Saffron and Sam Ch. 01

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This story is a work of fiction, any similarity to any real person living or dead is purely coincidence. All characters are over the age of 18 unless otherwise stated.

I want to apologize up front for my poor editing, I hope I’ve corrected all. For those of you who gave me constructive criticism, thank you. For those of you who have exactly no integrity and chastised me anonymously, shame on you.

This is a multi-chapter story, and the incest doesn’t take place until the second chapter. There is still a lot of sex in between. If that doesn’t satisfy you, go to another story.

Chapter 1 Sam’s Birthday

My name is Samuel Sanderson and this story started the night before my 18th birthday . My father is a successful restaurateur with a four-star restaurant and my mother an attorney in our medium-sized town of 300,000. I have a sister who is three years older named Saffron and is in her third year of college. My father named her Saffron because he said she was as rare as the spice. We along quite well together and always have.

We have a very good family life and are pretty well off financially. We are not super rich by any means, but lead a very comfortable life. My father is actually talking about franchising which would gain him newfound wealth. My mother is a practicing lawyer with a large firm and has gained a formidable reputation.

I’m just an average guy who would be considered a geek. I play drums in the school band and I’m pretty good with computers. In fact, my goal is to become a computer programmer. I already have a scholarship at the same university my sister attends, she and the Mad Pack, her circle of five friends from her college volleyball team. I am still a virgin unlike a lot of guys my age, because I was pretty shy.

My sisters friends are all pretty sexy, as well is nice looking They are quite a diverse lot, there is Desiree Janus (DJ) 22, the kind of ringleader of the group and a senior. She has the largest breasts I’ve ever seen on a bleach blonde woman, I later learned they were 40 DD’s and beautiful face with a tight ass standing about 5′ 9″ tall. She had a bit of a reputation as being a little loose; who am I kidding, she’ d fuck a snake if you’ d pin back its ears long enough. Kelly Jo Manners 22, she had a body built for birthing, with large 36 C breasts and another one with a tight ass and wide hips, standing about 5′ 11″. She was the black haired, blue eyed wanton of the group. She was always a big flirt and her reputation wasn’t quite as bad as DJ’s, but almost.

The next one was Donna Jean Morris 22, the chubby one of the group. She still had a lot of baby fat but big hooters and with chubby legs but had a very pretty face and stood about 5′ 6″ tall. Barbara Frankel, 22, an auburn haired, 5’7″ tall, green eyed vixen, with medium-size breasts and a great ass.

The last girl of the group, but not least, as far as I was concerned, was Cassie Caitlin Conners (CC) 21, the spit fire of the group and Saffron’s best friend. She was 5′ 2″ tall, with nicely formed legs, a tight little ass, with dirty blonde hair she keeps at shoulder length, and the most beautiful deep brown eyes I’ve ever looked into. I have had a secret crush on her for almost 7 years. She grew up just down the block from us and attended high school with my sister. She had a large 36 C’s that were almost too large for her small frame. DJ always called her CC and said it was because of her initials but also because she was so small that that’s how you measured her. The guys all called her” Tinkerbelle with tits”. She was always the nicest of the group to me and that was fine, as far as I was concerned.

I was enjoying my last day as a youngster while I could at high school when my friend Gerald came up to me and asked me if I was going to band practice today. I told him I couldn’t miss or I would not be able to play in the spring festival. That was always a big deal for the band.

I also play drums and sang lead and backup vocals in a small band we had formed when I was 15. Gerald plays keyboards and owns his own synthesizer. The other guys were in their middle to late teens and we had a great female singer named Charlie, who also played trumpet. pendik escort Her real name was Charlene (Charlie) and she was now 19 years old and worked full-time as a clerk in a grocery store. We were known as the “Anheuser Wisdom”, a twist on Budweiser. I came up with it and thought it was cute.

That night I spent my time in front of the computer trying to program some new software that would make it easier for me to collate my vast array of software easier. I had been working on it for about three hours when there was a knock at my door.

“Come in.”

Saffron stuck her head in my basement bedroom door and said,” Sammy, it’s time to eat, mom said to come up now.”

“Okay, I’ll be right up.”

I saved my work and went upstairs to the kitchen. Everyone was already seated when I took my place beside Saffron. My dad asked me what I was doing for so long downstairs, so I explained what I was doing. I don’t think he understood half of it, but I explained it anyway.

“Brother, you worry me doing nothing but programming and playing your drums. You need to get out have a social life.”

“What’s a social life done for you, Saffron? What have you got to show for it?”

“At least I have some friends and can go out and have a good time once in a while. Do you even have a girlfriend, Sammy?”

“No, but I have goals and the future, girls just complicate things.”

“You see, Dad, your son is just plain weird, tell me what other 18-year-old boy talks like that.”

“I’m not 18 till tomorrow, by the way.”

“Saffron, your brother just thinks more analytically than most boys his age. Believe me, the right will girl will come around knock him off his feet.”

“I don’t know, Dad, it’s embarrassing having a geek for a brother.”

Mom said,” Saffron, don’t call your brother a geek. It’s not nice.”

“Oh Mom, I love Sammy, but he’s missing out on so much. It would be good for them to get out once in a while.”


After sleeping a sound night, I left for school one morning after everyone wished me a happy birthday. I have to admit it didn’t really make me feel any older or different. My father told me to go and register with selective service, so I did that right after school band practice at the federal post office. Gerald wished me a happy birthday and gave me a CD of Maniacal Magic a metal group we both liked. We were to get together for band practice at Gerald’s house at 6:00 PM. The parental units and my sister had planned a birthday dinner at 7:30 PM which was going to make practice a bit tight. We still got a lot done because we got started right on time. Charlie came up and gave me a great big kiss on the lips, which shocked me and handed me an envelope. It had a birthday card in it and a gift certificate to a software store I liked. I was actually blown away by her sentiment. She had never really shown any interest in me other than whether my beat was on or not. That started off what was to become my special night.

When I got home I found my family seated around the table with my favorite meal, beef stroganoff, for my birthday. Mom came up and gave me a big kiss on the cheek and said happy birthday to me. Dad shook my hand, told me happy birthday, and asked me if I had registered like he told me to. My dad was not real big on sentiment. I told him I had and he was much happier. Saffron gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave me my present, two CDs and a card with some money in it to go to my software store. Dad and mom just handed me a card with some keys in it.

I started going crazy and asked them what was going on. My dad said to look in the driveway. I did, the family following me out and there sat a 2010 Mustang convertible. I was going crazy and my dad said it was costing him a mint in insurance, but to enjoy myself rounding up the girls.

I just blushed and told him I be glad to. Saffron told me she had another present for me but that would be later tonight.

At about 9:30 PM the mad pack showed up. I was a little taken aback by this, after all it was my birthday. I went down to my room which was in the basement. Mom and dad had fixed this up for me some time ago, to aid in my privacy. escort pendik It had my bedroom and a separate room for laundry for my mom and had a family room ambience because of a circular couch, a recliner, a stereo and a big-screen TV at 60″ with a Blu-ray player. No one usually came down unless mom was doing laundry.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the basement door and I heard somebody opened it. All the sudden I heard Saffron’s voice.

“Sammy can I come down for a minute, I’d like to talk?”

“Sure, come on down.”

All the sudden I heard a bunch of feet on the stairs and a bunch of giggles to match. She was bringing the whole mad pack down with her. I was a little upset because this was my private time. It was my birthday and she was showering me with bimbos.

“I hope you aren’t upset at me, Sammy, the girls and I want to play truth or dare and we couldn’t do it upstairs with mom and dad there.”

“No, no, don’t worry about me being disturbed I wasn’t doing anything on My birthday.”

“Okay then, but it is your birthday, and you have to play with us.”

I never played the game before, but it got kind of interesting. I started learning a lot about the girls in my sister’s group. When it came around me, Saffron decide to spice it up a little and asked me Truth or Dare. Everyone had been doing truth and since it was my birthday, I decided to live dangerously and I did dare. She dared me to kiss Kelly Jo on the lips. She came over and practically pushed me onto my back kiss me right on the mouth. I felt her tongue pushed against my lips and I opened them and received her tongue. As we jousted with our tongues my cock started getting rock hard. Everyone started giggling because they definitely noticed it. Kelly Jo pulled back and said, “Not bad for a first timer, you kind of curled my toes with that one, Sammy.” I think Saffron did this because during the truth station I said I’d never kissed anyone before, which was a lie because Charlie had kissed me earlier, but nothing like Kelly Jo.

Kelly Jo went for her turn and picked DJ. “Truth or Dare, DJ? “


“Okay, I dare you take Sammy into his bedroom there and make a man out of him.”

My eyes got as big as saucers. “Are you crazy, Kelly Jo? I can’t do that.”

“If you don’t, you have to take all your clothes off and run through the house naked.”

I Looked over at Saffron, but she just grinned a cheeky grin and said, “Rules is rules, Bro.”

DJ came over and took me by the hand to lead me to my bedroom.

“Just come with me lover boy and let DJ take care of you.”

I just followed her lead into my bedroom. I was shaking so badly I could hardly stand. I was excited that I was going to get my first piece of ass, but terrified that I wouldn’t live up to her standards. I think any guy my age would have been feeling the same way. I was finally going to get a fuck and possibly a feel of those gigantic tits.

“You know, DJ, we don’t have to do this, I wouldn’t want you to do anything you didn’twant to just because of a silly game.”

“Are you kidding me, Sammy? You think I’d miss a chance to pluck a cherry fresh from the tree? Besides, the game was a ruse, Saffron’s way of giving you your other present, the loss of your virginity.”

I looked at her stupefied as she began disrobing starting with her blouse and quickly dropping her skirt into the same pile. Her body was breathtaking. She was standing there her underwear looking like an Imperial goddess. Her bra was barely containing her massive breasts.

“All right Sammy, start getting out of those clothes, you’re way behind me.”

” God, Sammy, that’s quite a weapon you have there. How big is that monster? “

“It’s 7 1/2 inches when erect.”

“It’s as round as a cucumber. It’s remarkable how any guy can tell you the length of his dick, but he doesn’t know what he did yesterday. Okay, let’s get to taming that monster.”

She pushed me onto the bed, dropped to her knees between my legs, and grabbed my aching cock. She began stroking me softly as she lowered her mouth to my hardness. She began giving me the most wonderful head that I will admit now was the best I’ve ever had. pendik escort bayan The feeling of my cock entering her throat was amazing. I knew I wasn’t going to last and I told her so, but she just kept using her tongue and throat muscles until I blasted my sperm into her gullet.

She slid up till she was beside me and began kissing me. I could taste myself when my tongue entered her mouth and began jostling with her tongue. I began getting hard again as I slid down and latched my lips around her right nipple. I began softly chewing and sucking on that hard, pink morsel. She began moaning loudly and pushing her tit into my mouth. She grabbed my hand and pushed it onto her pussy. I had seen enough porn to think I knew what to do. I figured she’d correct me on anything I did wrong. I began entering her with my first two fingers and she began bucking her hips in time with my thrusts. She was already very wet from my tit work, so I met no resistance. I raised my thumb up and found her clit and began massaging it in a circular motion. All this brought about my complete hardness and an orgasm for DJ.

She grabbed me by my shoulders and turned me on top of her while saying, “Okay Sammy, slide that cock into me and start fucking me hard.”

I slid my cock into what could only be described as a tight moist glove. She began using her Kegel muscles to milk my cock as I was sawing in and out. She was moaning loudly and began saying, “Harder, faster, fuck me you little bastard.”

I began pounding her as hard as I could, our pelvises slapping together with a hard, wet, whopping sound. All of a sudden she stiffened and screamed that she was cumming at the top of her lungs. That was all it took for me and I unloaded inside her filling her with my second load of the evening. When I finally stopped and she straightened out, she did something that totally surprised me she pushed me off to the side onto my back and began sucking my dick. Even after my second orgasm I was beginning to harden again.

“I love how we taste together, watch it as our combined juices leak out of my pussy. You’re a natural at this.”

After about 5 min. of her treatment, I was completely hard again. She just slid up, straddled my hips, grabbed my erection, and impaled her leaking pussy onto me to the hilt. I loved the feeling of her pussy working my hard member. She began sliding up and down on me, with a circular grinding at the bottom. I could literally feel her hardened clit poking me while she did this. It was driving her nuts and she flooded my cock with her girl cum. I reciprocated by shooting my third load of the night into her body. After coming down from our orgasms, we laid and kissed and cuddled for a while.

“Kelly was right, Sammy, you are a good kisser.”

“DJ, thank you so much for this tonight, I don’t think I could’ve had a better teacher.”

“Damn right, just remember that. And thank you kind sir for the ride of my life. You’re a natural at this baby. You don’t have anything to worry about anymore, I think the other girls would like to crack at you too.”

“I’m going to go use the shower, care to join me?”

We entered the shower together and soaped each other, me concentrating on her mammoth breasts. She was soaping my limp cock and commented, “Oh look, I wore the poor little thing out, what a shame.”

“I have the feeling, given enough time, you could resuscitate him. You can really work your mouth.”

“Why thank you kind sir. You weren’t so bad yourself working on my tits.”

“The pleasure was all mine, believe me.”

We got out of the shower and dried off before getting dressed. We went back out into the big room where the other girls were still sitting. They looked at us and started giggling.

Kelly said, “You two have kind of a workout in there, did you?”

“You betya, that’s a ride I wait in line for again.”

This got a giggle from all the girls except for Cassie, who gave me a disappointed look.

“Happy birthday little brother,” said Saffron,” I hope you enjoyed your present.”

“I did, sweetie, not that my present didn’t about kill me, you volleyball players are intense.” At that, DJ smacked me on the arm and started giggling.”

“Ah, did I hurt the poor little man?”

Then Saffron came over and kissed me on the cheek while giving me a big hug.

“Thanks a lot, sis. That was the best present ever.” At this, DJ actually blushed.

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