Rebecca: The First Encounter

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Big Dicks

I was a freshman in college when I met her. I was attending a technical college, seeking to get a degree in architecture. As any architecture student will tell you, the first year course content is less about learning architectural fundamentals, and more about trying to get a little sleep whenever possible. During this time, I developed many friendships that last to this day. Most are guys, since as with any technical college the campus is over-saturated with men, but a few of them were girls. I somehow managed to befriend the prettier ones, and from them, only Rebecca stood out. Just under five feet eight inches tall and about one hundred and ten pounds, Rebecca was a slim and charming brunette with a fiery will that was almost as sexy as she was. I had met Rebecca well into Fall and didn’t become friends with her until December before our winter break began. During the few days we did hang out, we spent most of the time just enjoying idle conversation while smoking shisha from one of my hookahs. I worked at a store that sold hookahs and tobacco, so in a way it was advertising for the store, but also it was a way from me to take a break from the grind and enjoy some time with friends.

Despite getting to know each other in the few short days before the vacation, we hit it off well and I could see this becoming a great friendship. We spent nearly every moment together, mostly just hanging around campus, or going out to eat with a group of friends, but friends and otehr people who saw us together noticed that something between us was forming. I, too, had to admit that I was becoming quite enamored with her. She had a sweet face with beautiful features, framed by long dark brown hair, supported by a graceful neck, and decorated with pert little breasts and luscious curves. During our conversations, I noticed a little flash in her mouth every time she spoked. Now, I had never been with a girl with any piercings before, so the thought of what she could do with that little barbell had me fantasizing late at night many times that vacation.

We talked online often, sharing stories of past adventures. I told her about my wild teen years, while she spoke of small acts of rebellion against overly repressive parents. I took one of these opportunities to ask her about her tongue piercing. She said it was the first thing she did when she turned eighteen. She loved tattoos and piercing, mainly because of the taboo it held within her family. She told me she didn’t identify with her kin, and wanted to separate herself from the depressing normalcy of her childhood and home life. I couldn’t relate to her on the level that she was on, but I understood what she was talking about. Next, I asked her about any other ways she acted out, which she obliged by telling me about the myriad of tattoos and jewelry scattered about her body. I could tell she was really into me from the way she described everything, leaving nothing to the imagination. It wasn’t nonchalant chatter, but more of a sensuous build-up to greater things. By the end of the break that January, we had shared more about ourselves than we had ever thought we would. I had only met this girl in person a couple times, and yet she felt like an old friend. An old friend who had just shared her sex life and fantasies with me over the course of eighteen days. We swapped desires, tales of love and lust, and she even graced me with some pictures of her more risque tattoos. Despite all the geeky romance, I was uncertain of how it would all go when we met again face to face.

I arrived back at my dorms late in the afternoon. I picked up my key from the housing office and was eager to get everything set up as soon as I could. My computer and bedding would be the first things brought into my room, the rest could stay in the car until I felt motivated enough to go back into the cold to get it. Above all else though was getting my computer set up. The last few days of my break had been without internet or electricity due to severe ice storms, and the greatest thing about going to a tech school was assured internet and power. The lack of internet time has also cut down severely on talking time with Rebecca. I got everything connected and let the computer boot up while I ran out to my car to get a few other things. When I returned, everything was on and ready bahis siteleri to use, so I plopped down into my chair and brought up the internet. I as saddened to find the chat lacking in Rebecca, so I took this opportunity to do something else I had neglected to do in a couple days.

Opening up a slew of my favorite porn sites, I decided to seek some much needed relief. I hit all the favorites of mine, but being the picky masturbator I am when it comes to porn, I had to find the right video to blow my load to. I was steadily working my cock while waiting for videos to load, when there came a knock at my door. I did a quick hiding of the porn and stowing of the penis as I called out, “be right there” to the door. I got up and opened the door. I was very surprised to find Rebecca standing there, bundled in a heavy coat, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, and a book bag in the other.

“Oh good!” she said gleefully, “I was hoping you would be in your room. Seeing as how its still a couple days till classes start, I didn’t know if you would be here.”

“Yeah, I came because I had no electricity at home,” he replied smiling.

She looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes, “I heard about the big storms rolling through the middle of the state, and I remember you telling me you lived there, so I kinda figured you would want to get out of there as soon as possible.”

I invited her inside, and offered her something to drink, but she refused, holding up her coffee cup.

“Thanks but I got it covered,” she said with a wink.

“So you do.”

Rebecca glanced around at my sparse living quarters, and asked if that was all I brought with me.

“No,” I said, “most is still out in the car, just been to lazy to go out and get it.”

“So what you been doing up her all by yourself? Has your roommate come back yet?” she said moving towards my computer.

A quick wave of panic went through me as she approached my computer with the minimized porn in the tray.

“Oh, you know, just bullshitting around on the internet,” I said hastily, following after her.

By the time I reached her, she had already sat down in front of the monitor and clicked the suspended tabs, bring up a rather large still frame of a porn actress with a big ole dick in her butt. She looked up at me, smiling coyly.

“Hmmm,” she said, looking between me and the screen.

I asked her, “what? ‘Hmm’ what?”

“When we had talked about anal sex, you said that you weren’t really into it, but from what I see here,” clicking through all the tabs, “it appears to make up the majority of this porn.”

“W-well,” I started, “I didn’t know how you would react if I told you I really loved anal sex porn. You might have been grossed out by it or something. I mean we don’t know each other that personally.”

She pretended to be shocked and offended, “Oh my good gracious,” she said, theatrically batting her eyelids and placing her hand across her heart, “I can’t believe you would say we don’t know each other personally. Wasn’t it personal when I told you about giving that guy a blowjob in the back of movie theater.”

“Yes, but…”

“And wasn’t it personal when you told me about fingering a girl on the dance floor at your high school prom?”

“Well yeah, but…”

The she smiled big and said, “Well, you know what? I’d say we know each other personally.”

God, this girl was great. We spent the rest of the afternoon on porn sites, but for the most part, ridiculing most of the scenes and making fun of the dumb expressions and noises coming out of the actors mouths. However, we would sometimes find a porno that we both we quiet on. I would catch a glimpse of Rebecca from the corner of my eye, and I could see her intently watching everything that was happening. This usually occurred during scenes of rough sex, with lots of deep throat and fast, hard fucking. The thought of her getting turned on by this was a greater source of arousal than any porn I had on earlier. I had to shift discreetly several times to hide my erection, which was trying its best to stand up out of my jeans. I took a quick chance one time to reach my hand down and adjust the direction I was facing, but Rebecca noticed this. I saw her looking at my crotch, and the bulge forming there for a little too canlı bahis siteleri long to be a secret glance. I turned my attention back to he screen, but not before working the muscles in my groin and making my cock jerk and twitch a little, just to see her reaction. She turned back to the screen for a moment then looked at me. I returned her gaze.

“Hey, Ben.”

“Yes, Rebecca?”

“You know how during one of our little chat ‘sessions’ you told me how big you penis is?”

“I do remember mentioning it. Why?”

“Well I just want to know…were you being truthful about the size?”

At seven inches I wasn’t exactly reaching for the end of the ruler, but what I lacked in length I made up for in girth. I had a circumference equal to my length, which made it a formidable tool in my arsenal of love.

“Yep, I told you the truth.”

“Well, and I apologize if this is going too far, but with the porn we’ve been watching and all, I’m feeling pretty damn horny, and I was wondering if you would show me your dick”

Now, I’m the kind of person that when given a decent request, I will most likely oblige it, and here was this admittedly horny girl asking to see my cock. I couldn’t have been happier to say yes.

“You know,” I said, “I can certainly arrange for you to see it, but you have to do something first.”

She was still wearing her big heavy jacket, despite sitting in the warm room next to me for the good part of two hours.

“Please take off your jacket. Get comfortable. There’s no need for that big heavy thing.”

She had a cute smile on her face as she unzipped the front of her coat and let it drape over the back of the chair. Underneath she had a purple spaghetti string top on with nothing, not even a bra, beneath it. No wonder she had kept it on the whole time, she would have frozen to death if she didn’t have it outside.

Having completed my request she turned her attention back to me, “Ok, jacket off. Show some skin.”

The devious look on her face told me she was enjoying this.

“Sure, sure,” I said, “A deal is a deal, but can you be so kind as to undo my zipper on my jeans for me? It’s been a while since a pretty girl has come a-knocking on that door.”

She reminded me of someone opening a present, not knowing where to start at first, but gradually gaining confidence and eventually just tearing into the gift. She tried unsuccessfully to undo my top button, so I leaned back to give her easier access. When it finally came undone, a quick zip was all that was between her and my very erect penis.

The outline it made against my boxers caught her interest for a minute, with her pulling the fabric tight to give it more definition.

“Can I…touch it?” she said, never taking her eyes off it.

“Well I certainly hope so, otherwise I have to do it, and believe me, he would rather you did it.”

Her light laugh was short and sweet as she turned her attention back to the immediate matter. She undid the single button holding the fly of my boxers together, and gingerly reached in. Her cold hand sent a pleasurable shock through my member, and I savored the sensation as she wrapped her

little hand around it. It still hadn’t been brought out into the open, but she was already enjoying it. Finally, she pulled it out of my boxers, and let go of it, watching it hit against my stomach.

“You know,” she said, “I haven’t seen many, but yours is definitely the best.”

“Well, I’m glad you like it. I think he likes you, too!”

She ran a finger down the exposed underside and watched it twitch with pleasure.

“I think so, too…” she said before trailing off dreamily.

She used only fingertips for a minute, just tracing the veins and urethra, studying it as a biologist would study a new species.

“I have seen a longer penis. It was my last boyfriends, but it didn’t have this width. Sex could get annoying because he would just bang into my cervix. I couldn’t wait for him to cum since my pleasure only lasted the first few minutes of his assault.”

I laughed, imagining a penis shaped battering ram for a brief moment.

“Well I think you will find my length to be just right for the job. If not, I’m sure the width will take care of it.”

She wrapped her hand around again, giving a canlı bahis tighter squeeze than before, and slowly began to do the classic up and down motion. I was seriously turned on judging by the amount of precum I had leaking out. Normally, I don’t have much if any at all, so this was a good indicator of the state I was in. She stopped jacking me and placed her index finger on the head on my penis, swirling around the clear fluid that was steadily coming out.

“Wow, I’ve never seen this much before,” she said.

“Funny you should say that, because neither have I,” I replied.

She gave me a sultry look and returned her hand to stroking my hard shaft.

“Do I turn you on?”

I nodded my head vigorously, enjoying the increasing speed of the hand job I was receiving. She rubbed her palm over the head of my penis, slicking it with the precum, then continued jacking me off. I let out a loud moan every time she passed her hand over the crown of my penis. Then suddenly, she stopped and stood up. I can only imagine the confusion on my face as I saw her walk to the other side of the room. I turned my chair around and watched her. Rebecca first took off her shoes, then her socks, and finished it off by taking down her jeans. It wasn’t a strip tease by any means, but that didn’t matter. I still took in every moment as if it was one. The visible wetness showing on her panties let me know that she was just as turned on as I was. She walked back over, and sat down on my lap, facing me. My dick stood straight up between us, and her crotch was right against the underside of it. She reached down and took my cock in her right hand, and continued to stroke me. Her left hand however went down into her own panties. She sat there on my lap, pleasuring both me and herself, while I just enjoyed the feeling. She leaned in, and gave me a passionate kiss, flicking her tongue stud in and out of my lips. Our kiss broke and I had a sudden idea.

I told her to stand up and turn around, which she did. I then brought her back down into my lap, with my penis coming up right between her legs. This way, I could lean her back into me, giving me access to both her breasts and soaking wet pussy. With my left hand under her shirt, and right hand down her panties, I made some discoveries. This girl really did like piercings. Her nipples each had a horizontal barbell, while her clitoral hood had a vertical. I played with and teased on her nipples while wasting no time working her clit with my fingers. Both her hands were on my dick as she pumped up and down. I felt her tense up in orgasm, just

as I felt the familiar tingle start in myself. When she had finished her first orgasm, I doubled my efforts, working her clit with all the speed my hand could muster.

The time, as she through her head back and moaned and breathed so close to my ear, I could help it. I came directly into her hands as they cupped the head on my penis. Spurt after spurt shot into her fingers, while my hand never ceased to keep attention on her clit. Finally, when the spasms in my crotch stopped, and her breathing returned to normal, she stood up and looked down at the mess in her hands.

“Whoa. Big load.”

“Yeah, it’s been several days since I came last,” I replied.

“Well, I can definitely tell. You wouldn’t happen to have anything to clean up with would you?”

I reached behind the computer monitor and grab the paper towel I was going use earlier.

“Thanks,” she said, wiping the stickiness from her fingers.

“No problem,” I replied, “the original plan was to have it end up in those towels anyway.

She laughed saying, “Doesn’t matter what happens between point A and point B, as long as you get there.”

“Well given the choice of my hand or yours, I’d take yours any day,” I stood up, feeling a bit wobbly from the intense orgasm I just had.

Rebecca got dressed again, putting everything back on including her heavy jacket. I never really got undressed so I sufficed by cleaning off my penis and pulling my pants back up. She came over to me and put her hands around my waist, giving me another deep kiss.

“So stud, what are the plans for the night?”

I looked over at the clock. Only ten after eight on a Thursday, before most people had returned to school. I looked down into her green eyes, and said that familiar word.


As we bundled up to ward of the cold, and I grabbed my hookah and everything we needed, I realized this would be a great end to a great winterbreak.

To be continued…

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