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The base beat of the music pounding through the room was the same as the pulse pounding through his body. Adam sat on a sofa in the basement of the frat house, a Friday night party swirling around him, his eyes on the small blond who knelt between his legs. Her tight black dress was like a second skin, hugging the firm breasts that were too big to be natural and a tight sweet ass that had drawn him to her through the crowd. Her red lips glistening as she licked them in anticipation, staring at the red penis swelling right before her eyes. Her hands reached for his cock, squeezing, stroking. She had little hands, but they felt so good wrapped around his throbbing cock that Adam groaned, sliding down in the sofa a little farther.

She tugged at his pants, working them under his balls in a way that made him hiss in pleasure, working them until his entire package was exposed. For a moment his erection stood like a flag pole, hard as steel, red as a tomato, rising above a thatch of black curls and two red hard bulbs. Then she stroked her little fingers over his tight balls and swirled her tongue around the tip of his rigid penis and everything quivered. Then he disappeared into her sweet, hot mouth as she swallowed him whole.

“Suck him! Suck him! Suck him!” The chanting swirled around him as the little blonde’s mouth moved up and down his cock, his head filling her throat as her lips reached his base every time. Adam’s head fell back as he groaned. Then she began to suck, the pressure mild with his cock buried, increasing as she slid back, then she’d let his head pop free as she gave his balls a gentle squeeze. Adam knew he was going to die of pleasure as everything in his groin spasmed painfully.

“Harder! Faster! Make him cum!” The shouting increased as Adam’s hips moved with the blond. He couldn’t help the thrusts, but it let her peel his jeans to his knees, then ankles, then off, baring him from the waist down. She sucked harder, more at his head, moving up and down less, her hand sliding under his balls to rub him rhythmically. Adam groaned hoarsely, sliding a hand into her hair to guide her movements, his hips rocking. He felt her finger rubbing lower, probing, and squirmed a little.

“Cum! CUM! CUM!” The crowd gathered closer as his sight dimmed. He was panting like he’d run a race, his body fueled up and close to the limit. Adam’s cock was swollen longer, thicker than ever before, his balls tight and aching like he’d been kicked. The blond sucked hard at his head, one hand working the base of his erection, the other…

“Fuck!” Adam roared as his hips jerked, his cock pulsing. The blond shoved two fingertips into his ass as she lifted her mouth away and Adam came like a geyser, thick white semen spurting again and again as the blond twisted her fingers just inside his asshole. His world spun wildly as he flew free. He didn’t even see the blond give him a smile and let another man escort her away. The chanting crowd dispersed back into the party, some dancing, some drinking, some too drunk to do anything but pass out.

“Enjoyed that, did you?” A dark haired woman asked as she settled on the couch beside him, beer in hand. Adam wore only a t-shirt, his legs spread wide as his half-hard erection lay between his still quivering thighs. It didn’t seem to bother her as she shifted and got comfortable.

“Where’d she go?” Adam managed. The woman pointed and he saw his frat brother Ted fucking the blond doggy-style on a low table. Her black dress was bunched at her waist and Ted’s short cock was working her like a jackhammer. “Oh.” Well, damn.

“Don’t worry, honey,” the dark haired woman said softly, her voice pure southern sweetness, drawing his attention back. He looked back at her and went hard instantly at the sight. She had shifted, leaning back against the arm of the couch and sliding one leg beneath her, draping the other to the floor and letting her thighs spread wide. Her dress was bunched at the waist, exposing the bare shaved flesh of her swollen pussy lips. As he goggled, she slid the lip of the beer bottle up and down her slit, shivering at the cold glass on her hot flesh. She tilted her head back, stroking herself faster with the bottle.

Adam’s eyes widened as he saw whiteness at the mouth of the bottle. His mouth watered, his spent cock twitched and he clenched his jaw on a groan. He couldn’t tear his eyes away etimesgut escort as her cream oozed down the neck of the bottle to mix with the beer while she pushed the glass rim into her pussy. Her thighs quivered and she bit her bottom lip, eyes closed, as she twisted the bottle against her hole. Adam thought he’d melt from the heat building inside him as he watched the bottle fuck her. He swallowed hard.

“Thirsty?” Her drawl was breathy with arousal. He glanced at her face, saw her green eyes sparkle with lust. She slid the bottle from her pussy, juices running down the neck and tilted it towards him.

“Hell, yes,” Adam groaned, grabbing the bottle as she offered and draining the contents. Beer, sex, his hunger flared. He lunged towards her and grabbed her thighs. She was so juicy and he made a low growl as he licked and sucked her pussy lips, savoring the sweetness. He heard the chants start again as he thrust his tongue into her hole and sucked hard. She bucked against him, her fingers digging into his shoulders.

“Suck her! Suck her!” Several men gathered around the couch eagerly. Adam slurped and licked in and out of her pussy hole, then used his tongue and teeth to tease her clit, driving her wild. She squirmed on the couch, panting. He tilted his head so his eyes met hers and he saw the challenge. In response, he closed his mouth over her and sucked hard, enjoying the way her hips lifted from the couch, the way she clutched the cushions. Another hard suck and she came, her cum flooding his mouth.

“FUCK HER! FUCK HER! FUCK HER!” The crowd went wild. Adam fumbled for his jeans, desperately looking for a condom, but the woman grabbed his arm.

“Now,” she panted, “Raw and hot.” She tilted her hips, her sex spread before him, creamy and glistening. Groaning, Adam gripped her thighs and drove his cock deep into her pussy. She jerked against him as he buried himself to the hilt, her body stretching to take his hard length, her hands clutching at his shoulders. “Again,” she panted.

The crowd faded away as Adam rammed his cock into her again and again. He was panting and grunting, unable to control the lust, the need to bury himself in her hot wet body. His fingers gripped and bruised, her nails scored his hips and ass. His head pummeled her core even as he hammered her pussy and she bucked under him. They mated like animals, loud, rough, and, at the end, brutal. He scooped up her legs in his arms as he drove into her, tilting her hips to slam his body against her ass, his cock exploding into her core like a cannon. Wave after wave of searing seed pumped into her as she cried out, shuddering, writhing, clutching at him. He kept pumping, working her, ejaculating with each stroke until he felt her body clamp tight. Her orgasm had her crying out again, her cream enveloping him, her pussy rippling and spasming around his thick shaft.

Unable to stand, Adam collapsed onto her and laid still, his cock oozing the last of his seed inside her. He couldn’t breath, couldn’t move, he was so spent. He turned his head a little, looked into her green eyes, and groaned.

“Well, they said Adam fucks pussy like God’s gift to Woman,” she chuckled, sliding her hands over his bare ass to give him a squeeze, then tugging teasingly at his t-shirt hem, “Hey, Adam, I’m Eve.” He couldn’t help the chuckle.

Adam shifted so his cock slid out of her with a wet slurp and she shivered at the sensation. “Nice,” she murmured, her eyes locked on his as he half-stood over her, “Your seed is warm and sticky. I love the feel of millions of sperm wriggling inside me.”

Adam groaned at the image. Glancing around, he grabbed his jeans and then held out a hand to her. “I always make it a point,” he said, his voice soft and dangerous, “To show a woman why I was kicked out of paradise.” He swallowed hard again at the sight she made – wet, flushed, rumpled – he wasn’t done with her by a long shot. “Let’s get something to drink. I’ve worked up a thirst again.”

Eve gave him a wicked grin as she let him pull her to her feet. “A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing,” she murmured as he turned towards the bar. She gave her arm a yank and he turned back towards her. She stepped close and slid her body against his, her hand stroking his crotch. “What do you say we see if we can get kicked out of here, too?”

“Again?” he growled, pleased to feel sincan escort his cock tighten. But he’d already had two massive orgasms, could he manage another? He slid his hands over her ass and up to her breasts. He’d damn well give it his best shot.

“You seemed to like it when Miss Penelope had her fingers in your ass,” Eve murmured. She slid her hand around to squeeze his ass.

“You’re kidding,” he groaned. He’d exploded harder with the blond woman’s fingers in his ass than ever before, but the thought of it just made him cringe.

Eve stood on tiptoe to breathe in his ear, her hand returning to his cock. “I’d like your fingers in my ass,” she whispered, “You can even slide your cock in my ass.” She felt him quiver. “You’d like that, huh,” she whispered, licking his ear. A shudder went through him and she laughed.

Adam stood absolutely still, letting his mind fill with images of her. “Come upstairs,” he managed, his voice hoarse.

“Upstairs, downstairs, on the stairs,” she teased, “I’ll cum anywhere if you fuck my ass.” She wiggled her belly against his growing erection. “I want to cum screaming, Adam,” she whispered.

“Come upstairs,” he repeated, his eyes hot on hers. He slid a hand behind her neck and crushed his mouth to hers. Her tongue teased his and he nearly groaned. “I’ll fuck your ass in my bed.” He didn’t need her to answer — it was already in her eyes. He led her towards the staircase.

Inside his room, Eve shed her dress quickly, her naked body all cream and roses, her curves not as lush as the blond, but more than enough to make Adam’s mouth water. He peeled his tee over his head as she stepped close to him, sliding her hands over his bare chest. “Do you usually fuck girls in the ass?” she asked, her voice a low purr. Her eyes stayed on his as her hands helped him undo his pants, peel them away, until he was as naked as she was.

“No…” he managed as she slid onto the bed, rolling to her hands and knees and stretching like a cat. He stepped forward to slide his hands over her bare back and down to her ass and she purred again. He squeezed her ass cheeks, feeling the firmness of her warm flesh. “I don’t really…”

Eve looked over her shoulder at him, a wicked look in her eyes. “You’ve never fucked a woman’s ass,” she said softly, “Lucky, lucky me.” She wiggled her ass and he groaned, squeezing her cheeks again.

“Look, I’m a pussy kind of guy,” he started, stepping back.

“I’m a pussy kind of woman,” she smiled as she shifted and rolled to her back, everything exposed as she sprawled on his sheets. He wasn’t fully erect yet, but a few more seconds of seeing her spread open like that would do it, he thought. “I love a good cock and you’ve got the moves to make me cum,” she continued, sliding a hand between her thighs and stroking herself, “I just want good to be incredible.”

“And fucking your ass will give you that?” He wanted her. In a second, it wouldn’t matter how, as long as he could bury his cock inside her.

“It’s tighter than pussy, Adam,” she purred, leaning forward to slide her free hand along the underside of his cock. His dick bobbed and she smiled again. “It’s hotter. You’ll feel so much more inside my ass and I’ll cum harder. You’ll cum harder.” She licked her lips, her eyes dark as she stroked both his sex and hers. “I’ll scream for you, Adam.”

“Yes.” He groaned the word. He wanted this. It was new, wild, and dirty. He wanted to hear her scream his name.

Eve rolled over again and tilted her ass up this time. “You’ll have to use something to make it wet,” she said, watching him over her shoulder, “Use spit if you haven’t got anything else.” She saw him hesitate and hid a smile. “Put your hands on my ass, Adam, and spread my cheeks.” He did.

His mouth was dry as he stared at her. Her asshole was small, red, and he thought there was no way in hell his cock was going to fit in that. “Work up a little spit, baby,” she murmured, “Spit on my hole.” He shook his head. His mouth was so dry it would never work…he saw her fingertips slide into her pussy just below and he groaned. Her fingertips worked her pussy until she was juicy and his mouth watered as he remembered eating her earlier.

“Slide that nice cock into my pussy, baby,” she purred, “Get it all nice and wet.” Adam groaned, stepping close and thrusting into her. She closed around him like a glove escort etimesgut and he groaned again. This is what he enjoyed, he though, sliding back and forth a little inside her. She shivered. Doggy-style was his favorite. He began to pull back, but stopped when she shook her head.

“Lick your finger,” she continued, still watching him. He did as she asked. “Stick it in my ass, Adam,” Eve whispered. Adam slid his finger up her crack and pushed it into her ass. She moaned, squirming, and he groaned. He felt her muscles ripple around both his cock and finger. Her ass was tighter and hotter, even just with his finger. “That’s it, baby,” she moaned.

Adam began to move his finger, seeing how she shivered more, then started to move his cock in rhythm. A shudder went right through her and she lowered her head to the mattress. “Oh, God, yes, Adam,” she moaned, “That feels so good.”

It felt pretty damn good to Adam too, as her inner muscles worked his cock. She was almost dripping wet now and he thrust his finger deeper. She whimpered and he pulled back. “More, please…” she whimpered again. He added a second finger and she shuddered again.

Two fingers thrusting into her ass, his cock worked her pussy in a slow, smooth rhythm. This was so unlike him. He was still not fully erect, but he was getting close. He was usually a hard and fast kind of guy, but this was so erotic he wanted to savor every movement. The sounds she made were soft but needy and urgent and they made his blood heat, his pulse pound.

“I need your cock, Adam,” she moaned, “I need you…” She slid her hand under her body to touch his cock, to squeeze him with her fingers. He felt his balls tighten. “I need this big dick fucking my ass.”

“Eve,” he groaned. What could he say? Seeing her enjoying it, feeling the extra sensations, he wanted this as much as she did. Adam slid his cock free, pulled his fingers out and placed his hands on her ass cheeks. He spread her cheeks and pushed his head into her crack, working himself into position. He pushed against her, but didn’t slide inside. She whimpered and he started to pull back.

“No, please, Adam,” Eve was panting, “Push hard. It takes an extra push, but it’s so worth it…”

He pushed again, leaning over her. He wrapped a hand around his shaft, his other hand on her back as he pushed until his head popped inside. His groan mingled with her cry as her ass gripped his head like a vice. There was pain, but the pleasure was so big his balls clenched and his cock swelled more. “More,” she gasped. He gripped her hips, thrusting, working his cock deeper and deeper, inch by inch. She panted, her hands fisted in the sheets, her ass pushing back toward him, urging him on.

Adam was stunned. He was buried only halfway and yet the sensations were incredible – the heat searing him, her muscles squeezing him with her every breath. Everything was so much more intense than fucking her pussy. Eve moaned breathlessly.

“Yes, yes,” she whispered, “Fuck it, Adam, fuck my ass.” So he did. He gripped her hips firmly and worked his cock in and out of her ass, never letting his head pop free, just stroking her. His body was on fire, his cock throbbing as he groaned. Eve was squirming and panting like a bitch in heat underneath him, her hands tight on the sheets, her body lifting and lowering with his thrusts. Her skin was flushed, he was sweating.

“Oh God, oh God,” she started sobbing. He saw her hand slide under her body again and he reached down between her legs. He thrust his fingers into her dripping pussy and she gasped, her own fingers rubbed her clit as he pumped his fingers in time with his cock. “Oh, oh, oh.” Her voice got tighter, tenser. He pumped harder.

Eve screamed his name as she came, her body bucking beneath him like a bronco. The spasm of her inner muscles drove him over the edge and he erupted like a fire hose, his own hips jerking as bursts of seed shot up her ass. Adam’s head snapped back and his groan was ripped right from his gut as he emptied himself into her. She collapsed on the mattress and his cock was pulled free, the last drops of his cum splattering over her pink ass. He managed to drop to the side of her, panting, quivering.

“Nice job, Adam,” Eve purred, rolling to her side and resting her head on her bent elbow.

“Give me an hour and a cold beer and I’ll do better than nice,” Adam growled. He might be new to this, but he was a quick learner. And he had a reputation to uphold. “Give me all night and you’ll lose your voice.”

Eve slid a hand over his chest, down his belly. “That sounds like a dare…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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