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“Relax, baby,” I said as I looked down at her. She was lying on her tummy on top of the massage table, her head turned to one side so she could watch me.

“I’m trying. I really need a good massage, but you know what happens when you put your hands on me.”

“Yeah I do,” I replied, a wicked smile coming to my lips. “But I promised. I won’t touch anything pink. That’s what you want, right?”

“I just need a good massage. I’m sore all over.”

“So you have nothing to worry about then. I’m going to give you exactly what you want. But I need you to chill.”

“I’m chill,” she said with a chuckle.

She’d had a little smoke before we started and was as relaxed as she was going to get for the moment. I surveyed her body as I put some warm oil on my hands and rubbed them together. She was still watching me as I prepared. I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“Close your eyes, love. Control your breathing and just feel, okay?”

She smiled and nodded before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

I moved toward the bottom of the table and took hold of one of her feet, starting on the soles and moving up to her toes, grabbing each one individually and pulling gently on them. I moved from one foot to the other before gliding my hands up to her calves. I started by running my hands up her entire leg, bottom to top, my fingers stopping just short of her full ass. I smiled when I heard her take in a deep breath as i neared her center.

From there I worked on each calve, massaging the muscles and running my hands up her skin. From the calves I moved up to the back of her thighs. As I worked, she made soft sounds, some sounding like pleasure, some like pain as I worked the knots out of her.

“I can feel your body relaxing under my fingers love,” I said in a quiet voice. “I can tell you really needed this.”

“Mmmhuh,” was her reply as she lay there, eyes still closed and a small smile on her face.

I worked both thighs, eventually covering her legs with a towel to keep them warm. I was gazing at her ass as I poured some more oil into the palm of my hand. I had visions about that ass of hers, full and soft and plump. It was a joy to behold. I began a deep massage of her ass cheeks, bottom to top and then back down again. At the bottom, my thumbs were close to her pussy, but I took care to avoid even the slightest touch.

Her sincan escort breathing and the sounds she made told me she was enjoying this for reasons well beyond the massaging of sore muscles. I kept on, an evil smile on my face, because she had been the one that ruled out anything pink.

I spent more time there than I needed to, and I didn’t move on until I could see her face becoming flushed, a few beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. I moved on to her lower back, slowly working my way up her body, kneading knots out of her upper back as I worked. I finished with her arms and her hands and fingers.

“I’d like you to roll over onto your back now love,” I commanded.

“You’re not finished?” she asked, opening her eyes and looking at me.

The look in her green eyes at that moment shook my world. They showed her entire soul and all she was feeling in that moment, and seeing if went right to the core of me.

“Not yet. I need to do the top side. Are you good?”

“Yeah,” she replied as I helped her roll over onto her back and get settled.

“Good. Close your eyes again.”

She looked up at me once more before nodding and closing her eyes.

“Don’t worry baby. I haven’t forgotten your wishes. No pink.”

She let out a small chuckle and shook her head slightly.

“You’re such an ass,” she replied, smiling as she gently bit her lip.

“Shhh. Relax, love,” I said as I started down near her feet again.

Moving up from her feet, my hands once again worked on her calves, lifting her leg and kneading her soft flesh and the muscles within. Up. Up onto her thighs, working first from the outside and moving in, closer and closer to her core.

“There’s a lot of tension in these thighs love,” I said. “They’re going to need a lot of attention.”

“Yeah,” she said, more like a gasp than a word. “Yeah.”

I moved up, working from the inside of her thighs out now, reaching all the way down with my hands. Eventually, I was at the top and my hands reached between and underneath, touching the bottom of her beautiful ass before I ran them up the inside of her thigh and across. Of course, I was careful to avoid touching…even for a moment…her most sensitive place. I came so, very close…right there, but but stopped just short. I briefly considered the effect brushing my fingers against her would have, and decided against ankara escort it. On another day, that is exactly what I’d do, but this particular day, I stayed the course.

Her breathing had noticeably changed by this point. Her hips were squirming as she lay there, and I could visibly see the effects my touch was having on her pussy. The lips were swelling and she was wet. I could feel it as I reached down to her butt, the secretions dripping out of her.

I gathered all of my resolve and moved on, running my hands up along her tummy, massaging her shoulders and the top of her chest, down her arms and back up again. Her neck, sections of her face…I tended to all of her.

At one point, she opened her eyes and looked at me, a hunger like none I’ve even seen written across her face. I smiled and shook my head from side to side.

“Close those eyes and relax, my love. I’m almost finished.”

She chuckled and shook her head, closing her eyes and letting me continue. I was quite impressed with her self control. I know I’d have lost that battle quite some time before that had I been her.

My fingers found her breasts, massaging, and fondling them as I tweaked her nipples. She hadn’t said anything about her breasts, I reasoned, so they were fair play. She was alternating small sighs with little moans and gasps as I touched her, and her hips were moving involuntarily.

After some time, I removed my hands from her body, looking down at her and smiling at the condition I’d put her in. She opened her eyes again and looked at me.

“Hi love. I think I’m finished now. Don’t you feel much more relaxed?” I asked, that grin still on my face.

“Please,” she replied, her eyes pleading as much as her voice had. “Please.”

I bit my lip and nodded, finally allowing my own need to take control. I brought my fingers down between her legs, running the backs of them up her pussy, grazing her very lightly at first and causing her to jump and moan. I turned my hand around and use my fingers, adding more pressure as I stroked her bottom to top and over her clit. She gasped and her eyes widened when I slipped two fingers inside her and started to fuck her with them. I continued with that as I used the thumb of my other hand to draw circles on her clit.

Moments later, she came undone. She thrust her hips up against my hand violently as she screamed out my name along etimegut escort with a few curses. I waited until it all played out before pulling free, watching her body continue to spasm.

When she had recovered her senses a bit, she looked up into my eyes.

“Please. I need you to fuck me, big daddy. Now. Please,” she said, drawing out the final word for several seconds. I smiled as I undid my jeans, watching as her eyes focused on my stiff cock as it sprung out from its captivity. I was happy she asked, because there was no way I could have waited a moment longer to be inside her.

I grabbed her by the legs and pulled her bottom to the edge of the table, hooking my arms around her legs to hold them up. I shifted and dipped, positioning my cock at the entrance to her pussy. With a thrust of my hips, I was inside her and in heaven. I began with a slow, steady rhythm of deep strokes, every so often shortening them and moving quickly before resuming the longer, slower fucking.

I watched her eyes as I thrust into her, vaguely aware that her hands had moved down to her breasts to play with her nipples. I brought myself close to the edge several times, slowing down and taking a step away to prolong the encounter. Eventually, need got the best of me, and I began a final assault on her pussy. I fucked her fast and hard, pounding into her with each thrust, the sounds of sex adding to the moment. Finally, I bit down on my tongue and grunted, thrusting forward as my cock exploded inside her. I continued moving until I’d emptied myself in her, something that always made each of us quite happy.

I stood there for a few moments, reveling in the feeling of her wrapped around me, before I slowly pulled out and lowered her shaking legs.

“Fuck,” she said, looking up at me with dreamy eyes.

“Yeah. Fuck is right,” I replied as I moved beside her, bending over and giving her a hungry kiss. Breaking away, I looked down into the depths of her incredible eyes. “How about we move this to the bedroom?”

She smiled and took my hand as I helped her up. She stood, still a little shaky as she took a couple steps before stopping. She reached a hand down and wiped it along the inside of one of her thighs, bringing it up to show me how wet it was. I grabbed her wrist and brought her hand to her mouth and watched as she used her tongue to lick it clean, eyes locked with mine the entire time.

“I don’t care what you do for a living,” she said, “except for being a masseuse. That…you aren’t doing for anyone but me.”

I nodded and smiled, having no intention of arguing with her about that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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