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I was lying on my back, a man’s head between my thighs. His tongue was working me over, and over, and over. I was shaking and on the verge but still I couldn’t come. I was desperate, grabbing handfuls of sheets and writhing, bucking against him. A buzzer was going off, it was ringing over and over while I tried to focus. I heard Stan’s voice, “Honey, we already left for the game. We’ll be back late, Have fun!” I woke up from the dream, shaking the sleep from my body and ran for the phone but he had already hung up.

Ah, a Saturday all to myself. This hasn’t happened in, oh, I don’t know, three years? I whipped off my p.j.s and threw on my old purple sundress. It was more of a bathing suit cover-up really. The fabric was so thin that it was best suited for the beach. Now I could clean the house and be totally comfortable. I rubbed my thighs together and felt the remnants of my unfulfilled dream. I would have to take care of that later, I had a lot of stuff to do today.

With the boys gone to a baseball game until later in the evening I could get a lot done and do it my way. Flipping on the radio, I scanned the stations looking for something to get me in the mood to clean. Rod Stewart’s voice cried out, ‘If you think I’m sexy, and you really want me, come on baby let me know!’ I had found my station.

I really hoped Stan would keep the kids out late, or at least until I had finished all of my errands and cleaning. I set to work cleaning out the tub. Straddling the cold white porcelain, I leaned over and worked on the soap scum ring. I slipped a little and gripped the side of the tub with my bare thighs. My breasts swung back and forth as I swirled my arm, removing the grime. I stood up to inspect my work and saw the outline of my moist folds on the otherwise perfectly clean tub. I leaned over and polished it off with my sponge.

Turning to the sink, I glimpsed my refection in the mirror. Not bad for an old mommy. My long brown hair fit nicely with big green eyes. I’m so glad that I stopped bleaching it out. Maturity was leading to new self-confidence. My hips swayed to the next song and I belted out a few rounds of ‘Hit me with your best shot!’ while posing in the mirror. After fulfilling my fantasies of becoming a rock star, I laughed at myself, glad that I was alone.

I scrubbed the bathroom until it shone and followed with the kitchen and the living room. I mopped and scrubbed until the whole house was clean, I even changed all the bed linens and sprayed a little room freshener in the air. By the time I was finished my purple sundress was damp with sweat and soapy suds. I looked at the clock and gasped as I realized that they would be home within a few hours. I needed to get to the grocery store, start on dinner, and take a shower before they returned.

I slipped on my flip-flops and Casibom ran to the garage. I jumped in the car and took off. I thought through my shopping list, chicken, rice, broccoli, and an onion. What else, what else? I should get some soda and maybe a bottle of wine? Nah.

I felt good. I had accomplished a lot today without all the regular interruptions. I thought about my clean house, the clean antiseptic smell in the air, the soft, clean sheets on the bed. Maybe I should get a bottle of wine. Who knows, after the kids are asleep?

I parked and dashed from the car into the grocery store. The cold air conditioning blew up my skirt and I realized that I was still only wearing my sundress. I stood frozen for a few seconds feeling completely naked. I debated going home and ordering a pizza. I shook off the thought and grabbed a cart. This was stupid. I was only picking up a few things and I would be out. No one would even notice my swinging and jiggling under the dress.

I waltzed into the produce section and grabbed some broccoli, shoving it in a bag. Turning around I nearly ran into the produce guy. He put his hands up to help keep me from falling. I straitened my dress and mumbled my apologies then turned to walk away.

“We have a special on bananas today ma’am,” his radio-like velvet voice stroked over my jostled nerves.

“Really,” I turned back to face him, “I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!” I walked towards the piles of onions.

“My pleasure,” he called after me. I looked over my shoulder to smile at him and saw he was checking out my ass! My cheeks redden in a blush as I quickly hurried to grab the onion. He was actually checking me out! I was a little surprised but very flattered that the cute young produce boy was probably fantasizing about me.

I perused the meat counter looking for a package with enough for a family of four. Dissatisfied, I rang the bell for the butcher. A middle-aged man with graying hair stuck his head out of the service window.

“Can I help you?” He seemed distracted and I heard the sounds of a machine going in the background.

“Um, I was hoping you could make up a package of chicken for me?” I smiled hoping that if I were nice, he would be nice.

“Sure, I’ll be right out.” He disappeared into the back and I heard the machine stop. He came through the swinging doors with fresh blood splattered across the front of his otherwise perfectly white outfit. “What’ll it be, thighs, breasts?” He looked down my dress and his attention focused momentarily on my erect nipples. I crossed my arms over my chest and turned to face the meat locker.

“Four breasts will be fine, thank you.”

“Sure thing, be up in a jiffy,” he leaned over taking two of the packages and disappeared into the back again. I stood there rubbing my arms as I shivered Casibom Giriş next to the cold meats. I thought about all of that red meat, how the butcher would run his hands over it selecting the best pieces and rapping them in plastic. I wondered if his hands were hard or soft and started to get a little turned on. Maybe I had smelled too much cleaning fluid today.

He emerged finally, smiling as he handed me the newly packaged breasts of chicken. “Is there anything else I can do for you ma’am? We have a special running on hot Italian sausages.”

“Um, no thanks,” I bolted for the beverage section grabbing a box of rice and a two-liter of soda along the way. Bananas and hot Italian sausages, what was I thinking? I should have just gone home and ordered that pizza. I stood in front of the hundreds of wine bottles and tried to make a good selection despite my growing embarrassment.

“Can I be of some assistance?” I man’s deep voice came from behind. I turned and found the groceries wine sommelier approaching fast. He was very handsome with dark eyes and curly dark hair. I turned back to the wine racks hoping to hide my swinging breasts and erect nipples. He looked in my cart, “A white would be nice, something smooth and subtle? Or perhaps you would like a more robust choice?”

“I don’t know, you pick something,” My cheeks were flaming hot and I felt like a fever was coming on. He reached over my shoulder and pulled a bottle from the shelf placing it in my cart.

“Do you need a screw, I mean a cork screw?” he smiled down at me, “because I have a very excellent one here…”

I turned and walked away before he could finish, this place was crazy! I marched to the checkout lane and took up my place in line. The tabloids always caught my eye and were good for a few laughs while passing the time. Today’s top headlines were celebrities who celebrate nudity, naked sea god attacks party boat, and housewives gone wild, the naked truth. I quickly turned away. The baby in the cart in front of me was eyeing my chest hungrily. I thought about Stan sucking on my breasts while he made me come. I felt a little moisture start to drip down my inner thighs. Come on, come on!

Finally, I made it back to my car. I raced home desperate for that hot, or may be a cold shower. My seat belt rubbed between my breasts and I slipped my hand between my legs. I was wet, really wet. I looked at the dashboard clock. The boys would be home in an hour, then dinner, it would be at least four hours or more until I could mall Stan. I squeezed my thighs shut and tried to put the aching throb out of my mind. I pulled into the garage and slammed the door in frustration.

Once in the kitchen, I threw the chicken on the counter and got a pot out to boil the rice. The radio was still on and I heard, ‘lay lady lay, Casibom Yeni Giriş lay across my big brass bed…’

That was it. The tension was too much. I ran to the bedroom and peeled back my freshly made bed sheets. I smelled the clean linen scent drifting up through the air and shuddered with anticipation.

Where was Hoss? I hadn’t used him in a long time but after today, I needed him. I shuffled through the underwear in my top drawer until I felt his smooth latex ridges. I wrapped my hand around his rubbery shaft, my fingers not even making it most of the way around. I pulled him out and walked purposefully to the bed. I was going to fuck myself silly.

I grabbed the little bottle of lube Stan kept in his side table drawer and flopped down on the bed. I slicked up Hoss and rubbed him along my aching slit. I leaned back on the soft sheets and pushed his round rubber head into my hole. My clit throbbed and begged to be touched. No, not until Hoss was in.

Hoss was huge, bigger than Stan, bigger than most men I think. I pushed him in a little further, spreading my legs so that he could penetrate deeper. I pushed hard and felt the slight burning of being stretched just a little too far. I pulled him back out again and then slowly slid him back in. Ooo, he was so big. I pumped him in and out as my muscles relaxed to accept him. My juices were running down my bottom, making a wet spot on the bed.

My other hand slid across the thin fabric of my sundress massaging my breasts and pinching my hard nipples. Oh, my clit was aching now. I pumped Hoss a little faster. I ran my hand down my belly pulling my sundress up out of the way. I rubbed my throbbing clit making my legs spasm. My stomach muscles twitched violently. It wouldn’t be long but, I wanted to make it last. I slowed down the pumping, moving Hoss slowly in and out of my dripping hole. I rubbed my clit again and flicked it with my fingernail.

Aah! I was too close already! I couldn’t take it any more. Fuck! I rolled over on my belly with my hands pinned between my legs. I pushed Hoss in as deep as he would go and bit down on the sheets. My hips rocked back and forth on my fingers, my fingers scratched at my clit, and the exquisite feeling drove up through my body, exploding over me, shaking me violently while I screamed long and hard into the mouthful of sheet. It welled up in me again and I rocked harder against my fingers until I screamed out again, riding the wave up and over. I slumped against the bed, drawing deep breaths, my fingers still between my legs. Hoss slipped out and fell to the ground with a dull thud. I lay there for a moment reveling in the afterglow.

Finally I got up and stretched, made up the bed and cleaned off Hoss, slipping him back into his hiding spot under my panties. I turned on the shower and once it was hot enough, slipped in and relaxed into the hot stream of water. What a great day. I replayed the events like a movie in my mind, laughing and smiling while I soaped and cleaned my body. Perhaps Stan could help me play out a sequel tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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