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Hi, A word of caution. If you are looking for blow by blow descriptions of sex it might be best to go to other author’s stories. I like to think that the mind is our greatest sex organ. So I try to leave out the graphic details then you can use a little imagination.


My sister saves me

I was fifty years old when a drunk driver killed my wife. I was lost. For over a year I hid in my apartment. I had received a generous settlement from the accident that did nothing to change the loss I had suffered. But between that and her life insurance policy I had a good nest egg. That helped because with my depression I lost my job.

Then my little sister tried to come to my rescue. She lived about an hour away so getting together wasn’t always easy but every other month or so we would meet halfway for a visit. Usually it was lunch, sometimes dinner. Her having been single all her life and nothing to tie her down except work would spend the night at a motel before driving back to her home. I would always drive till late at night so I would get home.

I have a very small RV that we, my wife and I, would take trips to where ever our fancy took us. After her passing I took several short outings on my own but it wasn’t the same. No one to share with as the miles went by. It was at one of our lunches I told Rickie about maybe selling the RV. Because she knew how much I enjoyed it I had to explain how it was traveling alone. She agreed it might be hard right now but maybe I should hold off for a while and maybe I might fee l differently later on. She might be right so I took her advice and put off the decision.

Two weeks later Rickie called out of the blue. We didn’t normally talk unless we were setting up a lunch meeting and then it was texting. “Listen Rob, I have two weeks of PTO due and I have to use it before the end of the company year. I’m thinking we, you and I, could take a trip in your van. I’ve never been to Arizona. Looking at the map we could be there in two days. If you buy the gas I’ll do the food and camping fees. How about it? Want to get out and stretch your legs a bit?”

I told her to let me think about it and get back to her the next day. After hanging up I remembered the RV only had one bed and limited privacy for the Porta Potty. Actually no privacy, it sat in a cabinet during the day and out in the open at night. Her idea wasn’t a good idea.

The next morning I called her and thanked her for the idea but explained about the toilet facility and more importantly the bed problem. “Yah that could be a problem couldn’t it? If you would look the other way when I needed the pot I could live with that. I mean you heard June peeing before right? And then there’s the bed thing. How big is it? Can you stay on your side? I don’t take up much space. Would that work? I really think if you mind your manners we could do this. I get to see Arizona. You get to travel a little and have someone to share with. You could put up with me for a couple of weeks couldn’t you? Think a little more will yah? Give me a call.”

I thought it over all that day and into the night. We had enjoyed Arizona on several trips in the past. It’s an interesting state. At least the desert parts are. So I called Rickie the next day and said I was willing to try it and if it didn’t work we could always cut it short and come home. It took a bunch of texts to get it all worked out but on a Sunday afternoon the RV and I were at her home. We loaded the groceries and her one bag of clothes. I had stressed that space was limited and there was no way we could fit a suitcase much less two. She had gone overboard on refrigerator food so we had to leave some of it behind.

But we were loaded and heading down the road. I pushed it and we were in the middle of Kansas that night. Actually it was almost the next day when we stopped. A rest area on the turnpike was our campground. Not a very glamorous or an impressive beginning to Rickie. “This is camping? I thought there might be a picnic table and trees, maybe grass.”

I assured her it would get better the next day. I was exhausted I fell asleep almost before my head hit the pillow. Sometime in the night I heard the tinkling in the pot. As she was crawling back in I got up and did the same. We just slept in our clothes the first night. It seemed easier then getting undressed. At least that was my excuse. Rickie was back in bed when I finished so I had to crawl over her to get back in. “Did I wake you?” she asked.

“You did but I had to use the Porta Potty anyway so it wasn’t a big deal.”

She laughed and told me, “See ya in the morning.”

The rest area had a restaurant so by seven we were on the road and late that day pulled into a nature preserve in Oklahoma. I had made reservations and we were all set. There was time for a quick drive around the preserve and Rickie was impressed. Supper was pleasant. We even had a picnic table. We sat around and talked for a while. It was getting late and we both had started to yawn. Avrupa yakası escort “I’m done. Before I turn into a pumpkin I am going to bed. Before we leave in the morning I want to take one more drive around this place.” I told her.

I had never worn pajamas and wasn’t going to start now so in my boxers I lay myself down. I called out that it was her turn. It was still a little bit light out and I happened to open my eyes at the wrong time or was it the right time. Rickie was just pulling her bra off and I saw a bit of one breast. Well, more than a bit. I saw the whole thing. It was small with a quarter size areola, a small pink nipple and very little sag. I guess being small helped in the sag department.

When she realized she was facing me she quickly turned away and finished putting her pajama top on. “Rob…did you see anything?”

“No. What was it?”


“Will maybe a little bit.”

“You said that you would give me privacy.”

“I’m, sorry. I didn’t think. My eyes opened and there you were.”

“Next time keep your eyes closed.”

“Ok. I will. But I have to at least say it. You have nice tits.”

“Thank you…I think.”

She got into bed and lay on her side facing away from me. I fell asleep with the vision of a good looking boob in my head. Not too big, just right with the hint of sag that proved she was a woman.

Later as my bladder woke me I knew I was in trouble. I was snuggled up to Rickie. My one arm and hand was draped over her hip and resting on her leg. I lay there listening. Maybe she is sleeping. I slowly moved my arm away and then moved back until I wasn’t touching her. So good so far, she was still breathing deeply.

I managed to get up and do my business. As I was getting back in she asked me, “My turn? Are you done?” I told her that it was ok to do her thing and I would see her in the morning.

When I woke up Rickie was dressed and outside reading her kindle. I peed, put the pot away and dressed. I hollered out that I was hungry and needed food. As we ate I caught Rickie looking at me kind of funny several times. “What.” I asked her.

“Nothing, I just enjoy you being a little happy, that’s all. Eat and let’s get moving.”

We spent the day sightseeing. It’s a very interesting place and we saw wild cows, the ones with long horns, a few elk, some deer and a prairie dog city. The night passed without any problems. We took turns peeing as normal.

The next day found us at a state park in Arizona. We lay around all that day with plans to move to a national park the next day and start some serious sightseeing. That night was when it took a turn for the worst or the better, depending on your outlook on things.

I woke in the middle of the night. Up tight to Rickie. I was holding one of her tits in my hand and I was pressing my hard dong into her butt. All I could think was aw shit if she wakes up I’m dead. I tried to ease back. I was finally able to disengage and get back to my side of the bed.

I must have eventually fell back to sleep but it took a long time what with thinking about what I had been doing. When morning I was so ashamed of myself. How could I do that? What was I thinking? I had been touching her. I’m a bad brother was running through my head.

Like the previous morning Rickie was outside reading. When she heard me moving around she came in and acted like nothing unusual had happened that night. She was cheerful and chatting. Breakfast was cold cereal so we could get on the road. A national park was waiting.

That night we camped in the park and we had spent the day in the camp ground making plans. Supper had been good. Rickie was acting normal. Had I dreamed about last night? What was going on? I had groped my sister and she had let me. What the hell was going on? Should I say something? Do something?

As we sat at the table after supper we were both drinking a beer and quietly reading. Well she was reading. I was still thinking. Finally I had to say something. “Rickie?”

She looked up, “Yes.”

“Um…about last night.”


How do I do this? “You know what I did don’t you?”


“You know I touched you right? As you were sleeping?”


“Are you going to say anything about it? Do you want me to take you home?”


“Well because I was touching you as you slept. Doesn’t it bother you? Make you upset or angry?”


“But I was doing more than touching your breast.”

“I know. You had an erection and were pushing it against my ass. “

“Doesn’t that bother you?”

“No…should it? Men get hard sometimes. Especially if its’ been a while since they have had an orgasm. So unless you’ve been masturbating lately you are probably haven’t not had any real relief have you.”

I could just look at her. This was my sister talking to me like this.

“Well…have you been masturbating?”

I couldn’t answer. I didn’t know what to Ataköy escort bayan say. Should I tell her it’s none of her business? Should I or could I tell her that it wasn’t much fun by myself. As a young man it was a regular thing. But after getting married, June would do it to me if I was getting anxious and she wasn’t in the mood.

“Well…have you?”


She stood up. Grabbed her beer and drank the rest. She dropped the empty on the table. “Come on Rob.” She took my hand and pulled away from the table. I reached for my beer. “Forget that. You can finish it later.”

The next thing I knew we were in the camper. She was pulling my shorts down and then my undies. “Sit.”

I sat. She pulled my legs out of the pants and boxers. “Spread them.” She pushed one knee left and the other to the right. She reached back for a box of tissues. As she was knelling, “Just let me do this. I want to and you need it. Don’t you?”

In seconds I was stiff and ready. Her hand felt so good. When she told me, “You’ve got a really nice cock Rob. This is fun. Am I doing it ok?” I was getting ready. I warned her that something was going to happen. “What’s going to happen? Are you going to shoot Rob? Come on do it. Show me how much you’ve been storing.”

She pulled a few tissues out and held them ready, just in time. She covered the end of my penis and caught almost all of my emissions. The little that had run down the shaft she cleaned up with a new tissue. She looked up at me, smiled, “Ok big brother…feel better? And you are a big brother. I am impressed.”

When I finally regained my senses I offered to help her. She told me no, she didn’t need any help. I asked why she had done it and she thought that I needed what she had done. “My motto is tis better to give then receive. I gave and you received. Maybe someday I will need a gift and know who to ask.”

That night I cuddled again. Rickie didn’t seem to mind. In fact she kind of wiggled back at me. We spent three days exploring the park. Driving the park and walks as the mood struck us. I had never appreciated my sister much in the past. It turns out she was a wonderful companion and friend. Even without the hand job I would have enjoyed our time together.

After the release Rickie had given me I had been content until sex raised its head again. We had been used to cuddling at night. But then several nights later I found myself hard and pushing up against my sister again. I knew it when she woke up. My clue was when she reached back and took ahold of that thing that was poking at her and asked, “You need something?”

I tried to pull back and tell her that no and I was sorry. She should just go back to sleep. Everything would be ok.

“I don’t believe you.” She let go of my dong. She wiggled and moved around. She reached back and pulled my boxers down until I was free of them. Rickie reached between her legs took ahold of my erection and guided it into place. She pushed her ass back toward me. Bare skin touched my hips. Her bottoms had disappeared, “Put it in me. I’m ready.”

The little head has no conscience. The big head does whatever the little head commands. I was fucking my sister and enjoying it. Oh was I ever enjoying it. But it didn’t last nearly long enough. In way to short a time I was pushing in hard and doing my best to fill her with my offerings.

As I softened and pulled out she reached back and patted my hip, “Feel better?”

I was devastated. I had fucked my sister. Even worse I had enjoyed it. I started to cry. I asked her to forgive me. I promised to take her home the next morning.

She rolled over and held me in her arms. “Just why do you want to take me home? I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. If I wasn’t willing there is no way your cock would have gone in. I took my bottoms down didn’t I? I pushed your undies out of the way. It felt good. I liked it when you slipped inside.”

“I, we shouldn’t have done it. When you did me a few days ago I knew it was wrong. What if others knew what I did to you? Or what you did to me?”

“Are you going to tell others that I gave you a hand job? That you fucked me?”

I waved my head no.

“I’m not telling anyone either. So just relax I liked it. You liked it. When we want we can do it again. Only next time I may want a turn. Understand?”

She was serious about not needing anything. She was ok for now and if and when she needed it she would be sure and tell me. So for the next several nights I would snuggle up close. I didn’t touch her anywhere that was improper. No hard-ons and no tit touching. Just being close was good enough for me.

It was after supper the night before we were scheduled to leave for another park she told me, “I’m ready.” We had been sitting outside and her statement came out of the blue.


“I’m ready. I want some sex. I told you that when I was ready I would tell you. So…now I’m telling you. I am ready.”

“We should go Escort Şirinevler inside.”

“Yah…that’s probably a good idea, I’m not big on having audience when I’m getting my kitten licked.”

Rickie knew what she wanted and how she wanted it. I was putty in her hands. Watching her strip I remembered the tits I had saw earlier. She was in great shape. Her stomach had just a slight pouch. Her pubic hair was trimmed short so that the slit showed. Because she had been wearing shorts most of our trip I already knew her long legs were strong and firm legs.

“Get naked Rob. If you do a good job I may give you something later.”

As we lay on the bed I kissed her. Just a peck then she took my head in her hands and we kissed deeply. We shared a few more kisses. She pushed my head down. I spent a lot of time with those lovely tits. “Oh Rob. I love what you’re doing but I need something more.” She pushed me further south.

I licked and I sucked. First her outer lips, then further deeper. A finger went inside. She asked for more and I added a second. Her g spot was easy to find. When I moved up too worship her clit she went wild. Thankfully she was a silent wild cat. As her orgasm took over her legs were clamped tightly around my head. I could only hang on and continue doing what I had been doing.

Minute later she started to relax. My head was free. I pulled back and looked up at her red and sweaty face. She looked satisfied but to make sure I licked her again. “Stop…no more…leave me alone…please.” I moved up and held her in my arms. “That was good. I may need that again in a day or so.”

She reached down to find my penis. It wasn’t hard to find sticking up like it was. Her hand massaged it for a bit then she asked, “What can I do for you? Hand job? Blow job? You want to fuck me? What’ll it be?”

“Actually if you just hold and play with it for a while. Maybe I’ll change my mind but right now I’m content. I enjoyed giving you what you needed. The give and receive recipe works for right now. Maybe later ok? For now why don’t we just lay here?”

I pulled the covers up and we both fell asleep, me with one hand between her legs and her holding on to my shrunken dong.

It was dark when I finally stirred. Damn bladder. Rickie woke when I was getting up to pee. We put our clothes back on and she made us sandwiches. We shared the last beer we had. And then went back to bed. We hugged and kissed a little. She offered to do me, like she offered to do before. I suggested we go to sleep. It didn’t take a lot of conversation to convince her. I guess she was satisfied and content.

I woke first the next morning. Without getting my clothes on I quickly used the pot and crawled back in. Rickie did the same. We lay there for the longest time, on our backs looking at the ceiling. She rolled on her side and took a hold of my penis. “Want to fuck me?”

I did. In hind sight I should have last night. In seconds I was hard and moving on top of her. It was great. She moved with me. It was like we had been intimate all our lives. Sadly I wasn’t able to bring her along with me. In minutes I was going over the edge. I lay there on top of her completely spent.

“Ok… get off. I need to breath.”

I pulled my soft member out and rolled off. Rickie made a little moan. I looked over and she had a hand down by her crotch and was touching herself. I quickly pulled her hand away and moved down. As I started to lick her she tried to push me away. “I’m all messy down there. Stop it.”

I stopped, looked up at her, “Would you suck me and let me finish in your mouth? Would you maybe swallow?”

She nodded yes.

“Then let me do this for you.” And she did. Another head squeeze as she went over the edge.

As we lay there one more time she looked at me, smiled, “We are quite the pair aren’t we? Who would ever believe what is going on? You fucked me. And licked my kitten clean and I let you. What next?”

I confessed I had no idea but for now we should get up, eat and get on the road. There were more parks to visit and time was moving on. “One more little thing, I want that blow job you offered. Maybe later tonight, I’m feeling that urge.”

Rickie laughed, “You got it bud. One blow job coming up tonight, that’s if you’ll do something for me in return, deal?”

For the rest of the trip we kissed and touched and licked and sucked and fucked. I was in lust and couldn’t stop. Thankfully Rickie was in as bad a shape as I was. It wasn’t every night. I’m getting old. But maybe it was most nights. Unless we did something in the morning before getting up or before lunch or maybe after lunch time.

The trip brought me back to life. I couldn’t thank my little sister enough. Well I did give her many orgasms. That might have partially paid my debt. Yes we visited a bunch of parks before the trip was over. I’m proud to say I had sex in every one of them.

We made a decision. I was unemployed. She had a good job. My apartment lease had six months to run. I was able to get out of the lease because they had a new renter already lined up. With some of Rickie’s and my savings we were able to put a good down payment on a small three bedroom house a few miles out of her town. My depression was history. I found a job in an IT department that I was qualified for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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