Samantha Plays

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Samantha placed and ad online to find a roommate, knowing that she would not be able to afford the rent by herself. Her introverted personality caused her not have any friends to ask to room with her.

Heather, a student at the same college replied to the ad. When the two first met, Samantha was floored by Heather’s natural beauty. She was envious of Heather’s bright blonde hair, full breasts and fit, toned body. Samantha was just the opposite, with long black hair, short stature and a little plump. Samantha had never played a sport in her life, unlike Heather who was a three sport athlete in high school.

After talking just a few minutes, Samantha became intrigued by Heather’s bubbly positive personality and decided right away that Heather was the right roommate, even though they didn’t seem to have much in common.

The day she moved in, Heather asked if it would be okay for her boyfriend to visit. Samantha didn’t have a problem with Heather having a boyfriend at the house, though she didn’t expect him to be around often.

In the afternoon, Heather introduced her boyfriend, Kevin, to Samantha. Of course a very attractive woman like Heather would also have a very attractive boyfriend. Samantha appreciated his stunning looks, but he did nothing for her.

That night, Samantha heard rumblings of the bed in the room next to hers. Soon, she could hear Heather’s moans growing louder and louder. Samantha closed her eyes and imagined what Heather looked like naked. She could feel herself getting turned on by the moans coming from the other room and the visualizations in her head.

She slid her hands down inside of her panties and started rubbing herself. The louder Heather’s moans became, the faster Samantha’s hand moved. Samantha’s desires were driving her wild. She imagined seeing Heather getting pounded by Kevin.

It amazed Samantha that Heather did not try to keep quiet or muffle her moans, not that she minded. After all, it gave her plenty of mental images with which to masturbate.

Soon, Samantha could feel her hips rocking against her hand as she frigged her swollen clit. The squeaking of the bed next door became louder and faster, along with Heather’s moans. Samantha felt her own orgasm wash over her as she heard Heather start squealing.

Soon, all the noises in the other bedroom disappeared and the house went quiet. Samantha lay in her bed wearing a sopping wet pair of underwear.

The second day, Samantha returned to the apartment after class to find Heather naked, bent over the couch, being pounded by Kevin. She could not help but stop in her tracks at the doorway of the living room and watch the magic happen. After watching a few seconds, she saw Heather look back at her and smile. Being caught watching startled Samantha, who immediately took off to her bedroom. The image of Heather smiling at her ran through her mind as she closed her bedroom door.

Samantha lay on her bed trying to figure out what the smile meant. Was Heather hitting on her or was she just letting Samantha know that she didn’t mind her watching them have sex? The side view image of heather’s long torso and bouncing breasts were burned in Samantha’s mind. She quickly stripped naked then pulled a penis sized vibrator from her bedside drawer and turned it on. Seeing Heather having sex had already made her wet. She slowly ran the vibrator over her labia a few times before dipping it inside her yearning walls. As the vibrator slid in and out of her spread legs, she imagined the vibrator was Heather’s fingers.

Unlike most women, it does not take Samantha’s highly sensitive body long to reach an orgasm. Wanting to come soon, Samantha ran the vibrator over her begging clit several times before pressing it firmly against the tip of the hood until her body began to spasm. After coming, she turned the vibrator off and ran her fingers over her neatly trimmed pelvic hair until regaining her strength.

Feeling refreshed and a little relieved of sexual tension, Samantha put her clothes back on and headed to the kitchen for a sandwich. When she entered the kitchen, she was startled by Heather. Heather heard her squeal and turned around to face her.

“I am sorry you had to see that. I thought we had enough time to get a quicky in before you returned home. I guess our timing was off.”

“It is quite okay,” Samantha replied. “I am sorry I walked in on you two.”

“I could have sworn you were standing there more than a fleating second, did you enjoy what you were seeing?” Heather asked, catching Samantha off guard with the direct question.

“Um, yeah I guess. I think I was more caught by surprise and shocked then anything.”

Heather smiled warmly at Samantha and said, “It is okay. I am not offended. To be honest with you, it turned me on a little to know that I was being watched.”

“Oh okay,” was Samantha’s only response.

Not saying another word, Samantha headed to the refrigerator and grabbed a loaf of bread, ham and ketchup. Setting the escort şişli food on the island, she started preparing a sandwich as Heather sat at the kitchen table and checked her Facebook account. When Samantha finished making her sandwich, she put the rest of the food in the refrigerator.

Heather called out to her. “Come sit down and let’s talk.”

Samantha did not really feel like talking at the moment, but she grabbed her sandwich and sat down across from Heather anyway. As she was taking a bite from her sandwich, Heather looked up from the computer screen like she was about to say something.

A moment later, Heather asked, “When do I get to meet your boyfriend?”

Samantha almost choked on the bite of sandwich. She was taken back by the direct questioning of her roommate. “Oh, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Really?” Heather said surprised. “How does a beautiful girl like you not have a boyfriend?”

Heather’s kind words made Samantha begin to blush as she swallowed the bite. “That is kind of you to say, but I am not beautiful.”

“Are you kidding me? Those thick black glasses on your pretty round face make your brown eyes sparkle like diamonds. I love your thick black hair and your unique style of dress. A man would be a fool not to be attracted to you.”

Samantha grinned at the kind words, not believing a word Heather said. “Where is your boyfriend?”

“Oh, he had to go to class. He will be back later though…if that is okay with you. I thought maybe the three of us could have dinner together.”

“Um, yeah that is fine that he comes by. He is welcome anytime. I have a lot of homework to do today though so I don’t know about dinner. Maybe another time.”

Later in the evening, Samantha heard Kevin come over. She wondered if they would have sex again or if once was the limit for the day. She was working on her math assignment when she heard the two of them go into the bedroom next to her. A couple minutes later, she heard Heather exclaim, “Eat me baby. Eat me good.”

Samantha almost chocked on her saliva. Did Heather intentionally say it loud enough that she could hear it? Feeling the urge to pee, Samantha exited her room and walked past the spare bedroom, making her way to the bathroom down the hall. When she passed the spare bedroom, she was surprised to see that the bedroom door was not closed all the way.

Oh her way back from the bathroom, Samantha could not stop herself from peaking through the doorway of the spare bedroom. She saw Heather with her legs spread wide open, pointing toward the ceiling and her head hanging over the side of the bed, facing Samantha. Samantha quickly moved to the side, out of sight.

She wondered if Heather intentionally left the door open and was intentionally facing the door in hopes that Samantha would come watch her. If so, it made sense why Heather announced that her boyfriend should eat her. Thankfully Heather’s eyes were closed when Samantha peaked inside the room.

Even though she knew she should just return to her bedroom or go out in the living room, Samantha could not fight the urge to take one more look inside the bedroom. She told herself that she would take a quick glance then leave.

Samantha took a step to her left and looked through the slightly opened door, into the bedroom. She looked at Heather’s perky breasts jutted out as Heather was arching her back. Her breasts seemed perfectly round; her hard nipples jutting out. Samantha wished her breasts were that beautiful.

Just when she was getting ready to leave, Samantha looked down at Heather’s face, surprised to find Heather’s eyes wide open. Her mind told her to run, but her body stood frozen in the doorway with Heather staring right at her.

With a sultry voice, Heather said, “Yes, stay right there. That is it. You are turning me on so much.”

Samantha was not sure if Heather was talking to her or to Kevin. After another second, her body finally listened to her mind. She took off down the hallway mortified that Heather had caught her watching again. As she was making her way to her bedroom, Samantha could not believe how wet she had become. She could feel her juices squishing between her legs with each step. Her body was on fire and she needed to extinguish it.

As she undressed, she wondered how she was going to survive with Heather as a roommate. They had only been living together for two days, but Heather had her body in a constant state of excitement.

She opened her bedside drawer and fumbled through her toys, pushing her dildo, large vibrator, and pocket rocket to the side before finally grabbing her bunny rabbit toy. She lay down on her bed and slid the leg straps up her hips, placing the toy between her legs. She positioned the toy so that it would pleasure both her vagina and her clit simultaneously. Heather’s deep, sexy moans were driving her wild with passion as she turned the toy on high and felt the waves flow through her pussy and resonate over her body.

“Fuck taksim escort bayan yes. Fuck yes. I am going to come soon.” Heather expressed loudly as Samantha ran the tip of her fingers lightly over her own inner thighs. Her mind filled with images of Heather’s naked body then started playing a life like movie of Heather’s head buried between Samantha’s legs as the rabbit toy pushed her close to an orgasm.

Samantha slid her fingers very lightly up her abdomen, across her stomach, to her breasts. She squeezed both her breasts tightly, pinching her nipples with the tips of her fingers and palms. Her own moans were growing louder and louder as she pulled on her nipples, but she didn’t care. Her hips were bouncing on the bed, making it squeak as the rabbit toy was bringing her very close to an orgasm.

Heather exclaimed, “I am cumming! I am cummmmming!”

Sweat was starting to run down Samantha’s forehead as she felt waves of awesomeness flowing through her body. The painful sensations of her hands pinching her nipples sent waves directly to her throbbing sweet spot. Her hips were thrusting off the bed as she felt a strong orgasm wash over her. The orgasm lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but Samantha was still turned on so she let the rabbit toy continue to manipulate her body. She was starting to overheat; sweat pouring across her body onto the bed sheets.

Before long, she could feel another orgasm building inside of her. She clenched her eyes tightly as she pushed the toy firmly against her crotch, feeling her hips thrust against her hand. In her mind, Heather’s tongue was lapping at her erect clitoris and sucking it into her mouth.

Samantha swore she heard the squeaking of a door, but assumed Heather or Kevin must be leaving the room next to her. She didn’t care if they heard her loud moans and whines. She had to listen to them so they could listen to her.

The second orgasm quickly hit her like a brick, more intense than any orgasm she had in a long time. The second was followed by a third then a fourth. She was too warn out to take a fifth orgasm, though her body was begging for more. She turned off the toy and lay on her back, panting for air. It felt as if she had melted into the mattress.

Opening her eyes, Samantha saw movement in the direction of her bedroom door. She took a second glance and noticed that her door was opened a crack. She was sure that she had closed her door tightly behind her when she entered her room. Was the squeaking door that she heard her own door? Was someone watching her as a succession of orgasms washed over her body?

The next morning, the shower in the two bed, one bath house was running as Samantha’s alarm went off. She hopped out of bed and started laying out her clothes, waiting for Heather to finish showering. As she was getting her books in order, she heard Heather call out to her. She could not figure out why Heather would be calling for her, but she made her way to the bathroom door anyways.

“Yes?” Samantha called out loud enough to be heard through the door and over the spraying water.

“Could you hand me a new razor?” Heather called out. “This one is dull.”

Samantha took a deep breath and opened the door. She would grab a new razor from the drawer next to the sink then hand it through the curtain without pulling the curtain back, then she would leave the bathroom.

As she closed the drawer next to the sink and turned around, she heard the curtain draw back and saw Heather’s nude body facing her in full display. Samantha felt her eyes scan Heather’s body twice before darting up to Heather’s eyes. “Here you go,” Samantha heard her voice say in a squeaky, high pitched tone before darting for the bathroom door.

Samantha quickly closed the bathroom door behind her then stood in front of the doorway, taking inventory of what she had just seen. Heather was shaved bare as a baby down below. Her fat, juicy lips between her legs jutted out just enough to be seen. Scurrying back to her room, Samantha tried to clear her mind. Her shook as she tried to regain composure.

When she heard the shower turn off and bathroom door open, Samantha hurried out of her room, knowing that she was going to be late for class if she didn’t hurry. She passed Heather, wrapped in a towel, as they passed each other in the hallway. Samantha gave Heather a courtesy smile before darting into the bathroom. She put her hair into a ponytail and quickly undressed. Hopping into the shower, Samantha washed her body, but not her hair.

In the classroom, Samantha tried to listen to her professor and jot down lecture notes, but she could not get the naked image of Heather’s body in the shower out of her mind. She knew she had to do something or else Heather was inadvertently going to cause her flunk out of school.

Samantha was a straight “A” student in high school and wanted to do very well in college as well. She had always been a sexual being, but the last three days were enough escort beşiktaş to drive her mad. After only jotting down a handful of notes, Samantha headed to her second class.

She could not focus in her second class either so after class, she headed into the ladies room. Luckily, she had a 45 minute break before the next class. Sitting down on the toilet, she slid two fingers inside her legs. She was surprised by how wet she was, though she shouldn’t have been. Her fingers worked feverishly inside her inner walls until she pleasured herself to an orgasm. Unfortunately, the orgasm did not relinquish her desires, it only made them worse.

After her last class of the day, Samantha hurried home and headed straight into her bedroom. She grabbed her dildo out of her drawer and sat on her bed, with her back against the wall. She pulled her legs up to her chest then slowly slid the dildo in and out of her wet lips, feeling her walls grip the dildo like they never wanted to let go. The dildo was providing something she desperately needed. She slid it in and out of her tight walls as her hips thrust forward. In less than ten minutes, she felt a strong orgasm wash over her body.

Knowing that she needed to get away from the house for a little while, she headed to a bar for a few drinks. It was dark out when she exited the bar, drunk off her ass. She stumbled down the sidewalk without a care in the world, hoping she could make it two blocks back to her house.

When she entered the house, Heather was sitting on the couch in the living room watching television. In her drunken state, Samantha blurted out something that sounded like “Hello” then proceeded to her room where she crashed for the night.

For the next two days, Samantha did her best to stay away from the bedrooms as Heather entertained her boyfriend. Instead of hanging out in her bedroom and listening to them have sex like she did the first two days, Samantha watched television in the living room with the volume up high enough to drown out Heather’s voice. Because she avoided listening or watching, she was able to focus on school for a couple of days.

Last night, Samantha went out to the bar with a new friend she met in Chemistry class. They ate food, drank some beers and learned about each other. Samantha wondered if her friend, Chelsey, was lesbian. That was a question she wondered of every woman though. She wanted to get to know Chelsey better before finding out though.

After doing a couple shots, purchased by some random college guys, Samantha headed home. Heather had mentioned that she would probably go home for the weekend so she was relieved that she would get a chance to relax at home for a couple of days without having to avoid hearing Heather and Kevin have sex.

When Samantha walked into the house, she thought she heard a noise. All the lights were turned off in the house so she blew it off and made herself a sandwich in the kitchen. After eating the sandwich, she headed into her bedroom to sleep off her drunken state. She took off all her clothes but her white cotton panties and put on a white tank top.

She cuddled into bed and was half way asleep when she heard a noise again that sounded like it was coming from the hallway. The sound woke her up. She stumbled to her feet and walked through the darkness of the hallway, wondering what could be causing the noise. She didn’t see anything in the hallway so she walked down to the bathroom.

Unable to find the noise she headed back toward her room. When she was about to pass the spare bedroom she heard a noise that she recognized. She could hear heavy breathing coming from behind the closed bedroom door.

Putting her ear to the door, she listened intently to verify what she thought she heard. There was no moaning, no squeaking of the bed, no hollering. Instead, all she could hear was heavy breathing. She listened closely, standing still to see if whoever was in the room was sleeping or if it was more of a panting.

As she listened in the darkness, she could hear a heavier breathing that definitely sounded sexual. Like any addict, it only took on sip to get her hooked back in to her addiction. The sounds of heavy panting rang through her ears and jolted her body with a wave of electrical energy that made her nipples grow hard instantly. She started to feel a burning sensation between her legs as she listened to Heather’s heavy breathing and very soft moans.

Samantha sat down on the floor in the doorway, keeping her ear pressed to the door. Her right hand slid down into her cotton panties. Her index and middle finger each slide down one side of her outer labia.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the soft touch of her fingers as they moved up and down the lips. She could feel her outer labia beginning to part with each stroke of her fingers. Using a flat hand, she ran the tips of her fingers up and down her whole pussy, touching the inner and outer walls.

The panting on the other side of the door was growing heavier and she begun to hear faint whining that sounded like a chair sliding over a wood floor. She pulled her knees up to her shoulders and slid two fingers inside her walls, feeling the warmth of her juices around them. Her fingers spread her wetness up to her clitoris.

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