Rooms of Sin Ch. 01

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Sophie gripped the edges of the oak coffee table, “Fuck me harder you worthless bitch! Fuck me harder or I’ll show you the true meaning of punishment!” she shouted at Victoria. “For God’s sake fuck me until I come, or I’ll whip your sluttish ass into next week!”

Sophie was on her hands and knees, dressed in a black PVC cat-suit, open at the crotch, her body jolted as Victoria, who wore a strap-on dildo, fucked her from behind. Sophie was dishing out commands to her 22 year old, blonde submissive, while Victoria’s husband Timothy sat chained to a carver chair. He sat blindfolded, impaled on a thick rubber dildo which penetrated deep into his stretched ass. His hands cuffed behind his back, and his cock and balls tied tightly with cord to the leather collar around his neck, he could only listen helplessly as his young wife was forced to obey her Mistress. Victoria gripped Sophie around her waist, ploughing the strap-on dildo harder into her sopping pussy.

“Yes Mistress, am I pleasing you now?” pleaded Victoria.

“Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah, that’s better! That feels so good! You’re not such a worthless piece of shit after all! Give it to me!” she screamed at Victoria.

“You hear what your slut-wife is doing to me, Timothy? She is fucking me so good, pleasing her Mistress with her cock, something you’re incapable of! Ohhhh fuck, that’s good!”

The intense fucking was pushing Sophie closer to her inevitable climax. She gritted her teeth as her orgasm started to hit her hard.

“Yes…..yes…..fuck…..fuck…..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!” she wailed loudly, her sobs echoing through Timothy and Victoria’s house.

Victoria’s thighs slapped hard against her Mistress’s buttocks, her rubber cock spearing Sophie’s pink pussy lips, until finally her climax subsided. She withdrew the thick cock with a wet, sucking noise leaving Sophie’s glistening cunt twitching in the afterglow.

“That was much better Victoria”, said Sophie, standing up. “This time, as a reward, you may share my cunt juice with your pathetic husband. Fuck him in the mouth!”

Victoria obeyed, walking to the corner of the spacious lounge where Timothy was restrained. He opened his mouth, accepting his wife’s rubber cock, still creamy and wet with Sophie’s juices. His tongue licked and slurped at the dildo as his wife pushed it deeper into his throat. His cock bobbed and twitched in his lap, a dribble of pre-cum emanated from his piss-hole.

“Oh look!” laughed Sophie, doing her best to humiliate him. “Your bitch of a husband likes it! I think he’s about to cum!”

Sophie walked slowly over to him, the six inch heels of her black calf boots clacking on the hardwood floor. She lifted a foot up onto the arm of the carver, and pulling her puffy cunt lips apart, began to piss. A stream of hot pee rained down on Timothy’s cock and balls, splashing over him, leaving him sitting in a puddle of warm fragrant liquid. He groaned loudly, still gagged by Victoria’s strap-on, and then suddenly came. A jet of creamy white cum spurted from the bulbous head of his cock, arcing through the air, some of which landed on Sophie’s black boots. His cock jerked repeatedly, sending his milky cum running down his hard shaft and over his balls.

“Oh my Victoria, what a mess your husband seems to have made, best you get started cleaning up……..with your tongue!” Sophie ordered.

Victoria obeyed her Mistress, quickly falling to her knees, lapping greedily at the cocktail of mess. She slurped and sucked at puddle of piss and cum that her husband sat in. That last depraved act brought to an end the latest of Sophie’s sessions with her newlywed subs. They were becoming excellent slaves, she mused, as she left their quiet suburban house.

Oscar, Sophie’s husband, was instrumental in his wife’s quest to become a domme, and after a bit of an uncertain start had laid down some ground rules to which she now adhered to. He was a dom, and had spent a decade in the S&M scene perfecting his craft, not only on Sophie, but scores of women from all walks of life. Business women, housewives, college girls, even a well-known TV presenter had felt the savage sting of his whip. Sophie, herself, was relishing in her new hobby. After years of being a submissive slut with a legendary appetite for pain and degradation, a whole new world had opened up to her as a dominant female.

Oscar looked adoringly at his wife as they sat eating dinner later that night. With her striking looks and long black hair cascaded down her back, her curvaceous figure and ripe full breasts straining against the thin red fabric of her dress, she really did look stunning.

“I have some news Sophie, an old acquaintance has been in touch. We have an invitation to join him and his wife!” Sophie looked up, raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

“Where do they live?” she enquired. Oscar smiled at Sophie.

“Berlin! They run a very exclusive fetish club at a large country house on the outskirts of the city, and they’ve invited anime porno us to stay for a weekend!”

Sophie smiled, the thought of a weekend away filled with debauched sex and depravity filled her with excitement. A few weeks later they were on their way, and had settled into their seats on the plane to Germany. The flight from London went smoothly, and they relaxed with some wine. Thoughts raced through Sophie’s mind, trying to imagine what their hosts and their club would be like.

A female hostess leaned across another passenger in front of Sophie, her red uniform stretching over her shapely ass cheeks. Her hair tied in a bun, and with immaculate make up, she looked so sexy. Sophie felt a warm gush of juice forming in her folds, the sight of the hostess in her uniform was turning her on! For a moment, Sophie fantasised about her, imagining they were locked in the cramped toilet together, going down on each other’s wet pussies. Sophie blushed as the hostess turned round to serve Oscar and her. The hostess noticed Sophie’s embarrassment, and smiled knowingly.

They landed at Berlin Tegel airport soon after, and upon clearing customs, they were met by their German hosts, Michael and Katrina. Michael was in his forties, Sophie guessed, six foot tall and stocky in build, his head shaved close, wearing a black leather raincoat to combat the cold weather. He forcefully reached out with his hand to welcome his visitors. He seemed a larger than life character, gregarious and very confident. Katrina hugged Sophie and Oscar warmly, she was a bit shorter than Sophie, with a slim athletic build. She looked ten years younger, but in fact was the same age as Michael, 44, as Sophie discovered later. She was extremely pretty, and her close cropped blonde hair gave her a boyish look. She wore a short red leather jacket, over a cream floral dress and leather ankle boots.

“Pleasure to meet you, I hope we get to know each other really well!” said the petite German woman using perfect English. Oscar and Michael slapped each other on the back, laughing like a couple of schoolboys.

“Great to see you again my friend!” said Michael. They quickly exited the bustling airport, and were driven in Michael’s BMW to their house on the outskirts. They arrived at the double wrought iron gates at the entrance to the large schloss. Once inside, a servant took Oscar and Sophie’s cases to their rooms, while the visitors sipped champagne in a huge lounge with their hosts.

“We really hope you enjoy your stay” said Katrina, “From what Michael tells me about you both, we think you’ll find it really exciting!”

Michael interjected, “Yes, as you know Oscar, we run an exclusive fetish club here, with many surprises in store. It’s very popular with some of the more affluent people in Berlin. We cater for all kinds of tastes, and the business is doing really well, so as a very old friend, that’s why we wanted to invite you and your wife to experience it for yourselves!”

Katrina smiled at Sophie, “From what I hear about you Sophie, I think you’re in for some treats!”

After settling in to their bedroom, Michael took Oscar and Sophie on a tour of the club. He explained how things worked at the club. He led them down a long chequered marble floored corridor that had 7 doors on each side. Brightly lit chandeliers hung from the high ceiling, it looked very opulent, thought Sophie. The corridor was festooned with expensive gold décor. Above each solid looking mahogany door was a green and red light.

“You notice the lights yes?” asked Michael. “Let me explain, it is quite simple, if the light is green, you may enter if you choose, and if it is red of course, you are forbidden to go inside. You must not break that rule under any circumstances, okay? Once inside you will find yourself in a small anteroom, where you can prepare yourself, and you will see another door which leads to the main room.”

“How intriguing!” Sophie looked across at Oscar, and winked.

“You will come across other people here while visiting the rooms, some of them are guests, and others are employed by us to serve and perform for others, only you won’t know exactly who is who. Everyone’s identities remain a secret. There are different themes and scenarios in each room, and they can change night by night, so there are always surprises!” explained Michael.

Katrina caught up with them in the corridor, “Now don’t be nervous you two, enjoy your stay over the next two nights, I’m sure you’ll find our club very, very stimulating!”

Oscar had no worries regarding Sophie. He already knew she could cope with anything the club had to offer. She had a massive appetite for nasty extreme sex, the kinkier, the better.

A little later, they sat in their room, looking forward to their first evening at the club.

“How are we going to do this Oscar? Are we going to the rooms as a couple or are we flying solo tonight?”

“If we go alone, said her husband, “Then I want some anne porno of your sweet pussy now!”

He moved closer to her, his hand snaking up her thigh. Sophie felt his fingers slip beneath her lacy panties. A shiver ran down her spine, he had a great touch, Oscar, he really did. She seemed to be in a permanent state of arousal, her cunt moist ever since the flight from London.

“Damn that air hostess! I’d make her suffer!” she thought to herself, wickedly.

Oscar’s fingers wormed their way deeper into Sophie’s hot pussy. “Oh…..Oscar, that feels great!” she squealed.

“Take your cock out, let me feel it.”

He unzipped his jeans, releasing his thick member. Sophie wasted no time, grabbing the hardening shaft and smothering the head with her pouting lips. Pre-cum was already oozing from his piss-hole, lubricating her mouth.

She tasted the sweetness of his juice, “Oh God, Oscar, I’ve got such a craving for your cum!”

She took his cock deep into her mouth, his heavy balls swinging at her chin.

“Oooh…..Fuck……yeah baby…..fuck…..yeah!” Oscar exclaimed.

Sophie sucked and fucked his cock with her mouth, rolling her tongue around his glans. Her fingers jammed and squirmed their way into her sopping cunt. They were both so turned on, the thought of staying in their friend’s fetish club, and the anticipation of what was in store for them both was too much. Oscar pushed Sophie down on the bed, ripping away her delicate panties. His mouth literally fell onto her pussy, sucking and probing. He so loved the sweetness of her juices, his tongue reaching as far as it could into her steamy hole. She squirmed on the bed, overcome by Oscar’s frantic lapping.

“Oh please!” she cried, “I want your cock in my mouth again! I need to taste your cum so badly!”

Oscar straddled her heaving tits, sliding his hard cock between her lips. Opening her mouth as far as she could to accommodate him, she allowed him to push deeper into her. She felt his cock throbbing deep in her gullet, and fought the gagging reflex that was about to choke her. Then all of a sudden, it happened. Sophie came first, a shuddering climax brought on by her fingers which were now glistening with her own juices. As her body shook, she took Oscar’s cock deeper than ever before, his heavy balls slapping against her chin. He came too, his cum exploding deep within her throat. Spurt after spurt of his cum flooded into her stomach. Finally Oscar finished, and withdrew, leaving Sophie gasping for air.

“Mmmm, babe, you suck so well!” sighed Oscar, collapsing onto the bed.

Sophie wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“You know me!” she smiled, “You’re on your own tonight, lover, I’m going to visit some of the rooms on my own, tomorrow night we’ll start out together, and see where we end up at the end of the night!”

“That suits me fine!” Oscar replied.

After a light meal, Sophie and Oscar prepared themselves for their first experiences at Michael and Katrina’s exclusive club. In their bathroom, Sophie discovered a douche attachment for the shower. She gave herself a thorough ass cleansing, as she was secretly hoping for some heavenly anal sex later. She soaped and shaved herself until her skin was beautifully smooth and silky, applying plenty of lotion afterwards.

She chose her clothing for her first venture into the club. A purple satin corset emphasising her curvy figure, matching thong, sheer black stockings secured by the corset’s eight suspenders, purple velvet opera-style gloves, and impossibly high heeled purple court shoes. She held an elegant black feathered masquerade mask up to her face.

“Perfect!” she thought, looking in the mirror.

Leaving Oscar in the bedroom, Sophie donned her mask and ventured out in the club, navigating her way to the fetish rooms. She quickly arrived in the corridor, her heart beating heavily with anticipation. She glanced at the lights above the doors, except for one, they were all green. She chose room 3, on the left, and went inside. As Michael had said, she found herself in a small anteroom. She flicked the switch on the wall, turning the light outside the room to red. There was just enough space for a small round table and chair. A full length mirror was fixed to one wall, and Sophie glanced at her reflection, giggling with excitement.

“Not bad!” she thought.

But it was the table that really caught her eye. On it was a riding crop.

“Well, what do we have here?” she muttered to herself, wondering as to what may be in store for her on the other side of the door. She took a deep breath, picked up the crop, and walked inside.

Back in their bedroom, Oscar was getting ready for his first foray into the club. He also took advantage of the shower douche, intent on being prepared for anything. His cock grew hard in the shower as he lathered himself. He was sorely tempted to relieve himself there and then, but he had other plans for his cock, arap porno not wanting to waste this opportunity after travelling all the way to Germany. He neatly trimmed his pubic area, taking time to shave his leaden balls. After showering, he dressed in a black suit, and red shirt, deciding to go commando. His thoughts turned to Sophie, wondering what she was up to.

The room was gloomy, lit by just a few candles. Sophie walked further inside, her high heels clicking on the cold stone floor. It was a dungeon! In front of her was a sight that made her gasp with shock. Fixed to one wall was a large wooden cross, and bound to it was a girl, dressed as a cheerleader. She wore a yellow crop-top, revealing her taught 18 year old, tanned tummy, a white mini-skirt, and white calf boots. Shoulder length blonde hair framed her pretty teen features.

“Are….are you, my……..Mistress?” said the girl, tears welling in her eyes.

Sophie felt herself slipping into her domme role. She moved slowly closer to the restrained girl, until their faces were almost touching. Sophie examined the girl closely, still wearing her masquerade ball mask. Her moist lips lightly brushed the girls quivering mouth, before planting a heavy kiss on them. Their lips mashed together, Sophie kissing her passionately.

Tongues and lips swirled around each other, saliva dripping from their mouths. Sophie stopped abruptly, and looked her in the eye. Then she slapped the girl hard across the face.

“I’m whatever you want me to be honey!” She said, coldly. “But you’re just a slut, I know you are, because you’re dressed like one.”

Sophie slipped her gloved fingers under the girl’s mini-skirt, finding her naked pussy underneath. She could feel the girl’s heat, and her wetness through the fabric of her gloves.

“Oh my pretty little thing, are you hot for Mistress? Have you been teasing those boys with that dirty little cunt of yours? Have you been fucking their cocks like a little whore?” Sophie bombarded her with questions.

The girl nodded.

“Oh you’re a naughty little slut who needs punishing then! Is that what you need?”

The girl looked shamefully down at her feet.

“Hurt me Mistress, please, hurt me, I need to be punished.” she replied softly.

Sophie lifted the girl’s crop top, exposing her firm young breasts, and pinched her nipples hard until they were puffed and erect.

“Nnnnnnnnngh!” the girl groaned.

On a table lay a selection of instruments of pain, including a pair of vicious nipple clamps connected by a short chain. Sophie attached the clamps to her budding nipples. The girl whimpered in pain, her heavy eyeliner now smeared by her tears.

“Open wide!” Sophie instructed, placing the hanging chain between the girls teeth.

Pulled tight, the chain wrenched her nipples upwards, increasing the level of pain. The girl winced, her breathing coming in short rasps. Sophie walked in circles around the dimly lit room, flexing her riding crop, and tapping it menacingly against her thigh. She exposed her full, ripe tits to the girl, releasing them from the confines of her tight corset. The girls eyes followed her, knowing that things were about to get more painful.

“You deserve this don’t you, slut, because you’re a teasing, filthy cum-whore who likes to fuck and suck anything she can, yes?” Sophie asked.

The girl nodded again, her eyes pleading with Sophie for forgiveness. In a flash, Sophie lunged forward, the crop swished through the air connecting with the soft inside of the girl’s right thigh.

“Eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaargh!” She screamed, still clenching the metal chain in her teeth.

Sophie changed position, ready for the next blow. A second later, she hit the opposite thigh, sending the unfortunate girl reeling in pain. Her head shook violently, pulling at the nipple clamps. Red welts appeared on her thighs, and she began sobbing.

“Oh you think this is bad, eh? We’re just getting started honey!” Sophie chuckled.

Oscar wandered through the schloss, on his way to the fetish rooms, passing a middle-aged couple in the brightly lit corridor. They greeted each other, the couple introducing themselves as Harald and Claudia. Harald was dressed like Oscar, in a smart suit. He was tall with ruggedly handsome features, his greying hair giving him a distinguished look. Claudia, much shorter than her partner, wore a red latex outfit, her long black hair in a ponytail poking through the top of her red rubber hood.

“Enjoy your evening!” Claudia said, smiling warmly.

“Thank you! And you as well!” replied Oscar.

He arrived outside the rooms, looking up at the lights. A green light shone above the first door on the right. He went inside, flicking the wall switch to red. The anteroom appeared to be what looked like a doctor’s waiting room. Magazines were piled neatly on a small table, not the usual yachting and housekeeping publications though. Oscar browsed through the selection of glossy fetish porn. On the walls were anatomical posters and public health notices. He sat on a leather sofa for a few minutes, preparing himself for what might lay in wait for him in the other room. Above the door, a green light flickered into life, and a buzzer sounded.

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