Reform School Sisters Ch. 11

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Bree was sitting in the kitchen early the next morning, enjoying a strong cup of coffee and casually flipping through one of her mom’s magazines. She was still stiff from the long fuck session she’d had the night before with her mother and sister. Paige was still sound asleep, and their mom had gone into the office earlier that morning for the first time since they’d arrived home.

“I’m sure they’ll be wondering what’s happened to me the past week.” Lilian had said, before giving her daughter a passionate kiss goodbye. She knew she wouldn’t really face any questions about her absence, though. She was the woman in charge, after all.

As Bree perused the images of gorgeous women who filled the pages of the magazine, the doorbell rang. She got up and went to see who was there.

“Cassie! What a nice surprise!” she said, welcoming her cousin inside. “How are you?” Bree gave the older girl a big, welcoming hug, which Cassie returned awkardly.

“I’m fine, thanks. I just wanted to come check up on Kimmie.” the older girl replied.

“Already?” Bree laughed. “It hasn’t even been a day!”

The girls walked back into the kitchen and sat down. “Well… I got a weird call from her last night… She seemed really freaked out.” Cassie said.

“Really? What was she freaked out about?”

“She… This is going to sound… crazy… But she said she saw you and Paige… ha-having sex with each other.”

Bree nearly choked as she took a sip of her coffee. She started coughing uncontrollably, and set her mug down. “W-what? Me and my s-sister?” Bree was genuinely surprised, as Lilian hadn’t told her daughters about her run in with Kimmie the night before.

“That… that’s the… grossest thing I’ve ever heard!” she lied.

“I know, right?” Cassie sighed. “It’s obviously a ridiculous lie she made up to try and get me to let her come home. I shouldn’t have even come over to bother you with this.” She turned bright red, embarrassed at having been manipulated so easily by her sister.

Bree reached over and put a hand on her cousin’s shoulder. “Aw, don’t worry about it. It must be hard for you to deal with, all on your own…”

Cassie gave a heavy sigh. “Well, I should at least see her, I guess, as long as I’m here.”

Bree stood along with her cousin. “I doubt she’s awake yet, but we can go see. She’s in the guest room.”


Kimmie was still sound asleep in bed. As she slept, visions of lesbian sex dominated her subconscious, and she tossed and turned. She had been in a near constant state of arousal for most of the night, due to her persistently sapphic dreams.

Her overheated body was beginning to stir, and her eyes slowly began to open. The fog in her mind took a moment to clear, then she sat up suddenly, realizing her cousin Paige was standing next to the bed and looking down at her.

“Morning, Cuz!” Paige said cheerfully. “Sorry to startle you, but I thought I’d come check on you and see how you were doing.” She sat on the edge of the bed, and Kimmie inched away a little, suddenly remembering what she’d seen and heard the night before. “I’m… fine. Just fine.” she stammered.

Paige looked at her curiously, tilting her head, then smiled. “Good. I really hope you’ll like it here. I miss hanging out with you… We used to be together all the time when we were little.”

Kimmie couldn’t help returning Paige’s smile. Her cousin was just so… cute, and sweet. And it was true, they really did used to hang out together all the time when they were younger. She really missed that, too…

Kimmie knew she had to be honest with her cousin. Keeping the fact that she knew what was going on a secret from her would just be too difficult. She took a deep breath, then suddenly blurted out: “I saw you and Bree together last night.”

The colour drained from Paige’s face, and her eyes grew wide. “You… you saw us… uh…”

“Fucking.” Kimmie finished. “Look, I… I don’t know what I saw… I mean… since last night I’ve been having… strange feelings, and thoughts… I think I’m… curious about girls.” Kimmie looked at her cousin with obvious embarrassment.

Paige’s fear began to fade. She sighed, and took Kimmie by the hand. “Well… if you’re curious… I have some experience in that area…” She gave her cousin a shy, but undeniably sexy smile.

Kimmie’s bursa escort heart was pounding in her chest. Paige had begun to lean forward, and she realized she was, too. They closed their eyes, and their lips melted together in a soft, steamy kiss. Paige gently coaxed her cousin’s lips open, and their tongues slid together.

“Mmmmm…” Kimmie moaned, completely absorbed in her cousin’s kiss. She reached up, wrapping her arms around the older girl’s neck. Feeling Kimmie’s eagerness, Paige pushed the girl back and laid on top of her, deepening their kiss.

As they made out, the girls started to explore each other’s bodies excitedly with their hands.

“Oooooh… Paige…” Kimmie whimpered into the older girl’s lips. “Please… fuck me…” After a night of forbidden desire plaguing her subconscious, the younger girl was ready and eager to give in to her urges. Paige smiled and moved down, pulling gently at her cousin’s clothes.

With skilled fingers, she stripped the girl naked, tossing her pajamas to the floor. She sat up, pulling her own shirt over her head, and Kimmie stared in awe at her cousin’s magnificent breasts. Paige took off her bottoms too, and lay back down on top of the younger girl.

They pressed their naked breasts together, and their tongues plunged back into each other’s mouths. As they kissed, their hands roamed across each other’s flesh, arousing their sensitive bodies.

Kimmie ground herself up against the older girl’s mound, their wet pussies mashing exquisitely together. She slid her hands down over Paige’s firm ass, cupping it in her palms and squeezing the pliant flesh.

Paige sighed into Kimmie’s mouth as she felt herself being groped. Her pussy was gushing at the prospect of tasting this delectable young beauty. She started to kiss her way down the girl’s neck, her lips burning against her cousin’s sensitive skin.

“Paige… This is so wrong…” Kimmie groaned. Paige could hear in the girl’s voice, however, how eager she was to continue. She ran her tongue across her cousin’s soft breast, teasing the nipple until it throbbed between her lips. She sucked the erect nub into her mouth, causing Kimmie to moan with pleasure.

As her cousin sucked her tender breasts, Kimmie dug her fingers into the older girl’s hair, encouraging her to keep it up. She continued to scrape her pussy up against Paige’s body, grinding it into her firm stomach. Her juices coated her cousin’s firm abdomen.

Once Paige had both of Kimmie’s nipples throbbing against her talented tongue, she moved further south. Kimmie trembled as she felt her cousin’s hands pressing against her inner thighs. She pushed them open, and laid down between them on the mattress.

“Are you ready for me to do this?” Paige asked, looking up into the younger girl’s eyes.

Kimmie bit her lip. She knew what they were doing was crazy, but her body was burning with need. She nodded desperately, and thrust her hips in the air, enticing her cousin to taste her.

Paige smiled, and she lowered her face, swiping her tongue through Kimmie’s glistening folds. The contact sent sparks through Kimmie’s boiling pussy, and she cried out with sudden, incredible pleasure.

Paige dug her tongue deeper in her cousin’s snatch with every lick, gorging herself on the younger girl’s pussy cream. She wrapped her arms around Kimmie’s thighs, pulling her closer and devouring her oozing cunt.

“Ooooooh… shiiiiiiit…” Kimmie groaned, her fingers tangled in Paige’s hair. She pulled her cousin harder into her boiling opening. She clamped her thighs around her cousin’s face, trapping her there as she ground her hips desperately.

Paige continued to munch at Kimmie’s cunt, her face smeared in juices as her cousin pinned her tightly between her legs. She slid her hands up the girl’s writhing body, squeezing her tits in the palms of her hands.

“Oooooo, fuck, Paige! Don’t stop! I’ve never been… been eaten so good b-before!!”

Paige smiled around Kimmie’s pussy. She lashed her clit with her tongue, sending convulsions through the younger girl’s body. Her hands squeezed roughly at Kimmie’s creamy tits.

Kimmie’s nipples burned into her cousin’s grip, and she squealed as they seethed with the intense stimulation. Her pussy flooded with juices, and Paige lapped them up greedily. Her cousin’s tonguing grew too intense bursa escort bayan for the trembling girl, and she howled in ecstasy, cumming in Paige’s eager mouth.

As Kimmie convulsed in orgasm, Paige lapped hungrily at her flowing cunt, sending waves of spasming pleasure through her body. She clamped her lips around Kimmie’s clit, and the young girl screeched ferociously. Spit flew from her gaping mouth as she wailed in desperation.


When her pleasure finally began to subside, her legs fell apart and Paige lifted her head. “That was fucking hot.” she groaned. Pussy juice dripped from her chin.

Kimmie looked down at her cousin with a wild look in her eyes. She pushed herself up from the bed and grabbed Paige, pulling her into a hungry kiss. Paige returned Kimmie’s passion, and they fell to the bed again, their sweaty bodies writhing against each other.

“I want… I want to try it.” Kimmie panted between eager kisses.

“Try what? Say it!” Paige gasped.

“I want to… I want to eat your p-pussy!”

Paige groaned, and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs wide. “Eat me, Baby! I need it so bad right now!”

Kimmie scrambled between Paige’s thighs and stared down at her open cunt. Her wetness dribbled down to the bedsheets, and Kimmie salivated at the sight. With the briefest of hesitation, she dove forward, shoving her face deep inside her cousin’s pussy.

Paige laughed at her cousin’s enthusiasm, then moaned as she felt the girl’s tongue scraping through her sensitive flesh. Eating Kimmie had set her own pussy on fire, and she was desperate for release.

“Yes!” she cried. “That’s it, Cuz! You’re a fucking natural!”

Kimmie’s mouth was all over her cousin’s snatch, eager to devour the sweet flavour of Paige’s juices. She may have been a novice at eating pussy, but her energy and hunger had the older girl trembling with pleasure.

Paige lifted her legs high into the air, opening her cunt wider to her cousin. Kimmie took advantage of the access Paige’s position provided, shoving her tongue deeply into her slippery channel. She started pumping her tongue in and out of her cousin, fucking her excitedly.

Paige’s eyes glazed over as she stared up at the ceiling. Her jaw hung open, her chest heaving as her hips worked to grind her cunt into her cousin’s face.

Kimmie’s nose mashed against Paige’s clit as she tongue fucked her opening, sending shockwaves of pleasure through the sensitive bud. She rubbed her face in Paige’s dripping gash, coating herself in it’s juices. The scent and flavour had her craving more, and she pushed herself even deeper into the slick, open folds.

Paige reached up, gripping the head board of the bed as she bucked her hips harder into Kimmie’s face. She grunted as she rocked her body back and forth, sweat pouring from her burning flesh.

With the eagerness of Kimmie’s frantic licks, her tongue swiped against the older girl’s anus. The sensation sent a jolt through Paige’s body. “More!” she wailed. “Lick my ass! Lick it!”

Kimmie was surprised by her cousin’s request, but the idea immediately thrilled her. Fully embracing their shared debauchery, she shoved her tongue against Paige’s sphincter, driving it inside and scraping it back and forth.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIIIIIIIST!!” Paige screamed, orgasm erupting from her undulating body. She bucked violently on the bed, clinging desperately to the head board as she came all over her cousin’s beautiful face.

Kimmie immediately clamped her lips over the older girl’s cunt, gulping down Paige’s cum as fast as she could. She sucked and lapped the flowing opening, coaxing more of the delicious fluid into her mouth.

Paige’s hair clung to her sweat soaked face as she convulsed on the rumpled bed sheets. Her body lurched uncontrollably, until her energy gave out and she crashed down on the mattress. She gasped for air, her voice rasping and her hair covering her flushed, contorted face.

Kimmie crawled up her cousin’s body and gently pulled her hair away from her eyes. The girls grinned joyously at each other, and wrapped their arms around one another.

“Did you enjoy… your first taste… of pussy?” Paige panted.

Kimmie nodded her head, and mashed her lips to her cousin’s. They kissed passionately escort bursa for several seconds before the younger girl finally pulled away again. “I want more…” she groaned. “Can we do it again?”

Paige smirked at her cousin. “Babe, we’re just getting started.” she said, before flipping Kimmie over onto her back.

She crawled over the younger girl, and straddled her thigh. With their legs scissored together, she pulled Kimmie’s free leg up in the air, and ground her pussy down into her cousin’s.

The sensation of having Paige’s cunt mashed against her own sent waves of pleasure through Kimmie’s body. She groaned as her cousin started to pump her hips.

“Mmm… There’s nothing like a good pussy fuck, Cuz.” Paige groaned. She scraped her pussy against Kimmie’s, sliding around in their mixing juices. Both girls’ cunts were dripping wet, sloshing together in a growing puddle of pussy cream.

Kimmie gasped for air as she was fucked harder into the mattress. She reached around Paige’s hips, squeezing her ass cheeks and pulling her eagerly into every slippery thrust.

Their sensitive pussies jolted as their clits ground together over and over again. Paige gripped her cousin’s thigh, hugging it to her chest as she wriggled against her swampy mound.

“Oh, shit, Paige! Fuck me, Baby!” Kimmie whimpered. Paige moaned, and leaned forward, plunging her tongue between her cousin’s lips. They made out sloppily, their bodies continuing to buck frantically against each other.

Kimmie’s fingers dug harder into Paige’s ass as her excitement grew. She could feel herself getting close again, and she pumped her cunt faster into her cousin’s as her pleasure increased.


“The guest room is just down here at the end of the hall.”

Bree and Cassie were approaching the guest room as their sisters continued to fuck. They froze suddenly in the open doorway, shocked at the sight they found waiting for them on the bed.

“Holy shit…” Bree murmured, staring as Paige and Kimmie pummelled their cunts together, oblivious to the arrival of their audience.

Cassie covered her mouth with her hands, stifling a scream. She stared at the sweat drenched girls as they fucked, then turned to look at her cousin standing beside her.

“It’s true!” she gasped, her eyes filled with horror.

“Cassie… Calm down. I-I can explain what-” Bree started. Before she could finish, however, Cassie stormed away from her, back down the hall in the direction they’d come.

Bree took one last look at Paige and Kimmie on the bed. Despite the situation, the sight was quickly causing her pussy to moisten. She shook her head and snapped out of her burgeoning sexual fog, then ran to catch up with her older cousin. “Cassie!” she called. “Wait! Don’t go!”

She was too late. She got to the bottom of the stairs just in time to see Cassie’s car peel out of the driveway through the open doorway. “Shit.” she muttered to herself. “What do I do about this”?

Back in the bedroom, Kimmie and Paige were speeding toward a powerful, simultaneous orgasm.

“Fuck, Paige! Every… everything’s so wet!” Kimmie stammered.

Paige didn’t answer, but focused on slamming her cunt harder into her cousin’s. Pussy juice spewed from both girls, splashing on the bed beneath them. Their clits scraped together, throbbing with intense sensitivity.

“I’m gonna… gonna… FUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Kimmie wailed as she exploded in orgasm. Her hips gyrated wildly, pounding up into her cousin’s mangled cunt.

Paige howled, spit dribbling from her gaping mouth as she started to cum as well. Her cunt pounded violently into Kimmie’s, gushing pussy cream as ecstasy overwhelmed her.

The girls clung to each other’s sweat drenched bodies, trembling against each other through their shared climax. The bed rocked against the wall as they came. Kimmie’s fingers clawed into Paige’s ass flesh, yanking her down desperately against her own needy cunt.

Paige finally collapsed on top of her cousin, her rubbery arms no longer able to support her. The girls continued to writhe as they lay plastered against each other, but their movements slowed, their pleasure gradually ebbing away.

“That… was… out of this world!” Kimmie exclaimed. “Why have I not tried this before now?!?”

Paige laughed, pulling herself up on her elbows. “Well, now that your staying with us, you can make up for lost opportunities.” she said with a devilish smirk.

Kimmie beamed up at her, and the two girls kissed, their arms wrapping tightly around one another.

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