Raw Ch. 02

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Josie awoke peacefully as the woman in her arms began stirring beside her. Turning her face toward her lover’s, she smiled to see Kendall’s dark eyes already staring down at her.

“Good morning,” Josie whispered.

“Good morning yourself, kitten.” Kendall rubbed Josie’s back with strong fingers, encouraging her to slide up for a kiss.

Tentatively, Josie approached Kendall’s lips with her own, and gently pressed them together. Kendall groaned softly and pulled Josie’s body closer to her own, holding her tightly, feeling their breasts press together. “Your lips are so fucking sexy,” Kendall moaned, keeping her lips pressed against Josie’s as she spoke.

“Mmmm,” Josie responded, smiling through their conversant kiss, “don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Grinning, Kendall pulled her face away from Josie’s, which elicited a grump from her lover. “And what exactly do you think I can’t finish?” she asked, holding Josie’s shoulders to keep her from resuming the kiss without answering.

Josie pulled her arms from Kendall’s firm body, leaned her head on her hand, and with a dare in her voice said, “Well, it’s just that last night you insisted on remaining clothed, and I refuse to fuck you again without seeing all of that gorgeous body you’re hiding under there.”

“Oh, really?” Kendall dared.

“Uh-huh,” nodded Josie, both of them grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, I guess there’s only one thing I can do about that,” Kendall sighed.

“ I think you’re right,” Josie nodded, bringing her fingertips to the hem of Kendall’s shirt.

Grasping Josie’s hands in her own, Kendall smiled into Josie’s eyes. “I’m so glad we’re on the same page.” With that, Kendall lifted Josie’s arms above her head and lay atop her newfound lover, kissing her soundly. Kendall licked along the crevice of Josie’s mouth, which opened to accept her soft tongue. Josie struggled lightly against Kendall’s grip on her arms, and wrapped her legs around her lover’s, intertwining their limbs.

As Kendall began sliding her mouth down Josie’s face, placing wet kisses on the soft skin, Josie felt her nipples sliding against Kendall’s chest, and her pussy gushed in reaction to Kendall’s thigh pressing against it. “God, Kendall, I want you inside of me,” Josie pleaded, locking eyes with the brunette.

About to return to Josie’s lips for a sensual kiss, Kendall stopped when the telephone rang. With faux concern in her face, Kendall asked, “Aren’t you going to answer that? It might be important.”

Josie’s face fell as she remembered last night’s events, and what led to this incredible woman sharing her bed. The sultry vixen became subdued, and she felt small and pained. “No,” she nearly whispered, “I don’t want to talk to her.”

Kendall ignored her swollen clit and eager libido and slid back to the head of the bed, pulling Josie into her arms. “I’m so sorry, Josie.” They lay cradled together, with Kendall stroking Josie’s hair and placing light kisses on her cheek, waiting for the answering machine to pick up.

Josie held her breath until the machine beeped, not looking forward to Camryn’s next message.

“Hiya Josie – Roger here.” Both women exhaled, grateful to hear the friendly voice, dikmen escort bayan and Kendall lightened her grip, leaning back from the blonde head in front of her. “I’m just calling to check in with you about last night – hope you’re doing okay. I felt a little weird about leaving you like that, but I know you wouldn’t have done too well with company…give a call when you get this message – we’ll grab coffee soon, okay?”

Chuckling into Josie’s ear as the machine sounded off, Kendall whispered, “I think you did pretty well with company last night, don’t you?”

Squeezing her new lover’s body closer to her own, Josie grinned as Kendall nibbled the tender flesh just behind her ear. “You have no idea how much better I’ll be doing in a few minutes,” Josie suggested as she slipped her fingers under Kendall’s shirt, caressing the soft skin with her fingertips.

“Mmm,” Kendall groaned, “That’s right…you were about to reveal every last inch of that sexy body for me…”

Josie pushed Kendall on her back, then sat up and slid her thighs over her lover’s waist. Subtly rocking her hips against Kendall’s mound, she chewed lightly on her lower lip and placed her lover’s hands on her hips.

As she played her fingertips lightly over Josie’s milky skin, Kendall teased, “I see I’m going to have to do all the work around here.” In a smooth motion, the dark-haired beauty swept Josie’s thin nightgown over her head and onto the floor. With a soft gasp, Kendall settled her hands back onto Josie’s hips.

“Wow…” was the only word Kendall could mutter as she caressed Josie’s soft skin beneath her fingers. Gingerly, she freed herself from underneath the sexy woman and situated herself at Josie’s side.

Tracing her generous curves with tender strokes of her fingertips, Kendall locked her eyes with Josie’s. “You are so fucking gorgeous, Josie,” she groaned.

Without a word, Josie slowly pressed her mouth to Kendall’s, applying a gentle massage with her lips and tongue until Kendall moaned and opened herself to her lover. Before Kendall could wrap her strong arms around Josie’s naked form, Josie pulled the shirt from her lover’s torso and began impatiently grabbing at the waistband of Kendall’s panties.

Urgently, the women tangled their limbs and pressed their bodies to one another, creating electric friction between their bodies. Josie’s thigh was quickly moistened with Kendall’s juices, and Kendall’s hands were full with Josie’s firm ass and swollen tits.

Rolling atop Josie, Kendall deftly chewed along her soft jaw line and moved her hands down her sides. Josie’s legs opened on their own volition as Kendall raised herself onto one arm, peered straight into Josie’s frenetic gaze, and slid her fingers through Josie’s soft, light bush and between her pouting outer lips.

“Fuck, you’re so wet!” Kendall cried. As she slowly stroked Josie’s clit through it’s thin sheath, she whispered, “I am going to make you come so fucking hard, Josie – you’re going to come for me, around me. Your clit is so hard – fuck, baby, you’re so close, I can feel it.”

Josie arched her back, pressing her clit harder against Kendall’s talented fingers. “Yesss, Kendall,” she pleaded, “I want elvankent escort bayan to come for you – please, let me come for you!”

Sliding quickly between Josie’s thighs, Kendall flattened her tongue against Josie’s dripping slit and pressed upward, flicking her swollen clit with the tip. Sliding a finger into Josie’s pussy, Kendall sucked her clit into her mouth, massaging it rapidly with her tongue.

Josie clenched her fingers to Kendall’s broad shoulders, pressing her deeper inside of her core. “Oh, God!” Josie cried, frantically pumping her hips in time with Kendall’s hard fucking. Kendall continued to rapidly fuck her tight pink hole, adding another finger, and then another, cramming as much of herself as she could into Josie’s tiny crevice until her body finally tensed and shook, and Josie’s throat released a guttural scream of rapture.

Tenderly pulling her fingers from Josie’s stretched tunnel, Kendall slid her lips along her lover’s tender skin, pushing herself up until her face was again level with Josie’s. Placing a soft kiss against the spent woman’s brow, Kendall pulled the smaller woman into her arms and prepared to catch her breath.

Josie continued her momentum and didn’t stop when she reached Kendall’s side; she again straddled the dark-haired beauty’s hips, placing her hands on either side of her head, teasing Kendall’s collarbone with her nipples. “You don’t think you’re finished yet, do you?” she growled, sliding her damp slit against Kendall’s trimmed mons.

“Mmmm, I was hoping not-“ Kendall began.

Josie silenced her lover with a smoldering kiss, nibbling sensually on Kendall’s sensitive lips. “Shhhh,” she whispered, kissing lightly from Kendall’s mouth to her ear, “not another word, or I’ll gag you.”

Kendall groaned through her thick arousal, kneading Kendall’s ass in her hands. “Good girl,” Josie mocked as she delicately traced a path from Kendall’s neck to her hips with her pointed nipples. Dancing her fingertips lightly along her lover’s arms, Josie slid to a sitting position, sliding Kendall’s long legs over her own, positioning her own pulsing cunt just inches from her lover’s.

Grazing her fingertips along Kendall’s shiny slit, Josie moaned to feel the liquid silk of her arousal. Pulling her lover’s lips apart, Josie sat in awe for a moment as she watched Kendall’s pulsing hole try to reach out to her, begging to be penetrated. Josie ran her fingers along the dripping pussy in front of her, lubricating her digits. Lightly, she began tracing the swollen purple veins on Kendall’s nether lips, applying gentle pressure. As she worked her way to the top of her lover’s slit, she pressed firmly around Kendall’s clit, acknowledging its prominence only by refusing to touch it.

Kendall squirmed under Josie’s teasing touch, then half-whimpered and half-moaned when Josie grasped her clit firmly between her thumb and forefinger. Josie pinched and released Kendall’s clit in this manner while she deftly worked two petite fingers into Kendall’s red hot pussy, sliding easily yet snugly in and out of the tight canal.

With her lover groaning and gasping before her, Josie began to tap Kendall’s clit with her thumb instead of emek escort bayan pinching; this freed her fingers to slide into Kendall’s hungry cunt, replacing the fingers that Josie was now using to simulate the tender skin between her dripping pussy and her pink asshole.

“Unngghhhh…” Kendall groaned, reaching for Josie’s legs.

Pushing a third finger into Kendall’s throbbing pussy, Josie circled her asshole, honing in on the center. Kendall’s hips began bucking toward Josie, pushing her deeper inside. Unable to resist temptation any longer, Josie swiped a bit more of Kendall’s juices across her asshole, then pressed a finger inside.

“Aahhhh,” Kendall cried, rewarding Josie for making the right move. The more Kendall gyrated her hips at her lover, the harder Josie fucked her. As a sheen of sweat began to coat Kendall’s muscular body, Josie slipped a fourth finger into her pussy, and a second into her asshole. The fullness finally sent Kendall over the edge, and her orgasm washed through her body and onto the sheets.

“Oh, God,” Josie cried as she was flooded with Kendall’s come, awestricken at the proof of her lover’s pleasure.

Gently, Josie pulled her fingers out of Kendall, and quickly leapt into the taller woman’s arms, kissing her passionately, yet softly, blissfully.

Once she’d recovered her normal breathing pattern, Kendall stroked Josie’s hair and confided, “It’s been a long time since I’ve come like that…didn’t know I still had it in me.”

“That wasn’t you – I was in you, silly,” Josie teased, “But seriously, I’ve never actually been with a woman who has come like that – I always thought it was something that butches with penis envy made up…”

Kendall laughed heartily, throwing her head back, and held her new lover tight in her arms. They lay quietly, listening to one another’s breath for a long while, but Josie was concerned.

“Kendall?” she began, “I don’t quite know how to ask this…”

“Just ask – I won’t bite…unless you ask me to, of course…” Kendall responded, pressing her lips to Josie’s forehead.

Josie sighed, frustrated that Kendall seemed so good, so right. But they were both raw, freshly burned and fragile. As wonderful as their time together had been so far, there would invariably come a time where one or the other would realize that this was just what they needed to get through the heartbreak, and it was time to move on. It would be so much easier if they could just skip the emotions and break it off before it began.

“I’m just not sure we should be doing this. We’ve had a great time – a better than great time – but is this really a smart move for either of us?” Josie held her breath, waiting for the anger, the accusations to be hurled at her.

Kendall chuckled, “I’m glad you asked – I wasn’t really sure how to bring it up myself. I’m not ready to commit myself to someone, and I don’t think you are either. Bad timing on our part I guess – maybe we’re not meant to be lovers beyond last night…I think we could be great friends…I mean, this isn’t necessarily the most conventional way to begin a friendship, but hey – at least I know I can trust you with the most delicate of matters…and body parts!”

Wait a minute, Josie thought, is that really what I want? I really like this woman – how could I ever be only a friend to her? Then again, I’d rather be her friend than never see her again – she’s certainly friendship material…but I haven’t felt this way in so long…but…”You’re right, Kendall – bad timing…really bad.”

Raw Ch.03 Coming Soon!

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