Rose’s Awakening Ch. 08

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As Rose stood beneath the shower spray she was giddy with her excitement, for she knew that soon I would be taking the last of her innocence. I stepped into the shower behind her and ran my hands over her body and felt her shiver in her anticipation. I desperately needed a shower at this point as well though. I had crusty dried blood all over my back, my wounds stung and I was generally just sore all over. I had taken more abuse and whippings in one night too last me a lifetime. I wrapped my arms around my sweet little Rose and kissed the back of her neck as I cupped her pert breasts. I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, as she rolled her hips and pressed her ass back against my cock. I had a mind to bend her over right there in the shower but I wanted to take the last of her openings in full view of her mother. I wanted Julia to see just how much I enjoyed fucking our daughter. I also wanted Julia to experience the mental anguish of thinking that she could be tossed aside like a used toy now.

I twisted Rose around as we exchanged places beneath the water. “Dammit that hurts,” I cringed as the water cascaded down my back, “this is more pain than I think I may have ever felt before my dear.” Rose slipped around and behind me and took a washcloth from the rack, she slowly dabbed at the caked blood trying to ease the pain and wash the blood away, sobbing apologetically as she did so. Her soft little hands moved up and down my back and I winced with each stroke, I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping on my back for the next few nights if sleep would come at all. I felt Rose’s lips brush across the welts and open wounds as she kissed them trying to lessen the pain I was feeling. I reached down behind me and slipped my hand over her pussy cupping the mound with my hand. I curled my fingers and she spread her legs enough to allow them to spread her open and slip inside her. I could feel the stubble starting to return on her pussy and thought, that will have to be properly shaved soon. Upon further reflection I thought that later tonight when the punishments had ended would be the perfect time to shave her and force her mother to eat her pussy once it had been made bare again.

Rose had managed to remove all the streaks of blood from my back and now as I fingered her she was just softly running the washcloth over them one final time. I withdrew my fingers from her boiling snatch and then turned to her, catching her in a deep embrace. I caught her lower lip between my own and sucked it, slowly running my tongue over the soft tasty flesh. My tongue protruded farther out and slipped it’s way into her mouth, seeking Rose’s in return, our kiss was passionate, not rushed, just a long languid kiss. I was exploring My submissive daughter’s mouth with a hunger I hadn’t felt in years. Perhaps it bordered on that old saying, there’s no better pussy than some new pussy. I had completely forgotten the others for now, I was wrapped in my own little world with Rose.

Stepping out of the shower I grabbed a towel and wiped Rose down drying the beads of water from her skin. No rush, just enjoying the bond that was silently growing stronger. I finished patting her down and drying her, lingering on her most obvious points of arousal. As I finished she did the same for me, being careful with the terrycloth towel on my back as she patted it softly. Rose turned to the medicine cabinet and pulled out the ointment for cuts and scrapes and applied little drops all over my wounds. She then rubbed them in with a slow steady rhythm, I could feel the sting and yet the cool ointment soothing the pain. We had remained silent for the most part thus far, my initial reaction to the water had been the only words spoken. There had been no need for commands, no need for words. I was feeling the tension escape my body now and resuming the hunger for Rose’s body.

Rose then knelt down drying my legs after finishing applying the ointment to my back, her little hand wrapping around my semi-erect cock. She leaned forward and lifted my cock straight up and sucked my balls into her mouth, her tongue lifting and teasing each one. My cock was fully erect in seconds, Rose’s mouth would never fail to have this affect on my cock. Rose’s little hand stroked my cock with a deliberate motion, she looked up into my eyes as she pulled her lips from my balls and ran her outstretched tongue up the length of my shaft. “Daddy, Sir,” she cooed, “please take me out in the other room and fuck me in front of mommy, show her that I am your favorite fucktoy now.” As she issued the last word from her mouth her lips covered the head of my cock and she plunged her mouth all the way down over my cock to the base. She bobbed up and down a few times lifting Escort İstanbul her eyes up looking into mine. Her lips framed my cock perfectly as she smiled around it and sucked hungrily.

I held Rose’s head and backed away from her letting my cock slip from her oh so hot little mouth, holding out my hands to her now. I helped her up and nudged her towards the door, “Once we go out there I want you,” I spoke in a hushed tone, “to go and return to the table and slip your hands into the restraints, then raise that pretty little ass in the air and wait.” “Yes, Master,” she giggled, “I will do as you command.” She opened the door and padded over to the table before hopping up on it and sliding her right hand through the restraint and binding it with her left, then she slipped her left hand through the other restraint and raised her ass in the air wiggling it for whomever may be watching.

Charlie had tired of the game with Melissa, he was now once more standing behind her reddened ass and spanking her with just his bare hand this time. She was crying each time in misery, “I’m sorry Sir, I will never do this again, Ohhh, please stop, please anything, Oh, anything at all you want.” Damon now had placed Julia in the chair, he was calling her every name he could think of belittling her as per my instructions. “Julia, you are nothing but a piece of fuckmeat,” Damon told her, “your presence is only here to have your holes stuffed with cock and cum you slut.” “Don’t you seen that fine piece of ass he has now?” Damon continued,”She is so much better looking than you and I am sure she is much tighter and more willing to please a man that a wrinkling bitch like you.” I just looked into her eyes and knew that Julia was fuming and doubting herself now through the help of constant onslaught by Damon.

Annie was fairing just as bad, as Jake had kept up the continual whippings to her thighs, ass, pussy, and nipples. She was sobbing uncontrollably and her chest was heaving with each breath. Jake had her body a bright pink and was showing no signs of letting up. “Yes, you like this don’t you slut?” he asked. “As long as you have a Master,” he slowed his words so that each one would be heard and weighed in her mind, “then you are happy right? Well, it isn’t going to happen wench, neither Master here wants your worthless submission.” He kept whipping her as he spoke, I admired the skill he was using, for he wasn’t whipping her hard, he was just lightly slapping on the already sensitive areas.

It was time now to refocus my attention on Rose, she beamed up at me as I stood before her. “Master, Sir, I am ready,” she wiggled her little ass as she spoke, “for you to fill my ass with your big hard Daddy cock.” I stood there thinking back to the previous afternoon, how she had seemingly masterminded all of this with help from her mother and here I was letting her almost get away with it and rewarding her by fucking her tiny little ass. Well, I had left her alone long enough to scare her and I would be using the other women as well before the night was over so I saw no need to dwell on this. I would have nine more days to punish her before all was said and done, and I was surely not going to just forget about this experience. I knew she had other weaknesses and I would use them later. Let her feel safe and secure and that I no longer felt she was responsible and then when she had finally felt safe I was going to find the most devious things I could to punish her.

I walked around her body and ran my hands over her ass, cupping them in my big hands and squeezing them. I had one thing to attend to before I pushed my fat cock inside her body though. I strapped her other hand down securing the restraint and walked up the stairs to the office. I pulled open the closet doors there and walked into the full walk in closet. It had been converted to a little voyeuristic pleasure room for me not too long ago. I had installed cameras down stairs that covered every corner of the room. There were 8 tiny pin sized cameras in the dungeon only I knew about. I had ordered them from an online company and placed them downstairs and in my bedroom just before Rose had turned 18. I had started recording the evening Rose came home late and had captured everything that went on so far during her training in the house on video. There were roughly 26 different cameras spread throughout the house, just the main portion of them were in the dungeon now. I checked the screens to make sure each woman could be seen in detail. After confirming this I turned around inside the closet and pulled down to of the handheld camcorders I had. I grabbed a couple tripods as well and went back downstairs after closing the closet door and İstanbul Escort Bayan the door to my office locking each. The men all turned there attention to me and I could here there resounding intakes of breath as they realized what was about to happen. I was going to videotape the rest of the events tonight. Little did anyone know that I had been doing so all along but I wanted the women to each realize their horrors as well and relive them over and over again, especially in the case of Melissa.

It didn’t take too long to set the camera’s on their tripods and start them filming exactly where I wanted them. I placed one to catch a long shot of the room with Melissa in focus from the side and Annie being still in focus just to her front and right. Now the other camera was the only thing that I debated for one reason, I wanted to videotape my cock slipping up Rose’s tiny anal opening but I also wanted to capture the look on her mother’s face as she watched. So, I turned the table slightly so that Julia would be forced to look directly at the view of her husband and Master mounting their daughter. I flipped on the camera and grabbed the body oil from the bench and walked behind Rose, I leaned forward and once more spread her tiny asscheeks and licked circles around her tiniest of openings. Gone was that sweet mixture of cunt juice with the flavor of sweat, now it was just the soft subtle taste of young flesh. Nothing compares to that taste I had found yet. I think if someone could market such a flavor of gum or food, the world would be their oyster. I slid my tongue up and down the crack of the beautiful ass before me and ran my fingers up and down her wet little slit. I popped the cap off of the oil and spread it all over my hands and cock. Then I poured some down in between My Rose’s asscheeks. I took two fingers and rubbed it in, softly pushing against her asshole, letting my fingers just barely slip inside. I worked them with a fevered lust once I got her open enough to allow this.

It took nearly ten minutes to work a third finger in as she wiggled and pushed back trying to bury my fingers deep inside her. I had not left her pussy alone though as I bent down and lapped at the juices that were trickling down her thighs. “Ahh! Daddy, Sir,” Rose panted,”that feels so great, please stop teasing me big Master and fuck my ass.” I wouldn’t give in that quick I added a fourth finger and pressed it in with the others stretching her even wider. “Mmmmrph, Oh god Daddy, I’m cummingggg,” her breathing was sporadic now and there was no telling her she couldn’t cum. Her body was shaking and her ass was clenching hard on my fingers threatening to break them off it felt like. I allowed her to cum…there would be punishment for that as well, I made a mental note of it and if I forgot, well then the videotape would remind me. I slapped her ass hard with the hand that wasn’t busy fingering her asshole, my tongue pressing deep up inside of her precious little pussy. Now was the time to break her in with My big cock I thought, she had to be ready now. I withdrew my fingers with speed, leaving her asshole open and spread wide. I pulled her ass back towards me and rubbed my cock up and down her vaginal slit. I dipped it inside her pussy teasing her taking a few deep strokes before pulling out and pressing the head into her stretched arsehole. Rose’s fists were gripping the wooden table beneath her hands, her knuckles turning white as I shoved the head inside her last virginal opening. “Shove that fat cock in me Master,” she begged, “show your little slut no mercy.” She pushed her ass back trying to get more of my cock inside her, “Please Master,” she pleaded, “Ram your rod deep inside, don’t worry I can take it.” Rose continued to plead and wiggle her ass as I pulled back and inched in just past the head and an inch down the shaft. “Now, please oh god just fill my ass with your cock.” I pulled back once more leaving just the tip of the head in her ass and then rammed it in as my lovely little daughter had begged me to do. “Ahhh, yes,” she cried out, “You fuck my tight asshole Daddy, I have been a bad girl and need to learn that bad little sluts get a fat cock in their ass.” I had remained silent through this, concentrating on not blowing my load too fast. “Yes, slut that’s correct,” I moaned, “bad little sluts get punished and fucked in their tight little asses.”

At the same time Charlie was doing the same to Melissa, she was screaming bloody murder as he fucked her ass. Her cries spurred me on along with the constant barrage of words and pleas from Rose. The sound of bodies slapping could be heard all over the room as Damon stuffed his 11 inch cock deep inside Julie, stretching her around his Anadolu Yakası Escort enormous black cock. I focused back on Rose’s ass as she clenched her sphincter around my cock. She had great muscle control and was squeezing and milking My cock for all it was worth. “Take it all you slut,” I yelled, “you wanted Daddy’s cock in your ass so bad, so now you have it you MY little slut.” I held her hips in my hand and corkscrewed my cock in and out of her ass, twisting my hips every few thrusts. Thwack! I slapped her little ass hard as I neared orgasm. “Cum for your Master,” I commanded, “cum for Me now Rose.” I could feel the sweat pouring off of me now. It was settling in the open wounds upon my back and stinging as if it were on fire. The salty sweat only reminding me of what had been done earlier to my body. I rammed in Rose’s ass down to my balls, shoving my prick once more until there was no more shaft sticking out of her ass. “Oh Sir, I am cummmiiinnngg again,” she screamed. Rose’s little body shook once more and her ass clenched over and over again, I felt the cum a split second before it spurted forth from my cock. “Daddy’ssssss cummmiinngg in your assss now too babbbby,” I managed to utter. My body tensed as my cock lurched inside her asshole spewing it’s seed inside her. I pulled out after the third shot and milked it out onto her ass, letting it dribble down her asscheeks.

I looked up then and glared at Julia who was watching with a mixture of lust and loathing on her face. “What’s wrong slut?” I asked. “Could it be that now you know I have found a suitable replacement for a wayward aging bitch like yourself?” I planned on continuing her punishment as long as I could stand tonight. Tears were welling in her eyes once more as she nodded and whispered in a raspy voice, “Yes, Sir, I know now that our daughter has fulfilled your deepest fantasy.” I looked down at Rose, her body had collapsed and she had passed out after cumming. Wow, I knew I was a pretty good fuck but that is a compliment I thought. Her young body lay limp on the table her hair tussled and her ass red with My handprints. Rose’s little asshole had regained it’s prior tight closed form and the only sign she had been fucked there was the little dribbles of cum on her ass and around her asshole. I pulled back from her to focus on Melissa now.

Charlie was nearing climax as he screamed at her, “You stupid bitch, how could you be so cruel and frigid all the time?” I knew it was a rhetorical question but she attempted to answer, “I am.” “Shut up,” he vented, “I didn’t want an answer.” His cock was moving with fluid speed in and out of her puckered asshole, it was quite a site. I watched as his hand came down over and over on her ass again, I had failed to notice that his other hand was busy working her clit, until now. “Yes, fuck my asshole Charlie,” she screamed,”fuck it hard, cum inside my ass pleeeaaaseee.” “Oh fuck, here it comes Melissa.” he gasped. I saw his body tense as he shot wad after wad inside her just as I had done with Rose. He pulled away as she started to cum and laughed at her, “I didn’t give you permission to cum yet slut.” With that he turned to enter the bathroom and wash off his prick. I followed directly behind him doing the same.

“Well, Charlie,” I started, “it seems Melissa took a liking to having her rump ravished.” His grin confirmed that, and then he spoke softly, “I have waited nearly 16 years to fuck her in the ass and now I am going to let those two subs have a go at her unless you want her first.” I debated, the original plan was for all four of us to fuck his wife in the ass but I decided here and now against that. “No, Charlie, I believe,” I paused carefully choosing My words now,”that she would benefit more if in a day or two you bring her back on her hands and knees and force her to beg me to fuck her little sore asshole.” His face lit up, “You know I think you’re right. That might just break her completely from being a switch, of course there is the matter of Jake and Damon though.” He hesitated before continuing, “They adore her and would do just about anything for her though seeing as how she is there Mistress. Any suggestions Tyler?” I thought a moment, “Yes, they both seem to have taken well to Mastering, let’s give them a day or two to think about it and then set them up with those twin subs we know that switch as well from the gym.” I went on, “It doesn’t have to be permanent, just until Melissa is reminded that she is 75 percent sub and 25 Mistress. I think it would be safe to allow her a few nights of Domming a week, just make sure to keep her in check.” We finished in the bathroom and headed back out to resume the activities…….

But that is a whole separate chapter…If you enjoy these send feedback and vote please.. I want to continue but I also want to see where you as the readers are. Thank you for all the feedback so far and keep it coming. Chapter 9. Julia and Annie receive their just dues…. Don’t worry Rose has more in store for her as well.

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