Saving Someone She Doesn’t Know Pt. 02

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This is a continuation of the story, “Saving Someone She Doesn’t Know.” I made some changes from what I did before for the second part :). This will be the last chapter of this fiction story. If you liked the first one, you will definitely like the second one.


Recap from “Saving Someone She Doesn’t Know pt.01”:

A hot Korean woman name Gyeong caused a fire in her home due to falling asleep and leaving frozen pizza in the oven for way too long. A brunet name Tabitha witnessed the fire and saves Gyeong from the fire. After Tabitha moves Gyeong into the house, she hangs out with her in the living room to get to know her better. After that, they start to play a video-game. Once Tabitha seduces Gyeong, they start to have lustful sex throughout the whole night and then cuddled and slept.


Now to continue for pt. 02:

Gyeong and Tabitha wakes up and kisses each other good morning. Gyeong was still tired, so she goes back to sleep.

Tabitha gets up to use the bathroom, washes her face and hands, then brushes her teeth.

After that, she goes to the kitchen downstairs to make some breakfast for both her and Gyeong. She was so excited to make breakfast for her. It has been a while since she made breakfast for another person. She started making scrambled eggs with cheese in it, french toast with blueberries, whip cream, and syrup on top, sausage links, and pours orange juice as well.

The smell of breakfast wakes Gyeong up. She stretches, then gets up out of the bed to use the bathroom, wash her hands and face, then brushes her teeth.

Gyeong walks downstairs to the kitchen and sees Tabitha.

Tabitha smiles, walks up to Gyeong, then hugs her and tap kisses her on the lips and says, “Breakfast is ready.”

Gyeong was pleasantly surprised at what she saw on the dinning table and said, “Thank you so much Tabitha!!”

Tabitha replied, “Anytime sweety.”

They started eating breakfast after that at the dining table.

Tabitha asked Gyeong, “So how do you like it here so far?”

Gyeong answered, “I love it here”, and smiles at her and then said, “I want to thank you again for saving me from that fire I had in my house and letting me move in”, and smiles again.

Tabitha said, “No problem and I’m very glad to hear that”, and smiles at her.

Gyeong says, “Last night was really fun. I can’t stop thinking about it”, and giggles.

Tabitha giggles too and responded, “I do aim to please”, and then asked her, “What was your last girlfriend like?”

Gyeong responded, “I never had a girlfriend before or even had sex with a woman before. You’re the first woman I ever had sex with.”

Tabitha looked shocked and responded, “Wow really?!! You sure are good at sexing up a woman and it was an honor to be your first”, and winks at her.

Gyeong blushes and said, “Thank you.”

Tabitha said, “Anytime.”

Tabitha changes the subject and asked Gyeong, “So what do you want to do today?”

Gyeong said, “I would like to go shopping and maybe later on, we can go to my restaurant.”

Tabitha said, “That sounds a lot like fun and I can’t wait to try it out.”

After they finished eating breakfast, Tabitha and Gyeong wash the dishes together. As they are washing dishes, Gyeong smeared foam on Tabitha’s face and laughs out loud. Tabitha does it back to Gyeong and laughs out loud. They then start laughing out loud.

Gyeong starts tickling Tabitha on the stomach and starts laughing.

Tabitha laughs uncontrollably and tells Gyeong, “Stop. That tickles. Make it stop!” and still keeps laughing.

Tabitha then pokes Gyeong’s stomach, hands, and arms over and over and being playful. Gyeong starts laughing even more. Tabitha pendik escort then poked one of Gyeong’s boobs.

Gyeong jumped and smiled, and then said, “Mmmm”, and looks at her seductively.

Tabitha turns off the kitchen sink. She then moves in closer to Gyeong.

She then pulls her in close to her. She then kisses Gyeong.

They then start to make out.

A few minutes after they start making out, Gyeong holds Tabitha’s hand and they walk up the stairs together.

Gyeong then opens the bathroom door.

Tabitha then walks up behind her and grabs her waist. After Tabitha grabs her waist, she kisses her on the cheek and then her neck. Gyeong moans so softly and her body starts to shake due to Tabitha’s seduction. Tabitha then grabs her breast and starts massaging her amazing tits.

Gyeong moans, “Mmmmm… Squeeze them harder.”

Tabitha squeezed them harder and Gyeong starts playing with herself and moans louder. Gyeong then turns around, puts Tabitha on the top of the sink, and starts to kiss her so passionately.

A few minutes later, Tabitha stops her for a second, smiles at her, and then turns on the shower and gets in. Gyeong tags along with her.

After that, they wash each other, rinses each other, and then makes out again in the shower.

Tabitha then bites the bottom of Gyeong’s lips, pulling them forward with her teeth and gives her a seductive look. Tabitha then grabs the shower head handle and sets it to the most intense setting for more pressure. After that, she has the shower head very close to Gyeong’s clit so the water can make Gyeong’s clit feel good.

Gyeong moans, “Mmmmm, joh-ah!! Right there!! Keep it right there!!”

Tabitha keeps it there while uses her other hand to flick on her nipples while kissing and licking on her neck. Tabitha then bites on her neck a little.

Gyeong lets out another moan, “Mmmm yea!!” Gyeong yells, “I’m going to cum!! Ohhh yes!!”

As soon as she was about to cum, Tabitha removes the shower head and tells Gyeong, “Nah ah. Not just yet.”

Tabitha then sucks on her tits, and then glides her tongue to her belly button, and then teases it with her tongue. Tabitha then eats Gyeong’s pussy and flicks her tongue on her clit so fast.

Tabitha then tells Gyeong, “I want you to cum for me.”

Gyeong yells out, “Mmmmm . I’m cuming, I’m cuming!! Ohhhh yyyyeeeessssss!!”

Gyeong came so hard that her whole body was shaking to the point of sitting in the tub.

A few seconds later, Gyeong gets up and both of them gets out the shower to get dress.

Tabitha let’s Gyeong borrow one of her outfits due to losing her clothes from the fire.

They were doing each other’s hair.

Tabitha and Gyeong then heads outside to hang out together.

Tabitha says to Gyeong, “I have to stop by the bank to get some money out if that is okay?”

Gyeong said, “Sure.”

Gyeong also needed to go to the bank as well. Fortunately, she knows her account number by heart. So she goes inside of the bank instead of just to the ATM to fill out a withdraw form so she can still take out money that she wanted to take out.

They go to the mall to buy new clothes.

Tabitha bought 5 blouses, 5 pairs of jeans, 5 high heel shoes, 3 bras, and 5 pairs of underwear.

Gyeong bought 10 blouses, 5 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of high heel shoes, 5 bras, 5 pairs of underwear, and 2 hats.

Shortly after, they went to a sex shop. Gyeong looked so shocked walking inside of the sex shop and then said, “I never been in this type of store before.” Tabitha then brings her over to the section where the dildos and strap-ons are.

Gyeong asked, “What is that strap thing?”

Tabitha maltepe escort replied, “That’s a strap-on. It is used to put a dildo in it and any size you want to use, put the dildo in the hole of the strap-on, put the strap-on around your waist, and fuck the shit out of someone with it. That is what I want you to do to me tonight”, and winks at her.

Gyeong smiles seductively and replies, “That will be my pleasure”, and winks back at her.

Gyeong picks out a purple 7 inch dildo, a strap-on, strawberry flavored lubricant, and furry hand cuffs.

Tabitha smiles and says, “Mmmmm, very kinky” and bites her bottom lip. The thought on what will happen at night made her panties soak and wet with desire.

After shopping, they go to Gyeong’s restaurant. Gyeong could not wait to see Tabitha try out the food.

Gyeong says to Tabitha, “You can order whatever you want. It’s on me.”

Tabitha smiles at Gyeong and says, “Thank you.”

Tabitha orders the BBQ pork with spicy rice cakes on the side while Gyeong orders BBQ beef with Kimchi on the side.

As they are waiting for their order, Tabitha and Gyeong starts to have a conversation.

Tabitha says, “Wow. This place looks lovely!”

Gyeong smiles and replies, “Thank you. It took me a while to pick the design I wanted for the restaurant.”

Tabitha replies, “You have a really great taste”, and smiles. She then asked Gyeong, “How long have you owned this restaurant?”

Gyeong said, “It has been five months now.”

Tabitha replies, “That’s very impressive.”

Gyeong then asked Tabitha, “How long have you worked in the medical field?”

Tabitha answers, “For 3 months and it has been good so far.”

Gyeong replied, “That is very nice to hear.”

They continue to talk with each other about random stuff.

30 minutes later, their food comes.

Tabitha takes a bite of the food she ordered.

Gyeong asked Tabitha, “So how does it taste?”

Tabitha responded, “This is the best food I ever had. I will eat here more often”, and smiles.

Gyeong smiles and said, “I’m glad you enjoy the food.”

They continued to eat.

Gyeong then noticed some left over BBQ sauce on Tabitha’s bottom lip, so she uses her thumb to wipe it off and then sucks it off her thumb seductively. That made Tabitha instantly wet.

After hours of hanging outside the house, they get home by 9pm. They put everything upstairs, then goes back downstairs.

They then settle down on the couch and watch scary movies on Netflix. There was this one scene that scared Tabitha and she yells, “Oh shit!!” and grabs Gyeong tightly. Gyeong felt instantly wet and so did Tabitha. Their skin-ship turned into foreplay very quickly. Their tongue dances around in each other’s mouths. They caress each other’s breast and starts moaning and their pussies start to throb so hard as they were kissing and caressing each other. They tear off each other’s clothes and starts tribbing on each other’s pussies mixing their sweet juices together.

Gyeong moans, “Mmmm, you’re so wet.”

Tabitha moans and responds, “Mmmm, you’re wet too. Your juices feel so good touching my drenched cunt. Mmm yesss!!”

Gyeong starts to grip onto one of Tabitha’s legs to trib on her harder. Tabitha starts doing it harder too.

They both moaned, “Mmmmm, I’m cuming, I’m cuming. Ohhh fuck yessss!!” They both came at the same time.

Tabitha says to Gyeong, “Carry me.”

Gyeong smiles, then picks her up with her arms and carries her upstairs.

Gyeong then takes out the hand cuffs. She then turns Tabitha on all fours and hand cuffs her to the bed.

After that, she pulls out the strap-on, the lubricant, and the kartal escort dildo. Gyeong glimpse at the instructions on how to put on the strap-on. Surprisingly, she got it right the first time. She then uses the lube to get the dildo wet enough.

Soon after, she taps Tabitha’s pussy with that 7 inch dildo repeatedly.

Tabitha moans, “Mmmm, keep smacking my pussy. Ohhh yesss!!”

Gyeong says, “What’s my name? I want you to beg for it some more.”

Tabitha says, “Gyeong, please smack my pussy some more?”

Gyeong says, “No, no, no. What should you call me?”

Tabitha replies, “I want Unni to smack my pussy more so badly.”

Gyeong smacks her pussy with that dildo some more. Tabitha yells out, “Ohhh yessss!! Harder, harder!!”

Gyeong smacks her pussy harder a couple more times. Tabitha is on the edge of another orgasm just by being having her pussy smacked with that dildo..

As soon as Tabitha’s pussy starts to loosen up from being so turned on, Gyeong puts it inside of her and starts stroking her pussy slowly at first.

As Tabitha moans louder and louder, Gyeong fucks her even harder. Gyeong can hear her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she is fucking her so good. She spanks her ass with her hands and then grips onto her ass and spreads her ass cheeks for a full view of her beautiful ass.

Tabitha yells out, “Ohhh yes!! Oh God yess!! Fuck me, fuck me!! I want it deep inside me!!”

Gyeong starts fucking her even harder and then says to Tabitha, “Cum for me baby. I want to hear you scream from ecstasy.”

Tabitha yells, “I’m cuming!! I’m cuming!! Ohhh FUCK!!” Tabitha body trembles so hard after cuming so hard for Gyeong.

Gyeong takes off the strap-on and sucks on the dildo and makes Tabitha suck on the dildo too.

Gyeong says to Tabitha, “I will try something to you that I never thought of trying till now. Tell me if you like it.”

Tabitha replies, “Ok”, and smiles with excitement.

Gyeong then starts to bite her ass cheeks and smacks her ass yet again. Gyeong bites her ass cheeks one last time and then… she starts eating out Tabitha’s ass.

Tabitha responded, “Ohhh wow!! That feels incredible!!”

Gyeong then continues to eat her ass out.

Two minutes later, she licks her fingers, and then starts playing with Tabitha’s pussy from the back and eats her ass at the same time. Tabitha was getting ready to cum again, but even more intensely than ever.

Tabitha yells out, “Ohhh God!! I’m going to cum again!! Ohhh Unni!! Ohhhh Fffffuuuuuck!!”

After that, Gyeong uncuffs her and then asked Tabitha, “Can you do me wearing a strap-on too?”

Tabitha said, “Sure.”

Tabitha puts on the strap-on and uses the same dildo from before. She then lays on her back and tells Gyeong, “I want you to ride on top of it.”

Gyeong then gets on top and starts riding on it.

Gyeong moans, “Mmmm. That feels so fucking good.”

Tabitha starts putting in that work on her pussy while she is still riding it.

Gyeong moans, “Fuck me harder. Mmmm. Harder!!”

Tabitha fucks her even harder.

Gyeong starts rubbing her clit as she is riding it and getting fucked.

Gyeong then screams, “Imma cum!! Ohhh fffuuuck!!”

As soon as Tabitha takes out the dildo, Gyeong squirts all over the bed and her body starts shaking a lot.

After that, Gyeong says, “Wow!! That was intense!!”

Tabitha responded, “Mmmm. It sure was”, and giggles.

They both got up off the bed for a few seconds so Tabitha can change the comforters.

After she changed them, Tabitha takes off the strap-on. They then lay down and face each other and start smiling. They move in closer and start caressing each others hair.

Gyeong said to Tabitha, “You are really amazing. You know that?”

Tabitha responded, “Thank you. So are you.”

They both smiled at each other, cuddled each other, and tapped kissed each other.

After that, they fell asleep.

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