Sally’s Initiation

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We meet up at the grocery store parking lot. Sally gets into my car toting a bag of goodies that includes: her puppy, a large vibrator with a puppy clit stimulator; a blindfold; a scarf; a cock ring; her favorite strap on; and assorted clamps. We kiss and fondle a little. She rubs my hard bulge and I feel the wetness in between her legs. As I rub her breasts I smile. She wore nipple clamps I told her to. I explain what I have planned. We will be going somewhere for a surprise and she will need to be blindfolded from this point on. I let her know that others will be able to see what we are doing. She is to follow my directions and I will keep her safe. she puts on her blindfold and we head toward the other side of town.

We arrive at the bookstore and I secure her blindfold with the scarf. I kiss her and tell her how hot this is. I grab a few goodies of my own including condoms, lube, electrical ties, and a collar and leash, and put them in her bag. We enter the enclosed ramp entrance and I tell her to stop.

I take off her blouse and reassure her that I am in charge. I then use the electrical ties to secure her hands behind her back. I kiss her and play with her breasts a little. I then undo her pants and slide them down exposing her thong which provides next to no coverage for her obviously wet hole. Bending down I run my tongue through her pussy, pushing the flimsy material between her swelling lips. After removing her trousers and putting them in our play-bag I put the collar on her and attach the leash.

Leading her into the salesroom I see two clerks. The male clerk begins to say something but the female clerk quickly quiets him down. I had previously talked to her about bringing my partially clothed friend into the store. I say hello and browse through the aisles looking for a new toy. Another customer comes in and gawks at her. I pick up the ben wah balls I wanted and go to the counter and pay. Sally’s face is bright red. I turn and kiss her and rub her wetness. I ask her erotik film izle if she is alright. She is clearly nervous but excited.

I lead her by her leash over to the second sales room. Another patron comes toward us. I wave him on. I stop and open up our new toy. We kiss and I rub her with one of the balls and push it inside her wet hole. I repeat this with the second ball. Crossing the room I notice the difference in her gait.

At the entry to the video booths we kiss, both breathing heavily with excitement. I then pull her breasts out of the cups of her bustier and they sit on it like a shelf. Her nipples are swollen and the clamps clearly are increasing the effect. We kiss some more and I play with them a bit before we move on.

In the hall we pass video booths on the right. The light above one of them is on, indicating that somebody is inside watching porn. Up ahead in the corner stand a couple of guys. We cross to the booths set back into an alcove and enter the first booth. Putting a few bucks in the video starts to play. I kiss her and we make out a bit.

I hear someone enter the other booth. I make sure we are positioned in front of the hole and get down on my knees and pull her wet thong off. I can see someone looking in and watching us. I push her panties through the hole.

I lick her cunt and she grabs my head grinding into my face until she begins to shudder and orgasm. I tell her I am going to the next booth and ask her to get down on her knees and get ready. I put the handle of the leash through the glory hole and leave the booth. She kneels in front of the glory hole waiting for my cock.

I had arranged for another couple to be in the next booth waiting for us to arrive. I enter and join them. Sally can hear us moving but has no idea what is coming. She asks if I am there and I tell her to wait a moment. The anticipation is painful as her engorged nipples and clit throb with the pressure of the clamps. With her hands bound behind her she can’t film izle rub her pussy but she presses her breasts against the wall for some relief.

Dave has his pants around his ankles and Cindy is topless. Wordlessly she strokes his semi-rigid member. It is big and dripping pre-cum. I bend down and lick the head and take it into my mouth. As much as I would like to continue enjoying Dave’s hard cock Sally is waiting. She is getting impatient, but finally feels a stiff damp rod poking through the glory hole depositing pre-cum on her face. Unaware that it is not mine, she takes it into her mouth and begins sucking. I call out telling her what a good blow job she gives.

In our booth Cindy has shucked her pants and I get on my knees intent on licking her cunt. Only problem is the large strap on jutting out in front of my face. She grabs my hair and pulls me toward it. I Open my mouth and she pushes her “cock” into my mouth. Not giving me a second to adjust she grabs my hair and slams the faux cock into my throat making me gag. I drool and get really turned on thinking about what she will do next.

Dave is groaning and I wonder how long before he dumps his load into Sally’s mouth. She swallows the strangers cock not quite figuring out why it is a little different today. Cindy stops pummeling my face but keeps her hand on my shoulder making sure I don’t get up. She turns Dave around and points his dripping cock toward my face. I take him into my mouth and he comes immediately, spurting heavily. I attempt to swallow but dribble a lot.

Sally is calling and I stand up and stick my cock through the hole. She has to know it is not the same cock but continues to suck anyway. Dave leaves the booth.

Cindy is playing with my ass and I feel a lubed finger enter my puckered hole. She is insistent and quickly increases to two then three fingers. She then takes her strap on and pushes it into my back door. I feel the head pass my clenching sphincter. She doesn’t wait for me to adjust seks filmi izle and just rams home on the second thrust. I am pushed forward against the wall. Cum runs out of my cock but Sally’s mouth is gone. It just runs down the wall.

While Cindy was fingering my ass getting ready to fuck me, Dave entered the other booth sat down in the chair and pulled Sally around. He grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down on his cock. As she sucked his cock it grew hard again. Without saying a word he turned her around and sat her down on his member. She began to bounce on his cock and he reached around rubbing her clit. She came quickly shuddering and flopping on top of him. She knew this was a stranger but did not care.

After letting her recover a moment he had her bend over again and positioned her face at the glory hole. My dripping cock protruded and when it’s dampness touched her cheek she began licking the head. Dave takes no time to begin shoving his hard cock up Sally’s asshole. She turns her head leaving me hanging in mid air and tells him to take it slow. He ignores her and plows into the Hershey highway.

She feels lightheaded from the sudden shock and lets out a pained cry but after a few thrusts her moans turns to pleasure and she sucks my cock back into her mouth. Cindy continues to pound my now loose hole. She constantly tells me how good it feels fucking my ass and I between grunts I beg her to fuck me harder.

Cindy tells me how much she wants to play with Sally while they watch Dave and I suck and fuck each other. Sally is bouncing back and forth like a rag doll. Her mouth sliding on and off my cock. Between the pounding in my ass and the warm mouth on my cock I feel the throbbing in my balls building to a climax.

Cindy rams hard against me shuddering in orgasm. Her cock is shoved all the way in and my cum sprays out. Some goes in Sally’s mouth but mostly it sprays on her face, mask, and in her hair. Dave slams hard into Sally and explodes deep inside her ass. Both Dave and Cindy pull out and Sally and I slide down spent. Cindy and Dave quickly cover themselves and leave.

Weak kneed I go to Sally and pulling her to me we kiss and she says, “Next time, you wear the blindfold.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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