Scarlet Troopers

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Let me set the scene for you. My name is Emma I am a Captain in the Scarlet Troopers a group of highly trained female mounted soldiers protecting the honour of our leader Priestess Anastasia.

I have a squad of 30 Troopers in my charge. We live in a peaceful but largely lawless society our enemies are the Amazonian Warriors a group of strong and powerful women who have no morals and are led by their Warrior Queen Skye a leader who hates all Scarlet Troopers and our Priestess.

Our society has evolved over the generations gone are the days of brutal battles between Troopers and Amazonian’s, nowadays we Troopers try to maintain order but we are constantly hampered by the interference of the Amazonian’s who use the carnal arts to subject some of us to sexual humiliation. Everyone is female the male gene was bred out centuries ago and now only girls are born using genetics. Sex is now used for extreme pleasure, exploitation and to humiliate, we live therefore in a lesbian society which has a huge gulf in terms of poverty and wealth.

The majority of the population live in poverty making a living as best they can, often selling themselves as sex toys to the wealthy. All Captain Troopers pay the poor to have sex with our soldiers but only when the Trooper has performed her duties to the highest possible standard, this does not sit well with the Amazonian’s who recruit young girls from poorer families and despise us for using them for sex.

As a Captain if I want sexual pleasure I choose my favourite Trooper and allow her to satisfy me, it’s not always the same girl and if I don’t cum at least twice the Trooper is forced to stand naked in our fortress tied spread eagled to a wooden cross of shame so others learn from her mistake, cruel yes but it maintains order amongst our soldiers and is a practice that has been used for years, I myself was subjected to that shame once, but only once.

We are proud to be Scarlet Troopers, we join when we are 16 and it is viewed as a lifelong pledge to our Priestess I am now 25 years old and progressed through the ranks quickly to become a Captain. All Scarlet Troopers wear a uniform to distinguish us from the rest of society it consists of a skintight red lycra catsuit, black thigh length boots and black cropped riding jackets that finish above the waist, all Troopers have a belt around their waist from which hangs our only weapon a baton which we use mostly as a deterrent I’ve never hit anyone with it but brandish it in someone’s face that’s being aggressive and they soon back off.

In our culture the female form is revered so we deliberately wear skintight suits that accentuate our assets showing our enemies we are proud women who have no fear in wearing revealing uniforms, some people respect us for that, but of course not all and especially the Amazonian’s who see us as worthless fuck toys. As a Captain I am distinguished from a normal Trooper by wearing a red riding helmet the rest of the girls wear black, unfortunately this does make me a target when we are on patrol but more of that later.

As I mentioned earlier our society is split into the poor and the rich. The landowners are extremely wealthy women who often have scores of servants in their households doing everything for them from cooking and cleaning to working the land and as prostitutes, it is not uncommon for a wealthy woman to have an entire village of young women as her harem.

A majority of the wealthy are also interested in our uniforms and pay good money to anyone who isn’t a Trooper to obtain one by any means, all of the wealthy women view Troopers as worthless eye candy and show us no respect this is shown by how many of our used uniforms a woman can collect, we are powerless to do anything about this as they believe they are above the law and use the Amazonian’s against us for their own gain.

There are stories of squads of Scarlet Troopers being ambushed by Amazonian’s, overpowered and stripped naked, their uniforms then sold to the highest bidder. In a twist to the fetish that these wealthy women have for our clothing they will pay more for an officers uniform and they will pay a premium if the Trooper of any rank has cum in her catsuit.

This again has led to tales of Troopers being subjected to sexual humiliation through the stretchy lycra to force them to cum in their tight uniforms the more stained the catsuit is the more the wealthy women will pay for it.

The Amazonian’s are ruthless and don’t care how much pain they inflict on us Anadolu Yakası Escort Troopers to make us orgasm, one poor unfortunate girl told the woeful tale of how she was pinned to the muddy forest floor and then had to endure a dirty Amazonian bitch trying to fist fuck her through her catsuit, the young Trooper reported that the stinking Warrior managed to get four fingers inside her without ripping the lycra, the girl did have a huge squirting orgasm, much to the delight of her enemy, but the Trooper certainly didn’t enjoy it, to top it all she was out of action for a few weeks as she was unable to sit in her saddle and ride out with her squad.

The wealthy women will pay anyone other than a Trooper for a uniform, Amazonian’s, the impoverished villagers or even the girl students at the local convent school. The school is run by a very strict order of Nuns who don’t suffer fools and rule by harsh discipline and tough penalties for girls who break the rules, spankings are common and very badly behaved girls are paraded naked through the villages so that they can be mocked and the villagers are encouraged to touch them sexually to humiliate and degrade them.

The girls are the daughters of the wealthy and attend the convent from the age of 16 until they are 18, the Nuns are the only group the wealthy women will obey sadly for us the Nuns don’t recognise the authority of the Scarlet Troopers so once again we are pilloried and hampered in our attempts to maintain order.

These girls will be paid good money for a Scarlet Troopers uniform and they don’t care how they get it, there is a well known story of two Troopers who were on mounted patrol near the convent when they were approached by two young girls probably 18 years old. They were in their school uniforms, short grey skirts, black tights, white blouses and black shoes.

The two Troopers were both experienced soldiers one was 35 the other 42. The girls asked the Troopers about joining up, that in itself should have set the Troopers on edge as wealthy women would never allow their daughters to become pathetic soldiers, but the Troopers suspected nothing and relaxed into the conversation.

Being young girls the talk soon turned to the uniform, one girl asking if it was compulsory the other asking if the uniform was comfortable to wear, the answer to both questions is yes, in fact the catsuit becomes like a second skin and you don’t realise you are wearing it after a while. The catsuits can also make the Troopers become very sexually aroused especially after a few hot hours in the saddle, I can vouch for that after long patrols on horseback I’ve had to get back to my quarters and either masturbate or call for one of my girl soldiers to fuck me and make me orgasm.

But I digress, the behaviour of the two experienced soldiers was probably down to them being extremely horny! The two Troopers dismounted and apparently the girls commented on the soldiers camel toes, sweaty horse rides push the seams of our suits deep into our cunts and sometimes it’s easy to forget to pull it out.

Then the conversation turned sexual, the girls wanting to know about life in the fortress, was it ok to have sex with another Trooper in the fortress? What sort of sex took place there? Our two soldiers who had been in their skintight suits for several hours were hot and very aroused and asked if the girls wanted to pleasure them, the Troopers promised money and gifts in return for sexual favours.

The girls led the Troopers to a secluded spot and began rubbing their moist cunts through the tight lycra suits, the girls kissed and fondled the oversexed Troopers until they both had squirting orgasms, but the young girls didn’t stop there. They then slowly stripped the soldiers promising them both oral sex telling them they would lick and suck their throbbing clits, of course the Troopers let the girls strip them, they were young innocent girls what harm could they do?

The answer is plenty, outside the strict confines of the convent school some of these girls are totally out of control and are capable of anything. The girls removed the Troopers long boots, jackets, riding helmets and finally their cum stained catsuits, the soldiers watched as both girls carefully folded the uniforms and then without warning the two girls administered stinging kicks to the Troopers naked vaginas making them double up in pain and shock, one Trooper even reported the tip of the girls shoe went into her wet cunt.

With that Avrupa Yakası Escort the girls fled into the forest taking the Troopers uniforms with them leaving the Troopers naked and forced to ride back to our fortress and face the wrath of their Commanding Officer for being so stupid.

Both soldiers were instantly punished by being forced to ride the wooden rail, a thick wooden post set three feet off the ground and at an angle so that the edge of the rail digs into the victims naked vagina, once they were straddling the sharp splintered rail their hands were bound behind their backs, depending on how tall the Trooper was determined how far into her cunt the rail went, some tried to stand on tiptoe to ease the pain but it often made no difference, the helpless Troopers were then left there for one hour.

After that they were released but then straight away they were back into their spare uniforms and back out on mounted patrol for at least two hours, they were not allowed to alleviate any ill effects from the rail so many girls had to ride with splintered and red raw cunts constantly rubbing on the saddle, if they tried to stand in their stirrups they would be ordered back down, we call it polishing the saddle, when a Troopers catsuit clad cunt is in constant contact with the leather.

So to my tale of depravation and humiliation, one Summers morning I led a group of six Troopers out on mounted patrol we were heading into the forest on a routine scouting mission there were rumours a new Amazonian camp had been built 10 miles from our fortress, this was a concern to us so I took a small troupe out to investigate.

Most of my Troopers were mature soldiers but I had one raw recruit out for her first patrol. She was called Linzi and was 18 years old she had been with us for nearly two years and had undergone strenuous training under my guidance, she was keen and eager to please, I had used her several times for my own sexual gratification and as she was a good girl she had never been tied to the cross of shame.

We’d been riding for a few hours it was hot and Trooper Linzi was complaining of saddle soreness, the other Troopers of course couldn’t resist teasing her one saying, when we get back I’ll make you really saddle sore with my 12 inch strap on, the other Troopers laughed the mood was good until suddenly it all changed…..

I was in front the others riding single file behind me I heard shocked screams and turned round to see two of my Troopers had been pulled from their mounts by Amazonian’s they had been camouflaged in the undergrowth and leapt out as the two Troopers at the rear of the group went passed.

Amazonian’s are incredibly strong and pulling a Scarlet Trooper out of her saddle is something they are known for, each Trooper was pinned to the ground desperately struggling to get free, but before we could help four more Amazonian warriors came from nowhere and attacked, Trooper Linzi screamed as she was wrenched from her mount and thrown to the ground, the other Troopers tried valiantly to stay in their saddles but were soon unseated by their assailants, my attacker a huge muscle bound brunette haired sweaty woman probably my age put her arm between my left leg and my saddle lifted my booted foot out of its stirrup and threw me off my horse.

I landed heavily and was dazed I could hear my Troopers fighting the Amazonian bitches but I was overpowered my assailant was wearing a typical warriors dress short leather skirt, leather bra and leather boots Amazonian warriors like us Scarlet Troopers never wear anything underneath their uniforms, as she wrestled me she straddled my face the stench from her cunt was unbelievable I tried to bite her vagina lips but she was too strong for me, she punched me hard in the vagina several times I writhed in agony as she lowered her cunt onto my face smothering me in her wet minge, I couldn’t breathe and with the pain from my cunt I passed out.

When I awoke I could hear moans from my Troopers they had all been defeated by the Amazonian’s but there was a more pressing problem, I was naked and I was tied up but I was also aware of something inside me. It was my baton, my means of self defence had been forced into my vagina, the batons are 16 inches long and 3 inches thick made of hard rubber, I managed to look between my legs and I could see about 6 inches of the baton sticking out of my throbbing cunt.

My hands were tied behind my back and my ankles were tied together as hard as İstanbul Escort I tried I couldn’t get free and I couldn’t force my baton out of me. I called to the others to see if they were in the same position, they were all tied up with their batons forced deep into their cunts but there was one exception.I could hear Trooper Linzi crying in distress, I assured her it would be ok, but deep down I knew we were in trouble, then one of the other Troopers who was nearer to Trooper Linzi shouted over to me, “Captain Emma, Trooper Linzi’s baton is up her arsehole!”

This was typical of the Amazonian’s disrespect for us they had targeted the youngest in our troupe and singled her out for special treatment. Not only that I then realised something else of my own predicament, as I tried to move onto my back I had a sudden sharp pain inside my arse it made me scream in pain and roll onto my side. Another Trooper said “Captain Emma your riding crop has been inserted in your arse” as the Captain I too had been victimised with both my holes filled with make shift dildos.

As my hands were tied behind my back I tried to reach down but I couldn’t reach the crop protruding from my anus. “Trooper how far into my arse is my riding crop?” The Trooper replied “I would say about 8 inches ma’am.” This severely restricted my movement, what were we going to do? I had no idea and I knew we only had a couple of hours of daylight left.

Then I heard voices, girly giggling voices I looked up and two convent school girls entered the clearing we were stranded in. They stopped dead in their tracks clearly shocked by what they saw, six tied and naked women lying on the forest floor. They started laughing and walked over to us, “what are you all doing here like this?” the one girl asked, “We’re Scarlet Troopers” I replied “can you untie me?” “why should we?” The girl retorted” Because we’re Scarlet Troopers” I repeated “now please untie me.”

“What do we get in return?” the young girls asked I promised them money if they freed us, they pointed out we were all naked so where was the money kept? I said I had a purse of money in my saddle. The one girl knelt beside me and looked me up and down, the other girl turned her attention to Trooper Linzi. Suddenly the girl noticed the baton buried in my cunt she took hold of it in her hand and began to pull it out, I winced slightly my vagina was slightly dry by this point and I thought thank god she’s going to help us.

But no, she pulled the baton out until just an inch was still in me then she forced it deep inside me again, “You fucking little bitch” I screamed at her, she was fucking me with my rubber baton, then she took hold of the riding crop and fucked my arsehole with it, at first I screamed in pain but then strangely I started to enjoy it the long even strokes of both baton and crop stimulating me like I never thought possible.

My cunt got wetter and wetter I could feel my juices running down to my anus which then lubricated the riding crop which was being inserted deeper into my tight hole, all of a sudden I had the most intense orgasm squirting juice onto the young girls tights, I could hear Trooper Linzi moaning and screaming “Oh fuck I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum” then she too released her juice over the girls tights. The girl left me tied and slowly worked her way around the other Scarlet Troopers and with the help of her friend made all my helpless soldiers cum.

Eventually all I could hear were moans of ecstasy from my Troopers, the girl stood over me I could see right up her short skirt and glimpsed her tight young cunt through her sheer black tights she was wet and trembling with excitement. “If I untie you will you fuck me with your baton?” I agreed but in a cruel twist she added “No chance of that you worthless piece of shit, it was my Mother that bought all your cum stained uniforms from the Amazonian’s she even gave me a couple of them as trophies one for me and one for my girlfriend in fact, I think one of them is yours”

“If you’re the Captain of this pathetic bunch of Trooper sluts, I intend to take my girlfriend home now we are going to put your uniforms on including the boots, jackets and helmets to see how sexy we look, I hope your cum hasn’t dried in the catsuit yet, I want my cunt juice to mix with yours, oh yes we are going to have sex in your uniforms and we are both heavy squirters. I bet you’d like to see me fuck my girlfriend while I wear your uniform and she wears a uniform that one of your slag soldiers was wearing only about an hour ago? Well tough as far as I’m concerned you can all rot here!”

And with that she and her girlfriend left leaving us all tied up with our batons up our cunts and me with a riding crop deep inside my anus.”Please!” I begged “You can’t leave us here……………

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