Release His Beast

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It had been two weeks since Robert and Helen had made love. It was not lack of desire, but lack of opportunity that had forced them apart for so long. They were both longing for the other’s touch so badly that they could hardly keep their hands off of each other during dinner. Robert kept whispering in her ear, “I want you so badly,” and the heat of his breath each time made her a little more wet. By the time they got back to Helen’s apartment, her panties were practically dripping on the hallway floor.

They had barely stepped through the front door of Helen’s apartment when, in a rage of pure passion, Robert spun her around and pressed her hard against the door. Helen gasped as her back hit the door. His hands brushed her clit as he unbuttoned his pants and removed them. She moaned each time his knuckles brushed her mound through her panties.

“These are in the way,” he moaned in a low, guttural, animal voice as he slipped his hand into the waistband of her panties. With one quick motion, he tore them at the side and they fell off Helen’s ample Betturkey hips. Within moments of her panties hitting the floor, he pulled her leg up and wrapped if around his waist. She was still gaining her balance when he thrust his full length into her. Each time he thrust himself into her hot snatch, she groaned, just as animalistically as he did. His mass of pubic hair brushed her clit and the friction drove her wild.

He kept thrusting harder and deeper and faster. As he neared climax, he dug his hands into her supple backside and sank his teeth into her collarbone. Helen screamed in delight as his teeth and tongue caused simultaneous pain and pleasure. She dug her nails into his back and screamed loudly as she came.

The pain of her nails and the pleasure of her sexual scream sent Robert over the edge. A deep moan escaped his lips as he pumped her waiting pussy full of cum. As he filled her, he pressed her body tightly between the door and his sweaty body. Helen passionately sucked his earlobe and kissed his neck as she loosened Betturkey Giriş her grip on his back.

Robert remained inside her for a few minutes, kissing her and feeling his own cum dripping down his cock and his leg. The sensation of his thick cum on his balls made him hard again. He licked her ear and whispered, “I need you again.”

Helen smiled and peered at him through lusty eyelids. She wrapped her hand around his cum-covered balls and whispered back to him, “I always need you.”

This was all the motivation he needed. Robert bent her over the chair by the door. She braced herself against the chair and pulled her legs tight together, making her pussy tighter. He eased into her, releasing a deep moan at the new tightness of her dripping pussy. Slowly, he built a rhythm, slopping in and out of her.

Robert’s slower pace was not what Helen wanted at that time; she wanted it rough and fast. “Fuck me Robert! Harder!” He picked up his pace, grunting slightly louder with each thrust. She could feel his cockhead hitting her cervix, sending shockwaves of pure rapture and dull ache through her body.

“Spank me, Robert!” Helen commanded. Without losing a beat, Robert’s hand tentatively slapped her ass as his cockhead hit her cervix. She moaned. He raised his hand and carefully slapped her ass again.

Normally, she loved Robert’s gentle nature, but at that moment, she wanted him to be a sexual beast, so she cried “Spank me harder!” He spanked her a little harder as he kept thrusting into her depths. “Harder!” she cried again. Finally, Robert spanked her with all he had. Her cheek stung and turned pink as she let out a wild squeal of pleasure.

That was exactly what she wanted: him pounding deep into her and his hand stinging her ass. Over and over, she screamed, “Again!” as he spanked her. Before long, Helen came again, squealing like a stuck pig.

Robert kept thrusting away, grunting like the sexual beast he had become until he dug his fingers into her hips and thrust deeper into her than he had ever been. His cum exploded into her womb as he let out a deep, loud groan of pleasure. As soon as he emptied himself, Robert turned back into the tender lover Helen had always known as he rubbed her pink ass cheeks and kissed her soft back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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