Remembered Desires

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Caitlin decided to spend Spring Break at home this year, with her mother, Carrie, and her little sister, Chloe.

In her first year at college, during Spring Break, she had gone to Ft. Lauderdale with several of her girlfriends. The first day there, while drinking, she had almost drown in the ocean. The next day she had gotten so drunk she passed out and had to be turned onto her side by two of her friends when, still unconscious, her body started rejecting all the booze she had poured down her throat. Two days later she was almost raped, would have been if her friends hadn’t unexpectedly come back to the room they were sharing.

So, no more major partying for her. She had learned her lesson. She couldn’t hold her booze very well and seemed to have a problem discerning the good guys from the bad guys when she was drinking. Besides, this year she had had her first lesbian affair, although Caitlin didn’t consider herself a lesbian. She liked guys, the good guys, not the rapists, and had had satisfactory sex with more than one guy in the past, sometimes even better than satisfactory.

But this new experience, making love to a woman, intrigued and fascinated her. It was so very different than making love with a man, but it was no less enjoyable. Actually, in some ways, it was even more enjoyable. Her lover’s lips were deliciously soft. Her skin, especially on her face was silky smooth, not to mention her neck, breasts, thighs, and back . . . pretty much all over. Her caresses were lighter, more delicate, so different from the more brusque and firm touches of her male lovers. Although, it was the rougher, harder maleness that Caitlin enjoyed at times, too.

Caitlin’s roommate this year was a lesbian and said so right out front. Over the course of a couple of weeks they discussed sex and pleasure and men and women. Caitlin admitted that she like guys but wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl. One thing led to another and before she realized it, Caitlin was in bed with Odette, her roommate. As sex and pleasure went, Caitlin fully enjoyed love-making with Odette. Sometimes it seemed that Odette could take her places that most of the young men Caitlin had made love with never could. Most, but not all.

Odette was slightly put off that Caitlin was, as Odette put it, “a dedicated bi-sexual.” Still, that didn’t stop Odette from making love to Caitlin whenever and where ever the opportunity presented itself. Sometimes Caitlin wonder how they got their homework done or made it to their classes on time.

Caitlin’s affair with Odette also changed how Caitlin looked at other women. Where, before, she saw many attractive young women around her, she had never thought of them as potential lovers. Now, however, where ever she looked—in her classes, on the campus, or in town—she saw many young women, and a few older ones, that would cause her to fantasize about how it would be to make love with them.

It was an unusually warm and sunny spring day when Caitlin parked her car in her mother’s driveway. The garage door was down and the front door was locked with the deadbolt, as usual. Caitlin let herself in with her own key.

“Mom, I’m home,” Caitlin called out, getting no response. She had called her mother at the beginning of the week telling her she would be home today, Friday, and approximately at what time.

“Oh great, honey. I’ll schedule a day off so I can be here when you arrive. Chloe and I are looking forward to you being here.” Her mother had said enthusiastically. Chloe was Caitlin’s seventeen year old sister who was graduating from high school in June. She would also turn eighteen on the twenty-eighth of that month.

Caitlin walk down the hall to her mother’s bedroom. It was empty, as was her bathroom. The other two bedrooms were also empty. Caitlin dropped her bag of laundry inside the door of her bedroom and rolled her suitcase up to the bed. She walked through the parlor and into the family room.

Through the sliding glass doors, Caitlin saw her mother lying in a chaise lounge on the patio, getting an early start on her tan. Caitlin was nearly scandalized when she realized that her mother had on the skimpiest black bikini that she had ever seen her mother wear. But, she had to admit, on her mother it looked really good and sooo sexy. Actually, Caitlin thought to herself, for a forty-one year old woman, Mom looks super hot.

With her new found perspective on women as potential sexual partners, Caitlin realized that she was sizing her mother up. I have to admit, she thought, if that woman out there wasn’t my mother, then I sure would like to get her into bed with me. Caitlin laughed to herself at what she was thinking, but a part of her mind wondered if her mother had ever made love to a woman and, if so, how would she look at Caitlin, knowing that her little girl now had a lesbian lover.

That was yesterday. Now, it was Saturday morning and Caitlin had slept in. She remembered her mom telling her that she had to work in bursa escort the office until early this afternoon. Chloe had gone off with a friend and her family to spend the weekend at the lake.

Caitlin took a long, hot shower. When she was finished, she climbed out onto the bath mat to dry herself. She had left the bathroom door open, as she had always done when she knew that only her mother and sister were in the house or when she was alone in the house and didn’t expect anyone to be home until long after she finished. Nudity was not an issue in the all female household. Caitlin and Chloe’s mother had taught them to be proud of their bodies, not embarrassed or ashamed. Just be careful, she had warned them, in case one of us brings someone home unexpectedly.

When Caitlin was finished drying off and she had turned to pick up her panties to put them on, she saw, in the mirror, her mother appear in the doorway.

“Oh Mom!” Caitlin jumped. “God, you scared me. I didn’t realize you were home.”

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to startled you. I came in just before you finished your shower.”

“I thought you said that you had work to do in the office until this afternoon.”

“I did, honey. But it didn’t take me nearly as long as I thought it would. So then I went and did a little shopping.”

Caitlin saw that her mother was dressed in a see-through black nightie that stopped just below her pussy, and she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her mother was also wearing sheer, black, thigh-high stockings and shiny black stiletto high heels. Caitlin’s pussy gave a twitch and she felt herself starting to get wet. That shocked her. This was her mother after all.

Upon further reflection, in light of her new-found appreciation of women, Caitlin figured that from a purely sexual point of view, her mother was a very sexually attractive mature woman. At her age, her mother kept herself fit and toned by working out with weights and doing interval training. She was two inches shorter than Caitlin’s 5’9″, but weighed the same 125 pounds. Her mother looked slim because she had good muscle mass and a low percentage of body fat. They also had the same measurements, 36-23-35. Caitlin’s mother was a lean but curvaceous woman.

Both women had jet black hair and what could only be described as startling blue eyes. Where Caitlin had long hair that she mostly kept back in a pony tail, her mother’s hair was cut short and she styled it in a spiky, modern way that was very becoming to her face. All-in-all, Caitlin figured her mother looked ten years younger than her real age.

Carrie put her hands on her hips and did a pose. “I bought these things for the next time Jim and I get together, you know.” She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned lewdly.

Jim was Carrie’s current boyfriend. Caitlin thought he was handsome and charming, as well as being intelligent and, all things considered, she wouldn’t have minded jumping into bed with him . . . an “older man,” which she had yet to experience.

Carrie turned to show off her backside, all trim and tight, then turned back around. Her firm, pointed breasts swayed sensually under the see-through material. “He’s on a business trip right now. So he won’t get to see this outfit until next week. You think he’ll like it?”

“Hell yeah! He’ll think it’s hot.” Caitlin said, admiring her beautiful mother and realizing that it wouldn’t take much to convince herself that she would love to see what making love to her mother was like. Her nipples started getting erect at that thought.

“You look good enough to eat, Mom.” Not really having meant to say that, Caitlin blushed, but looked her mother straight in the eye.

Carrie gave Caitlin a strange look, then smiled. She noticed that her daughter’s nipples were erect and that she had just taken a deep breath as though trying to relax.

Carrie felt a spark of excitement and took a chance. “Good enough to eat, huh?” She hesitated slightly, then continued. “Have you ever done that with a woman . . . eat her, that is?” Carrie felt giddy after asking that question. She was being directly sexual with her daughter.

“Uh-huh,” Caitlin said as she nodded her head. She was feeling almost dizzy because of where this conversation seemed to be going. Caitlin was getting really turned on. But why, one part of her brain wondered? She’s my Mom for God’s sake! Another part of her brain answered that, regardless of that fact, she is still a very attractive and sexy woman. You’ve had sex with a woman and enjoyed it immensely. And Mom really does look good enough to eat. Does it matter if she is your mother, if you are both willing to experiment and try out a new experience? That new experience, at least for Caitlin, would be incest, even more taboo than lesbian sex. Another thought drifted through her consciousness: Is mother-daughter incest consider more, less, or equally taboo as, say, mother-son incest? Assuming they are all adults, of course.

“And did you, uh, did you enjoy it, bursa escort bayan baby, making love to a woman?” Her mother’s question refocused Caitlin’s mind.

“Uh-huh. Still am. She’s my present roommate at college.”

“I see,” her mother answered while giving Caitlin an appraising look.

“And you, Mom? Have you ever . . . you know, made love to a woman?” With that, Caitlin held her breath.

“Well . . .to tell the truth, Caitlin, yes, I have.” She hurried on to explain. “It, too, was while I was in college. It, uh, well it lasted two years.”

Caitlin saw her mother’s nipples become erect under the sheer fabric of the nightie. She also saw a sexual blush appear on her mother’s neck and upper chest.

“Two years? Then I guess it’s safe to assume that you enjoyed it . . . making love to a woman?”

Carrie swallowed dryly then took a slightly shuddering breath. She nodded. “Yes, dear, I enjoyed it very much. I just haven’t thought about it for years. Well . . . not too much, anyway.” Carrie gave her daughter a small smile. “And, Caitlin, I just want to say, looking at you all fresh out of the shower, well, you, too, look good enough to eat.”

Carrie’s body was tingling with anticipation. Why was she coming on to her daughter? Hell, why was her daughter coming on to her? Maybe because they both liked sex . . . a lot. At least she assumed Caitlin did. And maybe because they were both bi-sexual . . . or . . . .

“Are you a lesbian, Caitlin?” Carrie asked curiously.

Caitlin gave a little chuckle. “No, to the disappointment of my lesbian lover. She calls me a ‘dedicated bi-sexual.’ Yeah. I still like . . .” she paused, “fucking boys as much as fucking girls.”

Caitlin’s body was trembling now, with anticipation. Was something going to happen, or not?

Carrie just nodded. Her thoughts had come back to the question of whether she was trying to seduce her daughter and, if so, why? There was the fact that her daughter seemed to be, well, trying to seduce her . . . maybe? There was also the fact that her daughter, standing there naked, with erect nipples, fresh out of the shower, really did look good enough to eat. That is, if she, Carrie, wanted to “eat” another woman . . . again, after all these years, which she was pretty sure, now, that she did. And there was the fact that if she was going to have sex with another woman then now would be an excellent time, with all this sexual tension between Caitlin and her, even if she was her daughter. After all, she finally told herself, we’re both adults and it’s nobody’s business but our own if we do decide to make love to each other.

Now, with her daughter standing naked before her, giving her an intense look that Carrie could only interpret as lustful, she realized that her nipples had gotten hard and that her pussy was getting wet. Carrie stared at her daughter’s engorged nipples and realized that she wanted to suck on them, on her mouth, and other places on Caitlin’s delicious looking body.

Carrie took a step closer to Caitlin, who also stepped towards her mother. Carrie pulled her daughter into her arms for their first of many passionate embraces. She began kissing Caitlin on the neck, under her ear. Then she stopped and pushed back from her daughter.

“No, baby, we can’t do this. I’m your mother. You’re my daughter.”

At that moment, Caitlin didn’t care if it was incest. She was really excited now and wanted to consummate her desire with her mother.

“Well then, Mom, you can always keep your eyes closed and pretend that I’m your old college sweetheart . . . because I’m really turned on right now. I want you and I want you to want me, even if it is incest.” There she had said it, admitting out loud what was going through her mind.

Carrie looked shocked for a second, then started laughing. Caitlin laugh with her and hugged her mother tightly. Carrie, sighed and whispered, “Oh my sweet sexy baby,” then began kissing her on the neck again.

Caitlin moaned with pleasure then took her mother’s head in her hands and pulled her in close for an open mouth kiss. Then she let her hands roam over her mother’s smooth skin, her firm, sexy body, all the way down her taut back to her firm sexy ass. Caitlin knew, now, that she was going to get to taste the sweetness, not only of her mother’s mouth, but of her vagina, also.

Carrie had opened her mouth to her daughter’s kiss without hesitation. Their tongues tentatively touched, hesitated, then twined about each other. They took turns plunging their tongues in and out of each other’s mouths. Both mother and daughter were panting by the time they broke that first kiss.

Caitlin then began to kiss her way down the length of her mother’s neck. Carrie pulled back momentarily to pull the nightie off over her head. Then Caitlin began kissing the tops of her mother’s breasts. As she got close to her erect nipples, she brought her hand up to caress Carrie’s left breast and nipple then slid her mouth over the right escort bursa nipple, where she began to suck and gently bite.

Carrie cried out in pleasure. She had quite sensitive nipples and what her daughter was doing was sending little arrows of pleasure straight to her pussy. She pressed her hand to the back of Caitlin’s head pushing it more firmly against her tit . . . a tit that her daughter had last sucked nearly twenty years ago. That thought and the thought of what was yet to come with her daughter, all the places her daughter would kiss her and suck her, eventually, and how she would do the same to her daughter, got her so excited that she thought if she would just reach down and touch her pussy, to squeeze it or stroke it, she would come quickly.

She didn’t have to. Caitlin now moved her hand down over her mother’s belly, slowly, sensually, seeking out Carrie’s vagina. When she found it, she found that is was all but dripping wet with vaginal lubrication. Caitlin’s fingers slipped between her mother’s labia and were immediately drenched. She stroked up and down once and stopped to rub a finger tip firmly over her mother’s protruding clitoris.

Carrie gave out a little cry and gasped several times. She hugged her daughter tightly to her body as her own body convulsed with the bliss of sexual orgasm.

“Oh my, Mom! I think I just pressed the right button,” Caitlin laughed. She was pleased that she had just helped her mother have a climax, the first one of many, she hoped, that she would give to her mother . . . and her mother to her.

Carrie laughed too. “My, my! I really wasn’t expecting that. Oo! That felt good. Thank you, baby. Carrie kissed her daughter tenderly. But let’s go get on my bed and get comfortable, okay, sweetie?”

“Absolutely, Mom,” Caitlin answered.

Carrie took her daughter by the hand and led her into her bedroom where a queen-sized bed awaited them. She kicked off the high heels, not bothering to take off the stocking, for which Caitlin was happy. She liked the contrast between the fabric of the stocking and the creamy smooth skin of her mother’s inner thighs. Carrie pulled Caitlin down onto the bed with her, then began kissing her over and over again.

After a few moments, Caitlin pulled away. “Now, Mom, I’m going to lick you until you have another orgasm.”

Carrie swallowed and nodded her assent. She adjusted herself back on the pillows, spread her legs wide, but bent at the knee with her feet flat on the bed. She watch with fascination as her daughter positioned herself between her legs. Carrie was excited. Her mouth was slightly open and she was taking quick, shallow breaths. This was really going to happen. Her daughter was going to go down on her, to lick and suck and “eat” her pussy. Carrie was so excited that she felt lightheaded, but ready, oh so ready.

Caitlin used her fingers to gently spread her mother’s labia, to look at the sweet pearly pink of her mother’s inner labia and vagina. She smelled it. It smelled something like Odette’s pussy, the only other woman she had made love to. Caitlin liked that smell. She reached out the tip of her pink tongue and licked up some of the drops of lubricant her mother’s pussy was producing in copious amounts. It tasted similar to Odette’s. Caitlin liked that taste.

Caitlin then buried her face in the pussy through which she had been born. That thought thrilled her even more, in a perverse way. She licked and nibbled on her mother’s pussy from bottom to top, sucking up and swallowing all the lubrication that Carrie’s vagina was producing. Every so often Caitlin would flick her tongue over her mother’s clitoris, or clamp her mouth over it and suck hard. Carrie’s body would twitch then and she would groan out her pleasure. By now, Carrie had both of her hands on Caitlin’s head, her fingers entwined in her hair: one, to hold it back out of the way and two, to pull her daughter’s face more firmly against her willing, up-thrusting sex.

After another ten minutes, Carrie had a second and extremely intense orgasm. She was panting heavily as it slowly subsided. She pulled her daughter up on top of her, from between her legs, so they could kiss, long and sweetly. Carrie tasted, for the first time, her own sex juices on her daughter’s lips and tongue.

After a few moments of gently kissing and caressing, Carrie rolled them both over and began to kiss her way down her daughter’s smooth, tan body. She was on her way to try another new thing in her life—making oral love to her daughter, licking her daughter’s pussy. What was happening here, now, was more exciting than what she had done with her female lover in college. In fact, Carrie was the most sexually aroused she could remember ever having been.

As Carrie slipped her tongue between her daughter’s wet vaginal lips, then used the tip of her tongue to tease Caitlin’s clitoris, she knew then that she would never be able to stop giving herself to her daughter, anytime that Caitlin wanted it. And she hoped that Caitlin would want it for a long time. Carrie then pushed her tongue deep into her daughter’s ‘love channel’ and began to lap up Caitlin’s vaginal juices. Caitlin began to moan and writhe on the bed and beg for more.

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