Sam’s CockTease Therapy Pt. 02

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So anyway, that’s where it all started, the day Sam saw Vivi all dolled up for the first day of class. Every day after that he looked forward to seeing her, and he couldn’t wait to see the way she looked and how she was dressed. From them on was always just waiting for the next opportunity to visually drink in every inch of this gorgeous girl!

He soon became quite fixated on her, and one thing he started to notice was that she varied her appearance greatly from one day to the next. It turned out that she didn’t always dress up quite as sexy as that first day; I mean after all, that would be almost impossible since she had clearly put a lot of effort into dolling herself up that time. But it was as though she had served up a nice taste of what she had to offer right away, and then toned it down a little the rest of the time. Well, most of the time anyway…

Different makeup styles, from the “natural” look to more glamorous ones, were combined with different hairstyles, from straight and plain to highly stylized looks like that first day when she teased it and fluffed it up super sexy, falling down her back in lovely waves and soft curls. It was the same with the jewelry; sometimes flashy gold sparkly things were dangling all over her, but other times she wore less items – plainer looking bracelets, necklaces, etc.

But she always wore tight-fitting clothes like little tank tops or crop tops paired with short shorts or miniskirts, perfect stuff for the sunny and warm California weather. It was a great way to show off her figure, and Vivi really did have a body to die for, with long tan legs, a beautifully plump but not too big behind, a trim, narrow waist and a flat tummy with well-defined abs.

And then there were her breasts…and except for in a porn movie, Sam had simply never seen another girl with tits quite like hers! They were big, round, and full, and they protruded straight ahead away from her body in an almost unnatural manner. It always seemed like Vivi would take every opportunity she could to show them off too, wearing low-cut tops most of the time to flaunt her wondrous cleavage and holding herself in a way so she could display them proudly.

Yes, that was it, he thought; she really was proud of herself! She was clearly proud of her body and not at all ashamed of showing it off too. More importantly, she obviously didn’t care about any of the negative connotations of being a pretty girl who had a desire to openly flaunt herself. Her whole image and persona was just plain oozing raw girly sex appeal, and everyone in school was noticing her. And it was quite clear that she liked it!

There were certainly plenty of people talking about her, and a great deal of it was negative. It was usually coming from unattractive girls who clearly resented this buxom hottie and all the attention she was getting. But like I said, there were other groups of girls who found Vivi’s brazen sexuality to be intriguing, and even began to pattern themselves after her. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

The guys were certainly talking about her too, and just like that first day, their comments were quite different. There were basically two groups of behavior: the first was guys that were fascinated with her but intimidated by her and would never imagine approaching a girl like that. But there were others that were more sure of themselves, cocky even, announcing that they were going to have her like they had done with many of the other pretty girls around.

Sam also noticed that whenever he saw her socializing, she was usually with other girls, and he immediately observed that she had befriended some of the prettiest girls in school. They always seemed to be very wrapped up in each other, demonstrating a very self-absorbed nature as they fussed and fawned over each other. It was fascinating to watch, as the small groups of girls showed themselves off and paid attention to each other.

Everything about their appearances seemed to be a topic of discussion, from the way they looked – their hair, makeup and jewelry – to the way they were dressed and what kinds of handbags and shoes they had. And Sam started to notice that some of the girls even started dressing more like her; particularly, the soft, furry angora sweaters she wore a lot seemed to be catching on with some of them.

There was a definite clique of hotties forming around her, and it was obvious that average-looking (or less than average-looking) girls needn’t apply. And seeing all these gorgeous girls together added to that element of them being unreachable, because they were like a gang of powerful females that nobody dared approach when they were together.

This really served the purpose of keeping all the boys wanting her at a distance; although guys were always wanting to hit on her and try to ask her out, she never seemed to be alone, she was always with her girl friends and always busy with them.

Occasionally a guy would approach her when she hastane porno was with her little group, and the rest of the girls would fall silent and watch as the guy stuttered and stammered over himself as he tried to ask her out. She would stare at him with a bit of a knowing smile on her face, keeping him right on the spot as he propositioned her.

But then she would just shake her head and give him some excuse why she couldn’t, politely thanking him and perhaps suggesting some alternate time when she might be available, implying that he should simply try again. Sometimes she’d even give him her number and tell him to text her or call…

One time Sam overheard one of the popular jock-type guys talking about her, about how he had been asking her out for months, and how she had rejected his advances outright at first, but then slowly she had begun to change her mind, sweetly encouraging his invitations. She had clearly hooked him that way, slowly starting to give in to his propositions, at least, seeming to…

But still, every time he asked, she had some other plan going on, something simple like taking care of her brother, plans to go the mall with friends, going somewhere with her parents, etc. And she would usually propose another time but not agree to anything, suggesting that he contact her then, but she would always just put the ball back in HIS court, making him go through the process of asking her out all over again.

It was clear that Vivi was loving the attention, and since Sam was outside the situation, he also realized that she was just kind of toying with this guy, openly manipulating him and stringing him along so to speak. He had heard similar things from other guys too, usually the cocky ones that were used to having their way with all the girls in school. They all said the same thing, that she seemed to encourage their advances and say yes when they asked her out, but actually making it happen seemed to be quite elusive…

They all had her number, but when they called it always went to voice mail, and texts were either ignored completely or returned later in a flirty and suggestive way, but with no solid acceptance of their repeated propositions of a specific date and time. So the shoe really was on the other foot with these confident guys as she kept them all dangling from her string, and it was soon clear that she hadn’t actually dated many, if ANY, of them yet.

Something else had started to happen in some of the classes Sam shared with Vivi though. Little by little, certain students started to stand out, raising their hands to answer questions more, getting better grades and just generally making it clear that they knew the subject matter more than many other students. And while Vivi was clearly intelligent, she wasn’t participating as much as she could have and not getting the best grades, at least at first.

Sam noticed that she seemed to like to play up a bit of a less intelligent image, that for some reason that seemed to be the way she wanted to present herself. In front of the class, she’d play dumb a little bit, and it was obvious to Sam that it was an act, because he had heard her interacting with some of the girls and clearly she was quite smart and well informed. But because she put on this kind of “dumb blonde” image in her classes, Sam knew she was up to something but he didn’t know what. And for some reason he found this little role she was putting on to be very appealing.

And then, one day, it happened. Sam saw Vivi come prancing into class, wearing the same kind of sexed-up outfit she had on the first day he saw her. A pretty pink angora button-down cardigan was snugly fitted around her curvy upper body, with several of the top buttons undone of course, revealing the hint of a hot pink lacy bra underneath.

It was paired with a darker pink jeans miniskirt, and her tan pantyhose encased those gorgeous legs of hers in shiny sheer stretchy fabric. And she wore these shiny hot-pink spike heeled mules, open-toe and open-heel, with nothing holding them on her pretty feet except for the shiny pink vamp.

And like that day Sam saw her for the first time, she had various pieces of sparkly gold jewelry dangling from her body: a sexy heart-charm necklace, some gold bangle bracelets, big sparkly gold hoop earrings and a gold anklet too. Her hair had been fluffed and teased up just a bit more than usual and her makeup was especially glamorous.

There was the usual reaction to her as she walked in – the room went a bit quiet and heads turned as she strode to the front of the class and sat down. There even a few audible gasps as this delectable vision of hyper-sexualized femininity presented itself to everyone in sight.

One of the better students was sitting across the room, and Vivi knew who he was. Sam noticed this guy instantly feasting his eyes on her, and as the class proceeded with the lesson for the day, Sam watched as the somewhat nerdy guy provided hemşire porno several answers to the professor’s questions. But what happened next really got Sam’s heart pumping.

At one point, Vivi crossed one leg over the other and started slowly bouncing that deliciously revealing hot pink mule up and down, casually twirling a piece of her hair between her slender long-nailed fingers. This was nothing new, as Sam had seen her do this kind of thing almost every time he saw her. But suddenly he noticed the nerdy guy staring at her with his mouth hanging open, and she glanced up and caught him staring too.

Sam’s heart skipped a beat as she made a barely perceptible pout of her lips at the guy, blowing him a little kiss, and she reached down and rubbed her hands slowly down her outstretched leg. She lifted it up, holding it out straight as her hand moved down it.

This poor guy was instantly fixated on her hand sliding down her sexy leg, and Sam watched his eyes follow it as she slid those sexy-nailed fingers of hers down her leg to adjust her high heel. She glanced up at him again as she wiggled her foot a little farther into the sexy shoe. He just blatantly stared at her…

And then she bent back up, sitting up straight again, and held his gaze for a moment as she slowly threw her shoulders back, arching her back in a nice stretch as she stuck her chest out, taking a long, slow deep breath and then letting it out even slower. Her large breasts protruded out proudly as this guy just kept staring at her as showed herself off for him.

Sam was stunned because she was frequently doing little things like that (and he was used to watching her do it), but she always did it without seeming to observe anyone watching her. I mean, he was sure she knew people were watching, but she didn’t let on that she knew.

And oh how he loved that about her, that she liked to show off and flaunt herself, but she seemed to be very self-absorbed about it, doing it for herself somehow, and she never acknowledged, or even seemed to notice, the effect that it had on every guy in sight.

But now, this time, she was obviously teasing this one particular guy, showing off for him and watching him respond to her. This kinda nerdy guy simply couldn’t take his eyes off her as she openly displayed herself…just for him.

She began smiling a bit more as she glanced away, knowing he was still watching, and she just kept sitting there as she continued to twirl her hair between her slender feminine fingers some more. And she kept bouncing that spike heel slowly up and down, obviously targeting him for some little objective that only she seemed to know about.

This continued for the entire length of the class, and before long this guy was simply squirming in his seat. Whatever she was doing was clearly working, because he was starting to turn red with embarrassment as she worked her magic on him, staring into his soul with those hypnotic deep green eyes of hers, then looking away after she made sure he was watching, going back to focus on herself and fussing over some little detail of herself or her outfit.

As the class ended, the guy got up and Sam could see the obvious bulge in his pants. Vivi smirked as she noticed it too, and he tried to cover it with his books as he scurried out of class. Out in the hallway, Vivi and her posse gathered together and giggled to each other as they whispered little secrets, and Sam had a pretty good idea what they were talking about.

That was it for that day, the guy was nowhere in sight as he disappeared in the shame of his arousal, and Sam knew that something new had started and he simply couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Did she do that just for kicks? Or was there something else up her sleeve, some little scheme she had in mind to get something she wanted? Sam was simply beside himself with the raw sexual power being put on display that day, and it turned out that there was much more to come!

Anyway, this pattern repeated itself several times more during that same class over the next couple of weeks, with Vivi showing up to class looking particularly gorgeous, and openly teasing this same guy over and over. Whenever she did it, she didn’t look at anyone else in the room, she did her usual self-absorbed “fussing over herself” thing, but made it a point to glare at this guy from time to time, making little pouty-lip faces at him, opening her eyes wide at him as she caught his eye and continued brazenly showing herself off for him.

It was truly magical to watch, and Sam was really having a hard time concentrating on the subject matter as he pondered what it would be like to be subjected to such a bold and unabashed display of pure feminine sex appeal.

And then, one particular day, Vivi appeared in an especially slutty looking getup and Sam’s eyes popped when he saw her. This time she wore another gorgeous fluffy low-cut angora sweater, but this one was a black hikaye porno tank top with tiny little spaghetti straps. Her breasts heaved up out of it, loosely held up by a lacy black push-up bra, and Sam had never seen Vivi display her big tits quite like that before. Her cleavage was magnificent, and it suddenly occurred to him that they were so round and perfect; could it be that she had gotten breast implants?

She also wore a shiny, tight black velvet miniskirt, with a silver rhinestone-encrusted belt wrapped around her tiny waist, with the rest of it dangling down at her side. And then Sam’s eyes moved downwards and he was stunned to see the thigh-high black leather spike-heeled boots she had on. They were simply outrageous, looking like something a Dominatrix would wear! But the combination of those boots with Vivi’s soft girly sweater and her velvety miniskirt provided some very contradictory messages, ones of soft femininity mixed in with pure, powerful aggression.

As she strode to her usual seat, the click-click-click of those heels had the entire room captivated. And the stilettos were so high, Vivi had to balance herself carefully, taking small dainty steps and gyrating her hips salaciously to maintain her posture. Her curvy butt protruded out because those sky-high heels rotated her hips forward, and she had to keep her shoulders back and her chest out to stay balanced.

This caused a wonderful exaggeration of her already bodacious body, and the effect was just mind-blowing. It was truly something to watch, her voluptuous body fully on display as she moved so daintily and purposefully like that, and it was a new level of feminine pulchritude being shown for everyone to watch.

After she sat down and the class got underway, the same leg-crossing and shoe dangling display ensued, but watching her do it in those kinky boots was even more powerful than seeing her do it with her bare legs and open-toed shoes. And of course, she made it a point to focus her power all on that one guy – it seemed like something else was about to happen because she was really turning on the charms that day!

Of course, the same responses from every guy in class happened too, with guys just staring at her and desperately trying to rub their crotches without being noticed, and not much attention being paid to the professor. Vivi was at the center of it all, and she completely ignored every single one of her male admirers except for her main target.

Anyway, after class Sam walked into the hallway and saw Vivi approach this guy. Sam saw some friends of his standing near them and he went over to hang out with them, just so he could hear what was happening. Somehow he knew Vivi had a specific plan in mind, I mean, there was clearly something going on because she had been focused entirely on this guy for several weeks.

“Hi, my name’s Vivi” she said, sweet as pie as she presented her hand to him, holding it out not to shake it, but more like a Princess wanting him to kiss it.

“I’m Tim”, he nervously answered as he reached for hand, and she let him have it for a split second only to have her pull it away. That simple act was an immediate establishment of her superiority! She chatted him up for a minute or two, clearly taking the lead in the conversation, not that he was in much of a condition to think clearly…

After another minute of seemingly innocent flirting, Vivi started calling attention to the fact that she had been noticing him in class, buttering him up for what was to come. She said “Wow, you’re really smart!”, her voice just dripping with feminine cuteness as she toyed with her hair some more, shifting her weight onto one side and throwing her hip out as she leaned against the wall.

“You know, I’ve never been very good at political science. My counselor suggested that I get a tutor, so I was wondering…I mean, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you maybe help me do my homework sometime?”

Sam watched this guy’s reaction as this hotted-up babe propositioned him, and he was stunned for a second, not seeming to be able to react. But soon he managed to say, “O…Okay, Vivi, I suppose I could do that.”

Vivi reacted with glee, reaching out and touching his arm as she exclaimed, “Great! I know you can probably help me a lot, and I would be really appreciative if you did!” And then she lifted her hand away from his arm just a bit, leaving her long red fingernails in contact with it, and she slowly glided them down over his wrist and hand, pulling them away and saying sweetly and softly, “Very appreciative…”

She smiled broadly as she stared at him, watching his reaction, and just like in class he started to turn beet red at the way she was teasing him like that. He didn’t say another word – he couldn’t, so Vivi gave him her number and he nervously fumbled over himself as he typed it into his phone.

And with that, she spun around on those sexy spike heeled boots, tossing her hair around and prancing away from him, leaving him with the feelings of arousal and attraction to her as the sound of her heels click-click-clicking on the hard floor echoed in his ears. He watched her as she strutted down the hallway, her whole body wiggling from side to side as she performed a very sexy girly strut.

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