Savitri in Mumbai

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I had started to work in Mumbai (then Bombay ) after earning my degree in mechanical engineering. I had always fantasized during my college days of having a maid cum sex partner to start off the career.

My workplace was in a small manufacturing unit located in MDC, Andheri and I had initially taken up staying as a paying guest in a place referred by one of my colleagues at work. It was a small room on the terrace of an old house, which surprisingly had a large open space around the house, a rarity in Mumbai.

A few days after I had moved in, the landlord and his family had to rush off to their village and informed me that they would be away for a month. They explained some chores and I promised to take care of them. I then spotted the house maid, a buxom woman in her mid twenties, who was hovering in the background. Deepa, the landlord explained, will come daily and clean the place. I nodded, secretly thinking about whether I could seduce her. Little did I know of her plans. That evening, when I came home, a bit earlier than usual, she was sweeping the yard. It was as if she had just taken a bath and had her tied in a loose knot. Deepa, was dusky dark in complexion, of medium height, and as I mentioned before, had a great bosom. I visualised myself suckling those dangling mangoes, with nipple points erect and hard on my tongue. It was not to be. She came by and explained that she had to go away for the night as a relative of hers was unwell and needed her help.

She asked me for some money, promising to pay me back once the house owners returned. I was having a nagging doubt, but did not want to turn away a proposal to get her favour. Uncle did not tell me anything about giving you any money, I said, referring to the older house owner respectfully. I know, she said, sassily, dont you have any money? She straightened up and adjusted her saree, giving me a brief glimpse of her firm and supple body. I will be back in the morning and take care of the work, she added. I took out my wallet and gave her a hundred rupees. She took the note and in the typical habit of indian women, she tucked in in her blouse between her breast and the cloth. I was afforded a glance at the cleavage during this stashing away of the note. She caught my roving eyes, and gave me a smile. Okay, I will be back soon, she said. After she left, I was feeling that she had gotten the better of me.

I took a shower and changed into casual clothes and was mulling over whether the new found freedom was the right time to pick up a girl from juhu or santa cruz and have a romp in the night. I wandered down the main street, found a dance bar, and went in to unwind a bit before starting the hunt. A few girls were swaying to the tune of recent popular songs. None was my type, so I left after a beer and caught a mini cab to santa cruz. I knew of a place where one could go and select a girl or two from a parade, and choose to spend an hour or the night there or take the girl home for the night. I had been there a couple of times before and the chap at the gate of the house, recognised me from the decent tip I had passed him the earlier time. Welcome saab, Charlie bhayya is upstairs. I will inform him about your arrival. I was being given the royal treatment, as if I was a customer of old patronage. The bastards are after my money, I thought to myself, I must be careful not to get gypped. I remembered the caution of my friend, not to select from the first or second parade, but to be patient and wait. I also thought that I should indicate my preference to charlie, so that he could select someone special. Hello sir, said charlie, standing up from his chair, welcome back to our little place. Have a seat, sir. Arrey, chotu, Uşak Escort bring some water and hot towel for Raju bhayya. I was surprised that he recalled my name. Well charlie, what special this evening, I enquired. Sir, what is your choice, he asked. Someone a little on the dusky side, with good figure, I replied. Like the village type, he queried slyly. Yes, I like them that type, I have the right one for you and let out a short sharp whistle.

Instantly a guy sprung out, and Charlie barked out a short burst. Soon, a couple of young women walked in, and charlie’s stooge turned on some bright lights. I winced at charlie, who let out another yelp and three more walked in. There were now five. Two of them had caught my fancy and Charlie noticed my appraisal of their features. Another short bark from charlie, and the three I had not fancied walked out. Yes sir, spoke Charlie to me.

Anyone else I asked. Charlie sighed and waved the two away and looked at me squarely. Sir, if you are serious, I have someone extra special, but it will cost you a little more. Charlie, lets see the goods and then we will decide. By the way what’s the deal if I take both those who just left. Two at one time, sir , asked charlie. Maybe, I replied. Will give you a good deal sir, 1000 rs for each for the night, sir. Lets see your special one, charlie.

Another yelp from charlie, and another door, different from the ones the earlier brigade had come through, opened and in walked a medium height, dark woman with lovely features. She was dressed in a traditional saree, but it was white, and of soft cotton, which showed off her body nicely. She was exquisite. Charlie caught me drinking in her beauty as I motioned for her to sit. I will leave you for a few minutes, you can decide in the meantime, said charlie, closing the door as he left.

She looked up and I instantly felt a longing to spend the night with her. She stood up and looked at me. Her firm breasts showed thru the tightly wrapped saree. She raised her hands and wrapped them around my neck and planted a kiss on my lips. Don’t you like me?, she asked. I do, I whispered. I have never met anyone more beautiful than you. Go on, she said, you probably say that all the time. Charlie entered the room, and she left thru the side door just as suddenly. How do you fancy her, asked charlie. She is nice. But what is it going to cost me. Don’t worry, Raju saab, I will get a good deal for you. Rs 1500 for one hour, he proposed. No, 1500 I take her home with me. Saab, this time you enjoy here, next time she will come with you.

Please understand this time. If you want to spend more time, no problem. I will get the room ready. Charlie left the room and came back and signalled to me to follow him. I walked up a flight of stairs and passed a few rooms, and then he opened one door and asked me to step in. Please enjoy and everything is taken care of, he said. I entered the room to find the dusky beauty seated on the bed. The room was neat and had a fresh feel. She stood up and kissed me once again.

What is your name, I asked. Savitri, she replied. I am Raju, I mentioned, from andhra. Oh, she said, nenu andhra nunche ( I am also from Andhra ). What a surprise, I said. There are quite a few of us from andhra here, mostly from Rajahmundry and vizag. I moved closer to Savitri and whiffed of her natural fragrance. She had worn jasmine flowers in her hair and the lingering scent was helping me to relax. I stretched out on the bed, and closed my eyes. I could sense her getting up from the bed and then with a click she had turned the light off. In the darkness, I could her her move to the bathroom and heard sounds of water. In a few minutes, Uşak Escort Bayan the bathroom door clicked shut and I felt her warm body snuggle in to me. I could feel her skin, I thought she had stripped down in the bathroom.

She fingered my shirt buttons and slowly unbuttonned my shirt. She rolled me over and took the shirt off. She placed the shirt on the table next to the bed. Next I felt her hands move towards my trousers and she unbuttoned the flap and zippered me down. Her musky odour has me already hardened and the feel of her soft hands over my briefs almost made me come right there. She peeled off my trousers and then clasped me in a tight embrace when I realised that she still had her bra and petticoat still on. Getting used to the darkness, with some faint streetlight coming thru the curtains, I could make out her sexy silhouette and reached out to hold her close. She came into my arms and we lay there for a few minutes, enjoying the moments. I cuddled down to her breasts and reached for the clasp of her bra behind. I snapped it off and she wriggled out of the garment and nuzzled her breasts against my chest.

I slowly moved my faced down and explored the tips of the breasts with my tongue. Slow licks over the tops had her in slow moans. I moved the tongue into the valley between her mounds and went in a line from her neck to navel and back up. She was writhing and letting out short gasps at either end of my exploratory path between throat and tummy. My little fellow was hard as iron with the body scents released from her womanhood. I pulled down her panties and ran my finger up and down her vital line.

She had short muff, a just a of week’s old. She let out a long gasp and shuddered as I searched for her amongst her lower lips. Between thumb and fingers, I had her spread out her thighs and thrust herself forward into my grasping hand. My other hand was beneath her neck as we speared our mouths with each others tongues. Her hair covered our faces as she held her palm around my little one, and started a slow massage. I wanted her to lick me around and get me ready.

I whispered into her ears that I desired a slow suck. She kissed me on my lips and started the jorney from my neck to my chest. Lingering there for a few minutes, while her two hands alternated between my marbles and pole, she moved dowm and sucked my navel for some time. She was now on her knees, while I lay on the bed on my back.i felt a powerful surging, and held her head for a while, while the feeling passed. I did not want to come as yet. She continued to kiss my stomach and with a probing lick downwards she turned around and had her pussy over my head. I could smell the tangy whiff of her juices and felt her tongue clasp my member at the head. I shivered and parted her cunt and probed her clit with my tongue.

She soon had the top in her mouth and was sucking as if on a candy stick. She tickled the base of the shaft with her fingers, while I gently massaged her breasts with my hand. We turned around to face each other and she moved her hair to the side and gave me a lovely smile. Soon we embraced each other and she straddled over me and inserted my hard member into her very moist canal. Slowly rising and lowering herself she then lay over me and moved her hips in a back and forth manner much like a man taking posession. With her in a dominant role it was an exclusively erotic experience. She was making low grunts and thrusting herself harder and harder. Im going so soon be done darling, slow down. No I am also there, let’s go. No let me sit up we will finish up sitting. Okay, she said, placing her arms around my neck and I lifted myself into a seating position. A Escort Uşak few more rapid jabs and I shot myself out as she let out a long wail of ecstasy and clawed my back with her nails and kissed my face all over.

We lay flat in each others arms, exhausted for the moment stay the night, and go in the morning, she whispered. With the lovely one, next on me, I was sorely tempted. But having a working day ahead of me, I kissed her and said that I would be back or take her home tonite. No, don’t go now Raju, I will be leaving in the morning, back to Kakinada, she said. I lay on my back, thinking whether I could apply for a sick leave for the morning, and perhaps take the evening shift extra to make up to my boss. I turned to look at her face and said I could stay another hour max. She replied that she would want to to be the best hour of our lives.

What would you do? Shhh, don’t speak, and she, Savitri, started kissing me from the face downwards. First the forhead, then the eyes, then the nose, on the lips, on the chin, down to the neck, where she place them in an arc like a necklace, on my nipples. With the delicate touches of the lips, her hands were soon on my now semi erect manhood, slowly stirring back after the initial parry. Each passing moment, was getting me thoroughly aroused and I could make out that she was too.

The crushed jasmine buds on the bed, blended with the sweet smell of her natural body, added to the pleasure. Now completely ready, I lay over her and entered her in the age old style of man and woman. Raju, she whispered, take me, take me in deep, thrust it in harder, oh Raju, please hold me tight and give it to me. Yes Savitri, it is all yours. Her inner muscles contracted, and expanded, squeezing me in her. It was the greatest of pleasure I had ever experienced. I continued, deeper, as she moaned, slowly at first, uuuh, Raju, slowly getting louder, Raju, Raaaaju, oooooo, Raaaaaaju, we were bucking up and down, her our bodies sweating, and the breeze from the window, giving a cooling, soothing sense, we were in it fully, and I felt her arch backwards, and guessed that she was close to her climax.

Moving my hips with more force, I could feel my full manhood, enjoying every bit of the touch with her juicy and enveloping womanhood. With one final scream from her, I gasped as I released what felt to be an unending flow into her. Savouring the warmth of the release, we clung to each other, kissing one another, and I slowly wafted into sleep. When I woke up after an hour, she was gone. After a quick wash, I dressed and came out to find Charlie sitting and watching tv. Hope you were happy, Raju bhaiyya. Yes, I was, and handed over the amount to him. Let me know when you would like to come next, and call me before you do so, so that I could get you the best. Thanks, charlie, I said, got into a mini cab and reached home around 3:30 and crashed into bed, dreaming of Savitri.

I was lying with my head in her lap, and she was rocking me gently, and opened my eyes to see, Deepa, shaking me, saying, get up, it is 8:30 already, I was wondering what was keeping you upstairs. She had brought me a cup of tea, and I noticed that she had just come back. I remembered that I had wanted to take a half day leave, and walked down the stairs to call my boss, that I would be late since I got sick. The watchman at the factory explained that due to an unscheduled power cut, there would be no work at the factory for two days and all workers were asked to go home.

I called my boss at his home, to find out that he was not available and left a message that I had called. It would be a better idea to show up at the factory, I thought to myself, mark my attendance and get back, so that I wouldn’t need to take the sick leave, saving it for another day. No work today and tomorrow, meant that I now had enough time to seduce Deepa and indulge in my fantasies of sex with my lovely though rustic maid servant. That is my next story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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