Sapphic Wrestle by the Kettle Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

For a few minutes there was silence and then Sarah gently pushed her partner away. Alyce retreated to her side of the blanket and the awkward silence lingered between the pair. Sarah didn’t know what to say, it was her first time with a woman and she wasn’t exactly into vaginas. She felt strangely dirty, different from when she was done with a sex with a man or even her hand. Yet, she had thoroughly enjoyed her orgasm with her aggressive girlfriend. Alyce was busily looking about, looking at anything but Sarah. Her face appeared red and she was obviously conflicted.

Sarah decided to break the awkward silence by saying, “I’m sorry, you’re not a cow, you actually have spectacular breasts.”

Not only was it a stupid thing to say, it actually sounded stupid but she had to say something. As she did she reached over and pinched one of Alyce’s nipples. Sarah felt she was owed after Alyce’s assault on her own breasts and she was tired of being a submissive. Alyce did have a spectacular pair of breasts, they were at least double D’s and they were shapely, not some hanging amorphous blobs that announced their surrender to gravity. This pair was damn defiant and any boob obsessed adolescent boy would love to lose themselves in that pair of tits. The nipple grew hard in her hand as Alyce smiled at her and Sarah decided it was time to retreat before igniting another love making session.

“Thanks, I’m sorry about that Sarah. I don’t know why I did that.”

“Don’t apologize, we’re okay, it just happened,” Sarah said.

“You know, it’s not like I’m a gold star lesbian, I like boys…but I do love you,” Alyce said softly.

Ah, shit! Sarah was shocked at Alyce’s admission and she decided it was best to nip this budding sapphic romance right in the bud. Damn, this was getting awkward.

“I know what you mean, it’s like the relationship Charles had with Sebastian in ‘Brideshead Revisited’. Friendship becomes gorukle escort bayan more than a friendship, as an infatuation takes hold and it takes hold because you feel safe with this person after being hurt so many times. You imagine yourself falling in love with your dearest friend, a friend who accepts you for who you are,” Sarah said.

“What?” Alyce said as her face turned crimson as she stared at Sarah.

“You know, Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited.”

“Shit, you just don’t get it. Life isn’t a fucking book for god’s sake. Jesus Christ, you insulted me less when you call me a cow,” Alyce said.

“Wait a second; you’re the one who quoted F. Scott Fitzgerald the other day.”

“Get a clue; I quoted Gatsby not some Evelyn chick.”

“No, you get a clue. Evelyn Waugh was a guy and I called your breasts cows not you,” Sarah said.

“Stupid pretentious whore,” Alyce shrieked as she went atomic, gathered her belongings and stormed off from the lake. Unfortunately for Sarah, Alyce was driving and by the time Sarah could put her shorts and t-shirt on Alyce was long gone in her car. A dramatic cloud of dust was all that remained of her traveling companion. As Sarah looked about she was alone at the lake, even the lone cicada had stopped his song.

Sarah began walking and fortunately she had her smartphone with her, only she was in dire need of charge. “Shit!” she shouted aloud and she began hastily looking at the road maps of the island on her phone. She began walking on the country road hoping to see the local bus and she decided against hitching. The day was bad enough; she sure didn’t want to add some drive-by creep into the mix.

As Sarah walked along road she realized that she always found books reassuring, voices with the same concerns, resonating with her over the ages. In fact, during her teen years, books were often her only companion. Clearly, they were less problematic than her living and nilüfer escort bayan breathing friends.

It was fairly desolate on the road and she wondered if this wasn’t the part where the slasher shows up in the movie. She walked for about fifteen minutes when a car abruptly pulled alongside her. It was Alyce in her Ford and she opened the window and curtly said, “Get in the back.”

Sarah climbed into the back without a word. Sarah looked at her in the rearview mirror and saw that Alyce had been crying, her eyes were colored a teary puffy red.

“Sorry about the pretentious whore comment,” Alyce said as she started to sob.

Sarah wasn’t sure if Alyce was apologizing for calling her ‘pretentious’ or a ‘whore’ but it really didn’t matter. Sarah began sniffling too and soon both girls were crying. The two began apologizing and then quieted down on the return trip to the studio. Sarah just sat in the back feeling awkward and chauffeured, like a young Miss Daisy, as Alyce drove. When they arrived the two shared a quick hug and they practically ran into the studio as they each went their separate ways.

When she returned to her room Sarah knew she was still wet and somewhat horny from wrestling with Alyce. She stood before the large wall mirror and looked at herself. She had a sheen on her skin from the humidity and the sun had kissed her pale skin with a pinkish glow. Even her hair was mussed from the wind and her sapphic partner’s forceful loving. Yes, she looked like a mess, a hot mess, as her hands went under her bathing suit, searching and probing her excited flesh.

She touched her swollen lips and felt the moisture between them. She slid her finger along her slit until she found her engorged clit. It was still sensitive to the touch and she began lightly rubbing the small knob. As the warmth spread she realized she wanted more so she removed her bathing suit bottom and sat on the floor with bursa otele gelen escort bayan her legs spread apart before the mirror. She continued rubbing and noticed in the mirror how engorged and red her vaginal lips had become from Alyce’s incessant rubbing. Her erect nipples felt irritated with the bathing suit top so she freed both of her breasts. With both hands she pinched her dark nipples rather sharply, pulling each with a twist and realized she rather enjoyed their brusque, painful handling by Alyce.

Who knew?

Her hand soon went between her legs as she played with her wet lips. Enjoying the sweet sensation, she closed her eyes as she imagined Alyce’s mouth moving between her legs and licking her, moving from her vaginal lips to her sensitive clit. But now she wanted something darker and kinkier from Alyce beyond just having her pussy eaten. No, Sarah wanted the bobbing blond head of the girl to explore even more of her body. She needed Alyce’s sensuous tongue to snake its way from her erect clit to her lips and to descend from there. Yes, she wanted Alyce’s tongue to go lower, to the tender skin below and finally to the ultimate prize: Sarah’s sensitive rosebud. The mental imagery was more than enough to send Sarah into a sexual frenzy as she furiously rubbed her clit while her fingers moved in and out of her moist opening. She went to her knees for a few minutes repeating this masturbatory stroking and finished herself off with a rapid flourish of her hand. The only sounds in the room were her fingers busily stroking her pussy punctuated by her heavy breathing,

She felt a massive release, one that caused her legs to tremble with delight as she sunk to the floor. Her orgasm was fast, wet and totally complete while draining all of her remaining sapphic energy. She looked at her fingers amazed at how wet they were. After a few minutes rest she finally collected herself from the floor and took a shower. She didn’t know what to make of the day’s events and wondered if indeed there was some hidden sapphic sado-masochistic desire within that she had been denying herself all these years. Damn, she wished Paul was back so she can take him up on his offer of a maintenance fuck!

Funny, she could now hear another cicada song filling the summer air.


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