SA E03B: A Night of Discovery

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Foreword: This is the Third Part in the Sean and Alicia Story set, I have split it into two parts, mostly because of its length. I will submit both parts on the same day, so barring needing to resubmit, both parts should come out on the same day. Before you ask, no there is no Alicia or Sean. However if any feedback should be sent to there attention I may consider using it in a story. I will probably not respond in there names. But that may change. I will do almost anything if it increases my creativity.

I wrote this story based on a conversation I had with my best friend, I have a completely open mind about sexual relations and sex a rule, true I am opposed to torture and rape but that is more my values than seeing them as bad sexual themes, anyhow our discussion ventured into his sexual activities and I asked him if he would do it with a pair of identical twin sisters who were also lovers, I personally consider a wild fantasy I said I would like to experience this, I was surprised by his answer. He replied that maybe he would but he would consider the situation extremely weird, I did not know why, but the more I thought about it the more I wondered, so this little story, trying to put Sean in his shoes, I think the result is pretty sexy hope you enjoy. If you feel offended by this story, I am sorry about that, but I personally think the story is pretty good.

Again feedback is always appreciated. I will try to reply to all feedback.


Annie and Alicia decided to get more comfy. They started to move Annie’s suitcases to our room. I went downstairs and got myself a snack. That’s when I remembered that the interlink to my jet was now functional. I decided to see what was happening. I slipped the ear bud into my ear and put on my shades. I turned on the interlink and brought up a virtual monitoring room, I activated a link to all vehicles in my fleet and all outside cameras of the mansion, and left a command to alert if somebody came close to my location, I looked around and found Vicky was already out of the jet.

I looked in my auto fleet. Only two were in use, one with Vince in his van and one of my Hummers, with Guido and no one else, I looked forward and saw that he was leaving the mansion, I realized that Vicky must be here and looked for her. I found her at the front door and ran to it, and opened it just before she could knock, I deactivated the interlink and removed the shades. Vicky looked at me and said: how did you know I was here. I smiled and said: I have my ways. She hugged me and said: How did the meeting with Annie and Alicia go? I looked at her and said: There upstairs waiting for us.

Vicky looked at me and said: Will you really keep your promise to Annie and me. I looked at her and said: I always keep my promises. She smiled and said: That’s something I will always love about you. By the way have you and Annie gotten to talk since you brought Alicia and her together. I looked at her and said: Not really, why? We have to talk a little more before we venture into the unknown.

Now, how about Alicia? I replied: She and I have been lovers for almost two months. Vicky gasped and said: Why didn’t you tell me? I looked at her and said: I was not certain she was Annie’s sister when we meet. I filled her in on the details of my meeting with Alicia and the events that lead up to today, I also told her what had happened between Annie and Alicia three years ago today. She smiled at me and said: Annie and I have another story to share. I looked at her puzzled and said: Will you tell me tonight? Vicky replied: That’s Annie’s choice.

Vicky and I walked up stairs to the master bedroom. I stopped half way down the hall, and said: You go first. I will join you in a few seconds. Vicky walked to my room and found Annie and Alicia talking, she gasped and said: You too are identical. They looked at her and said: Who do you think is who? They had identical voices too. Vicky looked and said: I am unsure your Auras are too similar. She pointed to Annie and said: I think that’s you Annie, but I might be wrong. Annie looked up and said: Good guess. With that Annie got up and hugged Vicky.

Annie said: It’s been a while. I want you to meet my sister Alicia. She looked at Alicia and said: Alicia may I introduce the Great Elder of the Monks of the order of Leonalds, Better know as Vicky. Alicia and Vicky hugged. I walked in just in time to catch them hugging. I see you have met each other. Vicky looked at me and said: You can’t tell me you did not know she was Annie’s sister when you met her. I looked at her and said: Well I was going to ask but I got involved in other things before I could bring myself to ask. Alicia just beat me to the punch. Alicia hugged me and said: I kept him too busy. I hugged her back and kissed her. I was too happy to risk asking her. By the way, it’s after midnight. Happy birthday girls. They both ran to me and kissed and hugged me. Vicky also gave them each a hug and a kiss.

I looked at them and said: Ankara escort Ok now that we are all here, what is the plan for the night. Annie spoke up and said: Let’s continue with the stories, I have one Vicky and I want to tell and I want to hear the complete story about you and Alicia. I looked at her and said: All those in favour say: Aye. All the girls said Aye. All those opposed say neigh, not a sound was herd, the ayes wins. Ok who gets to tell the next story? Annie grabbed Vicky’s hand and said: We go next. With that Annie Started to spin her yarn with the help of Vicky, again they asked me to tell the story in there place. Here is my interpretation of the events. I will solely tell it in the shoes of Annie.

You remember the night after you became a Sage Grand Master, Sean replied: Yes. Well Vicky and I spent the night talking and planning the events of the meeting with Alicia. I told her about me and Alicia and explained what had happened. She finally understood why I had come to the monastery. She asked: How in did Sean ever get you over your pain. I replied: He did not, he made me come to the realization that I was not the only one to blame, and then in his infinite wisdom made me realize that Alicia and I did what we did out of love. Vicky looked at me and said: So what are you planning to do now? I will meet with my sister and tell her what I have realized. I still love her and I still want her. Vicky looked at me and said: I must admit Sean has unique methods, but he is right if two sisters love each other there love should be accepted and shared.

I looked at Vicky’s eyes and said: You love Sean don’t you? She replied: I do with all my heart. He taught me to love myself and appreciate life. He is the reason I became the Great Elder. I always wondered what he would do if he was given the title of sage. I am happy at the results. He has truly made this a better place. I looked at Vicky and said: You feel lonely as the Great Elder don’t you? She looked at me, her tears began to flow and she sobbed into my shoulder and said: Sean and you are the only two who have ever treated me like an equal while I was the Great Elder. Everybody else fells that they must warship me from a distance. I hugged her to me and said: Vicky I will always treat you as a friend, you’re my sister now. We hugged and I said: I love you Vicky. She replied: I love you too Annie. We held each other closes; we stayed like that and fell asleep in each others arms. The only other woman I ever felt closer to is Alicia.

The next day I got up, Vicky was still lying beside me. I tried not to wake her, but she awoke the second I moved. She looked at me and said: Good morning sis. I smiled back and said: I did not mean to wake you. She looked at me and said: I know. Don’t even try. I looked at her and said: What? Vicky looked at me and said: I know you’re trying to catch Sean before he leaves. I looked at her and said: You’re right. She replied: He’s already gone. I looked at her and said: How do you know that? She smiled and said: Sean and I are very close, and I can sense his presence. He left two hours ago. His departure caused me to wake. I have always been awaken by his departures. He will not forget you, and he always keeps his promises. I looked at Vicky and said: I still can’t help but miss him. Vicky replied: I know, he is quite a presence. I feel better just knowing he’s around. He exudes an Aura of confidence that makes you know everything will be alright.

I ran Vicky’s words thru my mind and realized it was true. I had never felt such a sense of loss, I really missed Sean. I began to cry, Vicky notice this and hugged and said: It’s ok Annie, he will come back. He loves you. I felt comforted by Annie’s words and smiled. Vicky, how do you cope with his absences? Vicky looked at me and said: Not very well. I miss him too much. But it helps me to think he will always love me. Sean is powerful enough that sometimes he visits me in my dreams and reminds me that he loves me. He said he would show me how to do it one day. I looked at Vicky and said: How do you do that? Vicky replied: It’s just a question of practice. If you ask Orion he may show you. Sean told me he learnt it from him. I looked at Vicky and said: That’s a mighty good idea. I will ask him later today. Vicky looked at me and said: Let’s go ask together now. We got up went to the great hall and met with Orion.

We found master Orion meditating in the great hall. He looked at us and said: Sisters of Omega, what may I do for you? Vicky and I looked at each other and then Vicky said: Master Orion why do you call us that. He looked at her and said: I do not call you that, you told me to call you that by your auras’. I only called you what you consider yourselves. I replied then why sisters of Omega, if we actually call him Sean. He looked me and said: Sean in not my pupil any more, he is my lord. I only refer to him as Omega. He may have studied with me, but he was not my student, he was my equal, and now is my lord. I was Ankara escort bayan curious so I asked: Why then does he introduce you as his teacher. Orion looked at me and said: I do not know, but he has the right to call me that, so he does.

Vicky and I looked at each other in puzzlement and said: Master Orion, Orion interrupted us and said: please call me Orion, you’re my friends now. I continued: Orion may we beseech you to teach us how to communicate without words over long distances. He looked at me and said: I can teach you how to improve your skills, but you already know how, so I can not teach you something you already know. Vicky looked at him and said: When can we begin? Orion looked at her and said: You both have a matter to settle first, so you must conclude that. Then we can begin. I knew what he was saying, but Vicky asked: What matter is that Orion? I looked at him and he replied: Annie will tell you. Vicky looked at me. I looked at Orion and said: We will be back next week.

Vicky looked at me and said: What do we have to resolve? I looked at her and said: Let’s go to your chambers and we can discuss it. Vicky looked at me and said: I am the Great Elder, why do I feel like a confused child right now? I looked at her and said: You don’t realize just why you and I have to talk do you? She looked at me and said: Haven’t got a clue. I sighed and wondered exactly how she would react when she learnt why. We got to Vicky’s room and I said: let’s talk Vicky.

Vicky looked at me and said: It’s about time. So what do you have on your mind? I looked at her and said: I don’t think your ready for this, but the time has come. She looked at me attentively. I grabbed her hand and said: Vicky do you love me? She said: Yes, like a sister. Why Annie? I looked at her and said: You remember what I said about me and Alicia? She looked up and said: Yes, it’s the sexiest thing I have ever heard. The reality hit her and she said: Annie is this about what I think it’s about? I nodded. She reached over and hugged me and said: I love you and would be honoured to share your bed. I kissed her softly on her lips, Vicky slowly started to probe my lips with her tongue, I let the invader into my mouth, and we kissed deeply.

I knew Vicky and I would eventually be lovers, ever since we first shared a bath with Sean, I just did not know when. I looked at Vicky and said: I wanted you ever since we first took a bath together. Vicky looked back at me and said: I want you too. I feel in love with you shortly after we first talked, and have wanted to be with you since you told me about Alicia and yourself. Vicky then proceeded to kiss me again, her lips were exciting me. I remembered how good it felt when Alicia and I first kissed. I had been wondering how it would be with another woman over the last few days. I realized that Vicky’s love for me and Alicia’s love for me was what made this feel so good.

I started to lower my hands to Vicky’s breasts. When my fingers found her soft flesh Vicky jumped a little. I looked at her with love in my eyes and said: Have you ever been with a woman before Vicky? She looked at me and said: No, I have not ever even been with a man. The closest I ever got was with Sean, he and I once shared a passionate kiss, he was a perfect gentleman, he asked me before touching my breast, he never got to removing me shirt, we kissed, I say him get hard, but when I went to grab him he said: I cannot Vicky, I love you, but I promised your grandfather not to.

He asked me to not hurt you. He then kissed me and said: Your grandfather told me to wait till you were ready, he said: I would know. I looked at Sean and said: I love you and I want you. Sean hugged me and said: I cannot let you please me, but if you wish I will please you. I looked at him and said: How do you propose that? He said: I will show you. He proceeded to teach me how to masturbate, he guided my hand. I had my first ever orgasm. He told me after that when I was ready he’d show me the same tenderness and would make love to me. I thanked him and kissed him, it has never gone any further.

I looked at Vicky and said: I am so sorry. If it was not for me Sean would have gone all the way whit you that first night. Vicky smiled at me and said: Annie, actually I must thank you, if it was not for you he may not have been around to make that promise. Now I know it will happen, and I know when to. With that Vicky kissed me again and started softly rubbing my breasts with her soft hands.

Vicky’s breath became shallow and her breathing speed up. I could see her nipple hardening. I slowly felt my own nipple hardening. I wanted her so badly at that moment; I was only able to restrain myself by reminding myself that I did not want to hurt her, accidentally. I remembered how gentle Alicia had been with me. I wanted to make Vicky feel as good as Alicia had made me feel. I kissed Vicky again. We continued to explore each others breasts.

By the time our lips parted I knew I had to feel her Escort Ankara hand against my naked breast and knew I had to feel her soft flesh in my hands. I reached down and started to remove my shirt. Vicky followed my lead and began removing hers. So we were naked from the waist up, I slowly moved Vicky’s hands back to my breasts. She started to knead them softly. I had not felt this good in a long time. I just let the feeling flow over me. I was in ecstasy.

I slowly moved my hands to her soft globes, and started teasing her nipples, Vicky began to moan. I felt a shiver run thru her body as I softly squeezed her nipple between my fingers. I slowly moved forward and took her left nipple between my lips and sucked softly on it. Vicky was now starting to moan even louder. I sucked more of her breast into my mouth and started to suckle, Vicky was defiantly enjoying herself. I moved to her other breast and repeated the process. I was surprised when the first few wave of an orgasm started to wash over her body. I continued to suckle until her orgasm subsided. Vicky lifted my face till our eyes met and she said: That was amazing Annie. I kissed her deeply. We continued to hold each other for several minutes.

Vicky spoke up first and said: I did not know you could have an orgasm just from having someone playing with you breast. I looked at her and said: I almost had an orgasm the first time me Alicia shared each other company, what had made me come was the sweet aroma of her wet pussy. Vicky looked at me and said: I want to see if I can make you come just like you made me. I looked at her and said: Go right ahead, it would be nice to experience that. With Vicky moved closer to me and started to tease my left nipple with her tongue, I felt a jolt run thru my body. It was truly a marvellous feeling.

Vicky slowly continued to lap at my nipple and areola. I felt them swell and stiffen. She felt my excitement building and slowly moved to my right breast, all the while continuing to stimulate me with her fingers. She slowly licked my right breast and areola, till they were also engorged. I felt my orgasm building and said to myself: She may actually pull this off. Vicky started to suckle on my right nipple, I felt the first waves of my orgasm hit me, she continued till I started to come down from my first orgasm. Next thing I knew she started to suckle my left breast and I came again. Vicky continued suckling on my breast, alternating from one to the other when I started coming down. She stimulated me to four more orgasm before she let me finally come down.

After my last orgasm faded I looked at her and said: That was incredible. She looked at me with a look of pride in her face and said: Bet you have never had a multiple orgasm from someone stimulating your breast. I looked at her and said: You win. That was the most incredible feeling I have ever felt. She kissed me softly and said: not bad for a beginner right? I just nodded my agreement. I was completely drained, but Vicky was still quite excited. Vicky helped me sit up.

She then kissed me again and said: You looked weak, how about we loose the cloths and move this to the comfort of the hot springs. I nodded my approval and she began undressing. When she was naked she looked at me and said: Well come on. I tried to get up unsuccessfully. Vicky looked at me said: Here let me help you, with that she grabbed my hand helped me up and then, removed the rest of my clothing. She paused with her face in front my pussy. She took a deep breath and said: I see what you mean about that odour being intoxicating. With that Vicky and I walked slowly over to the hot springs in the back of her chambers.

When we reached the bath Vicky hugged me close and said: Annie I love you, and I do not above all want to hurt you. She had a true look of concern as she said: I know what happened with you and your sister, and I don’t want that to happen to you again. I will not let this go any further until you tell me you understand what is happening, and that you will not feel bad for having done it. I looked at her and said: Vicky, I love you. I am fully aware of what we are about to do, and I embrace it, just like I now embrace what happened with me and Alicia. The only thing I regret is the years I was apart from Alicia because I could not bring myself to accept what we did. Now thanks to Sean I am a much stronger and happier person. With that I kissed her softly and said: Now let sit down and relaxed. Maybe even talk more about Alicia and Sean. We both moved slowly into the warm water. It felt so good, I moaned.

Vicky and I talked for about twenty minutes about Sean and Alicia, I relaxed considerably. However as the conversation got more and more graphic Vicky was growing more and more excited. I knew she was getting hot again, he voice gave her away. I decided to make my move at that time and said: How about we get out of her and go back to your bed? Vicky smiled and said: Good plan. I dried her every inch, getting my first smell of her womanhood, she was not very fragrant, mostly caused by the bath I predicted, but she still had a nice smell. She dried me and also spent more time at my pussy than needed. She got up and we ventured back to her bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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