Realizing our Passion Ch. 04

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When I looked at the clock the next morning, I saw that it was only seven-thirty. I was impressed at how well rested I felt. I looked down at the back of Anabel’s head as I spooned against her. I leaned in carefully and kissed her head before gently extricating myself from the bed. I managed to cover her with the blankets without waking her. I pulled on a pair of boxers and smiled at her still form before leaving the bedroom. I walked into the kitchen and started pulling out a few pans as quietly as I could. I pulled out a mixing bowl and started putting together what I’d need for pancakes. I was mixing the batter together when I heard footsteps heading toward the kitchen. My eyes widened a little as Sierra walked in, completely nude. Her eyes were squinted and she rubbed at one with a lazy hand. She lets out a sleepy sound and stretches her arms over her head, putting her bare breasts on full display. I blinked and took in the lovely sight. She was gorgeous, but it was in a different way from Anabel. While I was not complaining about her nudity, I surprisingly didn’t get hard looking at her. She let her arms drop again and blinked as she looked up at me. She gave me a sexy smile and pushed her hair behind her shoulders.

“Good morning.” She said slyly. I smirked and nodded.

“It certainly is.” I retorted. She grinned.

“Like what you see?” she lifted her arms again, letting her hands heft her plush, ample breasts. I let myself appreciate the movement for a moment before returning to making breakfast.

“Hope you like pancakes.” I said.

“Pancakes. Yummy.” She replied as she leaned against the counter. I poured a few pancakes onto the griddle and threw some bacon into a pan on the stove. I worked on making enough pancakes and bacon for everyone, and decided to make some toast as well. As I went to the pantry to get out the loaf of bread, Sierra let out a displeased little mewl.

“Hey, what’s with the boxers huh? I’m here in my birthday suit, revealing everything. I think it’s only fair you do the same huh?” She winked at me. I chuckled and shrugged. She had a fair point. I set the bread on the counter and slid my boxers off and tossed them over to the couch. I turned so she could get a good look at me and saw her eyes instantly lock on my cock. I felt it stir a little as she stared, but not the way it did when Anabel looked at me.

“No wonder Anabel was so eager to get you back into bed. That thing has got to feel great when it’s shoved inside her.” She said. I chuckled and shrugged.

“Don’t overstate it. I know Alan is bigger than me. Yes, we’ve measured.” I said as she laughed at me.

“Even so, that’s a pretty impressive package big guy.” she grinned. I thanked her and went back to making breakfast.

“So, how much bigger?” She asked teasingly. I snorted and rolled my eyes.

“At full erection, I’m almost seven and a half inches. He’s just over eight.” I answered. She let out a pleased sound.

“So I get to take over eight inches every time I have sex with my boyfriend? That’s awesome.” she commented.

“That’s for damn sure.” Alan’s voice rang out as he walked into the kitchen, also naked. “You’re complete dynamite in bed sweetie.” He said as he stepped over and kissed Sierra. She let out a soft giggle and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Well that’s only because you make me feel like dynamite.” she answered. I smiled as I watched them and even wider when Anabel walked groggily into the kitchen. She let out a tired sound and rubbed at her eyes.

“Something smells really good out here.” she said as her bare nipples stared at me. Sierra giggled,

“Not really sure if it’s the after effects of hot sex, or the breakfast your brother has whipped up for us.” she said. I gave her a look and shook my head.

“That makes no sense.” I laughed. She shrugged and Ana stepped up close to me.

“I get what she’s saying though.” She purred as she kissed me. I kissed her back and chuckled.

“Yeah. I get it it too.” I said, finishing the last batch of bacon and setting it on a plate. I served us all up some breakfast and we went to sit down at the table. We wound up only using two chairs. I sat down and had Anabel just sit right down on my lap. Across the way, Sierra sat on Alan’s lap. We enjoyed our meal and I enjoyed the view. As we ate, Sierra piped up.

“So, what do you think we should do today?” I looked at Anabel, waiting to hear what she wanted to do. She smiled and shrugged.

“I don’t know. But what about the mall. I heard it’s supposed to be pretty awesome down here.” She said. Sierra looked up brightly and nodded.

“Oh it is. Especially Victoria’s Secret!” She enthused. There was a loud clang as Alan dropped his fork and it clattered to the floor. Ana and I had to laugh at him. He tried to recover a little.

“Yeah. Sure, the mall. Sounds good.” He cleared his throat. Sierra wiggled in excitement.

“Awesome!” She said, then she pouted a bursa escort little bit. “Aww, but that means we gotta get dressed.” she whined. I laughed and nodded.

“Yes See, that does mean we have to get dressed.” I confirmed. She whined again.

“But then I lose the incredible view.” She mewled as she looked from me, to Anabel, to Alan. She let her gaze linger on my upper body and on Anabel’s chest before she reached down to pet Alan’s cock for a moment. Ana and I laughed as we stood up and took our plates into the kitchen and set them by the sink. I wrapped my arm around Anabel’s waist.

“I think you’ll be alright you little Nympho.” I teased. “Now come on. We can do it like a double date.” I saw an excited look dominate Anabel’s face as she snapped her gaze to look at me.

“A date? You mean it?” She asked eagerly. I stroked her cheek and nodded.

“Of course, why not? You are my girlfriend now.” I said. I didn’t understand it, but the statement brought forth a fresh wave of emotion from Anabel. My lips curled in a confused smile and I stroked her cheek again. “Hey, what’s with the water works?” I asked. She let out a happy sob and wrapped her arms around me.

“It’s just, I know we’ve…done things in bed, become lovers and all, but to hear you actually say that, to call me your girlfriend, I don’t know. It just means so much to me.” she said. I smiled as I hugged her back.

“Of course I want you to be my girlfriend.” I told her. “I don’t want what we have to be something we keep just in the bedroom. I want you. All of you, all of the time. I love you baby.” I smiled as she happily leaned up a kissed me. I kissed her back and then we pulled back. She gave me a curious look.

“But wait, won’t it be kind of weird if anyone you know sees us acting like…more than brother and sister.” She asked. I laughed and gave her an encouraging grin.

“Anabel, we’re here in Georgia. Only two folks ever met you down here. Mister Daniels moved to Illinois, and Mrs Donahue passed away two years ago.” I told her. “So nobody here knows who you are, and anybody that I know will just assume that I found a hot new girlfriend.” She smiled and giggled.

“So that means that we don’t have to hide anything while we’re out?” She asked hopeful. I shook my head.

“Nope. We can be as happy and lovey dovey as we want to.” I winked as I rubbed my nose against hers. She giggled again and jumped excitedly.

“Awesome! I can’t wait!” she exclaimed. “Let’s go get dressed then, boyfriend.” She kissed my hand and skipped out of the kitchen and into my bedroom, where she’d moved her bags. I smiled as I watched her leave and then heard Alan let out a wolf whistle.

“Damn bud, you sure know how to make her happy. You’d better make sure you take care of her.” he said, lifting his empty juice glass to me in a fake toast. I laughed and nodded.

“Oh you better believe I will.” I answered. “You guys coming with us?” I asked. Sierra waved a hand at me and wrapped her arms around Alan’s neck.

“You guys go ahead. We’ll meet you there a little later. Alan and I both need a little release after watching you two again.” She winked. I rolled my eyes and then dashed across the living room to follow Anabel into my bedroom. She was already sliding a pair of panties up her legs and over her gorgeous butt. I couldn’t resist the temptation. As I walked over to my dresser, I gave her a hard, firm spank on the ass. She yelped and jumped a little.

“Hey! You jerk!” She yelled as she giggle and rubbed her sore cheek. I chuckled and got down on a knee.

“Here, let me make it all better.” I pulled one leg against me and leaned my head around to give her a long kiss on her sore ass cheek. She giggled and stroked my head as I did. Then she yelped again and smacked the top of my head as I firmly bit her. I didn’t break the skin, but I left a mark.

“Ah! Damn it! Knock it off you dick!” She laughed as she pushed my head away. I chuckled and stood up. I shrugged and said innocently.

“Well if you don’t want to be bitten, maybe you shouldn’t have such a delicious ass.” I told her. She pursed her lips and gave me a fake reproachful look.

“You’d better behave yourself while we’re out and about today.” she sassed. I shrugged and started pulling out some shorts and boxers and then had to watch as Anabel took up her bra and started sliding it up onto her shoulders. There was something extremely erotic and fascinating about watching her get dressed. I watched as she fastened the clasp behind her back and then adjusted her breasts so that they sat right. She didn’t look at me as she teased me. “Are you going to get dressed you pervert, or are we going to be stuck here all day while you ogle me?” I snorted and started getting dressed myself. When we were both decent, we laced our fingers together and I grabbed my wallet and keys as we walked out.

When we walked into the living room, we both slapped our foreheads and sighed.

“Couldn’t bursa escort bayan take it upstairs huh?” I said. I looked up and watched Sierra’s breasts bounce as she moaned and bounced on Alan’s lap. They were in the same chair we had left them in. They both spared us a quick glance before getting lost in their fucking again. I snorted and Anabel and I just went ahead and headed out the front door. I stepped around to the passenger side of my Mustang. Anabel let out a low whistle as she saw my ride. Even I was still impressed with it sometimes.

“Holy shit bro. Where did you get a ride like this?” She breathed. I chuckled and just opened the door for her and gestured for her to slide in. She did and then I walked around to the other side and got behind the wheel. The mall was a twenty minute drive away, and I was all alone with my gorgeous, sexually charged minx of a sister. I cast a quick sidelong glance at her and grinned. She smacked my arm without looking at me.

“Don’t even think about it big guy. I’ve been in the car with you before and I know you can’t drive when you’re distracted. So keep your hands to yourself.” She ordered playfully. I snorted and lifted a pacifying hand.

“Alright, I’ll be good.” I assured her. “For now.” I added suggestively. She eyed me and then giggled. I let the rest of the drive pass without incident, though I occasionally stole a glance at her legs stretching out from her short shorts. When we finally pulled into the parking lot at the mall, I was surprised by how empty it was. It was usually a nuthouse, but the side of the lot we parked in couldn’t have had more than two dozen cars. I parked and Anabel and I both stepped out. I couldn’t help but stare as the sunlight shone down on her and glittered off her hair as she shook it a little. She really was beautiful and now that we had given in to each other, it was like I was truly seeing her for the first time. The slope of her neck, the curve of her hips. The smoothness of her skin. The loving smile that spread over my lips was so genuine that it almost hurt. She smiled back at me.

“What?” She asked happily. I took her hand and just let out an appreciative sigh.

“How did I get so lucky?” I asked. She let out a loving sound and squeezed my hand.

“I’m the lucky one Jake.” She breathed. We walked arm in arm into the mall and were greeted by the cool air of the AC unit. Ana cuddled a little closer to my arm. I smiled down at her.

“Where are we heading first Anabel?” I asked. She shrugged.

“I don’t know. I think I wouldn’t mind getting an actual swimsuit.” She said. “My underwear isn’t really designed to be swimwear.” I chuckled.

“Sure. There’s actually a little beach store toward the far end of the mall. We can head down there first if you want.” I told her. She nodded and we started to head across the mall. As I expected though, she got sidetracked. We passed a clothing store, I don’t even remember which one, and she gasped as she saw a shirt. I snorted a little and followed her as she dashed into the store. She picked up the top she had seen and held it against her. It was a powder blue top with spaghetti straps.

“Oh isn’t this a cute top, Jake?” She asked me. I’d never gotten the whole ‘cute top’ thing, but I’d figured out how to play along fairly convincingly. I grinned and nodded.

“Sure babe. You want to try it on?” I indicated the fitting room partway to the rear of the store. She looked down at it and pondered it for a moment. Then she shook her head and folded it back up.

“No. I don’t really think I need it.” She said. Then her eyes found a short, tie up top and she squealed. “But that one I do need!” she said as she snatched it up. She danced over to the checkout counter and started to pull out her little wallet. I snatched it out of her hand and held it away from her.

“What do you think you’re doing huh? I told you anything you wanted was on me.” I scolded her. She giggled a little.

“You don’t have to do that Jacob.” She said shyly. I just gave her a look and slid her wallet into my back pocket. I pulled out my own wallet and nodded to the gal behind the checkout counter. She laughed and rang it up. Twenty-five dollars. While not cheap, it also wasn’t quite as bad as I expected. I slid my debit card and paid for the top. Anabel squealed in delight and took the top into the changing room. After a moment, she came out sporting the new top. It was a darker blue than the first top she had picked up. It left her midriff completely exposed and came to just below her breasts, tying in the middle. I licked my lips as I beheld her. She giggled and looked at me expectantly.

“So what do you think?” She asked. I swallowed and nodded.

“Good pick, s…uh babe.” My heart sped up about ten times as I caught myself before I could slip up. Ana gave me a knowing wink and then continued as if nothing were wrong.

“Do you mean that? Or is this going to be one of those times where escort bursa you tell me everything looks good on me in hopes of getting in my pants tonight?” She sassed, putting her hands on her hips. I heard the check out girl choke on a swallow of water as she heard Anabel and had to laugh.

“Well hey, what do you think I’m going to tell you that you look bad in something? Because I think that is physically impossible.” I complimented her. She gave me an appreciative smile and came up to hug me.

“You are entirely too sweet.” she said. I hugged her back and tossed her old shirt into a plastic bag and walked out with her. I actually managed to get her down to the swimsuit store without any other distractions. She skipped in and I actually eagerly followed her this time. She didn’t fail to notice my increased enthusiasm over the last store.

“You definitely seem more excited in here than you did at the other store.” She teased. I shrugged.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I said innocently. She eyed me and chuckled.

“You know exactly what I mean” She said. “So you see anything in here you like?” She asked. I looked at her and grinned as I lifted an eyebrow. She snorted and shook her head.

“Besides me. We’re here to buy me a swimsuit Jake.” She said. I chuckled and just waved a hand.

“Hey, we’re here for you. You get to pick whatever you want. You know I’ll love you in anything you put on.” I answered her. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“You are no help you know that?” She giggled and started browsing some of the swimsuits on display. I just let her go around and waited, hoping she would decide to try a few of them on. She did. She vanished into the changing room and I just sat there waiting anxiously. I licked my lips and every time I heard a sound from the changing room my gaze snapped over to the curtain. I think she knew she was tormenting me because she took a minute or so longer than she really should have to get changed. The first time she came out, she was wearing a weird looking one piece suit that covered her entire torso including her hips and her shoulders. It wasn’t as revealing as a lot of what I’d seen her in the last couple of days, but there was something oddly alluring about it. She grinned and flicked her eyebrows a couple of times.

“What do you think?” She asked suggestively. I tilted my head a little and looked her up and down.

“I…I’m not really sure. I think I like it, it’s different.” I said. She snorted and gave me an exasperated look.

“If you don’t like it, just say so.” She said amused. I lifted my shoulders in an unsure shrug.

“Well I don’t dislike it…but I…what do you say we take a look at what else you’ve picked out.” I said. She sighed and shook her head.

“Well I can see what it’s going to be like dating you. Uuuseleeesss!” She sang as she disappeared back behind the curtain as I laughed. The next suit she came out in almost put my tongue on the ground. The top was almost nonexistent. It bared far more than it concealed. The bottom was a tiny triangle with a waist strap so thin it might have been made from a few strands of hair. She busted out laughing at the look on my face as I saw her.

“Down boy” She teased. “Don’t go drooling all over the floor.” She lifted her arms and gave a slow twirl. “You like?” She winked at me. I opened my mouth to speak, but only managed to let out a strangled sound from my throat. She laughed and sidled over to me. She trailed a finger down my chest and winked again. “You uh, may want to hide that sweetie.” She nodded down toward my crotch, which was raging hard now. I grunted and reached down to adjust myself so I wasn’t tenting my shorts anymore. She giggled and took a step back. I finally found my voice again.

“I’m really not complaining, but isn’t that one a little..ahem, small?” I said. She giggled.

“Yes. It’s very small. But don’t worry, I’m not getting this one. I just wanted to see that comical reaction.” She replied. I snorted.

“Well when a bombshell like you comes out in something like that, I doubt there would be a limp cock in sight.” I said crossing my arms. She burst out into a fit of giggles.

“Oh my god! You would go there!” She gasped. Even as she tried to recover from her laughter, she walked back into the changing room. I sat back down and waited for her. My eyes widened as she came out for the third time.

It wasn’t anything special to an outsider. It was a simple golden bikini, covering her breasts and mound, but leaving her stomach and shoulders completely exposed. The gold color seemed to compliment her skin perfectly. I let out a very appreciative sigh and just drank in the sight of her.

“That one.” I said without hesitation. She gave me a shy smile and looked down at herself.

“You think so? I like it too.” She said happily as she spun around. I nodded enthusiastically.

“Definitely. I don’t care what other suit or suits you get, we’re buying that one without a doubt.” I said. She giggled as I continued. “You know Anabel, gold seems to be your color.” I told her. She gave me a playful look.

“Gold? I think I might like that.” She winked. I lifted an eyebrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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