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Rain pouring outside chases us into the doorway of a motel right by the road. The lights inside are dimly lit, but warm nonetheless. I look over to you kicking off your shoes revealing soft white cotton socks underneath & plop tiredly onto the edge of the bed as I shut the door behind us. I remove my shirt & walk over to the ac & turn it on. You complain that you’re chilled to the bone, but I assure you that you wouldn’t be for long. With the lights around the room already dim, I walk over to you at the edge of the bed. You motion to remove your wet shirt, but I stop you by placing my hand over yours.

Slowly wrapping my arms around your waist, I lean in & gaze into your eyes. My lips move dangerously close to yours, I can practically taste your sweet breath. Motioning my hands beneath your shirt, my warm fingers find your chilled soft waist. My face slowly slides down your face & to where your neck meets your shoulders, right where you feel my hot breath. My fingers gently lift your shirt up your soft body as my hands feels up your every curve. Your breathing quickens. My hands pause by your bra, knowing what beasts they hold behind a thin layer of cloth. Your heartbeat quickens. Sliding your shirt over your head, I pause just when your vision was about to be clear, being covered by your shirt.

Not knowing what to expect, your mouth opens taking in a breath anticipating what’s to happen next. Our lips meet, but only as a tap. I pull your head back using your shirt & gently lay you down onto your back. You feel my lips touch your skin from your neck down your chest, pausing by your bra. My tongue runs along the fabric, feeling around where your nipple should be. Clearly outlining your piercing with my lips. Your back arches a bit.

Tongue running down your belly, dancing along your soft white skin. My head stops by your pants button. Moving my hands down your body, massaging as I go. Gently opening your button & pulling down your zipper. Leaving your pants open, I continue moving lower, down your legs, to your feet. Slipping my fingers beneath your socks, I slowly pull them down your ankle, over your heel & peel them off your toes. My warms hands wrap around your cool feet as they massage the tension off your body.

Lifting one foot ever slightly, your big toe meets my lips, then my tongue. Soon the same to the others. Kissing the balls of your feet, then licking your arches. My hands wander north & begin sliding your pants off your incredible hips. They slide down your legs & plop onto the floor leaving your legs bare. My lips move up the inside of your leg, first kissing, then nibbling. By the knees, my hands reach for your waist again & find the black thong still there.

My fingers slide underneath the tight strap hugging your sex toy, feeling the moisture building nearby. My lips reach your inner thighs as your legs open wider on their own without command or direction. What waits between them calling to me. One etimesgut escort finger plays around your sex spot over your thong as my lips move ever closer.

My fingers motions circles around your moist clit, feeling her pulsate as she gets wetter. I can feel your juices ooze from beneath the thin layer of cloth separating you from total ecstasy. Your breathing quickens. You begin to sweat in the air-conditioned room as I begin to lick it off of your thighs. Your back starts heaving. Tossing your shirt to the side, you look down & see my head hovering in between your legs.

My tongue laps around your lower lips around your thong, already sampling the juices that have escaped. I can hear you take a deep breath. You massage your huge breasts over your bra anticipating what’s to cum. You feel the width of my tongue slide over the thin cloth over your sweet sex. You moan deeply feeling my jewelry rub gracefully over your hidden clit. Continuing lapping you, you feel my hands wander up your hips as my fingers wrap around your thong. You lift your legs as I slide your thong down your legs & off the tips of your toes. It manages to fall wrapped around my head & dangle around my neck like a trophy. Your legs remain in the air as nothing is now between you and me.

You feel my hot breath over your already wet pussy, just breathing her sent into me. You bite your lower lip as I suck your lower lips into mine. First one side, then the other. Sucking them dry of their juices. Feeling my teeth on them just hold them into place ever gently in my mouth. Then, I can’t hold back any longer, you feel the entire width of my tongue again over your bare, naked pussy, tasting her entirely from back to front. Your back heaves. You let out a loud moan. You know there’s more to cum.

My tongue dances around your thick lips as it finds your sweet clit. My stud introduces himself to her. She trembles, twitches. I continue playing with her, side-to-side, then back & forth. Over & over. Non stop. I feel your hands fall behind my head as you try to grind my face deep into your woman. Not to leave your breasts neglected, ‘one’ of my hands moves north & fondles them over your bra. Your legs drop, your bare feet fall flat on my back. I am trapped, I am stuck pleasing you with no where to go, & with no intention to ever stop.

You feel my tongue enters deeply into you, surprised at how limber it is. My jewel playing along her opening. You let out a slight scream. I continue playing along your canal as you clearly voice your pleasure. My tongue moves in & out, in & out, over & over. Your mind spins. Suddenly, the tip of my finger enters you. Just up to the first knuckle, then slowly out of you. In & out. Soon, your swollen lips reach the second knuckle, then the third. Your body begins rocking, your grip on my head & back tightens.

You are being finger fucked while my mouth continues to punish your clit. Taking her entirety into my lips, I sincan escort suck your clit dry as I continue to finger you. I up the ante. A second finger slides in easily as I hold your clit in between my teeth. Held in place, your clit has nowhere to go as my tongue & stud plays with her inside my mouth. Back & forth, side to side. My fingers continue to pound you, faster & harder. Suddenly a third finger enters you. You scream loudly. You wonder how much more could you take. I’ve just started…

You feel my fingers inside you turn slowly, stretching your vagina even further. My hand being completely drenched with your wet juices. The fingers on my other hand locate your pierced nipple & begin rubbing it over your bra. Yes, I can multitask. My fingers are completely turned inside of you as you feel your g spot being rubbed on by all 3 fingers. Your clit, still a prisoner in my mouth. You grind my face even harder into you, fucking yourself with my face.

Screaming, I feel you cum all over my face & hand trying to drown me. I let go of your clit to drink of your cum. I continue to finger you as deeply as possible. You cum a second time, then a third. I continue rubbing, licking, nibbling & trusting. I can tell you’re reaching your limit when your grip of me begins to loosen. Your head pounds yet you want more. I gladly give it.

Unable to resist me, my hand slides underneath you to arch your back. You finally loosen your bra as it goes flying across the room. You realize that I have stripped naked sometime during pleasing you. You fall back onto the bed, your massive breasts swaying from side to side. My fingers still in you rubbing your spot, you quiver. I’ll save fisting you entirely for another occasion.

I rise, lifting your legs with me. Licking your toes again just for the hell of it. I move back down your leg again, passed your knees, passed your pelvis, up your naval, finally greeting your breasts. You scream as you feel me enter you from below, you manage to take my full length into you. Instinctively, you wrap your arms & legs tightly around me as I begin to pump him into you. Thrusting, throbbing, you moan in total ecstasy.

My lips lock onto your breasts, my tongue plays with your piercing, my jewelry teases your nipple. You feel every inch of me enter you, every vein pulsate. You feel me grow & twitch deep inside. With every thrust, more juice squirts out spraying our legs. After manhandling your tits, my hands wrap around you, pulling me closer to you, pulling me deeper into you. You scream with every trust.

My head rises to meet your neck, kissing you along from shoulder to shoulder, nibbling as I go. I place a hand around your neck & another on your shoulder, holding you even closer to me. Licking your neck & nibbling on your ear, our eyes finally meet as we get lost in each other’s gaze. Pulling you down onto me even harder, you dig your nails deep into my back. Faster, harder, our bodies become one escort etimesgut as the bed, floor & wall pays dearly for our passion.

Still thrusting, still pounding away, I feel myself growing even more deeply inside of you, about to split you in two. You scream louder, as if no one could ever hear. I grab you by both your ankles & bend them upward, almost bending you completely in two. With me still inside, I continue punishing your already throbbing swollen pussy, making you orgasm yet again, and again. Feeling myself about to burst, I pin your legs up with my shoulders, still managing to thrust in you for just a few minutes longer. Your breathing in erratic, you begin to lose focus in your eyes, they role into your head yet again for another ear splitting climax. As I am about to burst, I say “no, not yet” & suddenly flip you onto your belly. You’re powerless to resist. You just want more.

I jump onto your back, he quickly slides in from behind. Closing your legs shut, making your already tight canal even tighter, I place my legs outside yours. I slap your ass, you scream. I thrust deeper, you scream louder. I kiss along your back as my hands fully explore your body. I brush your hair aside as I begin to nibble on the back of your neck. Your moans & screams fill the air.

Wrapping your hair around my hand, I begin to tug, pulling your head back, lifting it from the pillow. Your screams grow louder as you cream me from below for another time. With your head lifted, I bit gently down along your neck. Feeling my breath in your ear. Still trusting, deeper than before, I begin riding you like a wild animal, tugging your hair, spanking your ass pink, then red.

You can feel it, me finally about to burst deep within you. You scream louder still. I let go of your hair & grab both your arms, wrapping them around mine, still riding you. You are completely at my mercy & you know it. Pounding harder, faster, deeper. We both scream. I pull out & engulf your entire back with my hot cum. You drench the bed yet again. We are swimming in each other’s juices.

I place myself back inside. You twitch being so raw, sensitive & swollen. With me inside, still twitching, making you twitch, I rub my juices along your aching back like lotion, massaging all your tired muscles. You fight to catch your breath. I finally lay atop of your bare back, still inside you & listen to your breathing. My sweat on yours, your heartbeat thumping next to mine.

You finally have the strength to bust out an exhausted laugh after you notice that your thong is still around my neck. With that, I laugh too. I get up, help you to your feet. We hobble over to the door as I hand you a cigarette. We light up & stand by the now open doorway enjoying the rain coming down. What little night light there is dance along our sweaty naked bodies, well, almost naked. I still wear your thong around my neck.

You ask me if I’ll ever take it off. I’m like, na, it’s a souvenir. Besides, you wouldn’t be needing it for the rest of the night. I still haven’t used none of my toys on you, yet. And I have a very twisted imagination. You smile behind very tired eyes as we continue enjoying our smokes…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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