Reverend’s Magic Wand

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Follow on from story Rex Erection.

When I studied in the seminary, I played around developing apps mostly related to the Bible. I created and marketed about ten of them. One of the apps sold bigtime. Based on its success, two more broke through on its coattails. Just before I graduated, I had an offer from a company that specialized in that sort of software. The deal left me with a generous endowment. I was modestly, but independently, wealthy.

After ordination, I went to assist at a parish in Ohio. The minister was a total misery. Our Church had this tenet that banned sexual relations once you had enough children or if you could not have children. That was tough for most people. Many didn’t follow that to the letter of canon law. But this guy, if he had his way, would just about ban sex. He didn’t like me nor I him. I completed the first year and concluded this was too much for me. I contemplated taking a year off to get my head straight. I was ineligible to move to another assignment because I didn’t put in enough time at the first parish.

I was traveling about enjoying the summer weather. My grandparents had lived just outside the northern suburbs of Detroit. I always loved that area and used to spend long spells with them during the summer vacations. They had both passed on. Two cars now occupied the driveway: a family with two or more kids judging by the yard. I drove further north beyond the suburbs. On the outskirts of a village, I came across a big ‘For Sale’ sign. It was a good-sized building on a large, paved plot of land. In the rear was a lovely garden. The facade had a dignified entrance door that seemed to open into a windowed office on each side. I drove around the back. The rear of the structure had a wide garage door and a couple of side doors. It must have been some kind of small factory.

I phoned the number on the ‘For Sale’ sign and got some details from the agent. It had been a plant that imported spices from around the world, processed and dehydrated them, then bottled and packaged them. The cost of the property seemed remarkably low. The property had been on the market for a couple of years. I got the key to check out the property and entered via an impressive front door. The foyer had windowed offices on each side. Ahead lay double doors that opened onto a large interior space.

Windows ran along both sidewalls allowing in lots of light. I figured it would hold about two hundred people. Behind the rear wall were a storage and loading area with a well-equipped kitchen and a large bathroom. A large roll-up garage door and external doors, one on each side of this backspace, gave outside access.

I could see this had the potential to be a small church. The fact that it was out in a sparsely populated rural area didn’t matter. Our sect was never a neighborhood-based church. As a niche sect, our congregants usually drove for miles to assemble. And there was plenty of parking. It would be quite a job to renovate and refurbish. Having worked with my grandfather, a master builder, for at least ten summers, I could manage this myself. For me, this would not be exhausting toil; instead, a challenging labor of love. I’m a hobbyist; this would be my project. It would cost a fair bit. Maybe the Church would pay for some of this?


I solicited the church treasury for funds. They would not participate in a project led by a ‘newly ordained kid with little experience’. So, I would have to go it alone. They would be more than willing to accept the 10% tithe if I could establish this new parish, but since they would not contribute to the start-up, I got that down to 8%.

There were approximately fifty families of our sect within my region and maybe another forty for whom my location was more convenient. Perhaps others were not totally happy in their assigned parish. That was good enough for me. With a lot of help from future parishioner volunteers, I spent the rest of the year getting everything fitted out and ready to go. I converted the rear area into my personal living quarters. The front offices became the Parish Center and a conference room.

One part of the backspace was a shower area with four cubicles. The workers had used it to scrub eryaman escort off varieties of spices that were pungent or left them sneezing. I removed the partitions and did it up as a fancy spa. I left the two outer showerheads in place and replaced the center two with one long rainforest head. Instead of shower curtains, I put in a long glass wall with a sliding door at one end.

Not perfect but adequate. I would happily work on more improvements over the years as both a hobby and a necessity.


I had been in operation for a couple of years, and things were going well. One summer day, I was in the parish office near the foyer of my Church, striving to catch up on a backlog of paperwork. The window blinds were closed to keep the sun’s fierce heat from transforming the room into a furnace. I heard a rapping on the window and went to unlock the front door. Outside the glass door stood a tall young bronze-skinned woman with a self-assured air about her. She smiled and gave a little wave. Opening the door, I welcomed her in. Despite the heat, she looked composed in a loose onyx-black tee-shirt and short wide hemmed skirt.

A single copper earring and a delicate flowery tattoo faded into the tanned skin of her upper arm lent an air of elegance.

“Come on in away from that torrid heat.” I greeted her. “There is no doorbell. I haven’t got around to it yet. This is the office.” I ushered her in.

“I’m the only one working here for the moment. No office secretary, no cleaner! Here, take a pew, as we say in the business,” trying to be light-hearted.

She sat, crossing her long, athletic legs.

“I don’t recognize you. Are you one of my parishioners?” I queried.

“No. My name is Chloe. I wanted to talk with you if that’s OK.”

“Sure. First, tell me about yourself and then what is on your mind, Chloe,” I inquired, attempting to break the ice.

“Well, I’m a third-year student of political science. A bit of an activist in my spare time. Particularly women’s issues and most left-wing causes. I plan to do something in politics though I’m not sure what yet.” she said.

“I’m in a relationship with Sydney, my boyfriend. He’s an artist and quite a bit older than me. Not sure how long term that is yet, but we’ll see.”

She hesitated.

“I’ll jump right in because it seems a bit of a strange request.” Her rosy cheeks flushed a little.

“I have a pathological fear of breast cancer.” She whispered.

This remark caused me to gaze at her well-shaped tits, which I had been trying not to do. Now I had an invitation to focus on them. They appeared to be spectacular!

“I must say, Chloe, they do look quite healthy!” I ventured.

Tossing her long, highlighted auburn hair back off her face, Chloe muttered, “Thank you. But, this is more of a psychological thing, I think.” The comment forced her thin lips into a smile.

“So, how can I counsel you, Chloe?” I queried. “Is it an anxiety problem? Have you discussed this with your doctor or with Sydney?”

My doctor has examined me and had some tests done but can find nothing wrong. Sydney is a total jerk. Not at all empathetic!”

“I mean, it may be more psychical rather than physical.” she ventured.

“Is that why you came to see me?” I asked.

Her dark grey eyes weighed me up.

“Exactly. I need some unconventional advice, Reverend.”

“I do have a lot of specialized information here,” I said, getting up and walking over to my tall, double-door cabinet. “I have information here on just about anything. Health care, mental care, addiction, and so on.” I rummaged around. “I don’t really know anything about breast cancer, per se. But I have some literature that might help, maybe even a video.” I suggested while compiling a few brochures.

“Here we are! I’ve found a couple of bulletins on breast cancer prevention.”

As I turned around, I was dumbstruck and rendered speechless. Chloe was sitting on my desk. She had cast off her black sweater and sat stark naked from the waist up. Her bare, well-proportioned tits were gorgeous. Enchantingly symmetrical. Her pink-hued areolae encircled tiny tense nipples. I dropped the brochures.

“Chloe, what are you doing?” I gasped. escort ankara “This is not the place. Put your shirt back on immediately!”

I could not take my eyes off her glorious globes.

“This is not about sex, Reverend. I have a cooperative boyfriend for that,” she said, “This is a serious quest for liberation, riddance from a bewitching obsession. I need help!”

“I’ve been agonizing about breast cancer,” she continued. “I’ve had mammograms and tests. I frequently check for lumps. It’s just a powerful intuition I have.”

“I need you to make an effort. Please examine my breasts.” She brought my hands up and placed one on each boob.

“I’ve seen medical specialists, Reverend. That’s not what I need. I require someone with potent superpowers.”

“We should not do that here, Chloe. This is inappropriate. I can recommend a professional for you to go see.” I stammered, “I’ll do this to satisfy your needs, but I don’t believe it will remedy anything.”

Using both hands, I started to inspect her breasts, checking and exploring for lumps. I squeezed and pulled and examined her nipples. I was twisting and tweaking them. These were the most gorgeous tits I had ever seen, let alone felt up, and yet there was nothing sexual about the encounter. I was experiencing it but not sensing it as any part of foreplay. Chloe was not responding to it that way either. This activity went on for at least ten minutes.

“Thank you for doing this,” she said appreciatively. “Again, it’s not a sexual thing. I just desperately need to feel some vitality nurturing my breasts.”

With mixed feelings, I continued to manipulate these great tits. Chloe closed her eyes and sat there relaxing as her stress level visibly diminished. It was exhilarating whether she deemed it sexual or not. I was developing quite a hard-on. Since I was wearing loose-fitting track shorts, I could see this becoming embarrassing.


After another ten minutes, while I was in a dream world of my own, Chloe’s shoulders began to heave, and she broke out in giant sobs. She reached out to embrace me, which abruptly terminated my fantasy. Chloe remained sat on my desk. With her head on my shoulder, she wept into my ear.

“I’m so sorry, Reverend. I lied to you, deceived you. I didn’t know how to start, so I showed you my breasts to get your attention.”

“You certainly did that.” I tried to soothe her distress. “Why did you do that?”

“It’s not the breasts I’m scared of. It’s my vagina. That’s my real concern.”

I lifted my gaze to her tear-filled eyes. She blinked and droplets ran down her cheeks.

“I’m a friend of Jill Shannon. She told me how you cured her husband and brought him back to life. You performed a miracle on Rex. He’s up and about now, living a normal life.”

Continuing, she whispered, “Chloe confided that you cured Rex through her with your Magic Wand. She also said that you transformed her in the course of the therapy. She’s a new woman! You completely revolutionized her life and started them both on a new path. They now do all sorts of outdoor activities. Even joined a couples’ club that meets regularly on nude beaches.”

“Mm! That’s why I’m no longer seeing them at Church. They really have changed their lifestyle,” I thought

“I helped her briefly with one problem she had. Rex’s recovery was just nature helped by good medical care.”

“Jill said you performed this miracle through your Magic Wand!” She continued.

This was now getting spooky. I did not want it to get out that I used my position to extract sexual favors from my parishioners. Nor spread rumors about magic healing. The situation was becoming delicate.

“That is a complete fabrication. It was nothing like that!” I stammered. “That’s not the way it happened. Rex was under professional medical supervision. TLC and Jill’s tender vigilance is what cured him. I simply helped Jill with a minor detail. More of a psychological thing.”

“Exactly! That’s the kind of help I’m looking for.

Chloe leaned back and looked me in the eye.

“Jill is a very old friend, and I trust and believe her completely.”

Her determined expression and flaring nostrils evidenced sincan escort that resistance was useless.

“My real anxiety is not for my breasts, but here.”

She pushed me back and raised her heels onto the desk, her thighs spread apart. I looked down to see a superbly well-groomed pussy, nakedly vulnerable.

“This is my real problem. I am paranoid about cancer down here, not up top.”

Rarely stumped for words, in this situation, I was speechless.

“I don’t want you to fuck me, Reverend, I have a boyfriend who does that. Just insert your Magic Wand and stay very still! That’s all I ask. I believe this will put me on the path to recovery. Even if I don’t have cancer, it will be preventative. And most important, my mind will accept it and free me of any irrational thoughts. Please just insert it and leave the rest to me.”

She reached down into my loose shorts and clutched my granite-hard cock. Chloe pulled me toward her beckoning honeycomb. Between the tits massage and the exposure of her lady parts, I had a rigid erection. I still had some reservations. Was this some kind of trick? Maybe Chloe is a little unstable. Where was this leading? I decided I would trust in a higher power and let the decision be made for me. Chloe was wetting the end of my penis with saliva. It was a lower power that finally made the decision. I let my penis choose!

She inserted the head of my dick then dragged me forward by my butt. I guess my tit fondling had served some purpose as she was wet enough for me to slide right into her. Chloe gripped my butt and held me inside her up to the hilt. She locked me in by wrapping her legs around my waist.

“Don’t move,” she said. “Just stay calm and still.”

I didn’t have much choice as she was holding me so tight. Repressing the natural desire to pump, I focused on the sensation of being inside her. She enfolded my penis like a clenched vise. By staying calmly inactive, I could feel the walls of her vagina embracing my dick. It was very subtle at first, but once I became attuned, it was compressing and undulating as if to extract some vital spirit. By centering on these vibrations, I could perceive other phenomena. This intense conjoining uncoupled my mind from the physical situation. I was in a zone of transcendent sex. Nothing existed but this sublime relationship between my penis and its intimate mate–no other universe. The zephyr-like embracing and psychic communication between us were transporting me along a scale of ascending stimulation. I approached such an intensity of arousal that I became aware of imminent orgasm.

This triggered a psychical switch in Chloe so that she knew I was about to cum.

She pushed me backward and slid off my desk. Falling to her knees, she took my whole organ into her mouth. By sucking and twirling her tongue, she instantly brought me to nirvana. Chloe tenaciously drained every drop of sperm and drank it down.

Chloe kissed and hugged me. “That was it! That was the magic I needed to conquer my phobia. I know I will lose the anxiety now. No more worrying!”

She retrieved her top, and I lost sight of those magnificent tits I had almost forgotten about.

“So that was the spellbinding Magic Wand! It is certainly a miracle worker. Now I can confirm its authenticity, Reverend. Awesome!” she effused. “I won’t mention this to anyone, except maybe Jill. OK?”

I was still trying to understand what had happened and why so fast. Finally, I was able to stutter, “Chloe, I think you are the magic one. That was the most stranger-than-strange experience. I loved it!”

“Psychic sex discipline, Reverend. You should check it out!”

“I can’t really thank you enough. Very few men have that unique ‘wand aura’. I knew you must have it based on Jill’s description. I’m sorry if you think I tricked you or took advantage.” lamented Chloe.

“No, I’m glad I could help. Even if I don’t quite know what happened.”

“If you want to know more about our movement, contact me sometime.”

Chloe left her card on the desk.

“I’m cured now, Reverend. But maybe we’ll run into each other again in this world or another.” I’m sure she hinted at a closer world than my ‘heaven’.

After Chloe had left, it occurred to me that this was not a sexual encounter for her. At no point was she sexually aroused. When I fondled her breasts, her nipples responded but other than that?

I still have a lot to learn. Maybe I’ll investigate it!

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