Roberta Ch. 08

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To my faithful and patient readers: I’m very sorry that the final parts of this series are taking so long to edit and fine tune. (Yeah, I know…who can tell the difference…) I’ve gotten so many e-mails about the delay in getting chapter eight out that I’ve decided to cut it short (Hah! At twenty pages!!), and send it out with more of a teasing chapter break than I’m comfortable with. I apologize for this in advance but feel I owe it to the whining minions who have been waiting. (Hey! I’m only kidding, minions…) (As if there are minions…Jeez, WHAT A HACK…) If you’d prefer to get the whole thing, I suggest you wait for the final chapter (Nine, oddly enough) and read them back to back. It’s going to take me a few weeks to put it together though. Jeez! I’m sounding as if I’ve torn the latest Harry freaking Potter book in half in front of the children here!

Okay… So here’s another chapter o’ crap (I’ll be calling them ‘Crapters’ in the future…) from SingerTales.:

As you might recall, Bobbi had just stood up, and said something like: ” I need to get a little more comfortable…” (yawn…)

* * * * *

Sandy knew that Bobbi’s comment about “having to get more comfortable” was more of a direction to her than anything else. She took her cue and followed with the camera as Bobbi slowly got up from the couch and stood in front of Alan, swaying sensually to the music on the stereo Bobbi’s hands moved to the buttons of her blouse, teasingly pausing at each button as she undid them one by one. She paused and stopped when she reached the knot she’d made of the tails, then moved her hands down her front until her fingers toyed with the hem of her short, plaid skirt. Bobbi grinned sexily as she played with the hem, raising it enticingly, then letting it drop just before revealing her damp pussy. She saw Alan following her every move and she smiled down at him.

“Remember when I used to come home from school in this dress…?” she teased, “I used to get so hot watching you watch me. I loved teasing you…letting you see my panties when I bent over and letting it ride up high…” She continued to play with the hem as she teased him and sighed as she saw a river of pre-come pour out of his cockhead and onto Sandy’s fingers. “Your cock would get so hard…I could tell you were getting hard when it pushed the front of your pants out… I knew I was making your cock hard and it got me so fucking hot…Mmmm…And after a while you never tried to hide it either, did you? You knew I was looking at your hard cock… that always got me hot too… that you were showing yourself off to me…”

Bobbi’s hands moved behind her and undid the clasp of the short skirt, then found the small zipper. She swayed to the music on the stereo as she slowly pulled the zipper down, smiling as she saw Alan still follow every move. “I wish I’d have done this back then…” Bobbi said, as she let the skirt slide over her hips and drop to the floor. Alan groaned as his sister’s closely trimmed pussy came into view. She smiled sensually and brought her hands back to the front, gently caressing her pussy as she danced in front of him and continued her teasing litany.

“I’ll bet if I had done that back then you would have shown me your hard cock, wouldn’t you? You would have taken out your big, thick cock and shown it to me…” Bobbi was talking as if she was in a trance as her mind fantasized about the past. The buzz she felt from the alcohol was helping, but the passion she was feeling was straight from her lust-filled heart.

Alan stared at his sister as she danced so provocatively in front of him. He shrugged his shoulders slightly as he nodded his head. “I wasn’t sure…”, he said pensively, getting caught up in the moment. Bobbi smiled and nodded back.

“Yeah….neither one of us was…” she said, almost whispering, “But if you’d shown me your cock…mmmm… I’d have taken it in my hand and stroked it like Sandy’s doing right now… Like when I’d watch you jerk off after we teased each other…Mmmm…yeah…I would have jerked you off… Made you shoot your hot cum all over me… oh, fuck…” Bobbi’s eyes closed to lusty slits as her mind filled with the fantasy. Then she focused her mind on Alan’s hard cock as she slowly untied the knot holding her blouse closed. She saw Alan’s eyes move to her tits as she teasingly opened it wide, then pulled the blouse off and let it fall to the floor. At last, she was naked. Naked and hot, and ready to perform…

Bobbi was very aware of the camera in Sandy’s steady hand. While it made her feel a bit uneasy at times, it did nothing to dampen her lust. And, at the same time, it turned her on to know that her performance was being caught on tape.

She smiled down at Alan as she stepped between his thighs, using her legs to push his knees apart. “I need some room…” she breathed as her hands cupped and squeezed her tits. Sandy released her hold on Alan’s cock and Bobbi grinned as she watched it bob up and down, nearly perpendicular from his belly.

“And İstanbul Escort you are very ready, aren’t you?” she whispered, slowly moving to her knees between his splayed legs. “And so am I… I’m so glad I can play with your cock now… Play with it in front of Sandy and Jeff… your big, hard cock… after all the times I’ve dreamt about it…Mmmm…. I’m so glad you let me suck you off… and fuck you…I want to suck your cock, Alan… Mmmm…I’m going to suck you off slow and deep… I’m going to make your balls so full of thick cum that you’ll drown me… ” She leaned forward, still not touching Alan’s cock, but letting her hot breath wash over it. Her tongue flicked out, barely touching his cockhead, but making him shiver and groan. She turned her eyes to her right, looking directly into the camera once again.

“I get hot when Sandy and Jeff are watching us…” Bobbi breathed, barely touching Alan’s cockhead with her tongue. “I’m happy that I can show them how much I love your big hard cock…” She returned her eyes to Alan’s, looking up at him as she leaned forward. Alan’s cock twitched upwards and Bobbi grinned, opening her mouth and closing her lips over his head. They both groaned as she began to suck him lightly, letting her tongue race in circles around his cockhead. Alan lifted his hips off the couch and Bobbi accommodated him, tilting her head and letting his cock slide deeply into her mouth. She heard Sandy sigh and turned her eyes back to the camera, her eyes twinkling as she let Alan fuck her mouth. She was hoping that Sandy was capturing as much of the pure lust she was feeling as possible and she tried her best to accommodate her friend. Slowly pulling her mouth from her brother’s cock, she smiled into the camera as she rubbed his slick pole over her lips and cheeks.

“Are you thinking about Peter right now, Sandy?”, she teased, “Wondering how his big, hard cock would feel in your mouth…?” Bobbi opened her lips and let Alan slide his cock deep into her mouth, once again tilting her head to let him push against her throat. She pulled back again, letting a long, thick rivulet of pre-cum and saliva drool from her lips and over her chin. She grinned into the camera, using Alan’s cock to smear the thick liquid over her face.

“Maybe, when Peter gets back here, you and I can suck him off together… maybe Marlene likes to play and she’ll share him with us… Mmmm…his cock looked so big…. And you know he dreams about you… We all saw it on the video… Dreams about your hot mouth on his big cock…”

Bobbi grinned when she saw the camera begin to shake in Sandy’s hands and decided that she’d better stop teasing her friend. If she didn’t, the video would be ruined and she certainly didn’t want that to happen. She’d formulated a plan in her mind and certainly didn’t want to fuck that up. She winked into the camera, and into Sandy’s eye, and turned her attention back to her brother.

Bobbi smiled up at him and continued to rub his cock over her face. “Your cock is so hard, Alan…” she panted, “I love sucking your hard cock…” Bobbi let her lips part as she took Alan deep into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she swallowed more and more of his length. She felt him pushing against her throat and hoped that Sandy was capturing her movements as she twisted slightly and pushed her head down, moaning as she felt Alan’s hard-on slip wetly into her throat. She continued pushing down until she felt her lips against his pubic hair. Bobbi held her position until she felt Alan’s fingers entwine in her hair at the back of her head. She smiled to herself and pulled her face back about two inches. Looking up at her brother, she winked again, letting him know it was alright, then sighed as his hips moved upwards, burying his thick cock in her throat again.

Bobbi allowed herself to be held as Alan began to slowly fuck her throat, pulling out slightly, then sliding his cock deep, pulling her face tight into his pubic hair before releasing her. He was groaning loudly and she knew that if she let him continue to fuck her throat like this he would soon be coming. But, as appealing as it was to make her brother come in her throat this way, Bobbi had another plan… A plan that she instinctively knew her brother wouldn’t oppose… She let him continue to fuck her throat until she felt his cock beginning to expand inside her mouth. With every bit of willpower she could muster, Bobbi pulled back against his grip, forcing him to release his hold on her head, and pulling her lips off his throbbing cock. In the same fluid motion, she brought her hand up to his cock, squeezing the base tightly between forefinger and thumb and holding on for dear life until she saw that his need had diminished. Then she raised her head, giving Alan a huge and evil grin.

Alan was gasping like a trout in a creel, but eventually caught his breath and smiled back at his sister. He knew exactly what she was up to and, although he had desperately Bayan Escort wanted to release his cum into her throat, he knew enough to trust Bobbi’s lust. He panted as she slowly released her grip on his cock, then grinned up at him. He watched as she slowly got to her feet, then begin to crawl onto the couch over him. His eyes grew narrow and lustful as he watched her pussy move closer. Bobbi grinned down at him, seeing the look of knowledge on his face as she staddled his body and climbed higher. She also saw Sandy quickly get up from the couch and move around to the back just as Bobbi reached a wobbly, standing position in front of Alan. She smiled down at him and brought her hands down to her pussy, teasing and toying with her swollen lips as she swayed in front of him.

“You know what I need, Alan…” Bobbi breathed. He smiled up at her and nodded, leaning forward to inhale the musky fragrance of her aroused pussy before settling back into the couch. He decided to return a little bit of the teasing that his sister had been delivering all night. He brought his hands up, caressing her thighs, then moving higher until his fingers were teasing the outer limits of her pussy. Small droplets of moisture clung to her sparse hair, cluing him in to her level of excitement. He grinned up at her as he began to toy with her outer lips.

“What you need is what I crave, little sister…” Alan whispered. “Your pussy is so wet…and you smell soooo good. I really wish you’d let me suck your sweet pussy…but I know you hate that, don’t you Bobbi? Mmmmm… I know you hate to have your pussy eaten… But it looks sooo good…” Alan grinned as Bobbi’s moan accentuated her frustration. But he also knew that she loved to be teased every bit as much as he did. He moved his hands higher, gently parting her lips and sliding two fingertips onto the pink, wet surface of her inner walls. Torturously, he slid his fingers up and down, moving agonizingly close to her clit as he grinned up at her.

“Do you want me to eat your pussy, Bobbi…?” Alan , slowly moving his fingers higher. Bobbi groaned and ground her hips lower, urging him to continue. Alan grinned and slowly let one finger slip higher, until he thought he could almost feel a suction working on it. He sighed as he pushed it deep inside Bobbi’s pussy, fucking it inside until his knuckle pressed against her flesh.

“Uunnngghhh…” Bobbi groaned, working her hips against his fist. She worked her hips in a circular motion, pulling his finger inside, then reached her hand down to capture his. She pulled his hand tight to her as she ground her hips against him, forcing his finger deep into her pussy as she fucked against him. She turned her fiery gaze to his as she fought to maintain her balance.

“God, Alan…your finger is so fucking good….so fucking good…ooohhh……. oh…fuck…” She released her grip on his hand and groaned again as he began to finger-fuck her, first with one finger, then with two, thrusting and twisting as she moved against him. His free hand moved around her to grip her ass, steadying her as he fucked her hard and fast. He saw her eyes begin to flutter and roll and he grinned up at her, pulling her body closer to his face.

“Are you ready to come, Bobbi…?” he said firmly, loving the wet sound his fingers were making as they fucked her. He pulled her closer still, flicking his tongue over her belly andf making her groan. He could smell her cum and felt his cock throbbing. “Are you going to come, little sister? Do you want to come in my mouth? Do you want me to suck your little cunt…suck you off…”

Bobbi began to moan over and over and Alan quickly pulled his fingers from her pussy, pulling her to his face and thrusting his tongue deep inside her. Bobbi groaned deep in her throat as she felt Alan’s tongue push deep inside. She could feel and hear his sucking as she felt her orgasm wash over her. She fought to keep her balance on the cushions as colored dots played in front of her eyes and she felt her thick cum pour into her brother’s mouth. She was like a rag doll as Alan held her firmly, fucking her with his tongue as her sweet cum flowed into his mouth

Alan was in heaven as he felt his mouth fill to overflowing. Regardless of how much he swallowed his sister’s cum, he could still feel it cascading over his lips and pouring wetly onto his chest. Bobbi seemed almost lifeless in his arms as he held her tight against his face, the only movement coming from her being the steady pressure of her pussy against his tongue. He raised his head slightly, teasing her clit with his nose and causing her to release another huge torrent of cum into his mouth, which he swallowed greedily.

Alan couldn’t see Jeff, but he could hear Sandy from behind him, whispering under her breath… “Drink it…mmmm..drink her hot, sweet cum…Mmmm….Bobbi….come in his mouth…yes…come in your brother’s mouth…”

Her words turned Alan on immensely, and he turned slightly. He saw the Eskort camera just inches from his face and grinned into it, pulling his face back and letting Bobbi’s thick cum run over his chin as he drew even more out with his tongue.

“I love drinking her cum…” he said into the lens with a smile. “My sister has one of the sweetest pussies in the world…” Sandy groaned her response, and Alan released his grip on Bobbi’s ass. He grinned as she slowly slid her body over his face, moaning continuously and rubbing her tits over his chest, before settling into a heap into his lap. He sighed as he felt the hot, wet glove of her pussy slide over his hard-on.

“Damn…!” Bobbi panted. “Alan….that was so….so… Damn! You are one wonderful, pussy eating hunk!” She collapsed against his chest, both of them breathing heavily. They stayed in that position until they caught their respective breaths and Bobbi looked up at her brother with a grin. Neither of them said a word, but Bobbi began to slowly move her hips, rubbing her now sopping wet pussy over Alan’s cock. He sighed and returned the motion, sliding his cock between her slick lips…

Sandy could see what was going on and decided to take over. After all, she figured, she had the camera and that gave her every right to be the director. She also knew that, from her present angle, she wasn’t going to be able capture anything worth while from their present positions. And, although she was getting extremely excited knowing that Alan was sliding his hard-on between Bobbi’s willing lips, she needed to see it. She wanted to watch as Alan fucked his sister. She kept the camera running, though, as she stood up and began to direct the action.

“Wait….wait a minute, guys!” she laughed, trying to hold the camera steady. “You’ve got to move! I can’t see a thing!”

Alan looked up at her with a somewhat dazed look on his face, then grinned when he saw Sandy’s panicked expression. “So….what?!? “, he chuckled, “You need a different position, Spielberg?”

Sandy took her eye from the viewfinder and looked down at Alan with a wry expression. “Do you want me to capture this Kodak moment or what, guys? I’m only trying to do my best…waaahhhh…” She scrunched up her face as if she was crying and Alan couldn’t help but laugh, even though his sister was still writhing sensually underneath him. He took a deep breath, realizing that he had to play along, and sat back. His hard cock was standing proudly between Bobbi’s thighs and Sandy grinned as she slowly zoomed in on it then pulled the lens back.

“I want you to lie on your back, on the coffee table…”, she said authoritatively, “And I want to see Bobbi sit on you…” She looked around the camera again, a pleading look in her eye. “Please…?”

Alan looked down and winked at Bobbi, who’d been silently taking in all of their banter. She grinned back and acquiescingly shrugged her shoulders, before sliding further down Alan’s torso. She was ready to follow Sandy’s direction, but she had a few terms of her own. As she slid down Alan’s body, she paused, capturing his hard cock between her tits. She stayed there, using her hands to squeeze her tits around Alan’s cock. He sighed and began to slowly pump his cock back and forth, fucking the entire length through her warm tunnel. The residual wetness of her pussy made the channel slick and they both moaned lightly at the sensation. Bobbi looked up into the camera and smiled sexily.

“Are you sure you don’t want to film Alan fucking my tits…?” she sighed, using her hands to capture Alan’s cock between her breasts and raise it up towards the camera, “I could jerk him off with my tits…make him shoot off all over his belly…Mmmm…and my face…then you could film me licking it all up….”

Sandy remembered watching Jeff shoot off between Bobbi’s tits earlier, and sighed as she watched Alan’s cock slide in and out. She began to nod her head, then realized that the camera was moving also which jolted her back to reality. She wanted to see that…yes… But first she wanted to watch Alan’s thick hard cock slide between his sister’s wet pussy lips. Her own fantasies were running amok now. And watching her boyfriend fuck his own sister would only serve to underline the validity of those fantasies. There was nothing that was going to stop her!

“No!”, Sandy said firmly, walking quickly to the front of the couch. “I want to see Alan on his back on the table… Bobbi…I want to see you straddle his legs… You’re going to love this…I promise!” As she spoke, Sandy’s hands and arms were flailing about, directing the two of them. They got up from the couch on shaky legs, taking a step to the coffee table. Bobbi smiled as she saw Jeff take a cotton blanket from the back of a chair and lay it smoothly on the table. Her heart was pounding with excitement knowing that Alan was going to fuck her in front of Jeff and Sandy. And the way Jeff was accommodating things, along with Sandy’s animated only heightened her stimulation. She’d discovered that she loved having sex in the presence of others. But to be directed this way…to have the feeling of blatantly performing for someone else’s pleasure… this was taking her to a whole new level of lustful exhilaration.

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