Rebecca and her Brother

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Big Tits

This story is pure fiction, any names or places are coincidental, it may contain sexual content not meant for underage reading so please handle with parental guidance, it may also refer to Taboo subject matter and may contain Graphic Images, care has been taken to remove any facial recognition. Enjoy and please give constructive comments to help improve my writing abilities.

Rebecca was laid spreadeagled with arms and legs wide, recovering from the latest frenzied lovemaking with her twin brother Jacob, what had been a simple Brother/Sister taunt on their 19th Birthday by her some 4 weeks ago with him, had led to this moment where she was recounting the intense pleasure and multiple orgasms, she had received from him since that time.

He was in the shower as she gently ran her fingers along her aching vagina, feeling the combined Cum juices as they oozed from her, still warm, and mmmm, still thick, then as she put her fingers to her mouth, Oh God, still very salty with a hint of sweetness, Mmmm as the taste and texture covered her tongue… to die for.

Her thoughts still drifting, stopping at certain moments of time, and conversations she recalled, Jacob used to date one of her friends Sophie, they had split up, because she had felt their relationship had run its course, and the vivid comment she remembered with her ended with her saying “He may have a cock like a horse and be a great lover, but we are not well matched in most other things.”

The part about a horse and a great lover kept circling her mind, she had never really paid him much attention when she lived at home, now in her own place she had found plenty of time for it to dwell more and more and to fantasise on what could be something special.

Rebecca had lost her virginity to a coloured boy in a 10 minute desperate shag against a wall behind the Disco, not long after her 18th birthday, a smile crossed her lips as she brought that event back into focus, Mmmm, she remembered that He had a rather large cock, and even though it had been a quickie, she still remembered the sensations she had felt as it had rammed into her… and now hear she lay testament that her brother was, yalova escort better and far bigger… Oh God she thought I do love him so very much…

She recalled vividly their first sexual encounter, it happened in her hot tub during the summer about a month after their 19th birthday, it had been a really hot day, the water was cool but not cold, he had dropped something from home off and they had lunch which included a couple of glasses of wine, following her suggestion they had retired to the garden and again on her suggestion decided to use the tub, having no trunks Jacob had kept on his shorts which did not conceal his manhood well, much to the delight of Rebecca….

It was a monster and every bit as described by her friend Sophie… Rebecca decided on entry to the tub to remove her top completely leaving her skimpy panties on retaining at least some of her modesty, In Her usual sisterly brash way. she had said to Jacob…hope you don’t mind as her breasts swung into view and below the water level… Jacob could not argue either way, he could not take his gaze off them, she smiled in response to his staring after his startled gasp on first seeing them, she had continued to show brief glimpses of her nipples and areoles to keep him interested… her plan was beginning to take shape…

She moved to the next step in her scheming mind, which was to taunt Jacob, it started when she asked him his views on her breasts, he was trying to explain when she stood up facing him, she then began to fondle each in turn as she exhibited them to his wide eyes, whilst describing her nice well formed, areoles and stumpy hard nipples circling her fingers around both as she spoke, her tone was sultry, he was transfixed.

Then stopping the fondling she burst out and said, “Hey Brother, why don’t we get buck naked. What do ya think? Com’on brother,” she removed her panties, throwing them off to the side of the tub… before turning to face him and looking at him in her taunting way a finger to her mouth her head slightly angled she had said with her typical wry smile… “unless of course you are chicken and scared to show your sister what you have in that department…” yalova escort bayan her taunting smile and sultry tone throwing the gauntlet his way.

Jacob took the bait, standing and staring directly into her face, he removed his shorts and now it was Rebecca’s turn to stare…. “Oh My God,” she gasped, “Jesus,” she blurted, her eyes quite wide, “Surely that does not belong to you…”

Jacob had said in return in his taunting way, “Why not come over and see,” his arms out wide to enhance the display before her eyes, like an automaton she had moved closer and lifting the thick heavy shaft, felt its girth and weight.

It was still growing to her touch, and as she had begun to rub her hands slowly along its length, feeling the soft veined skin as well as her mind adjusting its reaction, at that very point in time, she just knew she wanted to have this inside her, her fondling of his large manhood continued, any protest Jacob made she put down… “I need this Brother”…”Oh God yes”….”Please yes,” she had whispered before she looked him directly in his face, “Pleaseeee,” she begged, placing his cock between her thighs allowing it to rub along the outside of her vagina and brush over her anus…

Gasping at that prospect even now as she lay on the bed, her eyes were losing focus, being replaced by a lustful recollection of his cock sliding between her thighs and the feeling it had given her, after all it was her brother, and it was wrong, but overcome by the size and sensation she had remembered that moment it had entered her eager vaginal entrance.

her breathing was heavy, and her fingers were busy finger fucking her aching vagina, massaging her clitoris, as her thoughts returned to that moment his cock was about to enter her, she grew more intense and urgent…

she recalled the stretching of her vagina, as it struggled to accept his size, and the pain as her vagina surrendered to him, the intense feeling and electric shocks of massive pleasure surges throughout her body, his cock had filled her vaginal canal completely and still had more to offer, back on the bed, her eyes were now tight shut her sighs and her moans growing louder escort yalova as her fingers moved more vigorously her hips moving in unison with her invading fingers, her mind lost in the memory of that first encounter, the graphic pictures, the sensations sending her once more up into that heavenly cloud of intense passion.

So sensuous and very arousing as she played over that first time, her legs around his hips as he stood holding her tightly and pulling her onto him as he thrust into her to the hilt, Oh God… she was panting and gasping as her fingers brought her to orgasm at the same time her thoughts arrived at her first climax in that hot tub, the intense pleasure, water splashing all over the place, her body writhing and jerking practically losing consciousness, feeling his big thick cock so deep, it felt like it was massaging her heart, then there was the feeling of his cum and his cock pumping as it spurted into her, jet after jet, the warmth of it spreading inside her inner depths, their climax then had been that intense.

In an instant she was back in current time, her orgasm tearing through her already pained body, jerking and gyrating she exploded onto her fingers and arching herself into a rigid position rode out the waves of the intense surges as they pulled her insides apart, like a waterfall she felt a free falling sensation from her stomach down, it was a mini squirt of her juices which covered her hand and bedsheet, stars and flashing lights had accompanied the erotic orchestra of her intense climatic cries, the ecstatic pleasure rebounding withing her vaginal cavity and all she could do was gasp, grunt and push out more with each surge of her orgasmic wave pulses..

Collapsing again, gasping for air and temporally unaware of where she was, her body began to recover… Jacob had re-entered and stood in amazement at her highly erotic masturbating performance and the climatic gymnastics, wow, wow, wow he had commented that must have been some dream.

“Oh God yes,” she had gasped, “it certainly was and it was intense, I was reliving our first time,” she said with a smile. “The shock, the intensity, and the climax, it was beyond anything else I have ever encountered,” she went on, before holding out her arms, bidding him to come join her, “You my brother are the best thing ever and I will worship your cock until I die…”

To be continued – maybe

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