Saga of Littown Ch. 10

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Author’s Note: Anyone still reading this series knows what’s up. Still, be warned this story contains lots of fetish stuff other than incest, and is also a tad silly.


Jaime woke to the sounds of giggles and shushing. More urgently, however, were the feelings of his throat and asshole being invaded and stretched out by big rubbery cocks.

“Oops, I think we woke him up,” said Emily from above him. She burst into another giggling fit.

Lying on his back with a fake cock shoved in his mouth, Jaime couldn’t really see much of what was happening. He mostly had a good view of Emily’s butt as she face fucked him with her strapon.

“I told you we couldn’t fuck him for long without waking him up,” said Lilith from down by Jaime’s ass.

“Well you never know,” said Emily defensively. “I’ve been fucked in the butt for a while without waking up.”

“Yes, but you’re a total butt slut.”

“So’s Jai.”

“Not like you, dear sister. No one’s quite the slut you are.”

Emily beamed proudly. “Aw, thanks, Lil. You’re so sweet sometimes.”

Jaime decided he better interject at this point. However, his mouth was pretty full.

“Whaaah uhuh mmmhhhyyuu?” he asked.

“Sorry, what?” Emily said. “I couldn’t understand that.”

Jaime tried again, but she didn’t stop fucking his mouth long enough for him to pronounce even a single word.

“Em, darling,” Lilith said while still casually pounding Jaime’s butthole, “he can’t talk with you shoving that dildo down his throat.”

“Oh yeah.” Emily smiled, undeterred. “That’s ok. He doesn’t need to talk.”

“Uh owwwhhnn?” Jaime said.

Emily looked down at her brother between her legs with big, adoring eyes. “Happy ten-day anniversary, Jai! Me and Lil decided to do something special for you to celebrate. You just lie back and enjoy it.”


Lilith rolled her eyes. “I tried explaining that it’s more a present for her than anything. But you know Em.”

Jaime would have nodded if he had any control over his neck. He did, indeed, know Emily.

“Nonsense,” said Emily. “He loves this. Don’t you, Jai?”

“Ennhh,” said Jaime noncommittally.

“There, see?” said Emily. “That was probably a yes.”

“Whatever you say,” said Lilith. “But you have to admit, he much prefers pounding your tight little butthole.”

“Ooh, yeah he does,” said Emily, who went all gooey at the thought of having her bottom well fucked by her beloved brother.

“And your cunt.”

“Mmm, true.”

“And your mouth.”

Emily’s eyes rolled back and she simply nodded agreement.

“And cumming all over you,” Lilith continued.


“Or, indeed, cumming inside you.”

Emily exploded in a nice little orgasm as she imagined all the lovely activities her sister was listing. All of Jaime’s favourite things happened to be on her list of favourite things too.

“Ok, well it’s still top ten though,” said Emily eventually, once she’d calmed down a bit.

“Ennhh,” said Jaime, still noncommittal.

“Are you sure he doesn’t just put up with it because he loves us?” Lilith asked. “Because that’s where my bet is.” She patted the bulge in Jaime’s tummy that her strapon made when she buried it deep in his ass. “But he is such a lovely little brother butt slut.”

“That he is,” Emily concurred, ruffling Jaime’s hair affectionately before grabbing his head with both hands and slamming his throat even more vigourously.

Jaime relaxed and let his sisters have their fun. Lilith was basically right, he didn’t enjoy their attempt at making their dildos touch inside him nearly as much as they did, but he did like making them happy.

Plus the ten day anniversary of an incestuous relationship was one of the most important milestones. He loved Emily with most of his heart and all of his butt. If waking him up with some hardcore pegging action made her happy, then he was happy to be her fuck toy.

The girls fucked their sexy, naked brother until his internal organs were all bruised and he’d passed out a couple times. By then, Lilith, who was half demon, had fed on enough sexual energy to sate her lusts, and she decided Jaime could probably use a break as well.

“Alright, you two have fun,” she said. “Happy anniversary, kiddos.”

She gave Emily a deep, loving kiss, and would have done the same to Jaime if his mouth hadn’t already been occupied. She settled for kissing him on the cheek, then left them alone.

Emily watched her big sister’s ass sashay out the door, then turned back to Jaime. She decided that was probably enough throat fucking for now. For one thing, his eyes were beginning to roll back like he was going to pass out again.

Jaime coughed and spluttered and sucked in air greedily as Emily pulled out. She patted his head and waited for him to regain some of his breath.

He looked so adorable all naked and gasping and messy from saliva, precum, and pussy juices. She loved him so much it hurt.

“Lil’s right, isn’t she?” Emily said. “You like pounding me better than getting pendik escort pounded, don’t you?”

Jaime nodded. “Of course I do. Your tight little holes are made to be brother-fucked. Pounding any of them is literally the best thing in the world.”

Emily’s pussy gushed. She couldn’t resist him when he was so sweet and romantic.

“Well, we’re kind of running late for school, but it’s our anniversary. It wouldn’t be fair not to give you your favourite thing.”

Emily slipped out of her strapons harness and got on her hands and knees. She reached back and slowly pulled out her butt plug. She gave it a kiss, then set it on her night stand where it could watch.

“I swear your plug’s getting bigger,” Jaime said, giving it a long glance as he knelt behind his sister.

“Yeah, it is,” Emily confirmed. “They grow up so fast.” She sighed wistfully. “Pretty soon he’ll be too big to stay in his mommy’s ass anymore. He’ll go off in the world on his own, start a family, and never come visit my bum except on holidays.”

Jaime frowned at Emily, unsure of how silly she was being. That was never an easy thing to tell with her.

“You know it’s inanimate, right?”

“So? That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have hopes and dreams and feelings.”

“That’s exactly what it… oh never mind. And stop calling it ‘he.'”

Emily nodded thoughtfully. “You’re right. I should name him. He’s practically part of the family.”

Jaime shook his head and shoved his cock in Emily’s butt, hoping that would distract her. She cooed appreciatively as her tight little bottom was ruthlessly filled up, but somehow didn’t lose her train of thought.

“Maybe Jaime Jr.” she said. “That way, you’ll both have the same name.”

“How is that possibly a good idea?”

“Because you’re my favourite person and my butt plug is my favourite not-person.”

Jaime sighed loudly. “I’d rather not name it as though it’s our son, Em. That’s a bit too silly even for you.”

“Is not.” Emily chewed her lip in consideration. “Maybe you’re right though. Maybe something like Butt Jaime. You know, like butt plug and Jaime mixed together.”

“Yeah, I got it. But-“

“That way we could call him BJ for short!”


“That way I could have BJ in my butt while giving my brother a BJ at the same time!”

Jaime gave up. “Ok, Em. If it makes you happy, we’ll call your butt plug BJ. That’s better than having to call it Jaime too.”

That settled, Jaime grabbed Emily’s hips in a firm grip and set about properly destroying her asshole.

The siblings fucked wildly for several hours before cumming intensely at the same instant. Jaime pumped about half his cum into Emily’s butt before spinning her around and shoving his still spasming cock down her throat to feed her breakfast.

Emily greedily sucked up every drop. Her morning hunger was more than sated by a lovely meal of brother-cum. The only problem was she didn’t get to taste very much since most of it bypassed her mouth entirely on the way to filling up her tummy.

She cleaned up Jaime’s cock with her tongue, then gave it a kiss. She reluctantly stood up, wobbling slightly as her cum-heavy tummy unbalanced her.

“I wish we could stay and fuck all day,” she said. “But we’re gonna be late if we don’t hurry.”

Jaime nodded. “We better get dressed. There’s no telling what’s going to happen at school today if those cultist C.U.N.T.s have been busy mind-controlling everyone into hating sex. We’ll need to be on our toes.”

The siblings hurriedly pulled on some clothes and dashed out the door without stopping for breakfast. In Emily’s case, that wasn’t really an issue. Jaime simply made a mental note to pick something up at school.

As was tradition, Jaime and Emily made it out to the street at exactly the same time as Alyssa, their sexy neighbour girl friend.

“Hey, Allie,” called Emily cheerfully.

“Hey, guys,” said Alyssa as she reached them. She gave Jaime a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for all your help yesterday, Jai.”

Jaime’s cock throbbed as he recalled all his ‘help.’ It had really been much more a case of taking every opportunity to fuck Alyssa and her mother than actually helping. Still, it had worked out nicely for everyone, and that was what counted.

“You’re welcome,” he said. “I take it your mom is ok with you two doing sexy incest stuff now.”

Alyssa nodded. “She still acts like we shouldn’t and whatever, but you should see how wet her cunt gets when I lick her butthole or suck on her titties. She’s a total mommy-slut for her baby girl.”

Emily sighed wistfully. “I don’t know why parents all have to act like they don’t want to fuck their super-hot children, even though they totally do. Life would be so much nicer if people wouldn’t act so silly.”

“Maybe,” said Jaime. “But if everyone accepted incest so easily, there wouldn’t be any fun in willfully breaking the rules every chance you got.”

“Hm, that’s true,” Emily admitted. “I do kinda love you more because of how naughty it is.”

“I kinda just love you because escort pendik of how hot you are and how nice fucking you is,” Jaime said.

Emily threw her arms around her brother and kissed him passionately. They made out frantically and sloppily, too overwhelmed by love to consider the world around them.

A passing driver spotted the brother and sister pair as they kissed and groped each other on the sidewalk. Ordinarily, anyone who spotted their forbidden love was so turned on they passed out immediately. In this case, thanks to magical mind-fuckery, the driver simply died due to being so offended by the display of two consenting people of legal age doing something that didn’t hurt anyone and was pretty damn sexy to watch.

The car with a now deceased driver crashed into a pole and burst into flames. Jaime, Emily, and Alyssa stared at it for a moment.

“Guess we better keep going,” Jaime said reluctantly. “And maybe not make out by the road like that anymore.”

“Aw,” said Emily with a pout. “No fair.”

“I know, I know,” said Jaime. “But those C.U.N.T.s are trying to ruin incest, and sex in general I think, so we can’t be sure what’ll happen if we aren’t careful in public.”

“Lots of car accidents,” Alyssa predicted sagely.

“At the very least,” Jaime concurred.

Emily grabbed Jaime’s hand and walked beside him with their fingers intertwined as they made their way to the bus stop. At least they could still hold hands without inadvertently causing a local genocide.

Alyssa, with her mind cleared and having accepted incestuous relationships as the beautiful form of love that they were, was fully appreciative of how cute Jaime and Emily were together. She wasn’t offended one bit.

“You two are like the sexiest couple ever,” Alyssa said.

“Aw, thanks,” Emily said with a big smile. “That’s what I think too.”

“You’re like… like… Romeo and Juliet,” Alyssa said, unable to come up with a better comparison.

Jaime wrinkled his nose. “We die in the end?”


“One or both of us is underage?” Emily hazarded.


“Our families want to kill each other… oh wait, that doesn’t make any sense,” said Jaime.

“We’re secretly Italian?” Emily guessed.

Alyssa rolled her eyes. “That’s not the sort of thing I mean at all.”

“Ooh, wait, I know,” said Emily with a sudden excited bounce. “Our relationship is based entirely on wanting to bone each other.”

“And we have to keep it secret,” Jaime added. “More or less.”

Alyssa breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes, that’s what I meant. Thank goodness you got there eventually.”

“She’s got a point,” Emily said. “Romeo and Juliet is widely known as the greatest, most truest love story of all time ever. Or at least it’s the one people know about, which is almost the same thing. And their love was basically exactly like ours!”

“That’s true,” Jaime said. “That can only mean we’re destined to be the world’s longest lasting, most loving couple of all time ever.”

He and Emily wanted so badly to make out some more, but they had to restrain themselves for the sake of the morning commuters. Their respective penis and clit throbbed as one in desperate longing. If they hadn’t already fucked intensely for hours that morning, they wouldn’t have been able to resist.

Somehow, they made it to their bus stop without further incident. Despite being several hours late, the bus hadn’t arrived yet, so they could still make it to school on time.

“I wonder if me and Mom will ever be as in love as you two,” Alyssa mused wistfully.

“Sure you will,” Emily said with an encouraging pat on the shoulder. “Just fuck as much as possible. That’s the secret.” Another thought occurred to her. “Oh, and if you really love your mommy that much, you should totally propose!”

“I don’t think we can get married.”

“No, not proposing marriage, silly. Propose for her to be your butt slut. Like what Jai and I did.” Emily flipped up the back of her skirt to reveal her typical lack of panties. “See? I wear the butt plug he got me all the time. It’s way better than a ring.”

Alyssa made suitably appreciative noises as she dropped to her knees behind Emily. She gently caressed the butt plug with a pair of fingers.

“That’s so romantic,” Alyssa said. “Maybe you’re right, I should get Mommy a plug and ask if she’ll be my butt slut. I could even get her one with a base shaped like a butt, just like yours.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a heart,” Jaime said, but was promptly ignored.

“We named him this morning,” Emily said. “He’s Butt Jaime now. Or BJ for short.”

“Awww, it’s like he’s your baby,” said Alyssa.

“No it most certainly isn’t like that,” said Jaime.

“He basically is,” said Emily, who was still ignoring her brother. He just didn’t understand deep emotional stuff sometimes. “And he loves living in his mommy’s ass. He’s growing so big already.”

“Can I see?” asked Alyssa

“Sure,” said Emily.

Alyssa carefully pulled Emily’s plug out, leaving a briefly pendik escort bayan gaping hole as Emily’s butt adjusted to being empty; an uncommon state of affairs these days.

“He’s so cute,” Alyssa cooed. “He’s got your eyes.”

Jaime threw his hands into the air. “It doesn’t even have eyes! What are you… oh forget it.”

Emily knelt down next to Alyssa and stroked BJ’s head while Alyssa cradled him. “And he’s got Jaime’s love for being inside my asshole.” She leaned over and gave her plug a soft kiss. “Isn’t that right, sweetie,” she whispered. “You love Mommy’s bum, don’t you?”

Alyssa was overwhelmed by the love Emily and Jaime had for each other, and the motherly love Emily had for her butt plug. “That’s it,” she said. “I’m gonna make Mommy my butt slut, and we’re gonna have a butt plug of our own. And we’re gonna love him, and feed him, and watch him grow. And him and BJ will be best friends, and they can play together.”

Emily hugged Alyssa tightly. “You won’t regret it. Having a butt plug is the most fulfilling thing in the world. Your life just isn’t complete without one.”

The girls continued to ignore Jaime, who was now banging his head repeatedly on a stop sign in the hopes of a mild concussion.

Alyssa’s expression changed to one of worry. “But what if I’m not ready for a butt plug? What if we have triplets? Me and Mom only have two assholes between us, we couldn’t handle three. And what about-“

“Shh, shhhh,” Emily said while soothingly stroking Alyssa’s hair. “It’ll all be fine. Trust me. Lots of girls worry they can’t handle having a butt plug, but they all love it so much once they do.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. I only know about my particular situation, but I feel like that entitles me to speak for everyone when it comes to babies. I mean butt plugs.”

Alyssa bit her lip. “Do you think… maybe… I could try out BJ? Just for a minute?”

Emily thought about it. “Well… he hasn’t been in anyone’s bum but mine, so he might be a little shy. Let’s see if he’ll let you.”

Alyssa grinned enthusiastically. “Thanks, Em. You’re such a good friend.”

“I am, aren’t I.”

The girls stood up. Alyssa prepared to drop her pants.

“Jai, keep a lookout would you?” said Emily. “We don’t need anyone sneaking up on us and accidentally dying due to be offended by parts of the human body not being properly covered. And stop hitting your head on things. It’s kind of distracting.”

“Yeah, sure,” said Jaime. “It wasn’t working anyway.” He glanced around. “All clear for now.”

Alyssa quickly slipped out of her pants and underwear. She bent over slightly and spread her ass cheeks.

Emily eagerly dove in and licked Alyssa’s cute little butthole. She licked and slurped and tongue-fucked her friend’s bum right by the side of the road like the most wanton and shameless of sluts. Which, of course, she basically was.

“Car,” Jaime said.

Emily grunted in annoyance and stood up, pretending not have been engaged in public analingus. Alyssa hastily covered her pussy with her hand.

The car drove by without incident. The driver didn’t see any sexual activity happening, nor any nipple, vagina, or penis. That meant whatever was going on was socially acceptable, and no offense had to be taken.

Emily went right back to slobbering all over Alyssa’s bottom as soon as they were clear. She then sucked on her butt plug to get him all wet, then pressed him to Alyssa’s tight rear hole.

“Be a brave boy for Mommy,” she whispered to BJ. “You’ll be home soon, I promise.”

Alyssa’s ass stretched wider as the butt plug was slowly inserted. She was pretty nervous, but also very excited. She kept thinking about having a butt plug of her own and being able to shove it up her ass any time she wanted.

With a final pop, the plug slid all the way in. Alyssa came from sheer excitement. It was both emotionally fulfilling just like she’d hoped, and also pretty hot to have her butt played with in such a public location.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” Alyssa moaned.

“I knew you’d like it,” said Emily. She pulled the plug halfway out and let it pop back in a few times, just for fun.

Jaime was torn between really, really enjoying watching his sister play with another girl’s ass, and being tired of the two of them cooing over the butt plug. It was just so girly to get so mushy over sex toys. Honestly. Everyone had toys, it wasn’t anything special.

“I’ll have to get twins,” Alyssa declared. “One each for me and Mom. I can’t go back to a butt plug-less life now.”

“That’s the spirit,” Emily said. She gave Alyssa’s butt a few celebratory smacks. “It’ll be good for BJ to have some friends.”

Luckily, Jaime spotted their bus arriving before things got any sillier. “Better get dressed,” he said.

The girls looked up. Emily calmly flipped her skirt back into place. Alyssa squeaked and tried to stuff herself back into her clothes. She didn’t have enough time, however, and had to once again resort to covering her pussy with her hand as the bus rolled up.

Jaime was a gentleman and picked up Alyssa’s jeans and panties for her so she could preserve her modesty while boarding. She kept one hand over her juicy teenage cunt while doing her best to cover her bum with the other.

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