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Ryan looked up from his sandwich, annoyed. Lunch was the only quiet time he got during the day, the only chance he had to be alone, so the sound of footsteps approaching the break room made him scowl. When the door opened, however, his face cleared. If anyone was going to disturb his peace, he was happy it was Erin. Petite, small breasted, and with straight, dark hair to the middle of her back, Erin was his boss, and his crush. But she was married, so Ryan contented himself with lusting after her from afar. Sometimes he would catch himself watching her small, round ass as she walked away from him, or just imagining himself running his hands through her smooth, shiny hair.

She greeted him with a smile. He returned the grin, then quickly returned his gaze to his food to keep from staring. He heard her open the refrigerator, then the microwave. As the microwave began its soft hum, she came and sat down across the table from him. Ryan looked up again, trying not to seem rude. “Pretty slow day today.”

“Yeah, the day always drags when it’s like this.”

He did his best to look her in the eyes, but he couldn’t help but notice her sweater. It was white and soft, angora maybe, and it clung to her body in all the right places. The microwave beeped, and Erin stood. As she walked to the counter, Ryan admired the shape of her. As she turned around, he quickly flicked his eyes back down to the table. She sat back down, and they both ate in silence.

Ryan had just finished his sandwich and moved on to his yogurt when Erin spoke again, “I see the way you look at me.” Ryan dropped his spoon in surprise, but kept his head down. “I know what you want.” Ryan looked up now, prepared to protest. “I know you want me.” Before he could speak, Erin took one of his hands in her own and slid the index finger into her mouth. She sucked it gently, then, with a sly grin on her face, spoke again, “it’s OK. I want you too.” She stood now, still holding Ryan’s hand, and he followed suit. She slipped his hand under her sweater and placed it on her soft, flat stomach.

Ryan’s penis was stiff in an instant, but now he did protest.

“Erin, your husband…”

“What about him?”

“Well, um, you have one!”

“Yes.” Ryan wanted some acknowledgement that what was going on was maybe not a great idea. He didn’t know how to respond to Erin’s nonchalance. “My husband will never know. And if he ever does, well, so what? Ryan, I know you think you’re subtle, but I see you undress me with your eyes. Even when we’re just talking, I can see the lust on your face. My husband has never looked at me that way, and frankly, it turns me on. So are you going to worry about him and walk out that door, or are you going to let me make your fantasy come true?” Ryan didn’t say anything more, he just slid his hand around her waist till it rested on the small of her back, then he pulled her tight against him. As his boner pressed into her leg, Erin’s lips curled into a big smile. Ryan reached down to meet that smile with his own.

Her lips were soft and warm and Ryan darted his tongue between them to find hers. Both of his hands were on her back now, and he caressed sincan escort her soft skin. While they kissed, Erin reached between them and began to unfasten Ryan’s pants. He snuck a look over her shoulder at his watch. “We’re going to be late back from lunch.”

“We have a little time.” When her tiny hand found its way to his cock, he gasped with the sudden contact. She grasped it tightly and began to stroke. Ryan stopped kissing her, now, able only to lean against the wall and enjoy her touch. “Have you ever masturbated thinking about me?”

Ryan’s “yes” was mumbled, but she got the idea.

“Next time you do it, I want you to remember the feel of my hands around you and the feel of my breasts in your hands. Taking the hint, Ryan smiled and put his hands back under Erin’s sweater. He moved them slowly up her stomach and slid them under the wire of her bra. Each hand covered one breast completely. When he squeezed, she inhaled deeply.

Erin’s stroking was growing faster, now, and Ryan’s breathing, heavier. He pulled his fingers down her breasts until he held just the nipples. He felt them grow stiff as he began to rub them gently. Erin took one hand off of Ryan’s penis and began rubbing her own crotch. Ryan’s eyes grew wide, and when Erin tweaked his foreskin with her thumb, he moaned loudly and came. Still rubbing now, but more gently, Erin slowed her rhythm against both Ryan’s privates and her own. His body was quivering and she smiled at him, then leaned in for a quick kiss.

“You don’t have anywhere to be right after work, do you?”


“Good, because you’re going to return the favor. Now get back to work; your break is over.”

Erin flicked the light switch, then pulled the door closed and began to lock it, but before she could turn the key, Ryan turned around, “Crap, I left my scarf inside.” Erin let out a sigh and let him back into the store. Ryan didn’t go far, though. He stepped out of view of the doorway and turned to peek through the blinds. He could feel his penis growing harder as the last of his coworkers’ cars pulled out of the parking lot. He waited a beat after he heard the lock turn. When he turned, he was surprised to see Erin’s pants already sliding down her legs. “Not wasting any time, huh?”

“Fuck you. You got yours at lunch; I’ve been soaking through my panties all afternoon. Now get your ass over here and touch me.” Ryan wasted no time in complying. He grabbed her by the ass and lifted her ankles out of the crumpled khakis. With Erin’s legs wrapped around his waste, he carried her across the room and set her down on the sales counter. While Ryan pulled Erin’s sweater over her head, she wriggled out of her panties, letting them drop to the floor.

With the sweater in his hands, Ryan stepped back to admire Erin. “God you’re hot.”

“No shit. Now quit playing around and put your face between my legs.” Ryan dropped the sweater and stepped back to the counter. He wanted to do just as she told him to, but he refrained, instead using one hand to pull her face to his and letting the other rest lightly on her bush. Even from that position, Ryan could feel the heat emanating ankara escort from within her. His tongue caressing hers, Ryan sought out Erin’s clit with his middle finger. When he found it, she started on the counter. Her little jump made him grin and apply more pressure with his finger. She pulled her face away from his so she could throw her head back and moan. Ryan used the opportunity to move his kisses to her neck, then her shoulders. When he reached the top of Erin’s bra, he used the hand not pleasuring her to pop its clasp. He pulled it free of her arms and then continued kissing down her body. He paused briefly in his descent to nibble one nipple, then the other. This attention elicited more happy sounds from Erin, but she was getting impatient. She rested her hands on the top of Ryan’s head and applied gentle pressure. He knew what she wanted, but wanted to keep her waiting. Erin, however, was having none of that; she pushed harder on Ryan’s head and he relented, burying his face between her legs.

With his face now soaking in her wetness, Ryan inhaled deeply, taking in Erin’s scent. He pulled his head out from between her legs long enough to spin her around so that she was parallel with the counter. Erin laid back and Ryan climbed up to join her. When he lowered his head again, he brought it only close enough to her to flick her engorged clit with his tongue. She responded by breathing deeply and lifting her hips into the air. Ryan slipped his hands beneath her now raised ass and took one of her firm, round cheeks into each hand and started massaging them. The rhythm of his mouth against her cunt fell in time with the massage, and she began breathing more heavily. Ryan increased the pressure with both his fingers and his tongue.

As Erin grew closer and closer to climax, her ass lifted further and further off the counter. Eventually only her head, shoulders, and toes were touching the counter and her hips were writhing with pleasure. Ryan slid one hand around her hip, down across her neatly trimmed bush, and plunged two fingers deep inside her. He drew them out gradually, and them drove them back into her. She moaned again. Out again, then back in, and another moan. Slowly Ryan increased the speed of his fingers and Erin’s moaning kept pace, getting higher in pitch with each new thrust. Ryan could feel his cock straining against his zipper. Watching Erin squirm under his able touch had given him a boner like he had never had before. Suddenly she screamed. Her whole body convulsed, and a stream of liquid squirted out around Ryan’s fingers.

“What the fuck?!” Ryan pulled his fingers out of Erin and leapt back down to the floor. The look of ecstasy on Erin’s face was replaced by one of fury.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! I thought you were different than my stupid husband. That was the whole point!” Ryan merely stood next to the counter and looked confusedly at Erin and the puddle between her feet. “Well, haven’t you ever seen a woman cum before?!” He didn’t answer her question, but asked one of his own.

“What do you mean about your husband?”

“The idiot won’t even go down on me anymore, says he ‘doesn’t etimegut escort want me to pee on him.'”

“So that’s not pee?”

“Of course it’s not, you twat! Listen, when you cum, you squirt some shit out of you, right?”


“Well so do I. And if you ever want to see this pussy again, you’re going to come over here and lick it up.”


Erin raised her voice: “do youever want to fuck me?”


“Then you’re going to come over here, lick up that puddle, and then make me cum again.” The tone of her voice made it clear that this was an ultimatum. Even in the confusion and ensuing argument, Ryan’s erection had barely subsided. This was an extraordinarily hot woman lying on the counter before him, a woman he had fantasized about for years, a woman he knew he would do almost anything to be with again. So he stepped forward and bent down to lick the counter. Her cum had cooled off, but it still bore her fragrance; he was surprised by how much he enjoyed the flavor of it. It tasted like her. Ryan felt what little of his boner had abated return quickly. When the last traces of the puddle were gone, Ryan turned his tongue’s attention immediately back to Erin’s glistening pussy.

It was only moments this time before Erin’s body had tensed up. Her hips were dancing before Ryan’s face, and he had to weave and bob his head just to keep licking her clit. As before, her moans grew faster and higher as she came closer to cumming. When Ryan sensed she was on the verge, he stuck his thumb deep in her ass. The reaction was instantaneous. Erin’s entire body shuddered, her legs squeezed Ryan’s head from either side, and a stream of warm, fresh cum shot from within her. Ryan drank in as much as he could and let the rest drip down his chin. After a moment, Erin’s body relaxed and Ryan was able to pull his head out from between her legs. She shuddered a few times as orgasmic aftershocks rippled through her body. She looked content.

Ryan was happy, but he wasn’t content. By now, his boner was almost painful, so hard did it strain against his pants. He slid along the counter until he was kneeling between Erin’s legs. He bent to kiss her, unfastening his pants as he did so. When his penis was free of its confines, he guided it towards her, seeking her heat with the tip. She was gleefully returning his kiss, but when the head of his cock brushed her outer lips, she stopped.

“Nuh uhh. Not tonight.”


“Calm down. Soon, but I have to get going. I need to make it home before my husband.”

“But…” Ryan couldn’t formulate a complete thought. Erin gave him an amused, sympathetic look. She pressed a hand against his chest and pushed him back so that she could sit up. Once he was upright, she leaned forward and lowered her mouth around his erection. It took only a few flicks of her tongue and the gentle touch of her fingers on his balls before he let go in her mouth. Erin sat back up and looked him in the eyes as she swallowed. Then she turned and hopped off the counter.

“Now get lost; I need to get dressed and lock up behind you.” Ryan climbed down to the floor and zipped his zipper. He leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth, cupping her ass as he did so. As he stepped through the door to go home, he turned back to her; she had pulled on her panties and was fastening her bra.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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