his face, intensely aroused and staring down at her. Her hand pistoning furiously in between her legs, the cum on her tits, a sign that this wasn’t the first time that she’d gotten him off today…it was the sexiest sight I’ve ever seen in my life.

I must have made a noise – a whimper or a moan of some kind – because Randy glanced over, and saw me watching, uncontrollably rubbing myself. Mom didn’t stop what she was doing for a second, and I knew that Randy had trained her to be a sex toy just as well as he’d trained me.

He beckoned with one hand, while the other continued to pull Mom’s hair, controlling the speed at which she gagged on his cock. I obeyed immediately – a good sex toy always obeys her master – and started walking toward the pair.

“Mom,” he said, and in an instant I knew that this was another roleplay, “I want you to make out with my sister.”

Perhaps I should have been revolted by the idea, but if Randy had asked me to jump off a cliff, I probably would have cum on the way down. Mom was similarly obedient, and though she was reluctant to take Randy’s beautiful cock out of her mouth, she didn’t hesitate to take my tongue in its place.

I could smell Randy’s cock on her breath, and just spurred me on further, as I made out with my Mom like…well, like she was Randy myself. Our hands started roaming over each other’s bodies, and I have to admit, the fact that we were doing this only to turn Randy on wasn’t the only thing that got me hot.

There was something about the naughtiness of it – up until now, I’d always thought of myself as a good little girl, with a secret life. By day, I was mild-mannered Fenella, but behind closed doors, I was a horny, leaking fuck toy, just waiting for my little brother Randy to take me. During my breaks at work, I’d frequently go into the bathroom and get myself off with the massive dildo that I kept in my handbag. As soon as I got home, I’d strip off and just wear lacy underwear around the house – Mom knew why, and though Andy and Dad were in the dark, I’d never heard either of them complaining.

I was a secret fuck toy – up until then, it was a fun, sexy game that I played. But making out with my own mother…and getting off on it…that felt like it changed something. I had invited someone else into my private world, and it felt like the first step to admitting that being my brother’s fuck toy wasn’t just a game I was playing…maybe, at heart, it was who I really was.

As these thoughts crossed my mind, I moaned, a sound that was mirrored by my mother. Maybe she was going through a similar thought process, I didn’t bursa escort bayan know…I just deepened our kiss, and reached down to see how wet she really was.

A few minutes later, I was eating Mom out, while Randy slowly fucked me from behind. Mom had already cum a bunch of times, muttering something about “her children”, and how hot it made her to see us “doing such naughty, naughty things”. She must have found herself turned on by the incest fetish as quickly as I had.

After he’d cum into both of our pussies and watched us taste his seed in an incestuous 69, Randy had to go. Mom and I made ourself presentable for when Andy got home a few minutes later. He had this weirdly arrogant grin on, and looked back and forth between us a few times.

“Have a good day?” he asked, and chuckled at Mom’s neutral response. Had Randy told him something?

After he left, there was an uncomfortable few seconds between Mom and I. In that moment, I realized that I was at a crossroads. Our new relationship could be awkward whenever Randy wasn’t around…

…or it could be fun.

Mom looked like she was about to say something, but before she could take us down the road of uncomfortable family dinners and restrained passions, I descended on her, covering my mother’s mouth with my own. Her lips parted in surprise, and my tongue immediately found its way inside her warm mouth, exploring, savoring the combination of tastes.

Within a few minutes, our clothes were off again, and I was writhing in the first of what I knew would be many, many orgasms to come.

Suddenly the reason that Randy had told me to buy all those strap-ons became obvious…


And then, one day, just as suddenly as he’d arrived…Randy was gone. It was about a month after Mom and I had started our affair – it had been a beautiful month of sneaking around, knowing that the rest of our family had no idea. Mom would wait until Dad had gone to sleep before sneaking into my room at night, waking me up with a kiss, and we’d make love until we collapsed, exhausted…

Mom’s collection of lingerie had quickly grown until it rivalled even mine, and we went on shopping trips together all the time. Hoping it wasn’t too obvious that we were related, we’d quite often get overcome with passion, making out in the changing room at the sight of each other’s bared breasts…a few of the store clerks hated us, but there were a few who would give us discounts in exchange for the show.

Whenever Randy was around, our focus was primarily on him (of course) but on days that he wasn’t around and no one was home, Mom and I would get each other off as many times as we could. She was extremely skilled at using a strap-on, and I was delighted to discover that she was just as into anal as I was.

Randy hadn’t been around for a few days, and even though Mom and I were enjoying each other’s company, it just…well, it wasn’t the same. I’d go down on her while she spanked me, I’d get her juices all over my face and then get her to lick them off, but no matter how many times we came, we still weren’t quite satisfied.

It just wasn’t the same as being used by a man.

In the end, we confronted Andy. Perhaps we should have gotten dressed first, but Randy’s absence was really playing on our minds, so we just stood there in his doorway, wearing our sexiest lingerie, pleading with him to tell us what he knew.

“Randy?” he said casually, his eyes momentarily distracted by the bounce of our breasts as we nodded. “Oh yeah, he’s gone…sorry guys. I’m surprised he didn’t mention anything.”

There was a long pause, as we both stood gobsmacked, not quite able to process what Andy had just told us. Then, at the same time, a flurry of questions escaped our lips.

“Gone!? Where?? What?”

“How has he gone? Is he coming back!? Why did he leave??”

Andy held up a hand, and we went silent.

“He’s showing our invention around,” he said dismissively, not even questioning why we were so concerned. “I don’t know when he’ll be back…it could be any minute, it could be in a year.”

With that, escort bursa he turned back to his computer – probably working on his next big project – and Mom and I stood at the doorway, crushed by the absence of a man we barely knew…yet knew more intimately than we’d ever known anyone else.

After that, when Mom and I made love, there was a touch of melancholy to it. It was still hot, of course, and the heat was intensified by the nature of our relationship, but fact that Randy – the man who had brought us together – was missing…well, it put a slightt damper on the whole situation.

One week later, I was asleep, Mom’s head on my shoulder and her hand on my breasts, when I was woken up by a familiar voice…

“Sis,” it said urgently. “Sis, wake up!”

“Bro!” I said, accidentally waking Mom up int he process. “Oh, god…little brother!”

I didn’t bother turning the light on, I just reached out and felt Randy’s pajama pants. In no time, they were around his ankle, and my tongue was licking up and down his shaft, desperately working to make him hard. I’d missed the taste of his sweat, the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth…

“Fenella…” he said, but I reached a hand up to shush him. I put my fingers in his mouth – they were coated with a combination of Mom’s juices and my own – and that shut him up. He licked and sucked at my hand as Mom and I did the same with his hardness, my mother having joined in the second she’d realized what was going on.

“I’ve wanted this for so long…” I said, in between slurps, and before Randy could object, I pulled him onto me. His cock slotted into my wetness, and after a few seconds of hesitation, he began to slowly slide in and out of my wet cunt.

I could die in this moment, I thought, treasuring the feeling of Randy’s long, hard shaft sliding in and out of me. I’m the perfect sister slut, and this is my purpose…to serve my little brother. I want to do this until I die.

In record time, Randy was cumming inside of me, and his orgasm triggered my own. As soon as we were finished, however, Mom insisted that it was her turn – she got him hard by licking my juices off of him, and as soon as he was ready, welcomed his erection into her waiting ass.

He fucked each of us twice more that night, and when he was done, insisted on lubing up my tits and going over my face. It was heaven, every second of it, and so you can imagine my surprise when I finally got around to turning the light on…and discovered not Randy, as I’d expected, but Andy.

“Hey sis,” he said with a grin, and my eyebrows shot up in surprise. My immediate reaction was to try to cover myself up, but even as I did, my hands came into contact with Andy’s cum – it was inside my pussy, all over my tits and my face and my ass and my mother…

Oh god… I thought with a swoon…I’d done it. I’d really done it. This hadn’t been roleplaying, it hadn’t been a game…I’d fucked my brother. Three times. I was coated in his cum, and I’d licked his shaft while he’d put it into our mother.

I’d fucked my brother. And I’d loved it.

All of the incest stories I’d read over the past few months were swirling around my head, and I realized that I’d done what I hadn’t even allowed myself to fantasize about. Andy had constantly been on the edge of my mind when I masturbated, but just to be safe, I’d never allowed myself to think about him…

But now…

Mom and I stared at each other in shock, but it didn’t take long for our surprised glance to turn into a lustful gaze. This, I suddenly realized, this was what we’d been missing…Randy had been the one to get us started, but we didn’t need him specifically. We just needed a man, a man to serve…and who better than Andy?

Randy had given us a fetish, and now the only man who could truly fulfil it was sitting in our bed, naked, an arrogant smile on his face as he scanned up and down the naked bodies of his two female relatives.

There was a long pause, and finally I broke it.

“Andy…” I said, surprisingly nervous. “How would you feel about us…about us being your sex toys?”

The look of lust that he gave us in reply was all the answer that we needed, and I glanced down to see his cock rising for the sixth time that evening. Clearly Andy and Randy got their stamina from the same place.

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