Sarah Scores Big!

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MMMmmmmmmmm, god this feels good! I wake slowly, still groggy, even though it’s 9:30 in morning. It’s Saturday, and I’ve slept in a little, but god knows, I deserve it. I had a really hard night last night. A wonderfully hard night! In more ways than one, but mostly because of the hard cock I spent the night with. Ahhhhhhhh, damn that was good. My boyfriend Ted is great, but why the hell does he have to live so far away grrrrrrrrrrrr. I get to see him only once a week usually, twice occasionally. At least he makes up for it when we’re together.

We went to the club where we first met last night, then came back here to my house and tore it up! Shit, I’m going to have to put on some clean sheets today and check the couch for spots. Oh well, it was worth it! I love going to the club with him! It’s about equal distances from his place and mine, and we usually alternate weekends at one or the other after we leave. He loves to dance; he’s a better dancer than I am, but I try to keep up. But the best part is all those catty broads that stare at him all night. I can see them drooling, and looking daggers at me. It makes me feel so hot, knowing I have something they want so bad. He’s had a lot of moves put on him, one even tried chatting him up when he went to the men’s room a few weeks ago, and tried to get him to go to the parking lot with her.

But he’s really good about that. He came back and told me exactly what she said, even pointed her out. I was so pissed I was going to go after her, but he told me no! “Come out on the dance floor, and you can fuck me right in front of her!” He didn’t mean it literally, of course, but we did come pretty close.

We waited for something not too fast, with a nice Latin beat, and when we got up, he took me by both hands and lead me out, his body so close we were almost touching. As soon as we started dancing he pressed right against me, and started thrusting against me with his hips! He was loving it too, and he was so close I could feel his hard-on every time he pushed against me! He kept his hands on me, and let them constantly run up and down my body, touching every fucking curve I’ve got! All I had to do was move back and forth with him, mmmmmmmmm. I got so fucking wet, doing it right in front of that bitch.

The best part was when he turned me around so my back was to him. He moved right up against me, and I could feel his hard cock pressing right against my ass. He started with his hands on my hips, but slid his hands slowly up my sides as we moved back and forth. He turned me so I was facing right at that cunt, and he slid his hands over my breasts, first rubbing over them, but then he took them right in his hands and kneaded them through my blouse! Oh fuck, that was wonderful. It felt great, but even better was her watching us, seeing his fingers digging into my tits as he squeezed harder and harder. I thought we might get thrown out, but what the hell, there are other clubs. And besides, he’s a good tipper and we drink top shelf. They don’t want to lose him as a customer.

Then he slowly slid one hand down the front of my body, until it was right between my legs. I had on tight shorts and they fit me like paint, so you could see every outline of my body. His hand closed over my pussy and squeezed, the other hand continued to massage my breast, and I couldn’t help but moan. I made sure it was loud enough that she could hear it, too. Oh my god, I was so wet I was afraid it was going to run down my legs out of the shorts!

When he turned me around again, he ground against me, practically standing still on the floor. I slid my hand down and found his cock, and he stepped back from me just enough that she could see me rubbing and squeezing it! Of course, so could everyone else too, but who gives a damn! The only thing that might have been better would be if I had worn a skirt. Maybe he would have pulled it up and finger fucked me right there! I know I would have cum if he’d done that, and that probably would have gotten us thrown out, but, oh well!

Anyhow that got us so hot we had to leave right afterwards, and I gave him the blow job of his life, right in the parking lot, in the back seat of his Lexus. That night we went to his place afterwards and I spent the weekend fucking his brains out.

Last night, nothing so exciting happened, but we had a great time, and of course, I spent some time massaging him under our table with my hand. I did wear a skirt last night, and sure enough, when I started touching him he pulled the skirt up and started rubbing my panties. Oh, damn, that was good! I got soaking wet, and I had my eyes closed, moaning, but he didn’t let me cum, the bastard. Said he wanted to save it for later. Oh well, I made up for it.

And just for old time sake, I gave him another blow job in the parking lot! Wow! I don’t think he had cum since I was with him last week! He filled my mouth up until his cum dribbled out the corners of my mouth, around his cock. That blouse is going to the dry cleaners! Actually, I like it better when I suck Uşak Escort him in all the way and he cums down my throat. Mmmmmmm, he cums so hard it makes me gag, but then he can feel me swallowing and contracting around his cock. But he likes it best in my mouth.

The conceited bastard loves to see me with a mouthful of his cum, and of course, I have to swallow it all and show him. I’ll bet that’s why he saved it up all week, so it would overflow. That’s ok though, I do like pleasing him, and it makes him so hot he fucks me like a tiger as soon as we get home.

Like last night. We weren’t even in the door before his arms were around me from behind, unbuttoning my blouse as he kissed and bit my neck. Mmmmmmmmm, I love it when he marks me! He yanked the blouse off, and it hadn’t even hit the floor when he had my black lace bra undone. I had to undo the skirt, because he spun me around and had one of my tits in his mouth in about one second. Oh my god! It’s so fucking hard to concentrate on undoing a button and a zipper at my side when he’s got my nipple between his lips, sucking and pulling on it!

And then I had to undo his pants, too, because he was too fucking busy. His hand was kneading my other breast so hard I think I have bruises to prove it. And when his fingers grabbed my nipple and started pulling and twisting! Ummmmmm, that’s so delicious! I was panting by the time I got his pants down, and my black panties were dripping wet. He fought with his pants and shoes for a second, and I got rid of the skirt and my heels.

I was going to grab his cock, but he scooped me up in his arms and practically ran into my living room with me squealing and hanging on for dear life! He dumped me on the couch and pulled his shirt off, only undoing a couple of buttons and the sleeves and then pulling it over his head. I reached up and pulled his satin boxers down while he was doing that, and he kicked them off. They’re probably in the living room somewhere now!

Mmmmmmm, what came next was practically the best part of the night! He reached down and yanked my soaking wet panties off my legs, and I watched as he buried his face in them. I get so fucking hot just seeing what my scent does to him! When he finally dropped them, I saw the look in his eyes, and knew what was coming. I spread my legs wide and he dove onto the couch and buried his face in me all in one motion. Sometimes he takes his time, teasing me first, but not last night!

He was hungry and I was the meal! He rammed his tongue into my cunt, and I could feel his nose in my slit, pressing against my clit! I was so fucking wet I could hear him lapping up my cream, and his tongue swirling around in there practically drove me insane! He had a tight grip on my hips and he tried to devour me right on the spot. After he tongue-fucked me for a minute he started on my slit, running his tongue up and down between my lips, then sucking on me, first one side, then the other. He was kissing, nipping, licking, all at the same time and it felt like heaven!

I thought he would never get around to it but FINALLY he found my clit and started licking and sucking on it. Oh fuck! I was so hot I practically exploded when he did that. He had me moaning, then crying, then screaming, I came so hard! I creamed all over his face, which was a good thing, because he spent even more time licking it up, and I love that when I’m coming down from a great orgasm. Of course, I always make a lot of noise, because I know he loves it, but last night I didn’t have to add anything, it was all real!

My hips hadn’t even stopped thrusting when he pulled himself up between my legs. He kissed me with his cum-covered lips, one long, grinding tongue-filled minute, and then I felt his cock sliding over my pussy as he tried to find my hole. It shouldn’t have been much problem, I was so open and wet, and then I felt his head in me. I tried to tease him, squeezing around his head, but he wasn’t having any of that and he just rammed it all the way into me. Shit, that hurt for a second, but it felt so good having him in me I didn’t care. My hips just automatically thrust up against him, making sure he was all the way in.

He lay there for a second, maybe because I was still so damn tight, but then he slid back almost all the way out and started fucking me slow and steady. Damn, that was torture, because I was so hot I just wanted him to pound me, but I know he loves the feel of my pussy when it’s tight, and I think it takes him a minute to adjust so he doesn’t blow his load. I started thrusting my hips up against him and he got the message, because he started moving faster and harder. My pussy was so wet it almost made a popping sound when he slapped against me.

In no time, he was gasping and getting sweaty from the effort, and I was moaning every time he buried himself in me. I could tell this was only going in one direction, and I started lifting my hips to every thrust he made, forcing him into me deeper and with more force. Oh fuck, that felt good!! My cunt Uşak Escort Bayan was open wide by then, and I was so wet and slippery he could pound away. He started ramming me so hard my body was bouncing on the bed, sliding on the sheets.

Pretty soon I started to tremble, and knew I was going to cum if he didn’t stop, which he wasn’t about to. I just let it happen, and started whimpering, my hands grabbing at the couch as I felt my climax coming. Then he really started pounding me, ramming me so hard I could feel my ass being pushed into the couch cushion, and I started kind of growling as I felt it coming. I shut my eyes and put my head back and just enjoyed it, feeling my cunt suddenly spasm and contract around him. I didn’t know if he came or not, and I didn’t much care when my pussy started to gush again, but when I finally calmed down a little, I could still feel him hard inside me, moving slowly.

Once he figured I was under control though, he started ramming me and I knew it wouldn’t take long. I was right, and in a matter of moments he was groaning and his thrusts became irregular. Since I had already cum I figured I might as well enjoy it and said, “Give it to me baby, cum on my tits, let me see it!” There is something about knowing I have made a guy cum that really turns me on, and I love to see his white cream spurt.

He obliged and pulled out of me, and grabbed his cock. In no more than a second, he was spewing his cum all over me, from my stomach to my neck. God! If he had that much of a load the second time, I don’t want to know how much I swallowed the first time! I may have to go on a diet! Once again, I did what I knew he wanted, and dipped a finger into the mess on my tits and tasted it. Pretty much the same as before, but I gave him a big smile. He deserved it; he had worked pretty hard and did me good. I swirled his cum all over my tits, letting him get a good look at me all shiny and gooey. Hell, it’s supposed to be good for the skin anyway.

I needed to use the bathroom, and so did he. I went to the bedroom and waited and he came in and wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me and kissing me. He really is a nice guy, and I appreciate his attention. It felt really good, our warm bodies pressed together, and I squirmed, loving the feel of his hard muscles controlling me. His tongue in my mouth was turning me on, and it wasn’t long before I was interested again, but of course, it took him a little longer, so we just lay and made out for a while.

After a few minutes, I tested the waters and reached down and grabbed his cock, squeezing and pulling on it, then stroking lightly. Sure enough, I felt it start to get firm in my hand, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he wanted more too. He treats me good, and I always make sure he gets all he wants. He’s not huge, but he does pretty good with what he’s got, and when we’re done I feel satisfied. The problem is, I love to fuck. There is no way one or two nights on a weekend is going to keep me happy all week. I spend a lot of time with my dildos and vibes, and usually get through the week ok, but by Friday I’m climbing the walls.

Anyhow, before long he was hard again, and I crawled down and sucked him good, not letting him cum this time, but making sure he was rock hard. He loves having his cock sucked, sometimes, I think more than fucking, and I do a great job of taking him deep in my throat, which drives him wild!

We usually finish up the same way every week, and last night was no exception. I think it’s the favorite position for both of us, because it lets him ram everything he’s got into me, and when he whispered, “Get on you knees, baby,” I knew what he meant. I pulled a pillow from the headboard and put my head down on it, my ass up in the air. He stuck two fingers in my cunt and fucked me with them, making sure I was nice and wet. I love being finger fucked, and almost didn’t want him to stop, but I knew what was coming was even better!

As soon as I felt the head of his cock slide into me I rammed back against him, and he grabbed my hips and returned the favor! This time I was already wet and open and he didn’t waste time with preliminaries. He started banging against my ass hard and the loud slapping really turned me on. On my knees like that it was really easy to rock with him, and I started ramming myself back with every stroke. I know he can’t keep up really hard fucking like that for too long, so I reached down and started rubbing my clit. Pretty soon he was panting and gasping, and I could feel my cunt starting to flutter. “Come on baby,” I gasped out between strokes, “do me good, give it to me!”

Hearing me talk like that really turns him on, and he began pounding me twice as hard. I could feel sweat from his face dripping onto my ass and back, and the whole bed started to rock. That was what I needed, and I began to moan, feeling the beginnings of my orgasm sneaking up on me. I lifted my head and started really slamming back against him, growling in a low voice with every stroke, Escort Uşak “Oh… yeah… fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck!” as I started going over the top.

I felt his cock ram into me one final time, and he gave a funny, prolonged grunt, “Unnnnngggggghhhhhhhh” as he bucked his hips against my ass and filled my cunt with his cum.

I pinched and pulled my swollen clit a couple of times and joined him, my soprano “Ahhhhhharrrrrrggggggggggg” joining his moan as we both went into orbit.

When he finally stopped pressing against me and let go of my hips I just collapsed onto the bed. That was the one I needed, and it capped off a really good night. Pretty soon I felt his arms around me, and we were asleep within minutes. That was the last I knew until I woke up this AM, and he was long gone, having a fishing trip with his buddies lined up for early morning. I was a little disappointed, hoping maybe he’d decide fucking me all weekend would be more fun, but it was what I expected.

Thinking over last night and the other episode at the club has me all excited again. Suddenly this fantasy pops into my head of opening his fly in front of that bitch and dropping to my knees and giving him head right in the middle of the dance floor. Oh my god! Last night with the skirt, I could have just lost the panties and he could have fucked me right there! Yeah, right! But now I’m soaking wet again and about to reach for a dildo. But as I reach between my legs I feel something crusty, and I realize the cum he left in my pussy has leaked out of me and dried. And besides, the cum smeared on my tits and body is all kind of stiff, too. I really have to have a shower!

Oh well, I have all day. I head for the shower and get into the wonderful hot water, my body still on fire. I lather up good and get everything nice and clean, then grab the portable shower massager and put it right between my legs. OH FUCK! It’s cleaning me inside, all right, shooting right up into my cunt, but its also blasting right onto my clit. And I was already so horny I could hardly stand! By the time I turn off the water I’m trembling, and I slip on the little pair of flesh colored bikini panties. They match the tan lines around my crotch, because I wear them when I go to the salon. Seeing the little white triangle really turns Ted on!

I’ve just brought a lightweight night dress with me, figuring I’m not going anywhere but back into the bedroom, and I almost skip it now, but what the hell, I put it on and check myself out in the mirror. It’s kind of a frothy white, and I notice in the bright lights I can see the outline of my body in it, a slightly darker shade. It just has spaghetti straps on the shoulders and buttons almost to the waist. I can clearly see the darkness of my nipples through it, but maybe that’s because right now they are so hard they are jutting out like daggers! For fun, I undo a couple of buttons and see how that shows off my cleavage. Mmmmmmm, I know Ted will like this! I’ll have to find an excuse to wear it for him next time he cums – oops, comes here.

God! I’m so hot I’m almost trembling and it’s really time to head for the bedroom. I almost make it when, “ding dong”, the doorbell rings! What the Hell?? No one EVER comes to my door except Ted. I almost ignore it, but then figure I better check, just in case. I go look through the peeper.

OH FUCKING GOD! It’s my neighbor, Bob, the neighborhood stud! Or he would be if his damn wife, Sue, would ever get more than six feet away from him. Actually, she seems like a very nice lady, and now I’m the one being catty, but she knows what she’s got, and protects it. I peek again to be sure and almost melt right there. And he is bare-chested, although that’s all I can see. What the hell is going on?

The little angel on my left shoulder whispers, “Go put on your fleece bathrobe and see what he wants.” But the little devil on my right shoulder says, “What the hell, you’re dressed! If you go get a robe he might leave. Just open the door! Well, I’m right-handed, so here goes. “Why hi Ted, how are you?” I say with a bright smile.

His face has a sudden look of shock, and I realize that with the bright morning sun on me, the damn nightdress is almost transparent! I step back into the shadow a bit as he stammers, “Morning Sharon, I… I’m sorry to bother you but… could I borrow um … uh …three eggs?”

It’s too late to run now. I smile sweetly, and say, “Why of course, but it’s a little late for breakfast isn’t it?” Of course I immediately notice he’s only wearing a pair of cut-off shorts.

“Well, yes, but uh … Sue is away for the weekend, visiting her … ah … her sister, and I decided to sleep in.” He’s still staring right at me, and I damn sure hope he likes what he sees. I know I do. “I started to make myself breakfast and cooked some bacon, but when I went after the … um … eggs, there weren’t any.”

“Come on in,” I tell him, “and I’ll get them for you.” I push the door shut and head for the kitchen. Oh my god! I was trembling before, but now I’m shaking! Was that a bulge I saw starting to form in those shorts? I’m suddenly so hot that I undo a couple more of the buttons on the night dress, without thinking. I manage to get three eggs into a bowl without breaking them and head back to stud, oops Bob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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