Reunion in Hawaii Ch. 06

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Female Ejaculation

Sunday night as Chad and Aimee lay in bed kissing and talking about their weekend and the fun they had experienced together Chad began to open another door to his wife’s newfound exploratory nature. “Aimee, tonight I have a few different ideas on what we could try and experience.”

“I’m not sure what else you could possibly have in mind honey, but I suppose I’m open for another idea or two…I’ll try anything once at this point if you help me along.”

Chad stood up and turned on the video camera focusing on Aimee, still dressed in a t-shirt and her panties. “I’m going to play director tonight, perhaps later I’ll become an actor as well but for now you are my subject.”

Aimee gave a scared smile, knowing by his statement just what he had in mind but she was still nervous. She had never done anything to this extent for his pleasure and she figured this might be more trying than even the threesome they had shared previously with Heather. Licking her lips and trying to relax Aimee asked him just what he wanted.

“I’m going to help you out baby,” I whispered to her.

(Yes, the narrative now is going into the first person.)

“I want you to lift your shirt and show me those large titties of yours baby.”

Aimee began to lift her shirt off over her head and then as she took a deep breath she looked directly into the camera. She decided to give in completely and for the moment closed her eyes and began to rub her hands slowly down her neck.

“That’s a good sexy girl, now run your hands down and cup your tits for me, show them off to the camera baby.”

I watched as she began to bring her hands down and cup her breasts as I had instructed now without direction she began to rub both nipples getting them nice and hard for the camera, I zoomed in and watched as each nipple grew more rigid catching it completely through the lens. It was one of the most erotic moments I had ever experienced in my life without even touching the person of my lusts.

I watched as Aimee began to spread her legs and suddenly ripped off the thin thong that she had on discarding it as if the material were just paper, she began to rub her pretty bald little pussy as I watched growing harder by the moment.

“Now, let me give you a little added help baby,” I told her as I sat down the camera and focused it on her body.

Grabbing the clip on earrings I began to rub her nipples Escort Büyükçekmece making their points hard and ready for a little extra stimulation. I slipped the earrings over her nipples and locked them both down at once as she writhed and her hips came up off the bed. Giving each a tug I backed away as she began to let herself go and get more into the experience.

Aimee gave a little mew of pleasure as she spread her swollen pussy lips and began to rub her fingers up and down the slit. The camera back in my hands now as I watched through the lens once more as she smiled at the camera giving me a come hither look as her fingers began to push inside her pussy. Watching her fingers disappear inside the warmest, tightest pussy I had ever fucked almost made me cum right on the spot but I was going to refuse myself the pleasure of jerking off or fucking her until she had finished and couldn’t go on anymore. Aimee began to use her other hand to rub her clit and spread her lips wide as her other fingers began working in and out at a feverish pace. I watched as her fingers left her snatch and she brought them up to her mouth, this was the first time I had ever seen her do this in our years together as she began to suck her fingers into her mouth. She slid them in and out as she had done so many times with my cock, I could see her pink tongue darting in between her fingers cleaning off the juices as I struggled to restrain my own urges.

“Now, slide your fingers down and tug your clamps baby, then I want you to finger yourself until you cum,” I told her with a wicked grin on my face.

Aimee locked her eyes on mine as she began to pull at the clamps on her nipples, I watched all of her body as she did this and knew just from the quivers of her thighs and the goose bumps that arose on her arms and legs how excited this made her. While doing this Aimee began to rub her clit again with more speed than I had witnessed before and as she writhed I leaned down and pulled the little box beside the bed out and picked up the vibrator and handed it to her.

Aimee bit her lip as she took the vibrator from me and I could see the momentary innocent little one inside her, struggling to be the nasty, as she thought it, slut that I wanted her to be. She opened her legs wide and turned the vibrator on and began to rub it over her clit as her fingers on her other hand Çatalca escort slid inside her. I then watched as she opened herself up and pushed the vibrator inside, turning it on high as she returned her fingers to her clit. Aimee’s hips began to rise up off the bed to meet the thrusts of the vibrator, as I captured it all on tape.

“Now cum for me princess, you naughty little slut,” I implored her.

Aimee must have only needed that little bit of nasty encouragement because at that moment she began to pant and moan in squeals of delight as she worked the vibrator deep inside and her wet fingers stroked her clit. Her nipples rock hard clamp covered as she continued to cum, I sat the camera down focusing on her whole body as I stood over her and began to tug the clamps as she came.

As she began to breathe more steadily again she opened her eyes and looked up at me as I leaned down to kiss her lips.

“Now it’s your turn Chad, please let me videotape you stroking that big hard cock, I promise I’ll make it worth your effort.”

I figured what was good for the goose was equally as good for the gander here and as I sat down after she had fully recovered I slowly began to stroke my hard cock. Looking into her eyes, I told her a little lubrication might help. With a smile she sat the camera down and leaned forward capturing my cock between those hungry little lips. Her mouth dropped down to the base as she inhaled my shaft to the hilt and began to bob wildly. As she did this I reached between her legs and slipped three fingers up inside her well teased juicy pussy and got all the lubrication I would need in the short time it would take for me to cum.

I let her back away as I grabbed a hold of my cock and began to stroke it with the hand that had slippery fingers from my wife’s juices. I continued stroking as my other hand went down to tug at my balls and pull the sack tight as I could feel the arousal from watching her pleasure herself came to a head.

“Baby, uhh, this isn’t going to last much longer, I’m already, oh god, so close from watching you finger and fuck yourself.”

“Good then we can get down to quenching this need inside I have for your big dick,” she replied with a smile. I stroked my shaft faster and harder arching my back lifting my ass in the air as I stroked harder knowing that I was merely seconds away from coming. I watched Esenler escort bayan as my hand blurred up and down over my cock, the head poking through my fist with each stroke. I normally would be averse to doing this but she had given herself to me completely and I wanted to do whatever she asked now, eager to return her favor.

As I felt the first twinges of my orgasm hit I yelled out, “I’m going to cum!”

Aimee’s eyes got wide as she watched me stroke myself and as the first ropes of cum shot forth and onto my chest and stomach she smiled at me, “Doesn’t that feel so much better honey,” she asked.

I couldn’t speak while in the throws of an orgasm and I just mumbled something in grunts as I continued stroking until my cock wouldn’t shoot anymore cum. I watched as she sat the camera down focusing it on the bed as she leaned over and began to lick the cum from my chest, down to my stomach. Finally her hand wrapped around my shaft as she took me deep into her mouth and began to clean my cock. Looking beside me where her hips were I could see her fingers back inside her pussy as she sucked my cock.

Quickly she straddled me and began to ride me hard and fast, wiggling her tight ass on my thighs as her wet cunt held me tightly inside and her fingers danced over her clit. I reached up and tugged on the clamps over her nipples, which must have triggered another orgasm because she began to shake and writhe on my cock as she whimpered in pleasure. One of her hands came down to tug at the rings through my nipples and her other hand went behind her to rub my balls as she continued to ride me even though her pussy was still so sensitive after another intense orgasm.

Finally she began to shift back and forth as she played with my balls and rings and as I felt another orgasm hit, I warned her and told her it was going to happen. Aimee didn’t care she wanted to feel me cum inside her she begged.

I let loose right then and began to cum inside her as she leaned down and kissed me running her tongue over the hoop in mine and then her tongue caressed my lips as she collapsed on my chest. Holding each other we realized the videotape was still rolling, and I reached over pulling it off the stand and hit the stop and rewind buttons.

Flipping the LCD screen around I started the tape once it had finished rewinding, as Aimee lay there with her head on my chest, one leg draped over my hips we watched as she came onscreen. Her hand immediately shot down to my cock and started stroking me as the onscreen action became more intense. This started a whole new round of pleasure and play but that’s for another story….

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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