Revealing My Past

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My husband has been reading things on this site for a while and trying to get me to let another guy have me. I am not really ready to do that in spite of how much I want to please him. I do let him use toys and will talk with him as though we have someone with us. To make up for me not doing it, he started asking me about past men and wanted details. I have trouble telling him in person about these as lots of the men I have been with before are people he knows. I finally agreed to write some of them for him and he wanted me to put them here rather than give them to him? That sounded kind of good to me too as I could deny it was my story if he gets weird about any of it.

This particular time was after I was dating my husband. I had gone out of town to a corporate seminar and some people I knew, mostly men, were also attending from our area. These people all worked in the same field so we started out with not only knowing each other, but also things in common.

The seminar was pretty intense during the day and on the first day I was invited to go out and relax over drinks and dinner with some of the guys. I agreed quickly as I was really looking to unwind. I was dressed in business attire and asked if they minded waiting while I changed into more casual clothes. There were too many of us for one car so Doug said he would wait for me and drive us both to the restaurant, as he knew his way around the city. Everyone else was in a big rush to get to the drinks.

I started to walk to the elevator without really thinking where Doug was going. I guess I thought he was going to go to his room and maybe change too. I said something as we waited for the elevator about him wanting to change clothes too and he just said he was fine the way he was.

I felt a little funny about him coming with me, but did not want to sound whiny by saying something or presumptuous since I was not really sure he was not going to his room.

We got on the elevator and he asked what floor I was on and when I told him, he said he was too. I am still not sure where he is going? We get off the elevator and walk down the hall to my room and as I open the door, he stops and waits for me to unlock it. He then steps in behind me and asks if I mind him using the bathroom while I change. I should say that I was not afraid of Doug in any way but felt funny about him being in my room. I told him to feel welcome to use the bathroom and I would change while he did.

I started to slip out of my business suit and hang it as I heard him peeing. I turned and saw that the door was just pushed partially shut. I yelled to him not to hurry, as I needed a couple of minutes. I tried to be quick and had already removed my blazer, tossed that on the chair, quickly pulled my skirt down and tossed that in the chair and realized that I should have taken my thigh highs off first as I could escort sincan not slip my jeans on until I got them off and since I was without panties, my bare butt was hanging out to be seen. The sound of his pee stopped just as I stepped into the leg of my jeans and hurried to pull them up. I looked over my shoulder and Doug was standing there at the door. I could not tell if he saw my butt or not. I told him I would just be another minute and he just said not to rush as he leaned on the wall. I kept my back turned and unbuttoned my blouse and took it off and tossed it on my other clothes.

I was wearing a bra but wanted to get rid of it to relax and just wear the tank type t-shirt that I had chosen to wear out. I was still relatively young and firm and often skipped a bra in casual settings. Even with my back turned it seemed odd to strip off my bra with him there but I did not want to appear childish, so I just unhooked the front closure and removed it and tossed it also to the chair. I slipped my t-shirt on and then turned around to put my shoes on and Doug was just feet away. I quickly smiled but teased him verbally asking where he thought he was headed. Being a man, he said he was just thinking maybe we should order in. I was quick to let him know that I was not trying to start anything and just had to change and he shouldn’t read too much into that.

Doug laughed and asked me not to blame him for trying. We laughed and headed out to meet the others.

As we drove to the restaurant we chatted about the sights and our thoughts about the seminar. I found that my thoughts kept drifting back to the room and how surprised I was at myself for actually changing clothes that way. I was could not figure out why I did not wait and use the bathroom to change, where I was assured of privacy. The weather was warm and I could not think too much before we were at the bar and meeting up with the group.

The group had settled onto an outdoor patio area overlooking the ocean and it was perfect. We all chatted and the drinks flowed like water as we all got along and let ourselves lose the day’s tension. We opted to eat in the same area and had a wonderful time. I was the only woman in the group and was thrilled with all the attention I was getting. I always enjoyed flirting with these guys as it was always teasing and in fun and everyone knew it was not really sexual, just fun. I had not engaged in any more or less flirting with Doug than anyone else as far as I could tell, but when it came time to leave, everyone headed for the parking lot and the cars, but everyone was crowding into one car and I told them to come with us but they just piled in and waved goodbye? I looked at Doug and he just smiled.

Doug suggested then that since everyone else was in such a hurry perhaps we should go enjoy a walk on the beach. I was a little miffed that everyone ankara escort took off and said sure, why not. As we started toward the beach I realized that the drinks were having some effect as I was walking a little funny and acting a bit goofy. When we got to the sand, I took off my shoes and carried them. Between the loose sand and the drinks I was a little unstable and Doug put his arm around my shoulder and just kind of guided me. Somehow I still did not feel like this was anything abnormal.

We walked a ways and it was getting darker since we getting away from the commercial area and the lights. The setting was beautiful, with a breeze, sand, the sound of the waves and then the realization that I needed to pee. Not just a little but a lot. I looked around and told Doug we had to get back so I did not pee my pants. He looked and said that it was further than it looked. He suggested that with no one around, I should just go over by the dunes and pee.

I did not want to admit that I was a lousy outdoorswoman and whenever I tried to pee by squatting got my pants wet if I had them around my ankles. I guess it was the drinks but I just looked at him and told him that. His answer was simple; just take off your pants, he said.

Somehow at that point it made sense. We walked over by the dunes, I looked around to make sure no one was watching and started to undo my pants. I told him as I did to watch and make sure no one came along. He made some remark like, “Oh I will watch,” the meaning of which did not hit me until much later?

As I started to slide my jeans down, standing in the sand and being somewhat drunk, I began to lose my balance and was struggling to stay standing. Doug grabbed my shoulders and balanced me as I managed to get the jeans the rest if the way down and off my feet.

I squatted down and immediately stared to pee and signed in relief. I looked up and smiled at Doug and it was then that I realized he was still holding my shoulders, standing right in front of me watching me pee in the sand with nothing on but my t-shirt. He asked if I felt better and before I could answer had bent over and kissed me on the lips. I returned the kiss as I finished peeing. I could not figure out what to do now, but could not stay long in this position.

I was feeling playful but I am not sure I was feeling sexually playful. I think the alcohol and the setting had my brain pretty much disabled and now I was not wearing pants. Of course I had no toilet tissue. As I began to stand up wondering what was next, I looked at the ocean and just started to run toward it and pulled my shirt over my head as I ran. I went straight into the water and as I turned around saw Doug stripping just out of the water. Quickly he was naked and I watched as his cock bounce while he came into the water.

Everything just seemed ok now and as he approached etimesgut escort bayan me, I wrapped myself around him in a big hug and began a hot kissing session with him holding me up in the water. My legs were around him and I could feel his cock head rubbing up between my legs as he kissed me while one hand wandered all over me. He felt better than I ever thought he looked. I felt him trying to slip his cock into me and told him to take me out to the beach, that I did not want to do it in the water.

Doug walked me out to the sand, still with my legs wrapped around him and his cock poking at my bottom. I put my feet down and we kissed some more, standing naked at the water’s edge. I told him to lay back and he sprawled out on his clothes on his back while I slithered down on top of him and kissed him as I reached out and stroked his cock. He had a very nice cock that felt just perfect in my hand. I stroked and squeezed it until I had to get more and slipped down Doug’s body, kissing along until I got to his cock and just held it and stared a moment before I looked up at his face watching me and let my tongue flick over it and then lowered my mouth down over it as far as I could. I suck and bobbed on it as I watched him smile and tell me how he felt. When I started to get a good taste and feel of his pre cum leaking out I decided to move. I slipped back up his body and put my knees on either side of his head in the sand and lowered my pussy onto his face. I felt so wonderfully in control and aberrant! Doug licked and sucked my pussy like a master and reached up and fondled my titties as he did it. I was in heaven and started to cum like a wild woman, having several orgasms before I moved.

Finally I slid down again and licked my juice from his face as we kissed. I knew we both needed more and a little wriggle let me feel his hard cock at my pussy and I lowered myself down all the way onto it and savored the feel of it inside me. I am not sure how long I rode him nor how much I came before I felt him tense and cum inside me? It was long enough that I felt great as I rolled off him. We lay there a few minutes and then sat up and kissed and Doug suggested we rinse the sand off. We walked into the water and rinsed off and stood in the waves kissing for a few minutes. I felt like I was alone in the world with him.

We got out and he slipped his clothes on, sand and all, and we walked back to the dunes but could not find anything of mine except my sandals?? Doug took off his shirt and gave it to me to put on. I had to walk back into public areas and to the car wearing just his wet and sandy white dress shirt, but I barely cared about the looks I got as we walked hand in hand.

The next moment of reality was when I had to approach the hotel desk dressed this way to get a replacement key card for the one that had been in my jeans??

I survived that in my post orgasmic bliss, or was it the alcohol??

The next day was tough in many ways. Doug and I agreed that since he was married, we should let that one time be our only time and remain friends, albeit distant, today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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