Risk Versus Reward Ch. 05

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Amy Brooke

Author’s Note

Risk Versus Reward is a prequel to Girl Friday and focuses on the story of Karin, the ‘H.R. Lady’ who provided Charlotte’s rather unique interview experience when she was hired. You do not need to read Girl Friday to understand what’s going on in Risk Versus Reward. But if you enjoy this story, Girl Friday should most definitely be on your reading list.

When we last left our heroine Karin in chapter 3, the reason for The Academy’s existence has been revealed and all of the students have been asked to make a big decision. They can either take a generous scholarship to a mainstream school of their choice, or continue their non-traditional education and become part of Dr. Moreau’s submissive dating pool.

I hope you enjoy Karin’s continuing story.


* * * *

Chapter 5: Decisions Decisions

“Let’s go take a shower,” Desi said.

“Seriously?” I gave her a sideways look of indignation, which let me tell you is not an easy thing to pull off when you’re both standing around butt-ass naked. “Seriously, Desi? We’ve got the rest of the day off and you want to take a shower? We already had one after calisthenics.”

“Yeah we did,” she said, and then leaned close to whisper in my ear. “But that was for getting clean.”

“And this one …?”

Desi just took me by the hand and tugged me along behind her. She giggled most of the way.

The showers down by the pool were much different than the utilitarian ones attached to the gymnasium. These were way swankier, and to make things even more exciting they opened onto the garden. Not like right onto the garden, they were up above slightly on a wide stone ledge so that the water that ran out of the showers cascaded to a pool below before draining away to some unseen reclamation area. The side effect was that anyone out enjoying the garden could easily peer up and be an audience to someone’s shower. And I think that’s precisely why Desi chose it.

“People can see us, you know,” I said.

“Mmm-hmm.” She reached over to twist the faucet, causing a gentle cascade to flow from the massive elliptical shower head above. The thing was so huge that it easily covered both of us. Desi took me in her arms and placed her open mouth on my neck, engulfing my tender flesh and painting intricate designs on it with her tongue.

I shuddered.

“We should have invited Jordan and Shauna,” I said as Desi started long slow strokes with her tongue that nearly brought me to my knees.

“I couldn’t find Jordan,” she whispered, “And I didn’t think Shauna would be too much fun on her own, so I didn’t look real hard for her.”

Desi was outlining my ear now with her tongue and I was finding it to be a challenge to reply. “That’s — that’s not very nice.”

“Probably not,” she agreed, and then proceeded to press two of her fingers against the wetness between my thighs.

I soon forgot all about Shauna and cupped Desi’s ass in my hands as she pressed into me. Desi has a marvelous ass. I thought my ass was pretty nice, it’s nice and tight and hard because I run fairly regularly, but Desi had this amazing heart-shaped ass that just screamed to be touched. And touch it I did. As Desi played a little tune of lust with her fingers slowly squelching in and out of my sex, I squeezed and kneaded that beautiful ass of hers. Well, that and I looked around at the crowd we seemed to be drawing.

There had to be five or six others down below watching — a few naked babes like us, a pair of lab coat girls and one instructor I think. They were sort of coming and going, stopping for a peek along their garden stroll and then moving on. A couple days ago I would have been positively mortified by this. Today however, I was more concerned with how I was going to return the favor to Desi. She really had me revved up.

“Mmm,” I moaned into her mouth as I kissed her.

“I know Karin,” she teased. “I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”

“Mmm, I wanna do you too.”

“You’ll get your chance.”

Desi was blessed with some amazingly dexterous fingers. She was filling me with two fingers and rubbing in just the perfect spot — not too hard, not too soft — while her thumb made these agonizing little forays against my clit. It wasn’t a determined rubbing like she wanted to push me off the edge of the cliff just yet, it was more of a leisurely Sunday drive sort of thing — going slow, taking in all the sights.

And speaking of taking in the sights, we had attracted a few more spectators since the last time I had separated my mouth from Desi’s long enough to take a look around. People were stopping and staring now, probably because I was starting to get vocal. Not screaming, mostly a rhythmic grunting — a sort of animal-like sound that I didn’t even know I possessed. I felt my nipples tightening almost to the point of discomfort. I clenched around Desi’s fingers.

I think she took that as an invitation to stop holding escort ataşehir back. I didn’t know she was holding back, until she wasn’t anymore. I tried to kiss Desi again, but couldn’t keep my mouth on hers — my body had decided it was more important to breathe. I was pulling air in great heaving gasps as Desi filled me with those two magic fingers of hers and then decided to add a third.

“Fuck, Des.”

She said nothing in response, and in all honesty I couldn’t fault her on that. She was busy. Seeing that I was unable to maintain a lip-lock, Desi had sent her mouth wandering all over my neck. As if the sensations between my thighs were not enough, I now had a tickling tongue to contend with. I shuddered and bucked my hips. Desi had managed to sneak another finger in there sometime when I was not entirely coherent — which was pretty much the last twenty minutes unless of course I’d lost my sense of time. I’d already lost my power of speech, so why not?

Oh my goodness was I full. I could still see though, and I looked down at a thick crowd of on-lookers. The lab coat brigade must have all been on break at the same time, because I’d say half of our audience had white coats and dark-rimmed glasses. I began to wonder if they were going to whip out clipboards and start taking notes to grade our performance. Normally I would have found that thought pretty damn hysterical and probably would have been giggling by now, but Desi’s four fingers had me thinking about other things.

In the midst of everyone watching I got this crazy idea. It was probably going to hurt, but then again I’d never done it before so I wasn’t sure. I also wasn’t sure I’d have the guts to do it again if the opportunity presented itself. I really wanted to experience it though. At that very moment with Desi pounding away at me with her fingers — stretching me, filling me — I wanted to like nothing else. Risk versus reward.

“Thumb,” I grunted. “Thumb. Fill me up.”

I thought I heard Desi say something that sounded a little like she might be questioning my request, but I guess she changed her mind, because before I knew it Desi had dropped to her knees in front of me and was now pressing insistently upward while I encouraged her by grabbing at her forearm. I have to admit I probably wasn’t much help though. I couldn’t get a decent grip, in the water of the shower and all the hot girl juice flowing from me I kept slipping, and Desi seemed to be stuck at the knuckles.

“Do it Desi,” I grunted. “Fuck me. Do it!”

Desi gave a determined push and I felt her pop over the threshold, and soon her fingers were curling into a nice warm Desi-ball. Yeah, I made that word up — sue me — I just got my friend’s fist in my pussy, I think I’m entitled to make some shit up if I want to. Oh my gawd, I’m full!

Desi didn’t say a word, she just kind of stared wide-eyed and slack-jawed while she knelt in front of me, both of us still being rained on by the shower head. She looked a little like a drowned rat, but a cute and determined drowned rat with her hand all up inside me. And what Desi lacked in vocalizations, the crowd and I more than made up for. As soon as her hand disappeared they sent up a cheer and I let out this long growl that ended with a little squeak when I finally had the presence of mind to inhale again.

“Fuck Desi, don’t — stop — now.”

My friend with the magic fingers — scratch that — my friend with the magic hand started moving again. She took it slow at first which I was thankful for. I mean it felt good, but it was a tight squeeze — not a lot of margin for error. She started rolling her fingers and twisting her wrist just a little in a way that started me panting as the tremors ripped through me every time she shifted. And then came the icing on the cake. Desi’s tongue came out to pay me a friendly visit.

I took one last look at the crowd, and the top of Desi’s head. That’s all I got before my eyes squeezed shut and a guttural moan that started way down in my diaphragm began bubbling to the surface. My legs quivered so badly I had to feel around behind me, hand slapping frantically against the wall looking for purchase to avoid collapsing in a heap on top of my exquisite tormentor. I clenched down on Desi’s hand — hard. I think I might have hurt her a little because I heard a noise that was somewhere between a gasp and shriek, and for once it wasn’t coming from me.

“Oh my … Desi, oh my gawd. Desi.” I shuddered hard enough that my foot was pounding on the stone floor of the shower, making little splashing sounds in the puddles of shower water as I got closer and closer to the peak.

Time stopped.

I opened my eyes to see a water droplet frozen in mid-air and then squeezed them shut again. There was no sound — not even the water raining from the shower — nothing but the rush of blood pumping in my eardrums. Swoosh-woosh. Swoosh-woosh.

And then the cascade let loose.

“Ohhh,” I roared. Everything after that was kadıköy escort bayan unintelligible babble as far as I can recall. I must have been writhing and shaking and howling for some time though, because when I was done an enthusiastic applause rose from the crowd down below. When I finally opened my eyes I could see a good twenty people down there, equally divided between classmates, lab coat girls, and faculty. I think I even saw Headmistress Henricks putting her hands together for our performance.

While I was busy taking all of this in, Desi had very gingerly disengaged herself from my insides and was now standing up and making a big show out of taking a bow. This caused a momentary swell in the cheers from below. But it was when she raised her fist in the air that they really cut loose. I chuckled briefly and stumbled back against the shower wall, sliding myself down inch by inch until I was sitting with my bare ass in a puddle and being pelted with warm water from above. I couldn’t stand anymore. I couldn’t do much except quiver and pant and try not to pass out. Though eventually I gathered enough strength to raise my own fist into the air.

The crowd roared.

I felt a smile cross my lips that I just knew wasn’t going to fade for quite some time.

* * * *

After a while our fanbase must have gotten tired of watching me just sitting, collapsed in an exhausted heap, and began to move on to bigger and better things. Well bigger, maybe. There wasn’t much better than what I had just experienced, at least as far as I could see. A game of badminton and some horseplay on the wide expanse of lawn, a group of people sunning by the pool. Nothing that could hold a candle to what I had just experienced. But Desi and I were both pretty soaked and starting to get a little chilly, so once I was able to move under my own power again, we joined the sun worshipers poolside.

Desi and I collapsed together and sank into a nicely padded chaise lounge within a short distance of the diving board. The lounger could probably be classified an extra-wide model if it were being used for its intended purpose of a single occupant. However, ours and all of those around us were being employed as cozy doubles. I snuggled up to Desi and nuzzled her shoulder.

“You’re blocking my sunlight,” she complained.

“You had me impaled me on your fist. I think I’m entitled.”

Desi crooked an arm around my neck and pulled me in to blow a big old raspberry on my forehead that said nothing short of, you loved every minute of it. And it was true, I did. I don’t know what it was about the act, or even if it was limited to just one thing, but whenever I thought about what we just did I felt a little shiver that started in my toes and worked its way up to the base of my brain. Was it the audience? Did I enjoy having people watching us get it on? That certainly was a novelty for me, I’d never made love in view of others. Of course I don’t know if I’d classify what we did as making love — it was more base than that — it was fucking, straight up fucking. And I loved it.

I had always been such the good girl all my life — studying hard, choosing my options carefully, delaying immediate gratification in favor of long-term gains — and what did it get me in the end? Nothing. Well nothing fun at least. I had experienced more in the past thirty-six hours, had more fun than I did throughout my entire high school career. I need to start taking more risks, I told myself. Not foolish chances, like walking through bad neighborhoods at night, but risks — calculated risks with potentials for big payoffs. Risks like letting a girl I just met stuff me to the hilt while people looked on and cheered. And the payoff — the payoff was a mind-bending orgasm the likes of which I hadn’t even known were possible. Definitely more risks.

“That was amazing show.” A shadow fell over Desi and me. “You really get me so sexy watching.” This was like the third lab coat girl to stride over and congratulate Desi and me on our shower performance, though the first one so far to have such a cute little Eastern European accent. I was still straightening out my conscious mind to process rational thoughts again, but I’m pretty sure this lab coat girl and I had a bit of history.

I raised my hand to shield my eyes from the sun. “Aren’t you the one …?” I started.

“Who do your bikini wax?” she said, smiling. “You remember. Yes, that was me. I am Elena.” She offered her hand — the same hand that ripped my short hairs out by the root not too long ago, but I didn’t care. I was still on cloud nine after the intense pleasure Desi bestowed upon me, plus this was the girl who gave me a little something extra with my spa treatment and that was a first for me. I thought I could forgive her the pube ripping.

“Thank you for your welcoming gift yesterday, Miss Elena,” I said. “It was very nice. My name is Karin.”

“I would be happy to welcome you again anytime you wish.” Elena fixed escort bostancı me with a sly grin as her hand gripped mine tentatively for a moment and then pulled away. “Though perhaps you need rest after experiencing your friend’s welcoming. It was most … intense.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Elena. My name’s Desi.” Desi thrust her right hand forward, hesitated for a second and then switched to offer Elena her left hand, the one that hadn’t just been all up in my business. I smiled.

“We are playing game of hide and seek in hedge maze if you would like to join,” Elena said.

“Is that allowed?” I asked. “Students fraternizing with staff?”

Elena cocked her head a bit while her eyes moved off to the side for a moment. “You are mistaken,” she said finally. “I am not faculty, I am student like you. Just little older is all.”

Desi and I must have given her confused looks. I mean I was sure as hell confused. Des and I are running around butt-ass naked while she gets lingerie and a lab coat, and all because she was older. I turned to look at Desi and then back to Elena. I think she figured out the source of our confusion. She pulled on the lapel of her lab coat.

“This clothes is for work, that’s all,” she said. “After work I am free like you.”

By free I don’t know if she meant free of her duties or free of her clothing, but I was kind of hoping for the latter. I bet it was a nice look for her too. Elena had a very lovely face with big hazel eyes, high sculpted cheekbones that some girls would kill for and a tiny little mouth that made her look ever so slightly like a cartoon character, but in a sexy grown-up cartoon character with stockings and heels and an amazing set of curves to fill it all out. I was anxious to trace out those curves without the hindrance of the lab coat.

“What is it you do for work?” I asked. “Besides waxing that is?”

“It is internship. Now is spa type work. Manicures, facials, massages …”

“With happy endings?” Desi blurted out.

“Oh yes,” Elena said. “Almost always, unless client does not want. I also study dance, music and learn to plan social functions. We train to be perfect hostesses. A little like Geisha, but without all the makeup. Many girls choose this.”

“But with clothes, right?” Desi asked. “You get to wear clothes?”

Elena giggled. “Yes, with clothes. Many times very elegant expensive clothes, and jewelry. Most girls are showoff for their clients. Is that right word? Showoff?”

“Close enough,” I said. “But we just saw a video that made it look like when we graduated we would always be naked and keeping the home fires burning instead of being taken out on the town and shown off.”

“Ah, the true submissive girls. Those who are on job twenty-four seven.” Elena lifted her hand and made a small dismissive wave. “Too much for me. I need break at end of day. Go home to my place and watch Downton Abbey. You like Downton Abbey? It is my favorite, but I use closed captioning or I can’t understand ladies’ accents.”

“So wait a minute,” Desi said. “We have a choice? It’s not like pick either super-sub or take the scholarship?”

“There is always choice here,” Elena responded. “Two paths. Very intense path like in video, or more moderate path like mine.”

“Hmm,” Desi said, but that was it. She had a look on her face that I had come to know meant that she was deep in thought. The little neurons were firing in Desi’s mind, probably weighing options. I know I was.

I’d already dismissed the scholarship idea. I mean twenty-grand was nice, it really was, but what assurance did I have that there’d be a job waiting for me when I was all finished? And if there were a job, who’s to say it would be on a career path that I actually liked — something that got me excited, raring to go in the morning. Something like Jordan’s tongue, or Desi’s fingers. I mulled that over.

“Elena?” I said. “Do you do sunscreen too? Because I could use some if I don’t want to get crispy out here.”

As Elena smiled and reached into the pocket of her magic lab coat to pull out a bottle of SPF-30, I smiled too and rolled onto my stomach. I was imagining all the good thinking I could while I relaxed in the sun under the expert care of my favorite lab coat girl by far.

Elena grabbed my hips and shifted them just a little so that my butt was sticking up. I got the feeling that a little something extra was standard practice with the lab coat brigade. Even though I didn’t really know if my body was prepared for any more attention, it was nice of her to offer. Her slick hands sliding up the backs of my thighs and over the rise of my buttocks causing them to clench in response certainly made it a temptation. That girl has some magic fingers.

In the end though, Elena oiled me up without incident. Well, she was willing — I felt a finger straying from the path during one of those long upward slides, but I politely declined. I wisely concluded that my last orgasm had kind of drained me for a while. I’m actually surprised I’m not dead. Desi was in the mood though. Once it was her turn I could feel Desi writhing against me and I just knew it was because Elena was giving her the happy ending. I turned pressed my tongue between her lips. Desi was purring.

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