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Author’s Note: I wrote this as a letter to my brand new lover. It’s not intended to be a literary masterpiece. Over the course of a month, my lover has cajoled me with his boldness and persistence into an affair with him, which we are just beginning. I wanted to let him know how graphically I imagine our future encounters.

If you disapprove of infidelity, even in the capacity of a fantasy, please DON’T read this and DON’T post your moral judgments as comments.


I stand outside the door to your bedroom at the agreed-upon time, with my hand on the doorknob. Anticipation courses through me at what we are about to do. You have summoned me here to begin my first-ever affair. Neither of us has had a new lover in years. The others in our lives fade to the background for tonight.

In contrast to others I’ve known, you possess an intoxicating, breezy confidence and driving male assertiveness. You’ve awakened in me a forbidden and powerful lust, luring and coaxing and wearing me down, until I must have you. Or rather, let you have me.

Both nervous and eager, I turn the knob and enter the room. You’re sitting in a plush armchair, wearing a business suit and waiting for me. I have on a simple, fluid black dress, with short sleeves, a deep V-neck, and a skirt that falls to my knees. I’m also wearing black stockings with a seam up the back, and black high heels. My hair is pulled up in a formal style, with a few soft curls left down to frame my face. I am adorned with a tiered, beaded black necklace and several jeweled rings.

You look me over thoroughly. My lifting and falling breasts give away my elevated breathing rate; their hardened nipples further betray my stimulation. You try to determine from your chair if I’m wearing underpants, but you can’t tell.

Then you order me to come to you. I do, slowly, so you may watch me approach. As always, I am aroused and intrigued by your masculine self-assurance. I know you will do me no actual harm, and in fact plan to give me fiery pleasure, so I am free to thoroughly savor your primitive male dominance. Images of the things we will do to each other race through my brain.

Now I’m standing before you. You think about ordering me to strip, but you decide instead to use your own hands to take my clothing from me. You move forward in the chair, so that I’m standing between your knees. You put your hands lightly on my hips and slide them up, tantalizingly slow. You lightly run your hands up my sides, then up under my breasts, where you hesitate. You know damn well I’m ready to beg for you to touch them, squeeze them, pinch the nipples through the dress and the bra fabric. But you tease me, because you can and because you know it will make the pleasure that much sweeter.

You lightly run your palms up over the fronts of my breasts, continuing up to my collarbone and then leisurely down my arms. My skin prickles. My tiny, momentary disappointment that you’ve all but bypassed my chest evaporates as your hands leave my fingertips to cup my ass. Your touch is still light, but it roams. You’re checking to see about the underpants: whether they’re present and what type.

While searching, you are also looking up at me, watching my reactions. You discover after a few moments that I am wearing only a garter belt, and no underwear. You make a low, male sound of gratification, and your expression takes on a more determined look. etimesgut escort I sigh softly with pleasure at your obvious satisfaction. Your hands rest on my hips, and you continue to look up at me; you make no further moves and I wonder what will come next. I give you an encouraging, happy smile.

Your hands once again move, this time drifting up to cup and squeeze and pinch my breasts. Then your hands slide up further to catch the shoulders of my dress, and slowly start to slip them down to my elbows. This exposes my bra, which is made of thin black lace. You murmur some words of approval, then slide the bra straps down to my elbows too, freeing my nipples to your view. I am now nearly desperate to have your fingers touching them, to feel the hot slide of your tongue across them.

You oblige me by degrees, lightly rubbing your thumbs over both nipples, then softly pinching them. I whimper with bliss. To tease me, you very, very lightly apply the tip of your tongue to my left nipple, because you know it’s my less-sensitive one. I watch you doing it, but your touch is so light I’m not sure I can even feel it. Then zing!–a hot-cool sliver of pleasure shoots through my breast and down to my clit. I gasp with relief and delight.

Now I beg you to please suck harder, and you do, flicking your tongue, nipping with your teeth. I am glowing with pleasure, and then you move your mouth to my right nipple, which by now is acutely sensitive. You close your mouth around it hard and I cry out. My fingers tangle in your hair. I glory in the powerful sensations you’re giving me, and after a few minutes, I gently tug your head away and ask you to please let me do something for you.

You sit back in the chair and tell me to unfasten your pants and pull your cock out. I kneel before you, still with my sleeves and straps down to my elbows, and my nipples red, swollen and damp from your attentions. I carefully unfasten and unzip your pants, then pull your cock and balls through the hole in your boxers, positioning them just so. You look very proper and professional in your suit and tie, in stark contrast to the naughtiness of your erection jutting from your dress pants.

I lean forward and run my tongue lightly from the bottom of your balls to the tip of your cock, teasing you as you did me. I look up at you to see if I am pleasing you. Your eyes are closed. One of your hands has come to rest at the back of my neck, and it’s now urging my head forward to take your cock fully into my wet, hot mouth. I chuckle and put my mouth at the head, then swirl my tongue around it, making you wait. I don’t make you beg, however; after a moment of this torment I take the shaft into my mouth, moving down further and further until I have all of you. I look up at you and now you are looking at me too. I hum around your cock, and you tell me you like that very well. I like that your voice sounds strained and a bit breathless.

Since we both seem to want this to last and last, I take my mouth from you and lean back on my heels. We are both breathing heavily, hearts pounding, pupils dilated. I stand up and lean forward slowly, bracing myself on your chair’s arms. I lick my lips and look at yours, then press my open mouth to yours. I take your lower lip between my teeth, then suck on it lightly. I tangle my tongue against yours in an increasingly hungry kiss.

Your hands come up to cup my loose breasts, which sincan escort I was expecting, but still feel surprised by. I moan against your mouth. I tell you how much I want you, and you say the same.

I shift forward to straddle your lap, pressing my wet, swollen labia against your cock. You can feel my wetness, and you groan with need. You still haven’t seen the rest of me, so you lift my dress up over my head and toss it on the floor. Now I am clad only in stockings, shoes, a garter belt, and a half-removed bra. You unhook my bra and throw that to the floor with the dress. I lean close to you and press my lips to your ear, and whisper, “I’m yours.”

We kiss some more, with me held against your chest, your hands roaming over my bare back and rump. I am turned on by the fact that you are still wearing your suit, but I am certain you will soon want to be rid of its hot restrictiveness. I’m becoming frustrated that I can’t kiss and nip your neck and shoulders, so I lean back, loosen your tie, then pull it off completely. It goes on the floor. I unbutton your white shirt, eager to get my hands on your hot skin, but I’m foiled by your undershirt. I growl in frustration, and you laugh and set me back on my feet.

You stand up and shrug out of your jacket, then your formal shirt. Before you can remove your undershirt, I run my fingers lightly down your arms, needing to touch your flesh. While you pull the undershirt off and drop it to the floor, I admire the strength in your shoulders and arms. I come to you and put my mouth in the center of your chest, kissing and licking and nipping, then moving to each nipple to do the same.

I kneel down to remove your pants and underwear. I pull them down and you kick them off, then I run my hands up your thighs. I lean forward and take your hard cock into my mouth, sliding my hands back to cup your ass cheeks. You say sweet, hot things to encourage me, calling me naughty names and telling me what you’d like to do to me.

After a few minutes, I stand back up and you draw me to the bed. You sit down on the edge and stand me between your legs, then proceed to take both my breasts in your hands and feast on them with your lips and tongue, even abrading the sore nipples with your trim beard. You move one hand down between my legs and slip your fingers between my lips. I am sopping wet for you and cry out at the contact. You growl with pure male triumph. You run your fingers back and forth, and around, slipping so easily on my creamy readiness.

I am starting to lose my control. I’m panting and begging and whimpering and clutching your hair. Your face has taken on a harshness, but it only makes me want you more. I want to feel the force of that primal desire to conquer me, to mount me, to make me submit.

Your urgency is escalating too, feeding off mine. Your movements are becoming more brusque; you stand up abruptly and push me down onto the bed, to lie on my back at the edge. You then kneel between my spread legs and roughly push them wide and high, then dive into my pussy with your mouth. I cry out your name, and yes, and oh god, and you’re fucking incredible, and I can’t wait to feel your cock in me. You growl in response. I gasp and whimper and clutch the sheets in my fists while you lick and suck and bite. You lave my lips with your tongue, flick at my clit, then push me up slightly higher to lick my asshole.

Returning your attention escort etimesgut to my clit, your goal now is to make me come hard and long, because you know that the harder I come, the more I will beg you to do whatever you want to me afterward. You take up a regular rhythm with steady pressure, and soon I can feel the quickening buildup of pressure deep in my pussy and all my muscles. A prickly rush of hot-cold sensation surges in toward my pussy and I explode, bucking my hips up against your mouth, as again and again I pulse in climax. You put two fingers inside me to feel my convulsions, and press upward on my G-spot, which prolongs my orgasm. My every breath is a cry or a whimper or a sob of utter fulfillment and amazement.

While I am still riding the residuals of this high, you stand up and place yourself at my entrance and immediately thrust in. I call you sweet, dirty things. You thrust quickly and hard a few times, groaning with the temporary, partial relief of finally being inside me. Then you slow down, focusing on the feel of my slick, hot pussy caressing your rigid cock. You look at me lying there, flush with the ecstasy that you created, and you look down at where are bodies are joined, where you’re slipping in and out of me. With my husky, sated voice, I ask you what you want, and tell you I’ll give you whatever you desire.

You don’t answer me. Instead, you pull yourself from me and haul me up off the bed. You turn me away from you, aggressively push me down and position me on my knees at the edge of the bed. You set the head of your cock against my pussy, firmly grasp my hips and thrust deeply into me, over and over and over. I moan at the primal intrusion. I look back and up at your face, and you look almost frightening in your lust. I put my fingers on my still-distended clit and begin to rub in languorous circles, wanting to come again with you inside me.

You run one hand down my back, digging your nails in as you go, making me gasp. Your thrusts are becoming more jerky, your gaze less focused. You’re getting closer to coming, so you slow down and pull yourself out of my pussy. You dip your fingertips into my pussy’s wetness and rub it around my asshole and slightly inside. Then you slowly, slowly press your cock forward into my ass. I moan long and low at the combination of resistant tightness and pleasure. I consciously relax my muscles to allow you easier, deeper access.

You groan with pleasure, stroking slowly, so slowly, at first, then with increasing speed. You tell me roughly that you’re going to come in my ass, and I groan yes. I’m breathless because I’m ready to come again. My second orgasm rolls over me suddenly, less sharp but more powerful than the first, the pulses deeper and fuller and longer. You can feel my inner muscles clenching, and it sets off your orgasm. You grip my hips so hard that I know I’ll have bruises, but I don’t care. You cry out with satisfaction again and again, continuing to thrust until the last vestiges of your climax have left you.

Thoroughly spent, you pull out of me and collapse onto the bed. I turn and lie down on my back next to you, grabbing a towel you have so thoughtfully laid out, and putting it under me to catch your essence as it leaves me.

We eventually regain our breath and our sense of reality. I smile at you, and you smile at me, and all is right with the world in that moment. I grasp your hand in mine and we continue to lie there, until we begin to drift off. We catch ourselves before fully falling asleep and get under the covers. We lie on our sides, I spoon myself up against you and we both promptly fall into a gratified slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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