Riding Hot

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It was early in the evening on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. The highway leading north into Springfield was packed with couples looking for a fun night out on the town. Far fewer travelers were going south, away from the hubbub and the lights.

There was one car that did neither. A beaten-up green sedan sat on the shoulder of the highway leading north, not moving at all. Next to the silent car stood a young woman, dressed in the uniform of the prestigious St. Barnaby’s private school. Gray blazer emblazoned with a stylized yellow B, a matching pleated short skirt that reached three quarters down her thigh, gray socks that reached just under her knee, and a simple light blue blouse. The woman was Sonya Thompson and she was speaking to her father, Kyle Thompson, on the phone.

“What are you even doing out there?” he asked with a touch of anger in his voice.

The Thompsons lived in Riverside, a small town of ten thousand souls an hour’s drive away from Springfield. Sonya thought it was the most boring town in the world and even the strictly catholic private school St. Barnaby, which was roughly halfway between Riverside and Springfield, felt like a paradise in comparison.

“I was going to a VD party,” Sonya grumbled.

“You’re not old enough to go partying at night in Springfield!”

“I’m eighteen, Dad,” she fired back.

“You’re still in high school and you still live under our roof.”

“Not for much longer,” Sonya threatened.

There was silence on the other end, followed by a long sigh. Sonya fumed, tapping her foot. At least the anger was keeping the cold at bay. Her clothes weren’t well suited for the frosty February temperatures.

“We can talk about this some other time,” Kyle said. “Let’s deal with your situation first. We’ll need to call a tow truck—”

“I already called the tow truck, Dad. I’m not an idiot.”

“Right. Of course. We can be there in half an hour if your mother is driving and get you home.”

“I was thinking it’d be easier to get a ride with the truck into Springfield and then stay at a hotel there,” Sonya suggested. “I can book the room myself, it’s not a problem at all.”

“Even if I thought that was a good idea, it’s a no go. We tried to book a room for Valentine’s last week and everything was already full.”

“I’m sure I can find something. Someone always cancels at the last minute,” Sonya tried.

“Trust me, you won’t be able to find a room. And are we supposed to just wait here for you to find something and then when you don’t, drive to Springfield? It’ll be way past midnight at that point.”

“You don’t have to wait, it’s my problem.”

“No, it’s our problem. Just wait there, we’ll be—”

“Dad, the highway is pretty backed up and I’m not standing in the freezing cold on the side of the road for an hour.”

“Yes, hm, that’s probably not the best. Ahm, hold on, didn’t you say you were by exit three?”

“I can see the sign for it.”

“Your uncle Sam lives in, hold on… Fairview. That’s only a couple of miles.”

“Ooh, Uncle Sam? I haven’t seen him in forever.”

“I think that may be—”

Suddenly there was a scuffle on the other end of the line. Sonya looked at her phone, hoping it wasn’t on her end. The cell signal was strong and she still had eighty percent battery left.

“Sonya?” her mother Lilianne asked.

“Hello, Mom,” Sonya sighed.

“Do you have any friends living nearby?”

“I have friends in Springfield, I can just go—”

“You’re not staying overnight in Springfield, you’re still—”

“I’m eighteen,” Sonya snapped.

“Think carefully, please. Any of your classmates live in the area?”

In the background, Sonya heard her father say something about calling Sam.

“Well… I have an uncle that lives near here,” Sonya said coyly.

“Your father should not have suggested that,” Lilianne groaned.

“Why not? I haven’t seen Uncle Sam in forever. Ohh, I think the truck’s here.”

“Good. Maybe they can fix your car and then you can drive straight home. Do you hear me? Straight home.”

Bright headlights illuminated the young Ms. Thompson, huddling in the cold. The driver pulled in front of the green sedan and cut the engine. Sonya remained on the phone while the driver got out. They had a short conversation in which she described the metallic ka-chunk-a-chunk that killed the engine in the middle of the road. She popped the hood and the mechanic bent down with a flashlight.

“He’s taking a look now,” Sonya said.

“I got ahold of your uncle,” Kyle said on the other end. “You are lucky that he’s even home. He said he’d be willing to put you up for the night, we can come pick you up in the—”

Another scuffle, followed by Lillianne’s voice.

“We’ll be there as soon as possible, okay? This is just so you have somewhere warm to stay until we get there. Half an hour at most.”

“Mom, the highway is stuffed.”

“Doesn’t matter. Your dad and I are leaving right now, we’ll be there.”

“I can sleep for one night at Uncle Sam’s. It’s not a problem.”

“Sonya, listen to me. This is important. tuzla escort I want you to be careful around Sam, okay?”

“Why? What’s wrong? Did something happen and that’s why he hasn’t visited in a long time?”

“No, it’s not—it’s complicated.”

“Is he dangerous?”

“No, of course he’s not. He’s just… Sam.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means we’re coming to pick you up.”

“Mom, you don’t have to. I can take care of myself.”

“You most certainly can not. You’re still my little baby.”

“I’m eighteen.”

“That’s right. Eight-teen. Still a teenager. In high school.”

“Now you sound like Dad. Hold on.”

The mechanic informed her that while it wasn’t a serious failure, he didn’t have the parts to fix it with him. It would be easiest to tow it to the nearest garage. She asked him if he could drop her off in Fairview, which was only a minor detour.

“I’m getting a ride to Fairview,” Sonya told her mother.

“Ohh, okay,” Lilianne said, clearly unhappy.

“Can you text me the address?”

“On it!” Kyle shouted in the background.

“I’ll see you soon, okay?” Lilianne said. “Thirty minutes tops.”

“Yeah, right. See ya,” Sonya said and ended the call.


The house on 923 Orchard Lane was smaller than Sonya expected. A very modest, one-story home with an attached garage, just big enough for a one or maybe two people. It wasn’t ugly, far from it — the property exuded serenity. The backyard looked like the perfect place for a little girl and the dog she always wished she had to spend lazy summer days.

That Valentine’s Day was about as far from a lazy summer day as possible. It hadn’t snowed yet that winter but the temperatures were close to freezing at night. Sonya got out of the warm cabin of the tow truck and her breath produced big clouds of vapor.

There was a light on inside the house, which was a good sign. She thanked the mechanic and he gave a card with the address of the garage. Then she was by herself again.

The memories of Uncle Sam were still vivid in her mind. Every time he came to visit, she would hear him long before seeing him. Everyone in their neighborhood probably heard him arriving on his loud motorcycle. It was a sleek, midnight blue machine that looked like it could easily break the sound barrier.

The more she remembered all those evenings her family and Sam had sat around the dining table, laughing until their stomach hurt, the more she was confused why she hadn’t seen him for so long. Sam Little was Lilianne’s identical twin brother.

Sonya rang the doorbell.

The door opened and the spitting image of her mother in jeans and a t-shirt stood in the doorframe, only with shorter hair and a distinct lack of breasts. The Little genes were strong and Sonya herself had inherited quite a few of them. She had the same dark, coarse hair and a sharp nose. Sam definitely had squarer cheekbones than either herself or her mother, though.

“Sonya!” Sam roared, grinning from ear to ear.

At once, all the frustrations of the evening melted away. She ran into his outstretched arms and let herself be embraced by Sam’s warm and firm hug. After a few moments, he grabbed her by the shoulders and looked at her with kind, green eyes.

“My God, you’ve grown up. I barely recognize you anymore,” he marveled.

“You look exactly like I remember,” Sonya grinned.

“Only because you haven’t spotted all the gray hair yet,” Sam laughed. “Come in, come in.”

It was obvious that her uncle hadn’t been expecting any company. It looked like a bachelor’s pad with dirty dishes piled up in the sink, the couch very disorderly, and no plants in the entire living room. Still, it was very cozy even if it wasn’t very big. The kitchen was separated from the living room by a well-stocked bar. The living room floor was covered with a thick carpet and the couch looked like it was as comfortable as any bed.

“I’m sorry it’s such a mess,” Sam said.

“Don’t worry, this is great,” Sonya replied.

“Are you hungry? Thirsty? I don’t know if I have anything real in the fridge but we can order pizza.”

“Oooh, pizza sounds amazing right about now,” Sonya exclaimed.

“Can you survive for another twenty minutes?”

“I’ll manage,” Sonya grinned. “Pepperoni?”

“Of course.”

Sam picked up his phone from the bar counter and opened the pizza app.

“So what happened? I only spoke to your father briefly.”

“Car broke down on the highway,” Sonya sighed.

“Valentine’s Day date?” Sam inquired casually, tapping on his phone.

“A party,” Sonya answered after a brief hesitation.

It wasn’t an outright lie but it definitely wasn’t the whole story. She didn’t want any word of that getting back to her parents.

Three weeks ago, Sonya and Becky — her best friend at St. Barnaby’s — had come up with the idea. Neither of them had boyfriends and they didn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day cooped up by themselves but they also didn’t want to find a random guy to pretend to date just so they wouldn’t be alone.

It would be much tuzla escort bayan easier to do away with all the formalities and just have a hookup night. No dating, no fancy dinner, no expensive gifts, no relationship. Just exactly what they both wanted — to not spend the evening alone. Becky’s brother was at Springfield college and she knew some of the guys on the basketball team, the Springfield Scorchers.

Somehow, word got out and quite a few of their friends thought the idea sounded great. The plan went from a hookup night with just her best friend to a small gathering of St. Barnaby students. Seven of them in total. They rented two adjoining rooms in the Regency Tower for the occasion.

There were no other words to describe it but to call it an orgy. Way more guys than they anticipated showed interest and they spent a day pouring over dick pics, of which they had received dozens, trying to decide who to invite. In the end, they settled on fourteen. Two guys per girl.

Sonya was definitely not a virgin anymore but their hookup party was far outside anything she had ever tried before. She had been looking forward to this evening for what felt like an eternity. In her purse was a family pack of thirty condoms and a squeeze bottle of lube. She wanted to be prepared to spend the entire evening with a fat cock inside of her.

And then she had made the mistake of calling her parents after her car broke down. All she needed was the insurance information. If she’d just said nothing and gotten a ride to Springfield with the tow truck company, she and Becky would no doubt already compete to see who could make their guy cum first.

“There, pizza’s ordered,” Sam announced.

Pushing down her wanton thoughts, Sonya tried to put on a smile. What was done was done. The only thing she could do was make the best out of it.

“Home come you haven’t visited in so long?” she asked.

At once, Sam’s posture cracked. His confidence slipped and he averted his gaze. “It’s… complicated.”

“That’s what Mom said.”

“How is she?” Sam asked, perking up.

“She’s doing well.”

“You look just like her, you know.”

“That’s what everyone says.”

“It’s true. Hold on,” Sam said and walked over to the TV.

A few family pictures hung next to it and he picked one off the wall. It was a picture of Sam and Lilianne standing in front of a sleek, midnight blue touring bike. It didn’t look as big as it used to in her memory but she recognized it at once.

“See?” Sam asked, pointing at Lilianne.

The resemblance was definitely there. Sonya’s hair was a tad shorter, only reaching down to her shoulders rather than past her collarbone but otherwise, it could have been a picture of Sonya herself. Even their breasts were the same size, though that wasn’t the case anymore. Picture-Sam had one arm around Lilianne and the other holding the handle of the bike.

“Your mother was half a year older than you are in this picture. I had just bought the bike with money I saved up. Our parents hated it but the two of us explored the world on that.”

“Really? Mom hates motorcycles,” Sonya said.

Sam laughed. “Not back then. We toured around America on our first spring break. From Las Vegas north over the Rockies and then east until we reached New York City. We only stopped to swim in rivers and slept in a tiny tent every night.”

“Really?” Sonya marveled. “Mom in a tent? That’s hard to believe.”

“It’s true.”

“Do you still have the bike?”

“Of course. It’s in the garage. You want to see?”

“Very much,” Sonya said, nodding eagerly.

The garage was a two-slotter. One of them was occupied by a moderate, kind-of-boring looking sedan, not unlike her own. In the other stood the bike. It was obviously far more taken care of than the living room. The chrome reflected the light, almost sparkling. The midnight blue lacquer felt as deep as the ocean. The leather seat was long enough for two people with a slight bump separating the two.

“You can attach a rig that holds two saddlebacks. We carried everything we needed in those.”

“I’m sorry but I still can’t picture Mom sleeping in a tent willingly,” Sonya laughed. “Do you still ride?”

“Not as much as I’d like. I take her out on the weekends.”

“Her?” Sonya giggled. “She has a name?”


“Really?” Sonya guffawed. “Carli?”

“It means freedom,” Sam said. “It was the first time that we were able to escape on our own and be who we wanted to be.”

“Oh. That’s a pretty name,” Sonya said, not laughing anymore. “That day can’t come soon enough for me.”

“I’m sure they mean well.”

Sony let out a sigh of frustration. “I know but they treat me like a little kid. You should have heard them freak out on the phone when they found out I was going to a… a party in Springfield. Like I still needed my diaper changed.”

Sonya walked over to the motorcycle. The handles were well worn but there wasn’t a single speck of rust anywhere. She looked at Sam who nodded before swinging her leg over the back and taking a seat.

It was very comfortable escort tuzla though just a hint too big. To reach the handles, she had to lean forward in a way that made her skirt ride up.

“Vroom vroom,” she mimicked the engine.

“Wow, that brings back memories,” Sam said, chuckling. “Your mother was a hellraiser behind the wheel.”

“Still is,” Sonya said, sitting upright. “It’s very comfortable. I can totally picture myself driving thousands of miles.”

The sound of an approaching engine interrupted their conversation. At first, Sonya thought that her parents were already there to pick her up before reminding herself that it was physically not possible. It had to be the pizza. Coming to the same conclusion, Sam left the garage leaving her to herself.

If only she knew how to drive a bike. She could zoom out of the garage and cut through traffic to still make it somewhat on time at the Regency Tower. Then the night wouldn’t be an entire waste and she could still get laid. She hadn’t masturbated for the entire week leading up to Valentine’s to build up the courage for their party. Having the firm leather seat between her legs only reminded her of straddling a guy.

“Pizza’s here,” Sam yelled from the living room, interrupting her.

Realizing that she’d been grinding the leather seat, Sonya was glad that he hadn’t seen. She hopped off the bike and wiped away the damp spot where she had sat. She took several deep breaths before joining her uncle in the living room.

The pizza was far too big for the both of them. It occupied nearly the entire coffee table. Sam opened the box and a wave of delicious fatty cheese wafted into Sonya’s nostrils. Her mouth watered.

“Help yourself,” Sam said, gesturing at the couch.

In a very unladylike fashion, Sonya grabbed a slice of the pie and tore off a huge chunk. She dropped into the couch and for a solid minute forgot the world and its problems. Sam arrived with two plates, set one down in front of Sonya and grabbed a slice for himself. He pulled the single-seater couch chair to the other side of the table and sat down.

“Maybe we should have ordered more than one,” Sam laughed.

Licking grease off her fingertips, Sonya grinned. She’d been hungrier than she thought. She slid another slice on the plate and continued her ravenous assault. Sam got up and retrieved a roll of paper towels, setting it down in front of his niece.

“Thamphs,” Sonya said, tearing off a piece to clean her hands.


Sated at last, Sonya stretched her arms, yawned, and let out a burp. Almost half of the pizza still remained but the thought of another bite made her sick. She kicked off her shoes, leaned back against the armrest of the couch, and pulled up her legs.

“Comfortable?” Sam asked.

“Very, and thank you for doing all this.”

“It’s no problem at all. Anything for Lily’s daughter.”

“You didn’t have any plans for Valentine’s?”

Looking at him, Sonya thought that he was quite good looking. He was forty-one but definitely didn’t look his age. He was well built, lean but filling out the t-shirt in all the right places. If he didn’t have a date for Valentine’s, it was because it was his choice, not because he couldn’t pick up a chick.

“I’m afraid not.”

As far back as she could remember, Sam had never visited them with a partner or even talked about one. She always assumed that he was married because that was what adults did.

“No lucky lady in your life? Or a lucky guy?” she probed.

Sam chuckled. “Carli’s the only love in my life these days,” he quipped. “What about you? Dating anyone?”

Sonya’s pulse quickened, remembering her plans for the night. “Nope.”

“Ah, an independent woman,” Sam said.

“Not by choice,” Sonya sighed.

“Really? I don’t buy that for one second. Your mother always had guys lining up to ask her out and you’re way prettier than her.”

The compliment was unexpected but it felt good. “And how many of them did Mom date?”

“None,” Sam laughed.

“Yeah, see? I don’t want to date just anyone. I want to date the right one.”

“Ah, a romantic. Just like Lily.”

Something itched her lower leg. Sonya pulled up her leg and pushed down the sock to scratch herself. She let her leg fall again and smoothed down her skirt. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Sam looking at her intently but the moment she turned her head, his gaze snapped away. Had he been checking her out or was she making things up?

“These socks are really itchy. Do you mind if I take them off?” she asked.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he replied.

That time, she paid closer attention. She raised her other leg and very slowly pushed her sock. Sam definitely was looking at her. She pushed the sock over her heel and slipped it off her foot. She raised her other leg and did the same. When she was done, she lingered for a moment before smoothing down her skirt again, letting him see as much of her thigh as he wanted.

A lot of time had gone into preparing herself for the evening. Five hours of shaving and scrubbing herself clean. Becky and Sonya had helped each other, making sure not a single hair was left on their legs. They had even shaved their pussies bare, just like pornstars. At least someone would appreciate part of that work tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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