Runt Ch. 11

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I was out of town for the week that followed. It was hard being away from Paula for the week. What was hard? The situation and my cock. I spoke with her every night. We had phone sex, but of course it was no substitute to the real thing.

The weekend was approaching and with it the chance for me to finally sleep with Paula. Please understand that in this case when I say sleep with Paula, I meant sleep. I could hardly wait to see her and fuck her again, but I also was looking forward to sleeping with her and waking up with her. I guess it was love.

The kids were really enjoying the new freedom at Paula’s house. Steve had brought Kiri to meet his mother and they were getting along great. Tom was bringing home a new girl to fuck every night. Being an exhibitionist, Paula said Tom always made it a point to keep his bedroom door open so anyone could see and hear. Typical of kids these days, none of his girlfriends minded or showed any shyness.

Runt and Suzy were still planning to visit Bob at his college over the weekend. Suzy had called Bob and asked about coming and he was happy to have her visit. Suzy and Runt had something in mind though because Suzy hadn’t told Bob that she wasn’t coming by herself. Paula didn’t press them for their plans.

Suzy was spending quite a bit of time over at Paula’s while I was gone. She and Mark were growing closer every day. She had been crushed when her old boyfriend had dumped her the weekend before, but now that she was dating Mark, she said she was in heaven.

Suzy’s old boyfriend was a guy named Brian that I had never liked. After breaking up with her on Saturday evening, when he saw her in school on Monday he told Suzy he had decided he would allow her to date him again. Suzy thought about getting back together with him and his 4″ cock and his sexual hang ups and just laughed in his face. He became very angry and when someone scrawled the word “DIRTY SLUT” on her locker with permanent marker, she guessed it was Brian. The principal told Suzy that she would have to just live with it for the rest of the school year when the repainting of all lockers was scheduled. When Tom heard about this he just smiled.

The college Bob attended was a four hour drive so right after school on Friday, Runt was to pick up Suzy straight from school so they could hit the road. When school was let out, Suzy was one of the first ones out of the door. She saw Runt and waved, then saw that Tom was in the car parked next to Runt’s.

Tom stepped out of the car holding a bucket and cleaning supplies and asked Suzy to point Brian out to him. She did and Tom walked over to talk to him. At 6-4 and 220 pounds Tom can be a formidable sight. Anyone who İstanbul Escort knows him knows that he is not a fighter, but Brian didn’t know it and he looked as pale as a ghost when Tom explained how fond he was of Suzy and what he would do to anyone who gave her any grief. After Tom’s explanation, Brian was more than happy to agree to wash the words off of Suzy’s locker and Tom was more than happy to watch him so he could be sure Brian did a good job.

Under Tom’s watchful eye, as Brian was scrubbing the locker a crowd was growing to watch him. One of Suzy’s favorite teachers saw the crowd and Brian. Seeing Tom she guessed what was going on. She was a new teacher and was considered by all of the kids to be one of the nicest. Tom explained to her how Brian had agreed to clean Suzy’s locker. When the message was written, everyone in the school assumed it was Brian, but no one could prove it. The teacher smiled and asked Tom and Brian to swing past her office after the locker had been cleaned.

After an hour and a half of scrubbing, Brian had scrubbed clear through the paint and was down to the metal, so finally the message was gone. Tom and Brian walked to the teacher’s office.

When they walked into her office the teacher was grading papers. She came around the desk, ignoring Brian and shook hands with Tom. “I’m Miss Kendal but please call me Eva,” she said.

Every school seems to have at least one teacher who becomes the student’s fantasy. At Suzy’s school, Miss Kendal was that teacher. She was blonde, around 5-11 and 1125 lbs. She was wearing a blouse and sweater that tried, but didn’t really succeed in covering up a large set of tits. She wore a skirt that went below her knees. She was one of those women that looked very beautiful in her glasses.

Miss Kendal turned to Brian. “Thank you so much for taking the initiative to clean Suzy’s locker.”

Like most of the guys in the school, Brian had the hots for Miss Kendal. He smiled. “No problem, Eva,” he said.

“You can call me Miss Kendal, Brian,” Eva said, bursting Brian’s bravado. “But I do thank you. I just wish the guy cleaning it would have been the gutless pathetic loser who wrote it on her locker in the first place,” Eva said knowing full well that Brian was the gutless pathetic loser. Tom sat back enjoying how the teacher gave a clear message to Brian what she thought of him and his actions, while all the time thanking him for cleaning the locker.

“You may leave now Brian,” Eva said. As Brian reached the door, Miss Kendal said, “Oh wait Brian here is your book report.” She handed the paper Tom so he could hand it to Brian. On the top was a big “F minus” in red ink. “Next time Escort Bayan try reading the book Brian and shut the door behind you,” Miss Kendal said.

After Brian had left Miss Kendal turned to Tom. “Thank you for handling that for us. I really like Suzy. I know she has been through a lot and it’s nice to see she has a good guy looking out for her.”

“Not a problem,” Tom replied. “Suzy is a great kid girl.”

“I know you aren’t her brother. Are you dating her?” Eva asked.

“No, her dad is dating my mom. Actually I think Suzy and my brother have something going on. You can see it in their eyes,” Tom said smiling.

“That’s nice,” Eva replied. “I really do like Suzy. She seems like a nice girl. We have some dirty sluts around the school, but Suzy is definitely not one of them. After that happened, no one around here would do anything. That really made me furious.”

“Nothing even from the principal?” Tom asked.

“The principal and the assistant principal are too scared of a law suit to do anything. To tell you the truth, there’s not a real man in this school,” Eva said then added, “Well until you showed up.”

“Not even the Phys. Ed. Guys?” Tom asked.

“Most are too busy sucking each other off in the showers to worry about some girls problem and the only one who isn’t queer is a Christian who thinks any girl not dressed in a 1950’s style school uniform is a slut. It’s too bad because he is cute, but he’s like an old church lady. I once told him a dirty joke and he told me he and his wife would pray for me. God what an asshole!”

Tom laughed.

“But I’m really glad Suzy and Brian broke up” Eva continued, “He’s a loser. Last semester I was going to flunk him, but the head of the school board is his uncle, so his grade was changed. Is it hot in here?”

Eva pulled her sweater over her head. Even under the sweater, Tom could tell she had a good body, but he was surprised to see that under her sweater she wore a sheer blouse with no bra. Her nipples were clear to see. “That’s better,” Eva said as she set her sweater aside. “I never wear bras under a sweater here. There is something about this fucking place that drains all of the sexuality away. They must do it on purpose to slow the kids down. Going without a bra is a small thing that helps me get through the day. I hope you don’t mind”

Tom smiled, “No you look great. You have a great rack.”

“Great rack, huh?” Eva said smiling. “God it’s nice having a real man around this fucking place. You remind me of my brothers. They used to look out for me.”

Tom smiled, “How many brother do you have?”

Eva continued, “Five and they were all men.”

“Sound like Eskort plenty of cock for you,” Tom commented.

“Yeah when I turned 18, they kind of made me their cum bucket, but I didn’t mind. I really learned how to suck cock. They always looked out for me and I always sucked them off as a way of saying thanks.”

“That’s really nice.”

“I told you thanks earlier, but I’d like to thank you a bit more. Tell me, do you like having your cock sucked?”

“Hmmmm,” Tom pretended to be thinking, “You know, believe it or not, I do like having my cock sucked.”

“Eva laughed, “Well lock the door and get those fucking pants off.”

Tom stood and was quickly naked from the waist down. Eva took off her clothes. “Just in case things get sticky,” she explained.

She started removing her glasses, but Tom stopped her. “Chicks in glasses are sexy.”

Tom walked over to her chair, his 9″ of cock meat was half hard. Eva lifted it and sucked the tip, enjoying the drop of precum that oozed out of it and into her mouth. Tom reached down and rubbed a tit, thumbing the nipple. Soon his cock was rock hard.

“Fuck you are huge,” Eva smiled up at him, then she quickly started fucking her mouth with his hard fuck stick. Tom could feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of Eva’s throat. Several long strings of liquid that was made up of Tom’s dripping pre-cum and Eva’s saliva escaped from her mouth and dripped down over her jugs.

Eva adjusted herself in the chair, changing the angle that Tom’s cock was entering into her mouth. The next time she pushed his cock in, Tom felt her throat open and Eva swallowed the whole length of his cock. Her nose was in his pubic hair. She pulled it out and lifted his cock and ran her tongue up the bottom side of the shaft. She then lowered her head and licked his balls. While she was licking his balls her hand jacked Tom’s cock up and down the length of the shaft.

Tom could begin to feel his load starting to build. Eva must have sensed it too, because she popped the tip back into her mouth as she continued jacking it off. The first blast filled Eva’s mouth and she swallowed frantically. She might have been able to keep up, but Tom pulled his cock back and shot the rest of his load on her face. Instead of moving, Eva took it all. When it was nearly done, she stuck out her tongue and jacked the last few drops onto her tongue.

She sat back and looked up at Tom, smiling. She still looked beautiful as only a woman with cum all over her face can. It was dripping off her glasses and down her chin. A big glob fell from her chin and ran down her tit. Tom reached down and caught it with his finger and rubbed it into her tit flesh.

“I knew you were a real man,” she said smiling. “God you remind me of my brothers.”

Tom then did something he had never done. It was something he never thought he would ever do. He bent down and kissed a girl’s cummy lips.

(to be continued)

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