Road to Arousal

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Years ago, I worked in the road construction business painting lines on the road. Long story how I got there but there were less than a handful of women working in the business at that time or at least I met over the years. I was nervous due I had come from an office job to road construction. I mean I never even thought how the roads got built let alone anything about the highway stripping; but it would be one of the best times for me up to that moment. I was in my early 20’s, had long, thick, dark hair almost to my waist, tanned easily, had a nice breast size (38D almost DD) and about 15-20 lbs heavier than I should have been when I started.

I started in the early summer and was really out of my element. I was on the shy side and not someone for the spot light. All of a sudden I was thrust into the spotlight because being the only female with 4 men; I tended to stand out a little bit. Some of the reactions I got were amusing, sometimes vulgar, inspiring, confidence boosting, sweet and even sometimes flattering. Little old ladies were my favorite because I could tell that they were the most shocked and amazed to see me working like I did.

Our job had us going all over the place. We could be 2-3 hrs out of Memphis or right in the heart of the city. I saw crews for every company in the road business all the time. I heard some jokes or stories that would have you rolling with laughter and almost peeing on yourself all the time. Over time most of the men were respectful and realized I was just out there to make a living. I was willing to do my share. I loved being outside and/or going down the road to another job. I understood why carpenters, truck drivers and other people who did similar jobs did what they did. It wasn’t for everyone but if it was for you it was in your soul. You still have those shitty days just like any job; but when the day was good it was almost great.

Met all walks of life and saw things that most of the world ignored so yeah I felt pretty lucky. I was single and not interested in a relationship during this time unless someone that came along and really blew me away then I just might. I had offers weekly to hook up with someone but some seemed like they were more legends in their own minds or could not keep anything under their hat. Needless to say, I could have hooked up all the time but didn’t find a man that really turned me on with more than his body, a cute face or a smile. Might do it for some but I wanted something more, something that had passion, a fire not just lust. When I sleep with someone, they touch and keep a piece of me that not just anyone can have.

I didn’t want everyone knowing my business and thinking that I slept my way into a job. I took my job seriously since I was the first woman to go out on the road permanently. I tried to be dependable, honest, and hard-working with a sense of humor. One thing you couldn’t do was bitch about the weather, the conditions we worked under and a sense of humor came in handy out there. Like I said, you can either do it or not. Some people didn’t believe that a woman needed to be out there: but, I could hold my own. I didn’t hear anything thing that I would not hear walking into any bar. I wasn’t a ball buster or trying to be a man, just making a living and it was better paying than any office or warehouse job. I may not out lift the men; but, I was limber. I could get in spots, do some things they couldn’t and had small hands that got into tight places. I picked up things quick and learned some mechanics skills that I still use today.

During the first winter, everyone worked in the shop mostly doing major repairs or updating equipment. The following spring when it got warm enough, the jobs started pouring in. I was 15 lbs lighter and was getting in the best shape I had been in my life.

About our first week or two, we pulled onto a job about 30 minutes east of Memphis in the late afternoon. I knew the company that was over the project pretty well. I like the men on the paving crew and usually they had a good joke or story to tell and were always polite. We had been there for about a 1/2 hour off to the side, where my boss was getting with the job foreman and the state man (Department of Transportation). We found out when they would wrap up and would be off the 5 lane road. They can lay enough asphalt to do a couple of miles almost depending on how wide the road is. This day they were paving the turning lane and the two inside lanes so not very far, maybe ¾ mile but it was almost three lanes.

We went to the beginning and started taking measurements and marking where the lines would go. By the time we got to the end, the paving crew would be off the road and we could go ahead and paint before the lanes were open to the public giving them time to dry. The paving crews always had one or sometimes 2 guys that kept up with traffic control throughout the jobsite at all times. He would drive around and around the job moving cones and barrels as needed. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri The year before, the guys and I realized that if I was the first one that traffic saw coming towards us, they would slow down to get a look at me and by the time they couldn’t see me anymore, they were out of the job area. It ended up being safer and we found out by accident, a little bonus.

So this was just like many other jobs. We were pretty even spaced for about 400 ft. I saw the traffic guy coming from the opposite direction. I saw my guys wave at him and he was hanging his arm out of the truck window and figured he was saying “Hi” to the men. I didn’t recognize him from the year before but sometimes when you are working, you don’t really look everyone eye to eye. I just figured that they were rotating someone from behind the asphalt spreader or some other machinery. Didn’t give it much thought.

Everyone seem liked they had known him for awhile. I had to move our truck as we went down the road making measurements since it had flashing lights, kept cars from running up on us and the water cooler. About the time I was getting out of the truck, the traffic guy was almost to me and I could see him grab a cone off the road and toss it in the back of the truck like it was nothing. He worked with purpose which I notice right off. It sometimes helps to know who the workers are and who the slackers are. Some men were slackers, or would goof off every chance they could get away with on some crews, so I took a mental note in case I needed it in the future. Those were the guys I usually would talk to. They weren’t trying to get in my pants every chance they could get or if they were they never let on.

He must have heard my truck door shut, looked up and saw me. Well I guess he stared just 1-2 seconds to long and he almost missed the next cone. With swiftness and fumbling through it, he tried to grab it. He didn’t get a good hold on it so it slipped from his grasp and fell to the roadway about 4 feet from his truck behind me a couple of feet. I had my shades on and tried to act like I didn’t notice and keep walking with my head pointed down to where I needed to be like I was concentrating on something in my mind. Not like the job had me doing calculus; but, the way he looked at me had me very self-consciences and had my body tingling in ways I hadn’t had before just from a look. All of a sudden I felt the heat coming out of my face and neck. I just hoped my face wasn’t getting red and he didn’t see it.

He came to a quick stop and by this time I was walking past his truck about 6 ft away. I looked up at him and nodded as to say “Hello”. I got to where I needed to be and my back was to him now and I had to grin a little and giggle to myself. It was one of the funniest and cutest things I have seen a man do thus far. I could see the pleasant surprise on his face and then in an instant he felt embarrassed like a teenage boy coming too quick his first time having sex.

The way he looked at me made me feel like I was the sexist or prettiest woman he had ever seen. I have been told that I have a pretty face but sometimes I wasn’t sure if they were just being nice or if it was true. It really has been my eyes, hair and my sense of humor that I have heard the most about. Which is funny, I have always thought my eyes were too small but know that people like it when I look at them eye to eye. They are brown with almost ½ green at times so I guess they are hazel. My hair has always been really thick and my sense of humor was just my way sometimes covering up being nervous. Large groups of people or the spot light (whether one person or 100 people) make me nervous.

I could hear him mumble to himself. I couldn’t hear what was said but could guess because I would have done the same thing if it had happened to me. I heard the truck door shut, gears shift and he went on about his business. My crew went on about our job and the traffic control guy did his job all the while I knew he was watching me when he passed by on either side which I found to be somewhat sensual. It was like something was in the air that I had never felt which I liked but made me nervous. I was aware of every square inch of my body and all the hairs.

I was comforted that at least with the shades on, not saying anything he couldn’t tell what I was thinking & feeling and neither could the guys I worked with. I sure didn’t want any ragging from them right now. Sometimes if they got a hold of something, they would chew on it until there was no flavor left. I didn’t want to be teased about something that I was trying to understand.

I wondered if he was trying to figure out was I some biker chick, a country girl, a bad ass, a slut, nice girl, happily or unhappily married or a living breathing woman with needs just like a man. One thing I couldn’t tell was if he looked at me as just a sex object or did he want to hide away with me from the rest of the world. I tried güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to not think too hard about it but I was aware anytime he was around and could not stop myself. I felt like my head was ½ swimming and ½ trying to focus on my job the rest of the day.

The rest of the afternoon, I was on a slow burn that I was enjoying. Some people like to just get off but I loved the whole experience of sex. From soft, sweet to passionate kisses, getting turned on, listening to breathing change, foreplay, the look in someone’s eye, watching their body respond to my touch, feeling my body respond to their touch, moans, giving and receiving oral sex, all the different positions and enjoying the many speeds of intercourse. I didn’t like to hurry to get to the finish line. It all felt good and it was the only time I could turn my mind off. I tended to think too much. I looked at it like shutting the door on the rest of the world and it is all about him and me, just two people with acknowledgement of each other, no judgment, living in that moment, bringing pleasure to one another and making love.

After we took all the measurements and painted the lines on the road, I was shutting down our guide rail. It is 2 bars shaped like an “L” with a right angle bar to stabilize the two bars. It has a small hose that is pretty firm and holds its shape hanging down that the driver can line up with the measurements. Then the painter working the controls on the back of the truck then can set the paint guns in the right place and usually does not have to move them. The painter just has to control the switches that make solid lines or skips. Skips are the lines on the inside of a turning lane or the white broken lines you see going down the highway. After I finished shutting the guide rail, we all would go behind each other to make sure everything was shut down properly. I did as I had done hundreds of times because we did anywhere from 3 to 6 jobs a day, 6 days a week.

After, I went around the paint truck I walked over to my boss and the rest of our crew was walking to the same spot. The foreman of the paving crew, the state man, a few other men I had seen before but wasn’t sure who they worked for were talking about what was planned for the next day and what would be the best time for us to get there.

The traffic control guy pulled up in the closest parking spot in the distance and started walking to us. He looked like he was trying not to look at me but I caught him a couple times looking and checking me out. I was thankful for the shades because then he wouldn’t know just how many times and just how hard I had checked him out. I remember thinking “God help me”.

When he walked up, all my guys said “Hey Jacob!” and everyone moved over to shake his hand. I could tell that all the guys I worked with liked him and thought well of him. I have worked and sweated with them enough to know that he wasn’t just anyone on a job site. Not all the guys liked everyone but every once in awhile someone would stand out like this. So that intrigued me as to who this man was and what is his story. I didn’t see a wedding band but on the road you don’t always see a married man wearing one. Not that they all cheat but you keep all your fingers sometimes not wearing a ring. I only wore a watch, no earrings unless studs and no necklaces.

They asked how he got switched to this crew. He spoke up and said “It was closer to home” and I thought I heard something about kids or a kid but wasn’t sure if he said it or someone else. There were about 4 conversations going on with all the men. They all had some friendly banter and then one of the guys introduced me to Jacob. I nodded and said “Hi” and prayed my voice didn’t crack because I had not thought about someone may introduce us. He said “Hi” and nodded. I smiled and looked away to one of the conversations starting up. My self-consciousness had come back full force by now and could not wait to run away. I felt like such a fraud. I was playing it cool but my insides were having spasms in my mind, heart and could feel every inch of my body. I was freaking out on the inside. I just hoped it didn’t show.

Sometimes when the guys talked before leaving at the end of the day, I would go get my drink from the truck, put on some Carmex on my lips or get some water from the back of the pick-up truck. I at least had enough sense to go to do that. I wanted to see him but him not able to see me. I decided on some water from the pick-up. Well, I didn’t think about it being on the driver side right in plain view of Jacob but also, I couldn’t pick it up from the side of the truck. I always had to get one of the guys to pick it up for me. So I had a choice to look like an idiot, a scary-cat to afraid to ask for help or act like I was checking on something. I choose the last one.

By this time I could feel my face getting hot again. So I decided to go get in the paint truck on the passenger side where I usually güvenilir bahis şirketleri sat. It was high with big windows in the front. I wouldn’t be able to hear what was said but I would get to see him and he not realize I was looking him over thoroughly through my glasses. Or at least I hoped.

I realized during all of this, I was as bad as some of the guys. Here I was on a job, and all I could think of was who is this man, where he lived, what kind of person he was and would he be a good lover. As hard as I tried to shake the thoughts, my mind was filled with images of him touching me, kissing me, making love to me, fucking me. I could feel my breast aching and prayed that my nipples were not getting hard. I crossed my arms hoping to hide if they did. I would catch him looking up a couple of times but was trying to not look like he was looking for me. Never dawn on me that if I could notice that then maybe he could notice me doing the same.

The men all broke up, shaking hands and saying good-byes. The foreman and the state man waved at me and I smiled at them and waved back. All this time I had wanted to get out of there so he couldn’t see me. I wasn’t use to someone checking me out, not in that way. He was subtle but constant. I really didn’t know what to make of it. I thought is there something about him, the way he looked, or was this just lust and I just needed to get laid.

I tried to get him out of my mind all the way back to the shop with no such luck but also felt a sense of sadness because now he was no where around but in my mind. He was still there on my drive home about 30 minutes south of Memphis. I could feel my breasts were aching again and this time my nipples were fully erect on the way home. Did I imagine this, did he look at me like a sex object and here I was thinking of making love to this man?

I got home, went straight for the shower hoping to get him out of my mind and wash the day away. The hot water felt good running over my face and body. I did my usual routine without having to think. Wet my hair, grab the shampoo, squeeze some into my hand, scrub my scalp, wash my face, and then my neck down all the while I could feel my body aching, getting aroused. I had never been this aroused without out someone being in the room with me and touching me. I tried to shake it off but it just kept getting stronger and stronger. No matter how much I tried not to think about him, my body was. I had had sex in the shower but never masturbated and succeeded. For some reason, I can only be laying on my back. I thought it is no use I won’t be able to get there and it will just frustrate the hell out of me.

As I just stood there with one hand on the wall next to me, one on the front wall under the showerhead letting the water ran over my face and down my body. I tried to get lost in the hot water running over me. It felt good and instead of relaxing, it felt very sensual. I didn’t feel like a young girl but a woman. My body was aching so much that I couldn’t stand it any longer. I slide my right hand down the wall over to my breast. I rubbed the palm of my hand across my nipple lightly and back again. I could feel my clit starting to wake up a little and could feel my pelvic region responding to my touch. There was an ache in me that was coming on like a freight train. I didn’t want to just get off so I took my time and wanted to savor every bit of this. I wanted success.

I thought about if he was here and how I hoped it would be. What it would feel like to have him come from behind using his hand to grab my shoulder then a light kiss on the back of my neck making the hairs stand up that I always love. He would slip his hands under my arms up to my breasts, such strong hands with the softest of caresses. He would be a lover and not looking for a notch on his belt. I could feel the wanting coming from him. He would be into me like I was into him. With both hands on the wall in front of me, the water running over me, he would be touching me like he loved me. I would be so aroused that I had to turn around and kiss this man with both hands behind his neck and pulling him to me. I wanted him in every way possible and he felt the same. The thought of feeling his hands on me were causing the desire in me to rise to a new level.

I slid my right hand down between my legs and rubbing my lips slightly. I could tell my nipples were erect and throbbing all the while wishing he really was here now. I was the most turned on I had ever been in my life. I kept lightly rubbing my lips lightly teasing myself. I love to be teased to the point my whole body aches for him. Never met anyone that could really tease me more than what seemed like 30 seconds. Most the time, the first moan or breath I take and they would be ready to move to what they believed was the next step. I would usually have to tell them a little longer.

As I teased myself, I could feel the desire and arousal building up in me. I was trying to hold back those feelings to intensify my organism. I really needed this right now. Just getting off was not going to get it this time. I have had what seemed like the weight of the world on my shoulders for so long that I never really completely relaxed. I wanted to exhaust myself so I could get a good night sleep.

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