Sarah’s New Family Ch. 02

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Part 1

Sarah ran to her room on wobbly legs while the rest of the family busied themselves with the preparation of breakfast as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Well, it had, she thought; it most certainly had. How normal was it for a father to spank his naked grown up daughter across his knee, in his living room, with the rest of the family watching? Apparently it was perfectly normal in this family. What wasn’t normal, and what she couldn’t reconcile in her own mind was how this same daughter had had an enormous orgasm as she lay across her father’s lap, as her father spanked her, as she rubbed herself on his hard cock. That would never be considered normal.

Throwing herself down on her bed, she covered her nakedness with the duvet and lay face down, her bottom cheeks still throbbing from her earlier spanking. The more she thought about it, the more embarrassed she became, the more humiliated she felt at the thought of her new step-mother, not to mention her much younger step-brother and sister, watching her being spanked and cumming on her father’s lap. The tears were just about to pour from her watery eyes when she heard a quiet knock on the door.

“Can I come in, Sarah?”

Jill. What did she want? Sarah knew she didn’t want to see anyone at that point, least of all her new sister who must have been shocked to the core by all that had happened this morning. Before she had a chance to answer, the door was pushed slowly open and Jill stepped into the room very tentatively.

“Are you ok? Father does get carried away sometimes.”

Sarah wasn’t sure if she was more stunned by the fact that this was obviously not the first spanking she had witnessed in her father’s house, or mystified at the two bottles Jill was holding in her hands. Her younger sister noticed her staring and answered the question before it was asked.

“Whenever father spanks mother like that I always rub some lotion onto her bottom to ease the pain a little. Would you like me to do the same for you?”

Sarah’s head was in a whirl. Her father was in the habit of spanking his wife? Her younger sister was in the habit of watching this take place? And then she rubbed her mother’s punished cheeks, her naked cheeks to ease the pain? She didn’t know what she was more embarrassed about but her sister showed no trace of being embarrassed by any of it.

“No thank you, Jill. That won’t be necessary. If you could just leave me alone for a little while, I’ll get dressed for breakfast.”

“Oh please, Sarah. Let me do this for you. I really want to get to know my big sister. Maybe if we started with a shoulder massage, you’ll relax a little.”

Sarah was just about to insist that her younger sister leave the room when she suddenly wondered if it was Jill who had left the incriminating photo on her pillow earlier. Sensing the older woman’s hesitation, Jill smiled to herself and, without further ado, or before Sarah could say another word and free her arms from under the quilt, Jill eased it down off her sister’s shoulders and had begun to pour some oil from the first bottle into her hands. She gently began spreading it across the other woman’s shoulders and back; Sarah found herself actually relaxing under the firm but soothing presence of her younger sister’s hands. When she realised that Jill was actually quite good at this, she allowed the young girl to draw her arms out from under the duvet and extend her massage up her arms, kneading each muscle with her sisterly touch. She felt very exposed lying there, naked under the quilt but, as long as Jill’s hands went no further, then she felt it would be all right.

Seeing that her older sister was now more compliant, Jill moved down the bed and quietly uncovered Sarah’s legs, not hesitating before beginning to work her hands up and down them. Sarah tensed as her legs were revealed but couldn’t deny that her younger sister seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Gently lifting the older woman’s legs apart further, under the pretense of gaining access to the muscles on both sides of the thighs, the younger girl knew how close she was to her prize; she wanted another long look at her older sister’s red cheeks and, if she was lucky, she might even get a peek at the bald pussy lips between Sarah’s open legs.

Sarah was unaware of her sister’s ulterior motives but she knew it felt very, very good having those young hands push and squeeze the muscles in her legs. If she wasn’t careful she could start to enjoy this and she was afraid her body would betray her all over again and that would be even worse than what had happened in the living room on her father’s lap. When Jill’s hands slowly pushed the quilt up further so that it was now bunched around her older sister’s waist, both women gasped when the older woman’s punished bottom came into view, Sarah in humiliation, Jill in amazement. Her older sister’s cheeks may have been sorely dealt with but they were still magnificent, round and firm. Without hesitating, Jill took the second bottle, the one with the soothing Maltepe Escort lotion, and began to softly, shamelessly, knead her sister’s firm cheeks.

Sarah felt embarrassed lying there, naked but for a duvet around her waist, but this was exactly what she needed. Her cheeks were still throbbing from the beating they had received from her father and, even though her face was as red as her bottom, she couldn’t help but let out a low groan of pleasure. Jill couldn’t have known that the groan was almost sexual, Sarah assured herself, but she realised that the soft hands on her poor cheeks felt so good and she was sure her arousal was beginning to rise ever faster.

Maybe she should have put a stop to it there and then but when she felt those small hands run down across her cheeks, the two thumbs keeping close to the inner curve of her bottom, she had something new to worry about. Seemingly unaware, Jill continued her movement downwards and brushed her hands over her sister’s pussy lips, one thumb definitely stroking the other woman’s clit. Stunned, Sarah tried to close her legs but her sister’s purposeful hands were now working back down her thighs. She couldn’t have closed her legs even if she had wanted to.

Just as she had convinced herself that it had been an accidental slip and that she shouldn’t make too much of it, she felt Jill begin to press harder with her thumbs, feeling them skilfully work on the inside of each thigh, rubbing in circles, teasing her older sister as she began to move back up, higher and higher.

Sarah knew she should stop this right now. She was the adult. She was the guest in this house. But Jill’s hands felt so good and she didn’t have the heart to interrupt her seemingly innocent sister. Maybe if she tried to give her some signal that would alert the younger woman to what was happening and so, when Jill’s fingers once again brushed against her sensitive clit on their upward journey, she groaned even more loudly.

Jill, however, knew exactly what she was doing and kept pushing her sister to greater lengths. She tenderly massaged the muscles on either side of Sarah’s moist pussy, and then moved very slowly, very sensually, back down the inside of the older woman’s trembling thighs. Once again she moved her hands back up and, once again, she allowed her thumb to press Sarah’s clit, lingering there now, pressing down the soft skin above and circling the vulnerable button. She smiled to herself when she felt her older sister instinctively push back against her hand and decided it was time to go for broke.

Jill masterfully slipped her fingers past her sister’s pussy lips and in, quickly finding Sarah’s G-spot. Her thumb continued to circle the other woman’s clit and, despite Sarah’s feeble protestations, began to finger-fuck her as if she had her own hard cock or dildo to use on her sister. She had by now climbed on board Sarah’s back, pinning her to the bed, enjoying the feeling of dominating her older sister. She suddenly leaned forward and began to whisper into Sarah’s ear.

“I’m going to make you cum now, Sarah. I’m going to make you cum even harder than you did when you were bouncing on father’s lap and rubbing your gorgeous pussy against his hard cock.”

Sarah couldn’t believe she was hearing these filthy words from the eighteen year old cheerleader sitting on her back. When she felt Jill use her other hand to part her red cheeks and begin to circle her tightest hole with a wet finger, she couldn’t take any more. As her sister continued to torment her pussy, her clit and now her dirtiest hole, her whole body began to spasm as the orgasm that Jill had promised began to course through her uncontrollably.

If Sarah had been in her right mind she would have been worried about her orgasmic screams reaching the rest of the family’s ears but what Jill was doing to her felt too good to even consider such things. As her body jerked, she felt the younger girl’s fingers delve deeper into her holes and she thought she was never going to stop cumming.

Eventually, of course, she did stop and her mind finally came back to reality when she felt the weight of her younger sister lying on her back. The only thing between them was Jill’s pyjamas and the duvet bunched around her waist. She suddenly felt her nakedness and started to stir on the bed.

Jill herself knew that she had to go now or they would be missed but she leaned forward one last time to kiss her sister in the middle of her naked, sweaty back. Gently pulling her fingers from Sarah’s holes, she climbed off the bed and skipped out of the room, sweetly licking her fingers dry of her older sister’s pussy juices.

“I’m so glad you liked that, Sarah. Mother always tells me to stop before I can make her cum. You were much better. Better hurry now; they’ll be waiting for us and I’m starving. Aren’t you?”

Sarah buried her head in the pillow and wondered how it all gone so badly wrong yet again.

Part 2

When she entered the kitchen she could barely lift her Anadolu Yakası Escort head to look at them. Her father had spanked her; her sister had made her cum; and either Jill or Tony had taken photos of her exhibitionism as she had arrived yesterday. Realising that the only one she could bear to look at, and to have them look at her, was her step-mother, she sat down opposite Liz.

Breakfast was a sumptuous feast and, after a long while, Sarah finally managed to relax just a little. Her father had suggested that she spend the day here while he drove back to her apartment; he would gather all her things to help her to move in to her new home with her new family. She had already grasped that when her father “suggested” anything then that was what was going to happen. But, in truth, she was secretly delighted that he had offered to do this as she had no desire to see her flatmate ever again. When Liz suggested that the two of them go for a cycle run together, her spirits began to rise for the first time that day. It was a gorgeous day and a ride through the countryside was just what she needed.

After breakfast Sarah went back to her bedroom and stripped down to her underwear before wondering what she could possibly wear to go cycling. Liz had already promised she could use Jill’s bike but the problem about how to dress appropriately was a worrying one. Just at that moment, the door flew open and Liz entered, already changed for the outing, holding a lycra outfit which she simply handed over to her step-daughter. Sarah blushed at the older woman catching her in her bra and panties but Liz seemed to be enjoying running her eyes over the younger woman’s almost naked body.

As Sarah struggled into her new outfit, wishing she could turn her back away from the hungry eyes of her step-mother but not wanting to appear rude, she couldn’t help but look at her father’s wife. Liz had the powerful thighs and calves of an experienced cyclist and her one-piece outfit clung to her body like a second skin. She was curvy in all the right places and, although her breasts were not large, they seemed firm and round, her nipples poking out almost obscenely through the tight material of her suit.

Somehow managing to get her own suit on over her bra and panties, small though they were, Sarah followed her step-mother downstairs and out the front door. Jill and Tony stood there holding their respective bikes, Jill smiling at her mother’s familiar body, Tony glaring at Sarah’s embarrassed face.

They climbed on and very soon she was able to forget about sullen teenagers as she concentrated on keeping pace with her new companion. Sarah was surprised at the sexy little grin her stepmother gave her as she set off and as the older woman began to really pick up speed, she was surprised at how soon she was lagging behind. Pushing herself to catch up she looked up and caught a glimpse of Liz’s full, arse and caught herself staring at her father’s wife in a new light. She found she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the other woman’s broad shoulders which seemed to only accentuate the sensual curves of her broad hips and small waist. When Sarah felt a totally inappropriate stirring deep between her legs she tried to concentrate harder on her bike. Just at that moment Liz turned and smiled again, seemingly unaware that her step-daughter was watching the muscles in her powerful legs flex as she effortlessly propelled the bike up yet another hill.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Liz slowed to a stop and climbed off her bike, urging a slightly breathless Sarah to follow her as she began to enter an almost concealed entrance between some trees. The trail only went for about thirty or forty yards, but plunging deeper and deeper into the trees, it seemed much longer. When Sarah finally pushed through into a clearing she was met by the welcome sight of a large lake that was totally hidden from where they had stopped by the roadside.

Liz had already lowered the zip that ran from her neckline and was thirstily drinking in some refreshing water from the bottle she had brought with her. Her helmet was off and Sarah once again caught herself standing almost opened mouth as she couldn’t help but drink in the sexy body of her step-mother. Liz’s nipples seemed very prominent and, even more shocking, Sarah thought she could see the marked outline of the older woman’s pussy through her tight body suit.

“Let’s swim,” she suddenly announced.

Before Sarah could argue, her father’s wife began to strip. As her step-daughter watched, Liz lowered her zip even further, stopping just below her navel, and pulled her suit back to reveal her firm breasts. Even after giving birth to two children years ago, they still seemed firm and Sarah couldn’t help but notice how the large erect nipples were jutting out of pale pink areola.

“Give me a hand with this, will you? It’s more difficult when you’re sweaty.”

Almost in a trance, Sarah stepped forward and began to help her step-mother to undress. She knew now that İstanbul Escort Liz hadn’t been wearing a bra and if the view between her legs was anything to go by, she didn’t expect to find any panties on her step-mother either. Liz simply sat down on a picnic bench, leaned back on her hands and grinned at her step-daughter in amusement, her eyes seeming to sparkle as the sunlight beat down on them. Seemingly innocently, she placed her legs over Sarah’s shoulders and lifted her bottom off the bench to allow the slightly younger, but incredibly embarrassed woman to pull off her suit.

As Sarah removed Liz’s cycling shoes then began pulling the suit off over her feet, she could feel her heart pounding at the sight of her step-mother’s naked body. Her smile now looking more mischievous than anything else, Liz left her feet on her step-daughter’s shoulders a moment longer than was necessary.

“Your turn,” she said to Sarah as she got up and ran into the lake.

It was only now that Sarah realised her step-mother was expecting her to strip off too, in front of her, here, in the open, and no swimsuit of any description to be had. As Liz splashed around in the water and shouted encouragement, Sarah told herself that it couldn’t do any harm out here, in the middle of nowhere. And the water did look very inviting.

Slowly, she pulled down her own zipper and tugged her suit off her shoulders before her nerve failed her, pulling it all the way down her body and off. As she heard a whistle of appreciation from her step-mother, she turned to face the other woman. Standing there in her underwear, her white bra and panties exposed to the outside air, she wondered if Liz could see how hard her nipples had become under her bra and if she herself was giving Liz her own camel-toe impersonation. Not as naked as the older woman, knowing that Liz was watching her, waiting for her, she somehow felt even more exposed. She really had no choice now but to take everything off. Liz was watching her, a surprisingly hungry look on her face. Reaching behind herself, she unhooked her bra and let the straps slide down her arms, the cups falling easily from her breasts. Tossing it on top of her cycling suit, she decided to go for it. Hooking her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, she knew she was about to expose her most intimate area to her step-mother but, then again, hadn’t the older woman done just that to her moments ago?

Telling herself not to be so prudish, she slid her panties down her toned legs and tried to ignore the tingling building between her legs and wondered exactly how much of her pussy Liz could actually see from where she was now standing, quietly, in the shallows of the lake. Dropping her panties on top of the rest of her clothes, she walked over to the lake, actually enjoying the feel of the warm air as it caressed her now naked body.

Dipping her toe into the water, she suddenly realised how cold it was and wondered if this was such a good idea. But watching her step-mother laugh and yell even more encouragement she suddenly held her breath and ran into the lake before diving headlong and pushing off after Liz.

For a brief moment the younger woman shivered, as her body began to adjust to the temperature of the lake but then she found that she was actually enjoying it. She started to revel in the feeling of the water enveloping every single part of her body. She had swam in the nude before but never with another woman by her side and certainly not with her step-mother. Once or twice she thought she heard a noise from the water’s edge but dismissed this as just her imagination.

Eventually, though, the two women began to get a bit cold and tired and made their way back to the spot where they had both stripped off. Liz was first out of the water and Sarah immediately started to worry when she heard her step-mother’s words. The slightly older woman seemed to be searching around for a minute before she exclaimed, “Oh no. I don’t believe this!”

Their cycling suits had gone as well as Sarah’s underwear; even their shoes had disappeared. They stood there, frantically searching for something that they knew was long gone, stranded, entirely exposed and nervously wondering how they could ever get home while the sun began to get lower and lower by the minute.

Sarah realised that the noises she had heard while she was swimming had been caused by exactly what she had feared: someone had run off with their suits and, she shivered, perhaps they were being watched at that very moment. The thought made her instinctively cover her naked breasts and pussy but she knew that didn’t solve the problem of how they were going to get home. She felt embarrassed, more than a little afraid and was becoming colder and colder as her wet skin shivered by the lakeside.

They searched around for something to cover themselves with; they idea of cycling home nude wasn’t one that either woman wanted to contemplate but they soon realised that was exactly what they were going to have to do. As she climbed on to her bike once more Sarah thought in any other circumstances she might have quite enjoyed feeling her naked pussy sliding up and down on the hard saddle, but it was absolutely humiliating having to do it alongside her father’s wife while they both rode back to her father’s home.

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