Relative Perversions Ch. 03

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Ch. 03 — Getting It On Her Chest

[Incest/Taboo] (Cum Eating, Dancing, Dirty Talk, Dominant Male, Facial, Hotdogging, Lapdance, Lingerie, Masturbation, MF, Mother, Striptease, Son, Titjob, Twerking, White Woman)


After a few days of handjobs, Candi teases Lester with a reward for being such an understanding son and lover.



Monday, January 14th 2019

True to her word, Candi began wearing some of the most revealing and slutty clothing imaginable over the course of the next couple of days. She still kept some of her more conservative outfits for outings with Marcus, her husband, but it was a different matter entirely elsewhere.

At home, yoga pants, sports bras, and other tight clothing were the norm whenever Lucy or Marcus were around. However, when it was just her and Lester, her ensemble resembled more of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. It was not an uncommon thing for her to simply parade around in a thong and an almost sheer bra. In addition, she would constantly bend at the waist to retrieve lower placed items in order to showcase her big, round ass with the thong disappearing into the cleft of her ass cleavage. The view would also pull the small material of the crotch into the crack of her pussy to reveal the puffy folds of her labia swallowing the gusset.

In fact, Lester accompanied Candi twice on shopping trips to oversee her purchasing of ever skimpier lingerie. He even pretended to be a mentally challenged person in order to convince a shopgirl as Candi argued to allow him into the changing room with her as she tried on items. What followed was an incredibly hot fashion show of sultry outfits that was only marred by his mother’s insistence against letting him see her change. Though she reasoned that she didn’t want to ruin the suspense of each outfit, Les began to suspect that she was nervous about actually being fully nude to his lustful eyes.

This was also exacerbated by her refusal to go further than handjobs for now. The strokings became a nightly occurrence after the first one. They weren’t staid tuggings either. Candi seemed to truly revel in the taboo of jerking her son off and spewed a steady stream of filth talk as she drooled saliva on his throbbing shaft to provide lubrication while her fist blurred over his length. A couple of times, he even noticed her fingers travel into the confines of her panties to rub and finger her soaked cunt to a shuddering orgasm. His orgasms were also a series of surprises as well.

A couple of times, she would aim his deluge into her cupped palm to collect a pool of the viscous slime before slurping the goo up with a wicked glint in her eye. Sometimes she let him spray onto one of her new slut outfits to wet the material as she fingered herself to a lip-biting nut. The most amazing were when she would bring a fresh thong and have him saturate the skimpy piece before sliding it on to go sleep the night next to her husband with her son’s ball batter drying against her skin.

The handjobs weren’t just confined to home either. Despite being a senior, Lester did not own his own car yet which annoyed him to no end since his younger sister, Lucy had one. Candi and Marcus had four other children besides him and couldn’t afford to provide all of them with vehicles. This led to the siblings having to save for their own wheels of which Lester’s three older siblings had succeeded before college. The tragedy involving his uncle had set back Les’ savings plan since he missed a lot of work to be there for his uncle as well as the rest of the family and led him to bumming rides from friends and his parents.

On the mornings that Candi would drive him, she would always hustle him out and hour earlier than normal under some pretense of an errand or other. In reality, she seemed to rival the best street hooker in finding secluded spots for a quickie. Quickie being a steamy handjob in her Toyota SUV. These sessions were wild due to the fear and excitement of possibly getting caught and had Les fighting not to blow his nut after the first touch of Candi’s soft hand on his pulsing dick. What made these strokings even hotter was his mother’s penchant for making him spew his spunk into her morning coffee to sip on the drive to drop him off at school. Lester almost lost his shit the morning that one of his teachers stopped to chat with Candi as he got out and pointed out a glob of white goo on his mother’s upper lip. Candi simply laughed and played it off as a new creamer she was trying in her coffee.

Despite being a year behind in school, Lester did well in his classes. Having been a bit of a social butterfly, he had friends in each grade level and among several of the cliques. This meant that he hadn’t bursa escort been left behind when the class that graduated the previous year had moved off to college. Despite having a variety of friends, he wasn’t particularly close to anyone. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no one he trusted enough to confide in all the amazing things going on between him and Candi.

There were a few unnoticed side effects of his new relationship with his mother. First, he began noticing the girls in his school more than before and checked them out as discreetly as possible every chance he got. None of them held a candle to Candi in terms of body, but the frequent orgasms from her hands seemed to stoke the fires of his lust to the point he checked out every girl and woman he thought was hot, including his teachers.

Also, he didn’t feel as intimidated by girls as he used to. Mandy Jo was the hottest and most popular girl in the whole school who just so happened to have a locker right next to his. It wasn’t unusual to find her holding court amongst her flock of followers to where he had to navigate the throng to get to his locker. After a few days of handjobs from Candi, he stopped caring about being unobtrusive and simply made his way with confidence to where his books and supplies waited. The first couple of times he did so, Mandy gave him a weird look as if noticing him for the first time.

On a lark, one day he corrected her on a rant in which she got a few facts wrong. This led to her dismissing him in a flippant manner. Les shrugged it off not caring in the slightest how she felt. It was weird since they had been the best of friends when they were little kids. He’d known and had part of crush on her his whole life but had given up any thought of her after she abandoned their friendship.

It was probably for the best since she had grown to be one hot girl. If he’d still been friends with her, it would have been awkward as hell to hide his physical attraction for her. She stood an average height but was just thick enough to be hot as hell without being plump. This gave her an hourglass figure not unlike the women in his family which probably explained part of his attraction to her as he lusted after them for their curves. She had a big, round ass that she always showed off to great effect without looking trashy and had been compared to the pornstar Alexis Texas for not just her ass but her eyes as well.

Either way, his indifference seemed to ignite a fire.

This seemed to affect every girl in the school as word spread of Les’ immunity to Mandy’s popularity and charm. He soon found several girls striking up conversations with him at various points of the day.

Lastly, Les’ relationship with his family also began to change. Though he still loved and respected Marcus, hearing Candi dominate the man in bed on a nightly basis caused the son to begin taking a more dominant role in the house. Les was more confident in his disagreements with Marcus when he felt his father was wrong which surprisingly led to him winning more of the encounters than previously. Feeling a little guilty about the handjobs from Marcus’ wife, Les also began taking more time to hang out with his father on home projects and watching football of which Marcus had been all pro in college.

Further, Les became more avid in ogling Lucy. Though he tried to be discreet about it, she caught him a few times. Instead of getting angry, she would just give him a strange look as if not comprehending his interest. However, whether gaining confidence in the attention or feeling emboldened by her mother constantly parading around in slutwear, Lucy began dressing more provocatively as well.

The eighteen year old was nowhere near the proportions of her mother’s curves but was well on her way. With a solid C cup bordering on a D, her tits were soft yet perky. Her ass was fully round and stuck out from her back in a curve without having to bend at all. It was almost the proverbial ass you could set a drink on. She still held some of her teen babyfat, but it only added an innocence that made her all the more appealing. She very closely resembled the pornstar Lena Paul.

Les began taking opportunities to tickle and wrestle with his younger sister as often as he could and frequently teased her and started fights in order to accomplish this. The first time Candi caught the shenanigans, Les could see the hurt and jealousy in her eyes and didn’t get a handjob visit that night. In order to keep peace while letting his hormones rage, Les sat Candi down to have a serious talk with her.

He assured her that he wasn’t doing anything sexual with Lucy and would stop if she wanted him but that he couldn’t help finding the girl attractive since she was a copy of Candi. He even reassured her that age was nothing since he was hot for the MILF and it had not a thing to do with her age but her sluttiness. While he offered to end everything between him and Lucy if Candi wanted, he also bursa escort bayan offered to return to normal with her as well if she wanted. What followed was a lengthy and mature discussion of sex with his mother that was surreal given that they began discussing where they wanted things to progress to.

Candi admitted to being afraid that Les would stop liking her for a younger, prettier girl. She also told him that she was almost addicted to Les’ cock and cum. The thought of being cut off from her daily supply of man cream from him almost had her frantic to the point he had to hug her for twenty minutes to calm her down. This was also the opportunity for Les to ask Candi if they could do anything more than just handjobs.

Despite her confident, slutty manner to date, Les’ mother grew nervous and admitted that she was a little scared to take the next step and actually having full blown sex. She knew she was cheating on her husband as it was but couldn’t stop herself. She just didn’t feel ready to take his dick inside her yet and pleaded for her son to understand. Les assured her he would go at whatever pace she wanted as long as she kept being such a sexy slut.

Candi snickered and giggled at this as she gave les a passionate kiss and promised him a special treat for being so patient with her.

That night, rather than doing their regular ritual in his room, Candi led him to the basement. Confused yet curious, he followed as she guided him down the stairs holding his hand like she did when he was little.

When Les’ father and uncle had used their construction company to build the house, they had given special care to the design and crafting of the basement. It was very spacious and had been soundproofed with the comment that it was to provide parties for the family without disturbing the neighbors. Given the five Morrow siblings and their three cousins, this had seemed like a perfectly plausible explanation. However, there had been a section blocked off by a heavy door that the kids had been forbidden to enter, even once they became adults.

Now though, Candi shoved Les to sit on the plush couch as she strutted over to the entertainment system and loaded up a playlist. Despite being a millennial, Les was a fan of music from the eighties and nineties which caused him to instantly recognize the opening strains of TLC’s “Red Light Special” as it started.

Candi grinned coquettishly over her shoulder at her son and teasingly undid the belt to her silk robe letting it slip from her right shoulder as her smoldering eyes bore into Lester. Tantalizingly, the soft material drooped further down to reveal her smooth back and the lace of a black bra. Continuing its decent, the robe soon exposed the mounds of Candi’s full ass with the skimpy string of her thong being swallowed in the valley of her plump cheeks. What shocked the son was the appearance of a lacy belt around her waist. When the robe fell in a heap to her four-inch heels that she wore, it was revealed that the slut had added a garter belt and fishnet stockings to her usual ensemble.

The horny teen felt his dick go instantly hard as he stared at his recently acquired slut begin a sensuous grind that sent her hips into a slow roll with her back still facing away from him. Candi undoubtedly had had a lot of practice doing such dances as there was a confidence and surety that only came from long practice. She spun and rocked in the space in front of the couch as she grinned wickedly down at her amazed audience obviously loving the attention.

Then, she further astonished the young man as one arm wrapped in front of her bra and the other snaked behind her to deftly unclasp the garment. Leaning over her son, each of the hands palmed a separate cup of the bra while she jiggled and juggled the soft, large udders underneath. Finally, her hands shot forward and Les was momentarily blinded as something struck him in the face. It took his brain less than a second to register that it was Candi’s bra obscuring his vision. He quickly reached up and snatched the garment away and stared desperate for a glimpse of Candi’s fabulous tits but was denied.

A teasing smile split the mother’s lips as her palms once again cupped her tits and covered her nipples, but there was just too much flesh for her small hands to contain. Sighing lustily, she rotated the orbs in opposite circuits occasionally mashing the fat things together in an incredibly erotic display. No matter how much he silently pleaded with his eyes, the slut refused to remove her hands and fully expose her treasures. Quickly, she spun with her back again to Les and finally let her hands rise to clasp above her head while her body undulated like a Bedouin dancer or a slithering snake. Les could barely make out the reflection of Candi’s tits in the dark screen of the large plasma tv of the entertainment center.

When the first song ended, a twanging guitar intro signaled the beginning of the Divinyls “I Touch escort bursa Myself.” At this, Candi reached down to hook each of her thumbs into the bands of her thong. Agonizingly, she pulled and toyed with the material as if she were about to pull it down before shifting it back up. The entire time, she still undulated and danced to the lewd song and he even heard her humming along. The act of playing with the thong also had the effect of making the globes of her ass bounce and jiggle almost in time with the song.

Then when the song began to wind down, the mother squatted down with her knees together and deftly scooped the thong under her ass and over her knees. Quickly while still in a squat that showcased how huge and round her booty was, the slut stepped out of the tiny item and let it dangle from one finger as she threw yet another evil grin over her shoulder at her son. She twirled it for a second before flicking it back at him. Les caught it in amazement before he realized he was still clutching her bra like a vise in his opposite fist.

Finally, the song ended before the next one started up. Candi shifted to her knees while sitting on her black heels as Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” started its rocking beginning. Candi resumed her dance, now on her knees still facing away from Lester, and teased him with smoky gazes over her shoulder. The slut was definitely a pro at such a form of dancing and made the son wonder about her life before becoming a wife and mother.

Then, the slut slid forward went to her hands and knees as her thighs stayed clamped shut denying her audience even a peek at the treasure between. The mother went into a series of full body ripples resembling a wave that tantalizingly sent her spectacular ass wobbling and shaking. He was surprised to see in the tv’s reflection that Candi was watching him. Grinning, she rolled onto her side as one arm draped over her pendulous tits once again hiding them from his view while he growled in frustration. She just smiled and used her arm to jiggle the trapped flesh and tease him more. She repeated the whole process when she rolled over to the opposite side before repeating the wave roll on her hands and knees. At last, the rock anthem to sex ended.

When a keyboard repetition and Usher hollering “Yeah!” (the title to the starting song) hit the speakers, Candi hopped back up into a squat and bounced up and down sending her assflesh rolling and shaking. Elbows on her now widely spread knees, she snapped her fingers to the beat and jerked her hips forward and back. Lester was struck dumb by the fact that not only was his mother almost completely naked in front of him but that she was now twerking as well.

Then she grabbed her knees and half stood while rolling her hips in fast jerking figure eight. On the outer rotation, she would pause and jerk her ass up and down sever times before continuing the circuit. She was definitely a pro as she kept the angle of her hips so that her cunt was never exposed, only her ass. So mesmerized was he by her ass that he had long stopped trying to see her tits. He was also amazed to realize that at some point he had shoved down and kicked off his short and his hard dick was in his fist that held the silky thong.

Candi continued to dance and twerk until the last notes and the last verses of Ludacris’ words ended. When Ciara began chanting “Goodies”, Candi dropped down and threw her legs back. The effect sent her knees to either side of Lester’s thighs closing his slightly while she supported her weight on her hands.

The rolling melody matched the undulating spectacle of Candi’s ass popping and rolling in her son’s lap inches away from his throbbing dick. Again, she seemed to do this on purpose. She was just far enough away that his member couldn’t quite touch her but close enough that his dick and fist blocked the sight of her steamy twat. Instead, he enjoyed the feel of her twerking and writhing on his lap. If Lester’s father or sister had walked down the stairs, he would neither have noticed nor cared at that moment.

Eventually tiring before the end of the song, Candi sat up on Les’ lap and rotated her hips while resuming her twerk just above her son’s jerking fist and dick. Then, the hip hop beat ended. When the techno beat of synth drums began Trent Reznor’s “Closer”, Candi smacked Les’ hand away from his dick and plopped her huge ass onto the turgid flesh while shifting her heels to the floor and reclining back against her son’s body.

The slut craned her face to lick and nibble Lester’s ear as her ass massaged and ground against his cock. Finally taking initiative, Lester reached down to scoop her asscheeks apart before wrapping them around his dick. Taken be surprise, the mother snatched his hands away and placed them firmly on the cushions of the couch but let his member remain nestled in the cleft of her flesh. Like the car ride that had set off the whole lust extravaganza, Candi hotdogged her son with her big ass. She sighed and moaned into his ear sending tingles along his scalp.

“Do you wanna see me, baby? Wanna see mama naked? I want that so fucking bad! Please, tell me you wanna see your slut’s body!”

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