School Days

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Erin threw her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes. She concentrated entirely on the sensation of the mouth on her breast. She felt lips on her skin, a tongue on her nipple and teeth gently nipping at her. Moisture built up around her nipple and warm air from the mouth fought against the cool air of the room.

Each time the tongue hit her skin Erin felt a twinge in her pussy. Tender fingers caressing the bottom and sides of her breast increased her desire even more. She arched her back, forcing more of her breast into the mouth.

Erin felt lips moving to her other breast and the sensations began all over again. She felt the body above her pressing down. Their legs intertwined. Skin rubbed against skin.

She felt a tongue sliding across her stomach. Fingers moved down both sides of her rib cage until resting on her hips. The tongue stopped just to the side of her clit, teasing her with long strokes.

Erin squirmed, anxious for the tongue and lips to embrace her clit but wishing she could extend her pleasure forever. She spread her legs. The tongue moved lower until it could lick the lips surrounding her pussy.

Erin raised her hips off the bed. She felt nothing for an agonizing few seconds, then hair lightly encircled her clit just before the tongue touched her. Prior to today, she had never felt anything like this before. Now she never wanted it to end.

Erin moaned and clutched at the sheets with both fists. She pulled at the linen as the tongue began to lick her clit over and over. With long, even strokes the tongue moved up; then she felt nothing; then up again.

When she thought it couldn’t get any better, lips wrapped around her clit and sucked on it. Erin lifted her legs and draped them over the back of the person eating her pussy.

Just as she was about to cum, Erin felt the tongue stab at the entrance to her cunt. Seconds later, it was buried deep inside her. Erin pushed up against the mouth on her pussy. She felt hands on her ass.

Finally, she had to cum.

“Oh, God, Courtney. Yes. Yesssss.”


Erin and Courtney

Everybody has their favorite time of year. For some, it’s Christmas. Or Thanksgiving. Or Easter.

Erin Mills loves the last week in August. That’s when school starts. That means her two young children are out of her hair, out of the house and out of sight.

It means peace and quiet.

Erin, 31, loves her kids. This year she has a third grader and a first grader. She’ll walk two blocks to the bus stop and meet them when they get off school. She’ll play with them the rest of the day. And feed them. And get them ready for bed.

But from the time the kids leave the house in the morning until they return, the day is hers. Finally. After the endless summer, the day is hers.

Erin is an exceptionally attractive woman with perfectly styled dark blonde hair. Being married to a corporate executive almost fifteen years older than her has provided the wealth necessary to exempt her from working. That, in turn, provides her with the time necessary to work out and keep her perfect body in shape.

All in all, Erin has it pretty good.

Courtney Taylor lives one block away from Erin. She has a second grader who rides the same bus as the Mills kids. Courtney first met Erin last year at the bus stop. They talk while at the stop, but rarely see each other any other time.

Courtney is 34, rather small, and the type of woman who you might not look at twice. But, at the same time, people come away from her thinking, “What is it about her that makes her so striking?” When they see her again they realize it’s her remarkable grey eyes. In contrast to Courtney’s conservative brunette hair and outfits, her eyes tend to penetrate and captivate.

Courtney, widowed when her Marine husband was killed in the Middle East, is between jobs. She admits to still being a little depressed over the loss of the only man she’d known since high school. So her conversations with the exuberant Erin have always made her feel better, at least for the short time they talk. This year Courtney decided to try to build on the friendship.

Little did Courtney know that Erin was perhaps more in need of someone than even herself.


The Invitation

It was during the second week of school that Courtney talked to Erin at the bus stop and invited her over the next day for lunch. Erin’s initial thought was to think of an excuse not to have to go. She wasn’t the type of woman who liked unscheduled appointments to pop up. But, she found herself agreeing, not knowing exactly why she did it.

Courtney was probably a little more anxious over the lunch “date” than Erin, mainly because she had always known she lived in the least expensive and spacious of the very expensive homes in the neighborhood. She liked her house, but figured it would seem like a cottage to Erin.

So she spent considerable time the next morning cleaning her cottage. If she was lucky, she thought, otele gelen escort they’d only be in two rooms at the most anyway.

Erin, for her part, was more anxious about her ability to keep an interesting conversation going with her friend. Despite being the more energetic of the two, Erin found their chats at the bus stop starting to wind down after about ten minutes. She figured if nothing else they had kids to talk about.

Both of them dressed comfortably as it was a warm day—shorts and short sleeve shirts. Erin wore a standard t-shirt while Courtney went with a sleeveless blouse. If Erin spent more than a few seconds in front of a mirror…which she always did…it would be longer than Courtney.

A few minutes past noon Erin made the short walk to Courtney’s house.


Lunch at Courtney’s

Courtney graciously welcomed the other woman and led her down the center hallway of the house to her kitchen. Along the way, Erin commented sincerely on the openness and brightness of the house. Yes, it was considerably smaller than her own, but it certainly wasn’t a dump.

They sat in the eating area of the big kitchen and talked while Courtney prepared the lunch. Before long both women felt much more comfortable and the discussion became more relaxed. It started out, as Erin expected, centered around their kids. But as Courtney put out the food and they began to eat, many different topics were discussed.

When they finished eating and moved into the family room, Erin noticed pictures of a man in uniform she assumed was Courtney’s husband. She hesitantly asked about it and was surprised to find how open Courtney was about discussing the man and his death.

Erin admired the other woman’s strength, but sensed a considerable pain deep inside her: not over the manner in which her husband died but in the loneliness created by the death.

In spite of being a few years younger—in fact, neither of the women knew the exact age of the other, but both sensed Courtney was older—Erin began to feel protective of her friend, as an older sister would protect a younger one. This sentiment grew during the two-plus hours they were together.

Courtney, on the other hand, had a harder time pinning down what she believed was a partially hidden sadness, or emptiness, in Erin. The only thing that was said that seemed to give any indication at all was a veiled reference to the fact Erin’s husband was gone more than he was home. Courtney wondered to herself why any man would want to spend ANY time away from this gorgeous female.

As time neared for their kids to get home, they decided to walk to the bus stop together. They parted after the kids arrived with Erin promising to call Courtney so they could meet again at her house. Courtney was glad to hear Erin would even consider it, but wondered if it would ever happen.

Both women thought often about the lunch and conversation during the next day and a half. Separately, they determined they wanted the friendship to develop for amazingly similar reasons.


Lunch at Erin’s

It was two days after the first lunch that Erin called her friend and invited her over for lunch the following day. Courtney eagerly accepted. She was even more pleased when Erin suggested she bring a bathing suit so they could cool off in the Mills’ hot tub and pool. It was hot enough that Courtney set aside the insecurity she had over her body, especially next to Erin’s.

Courtney ended up wearing the suit under her clothes. It was a brightly patterned two piece suit, the top of which was plainly visible under her white shirt. She figured the pattern would somehow hide the fact her breasts were average and hips were too full…or so she thought. The reality was that Courtney was one of those unusual cases where she looked better the less she wore. Her curves were subtle and showed up best in underwear or bathing suits…or naked.

The women ate and talked leisurely, slowly drinking wine and eventually taking a tour of Erin’s house. It was, in fact, even better than Courtney had imagined. She speculated to herself whether two kids actually lived in the beautiful home. Every room was spotless and immaculately furnished.

When they arrived at the patio/pool/hot tub area, Erin suggested she change into her suit so they could swim. Courtney agreed to take the wine out to the pool and wait for her there.

It didn’t surprise Courtney in the least that Erin looked stunning in her bikini. Her full breasts heaved against her top, spilling out to form an inviting cleavage. The bottom of the suit clung tightly to her flawless hips.

“Wow,” Courtney exclaimed. “You look great. You’ve obviously been out more this summer than me.”

“Well, come on. Get down to your suit so we can work on your tan,” Erin said with a smile.

Courtney took off her shirt and shorts and received obligatory compliments from Erin. She didn’t take them seriously, but they sounded sincere.

Erin rus escort effortlessly dove into the pool and urged Courtney to join her. Once in the water, they both swam a couple laps, Courtney proving to be the stronger swimmer of the two. She admitted to having been on her high school swimming team, but never took it any more seriously than that.

Perhaps because of the wine or the heat, or both, they tired rapidly and agreed to sit for a while by the pool. The entire back yard of the house was isolated from view of any neighbors, from what Courtney could tell. Nothing but woods surrounded the patio and pool on three sides.

Thus, it didn’t come as a total shock when Erin suggested a few moments later that they go topless. Still, Courtney was a little shy.

“C,mon. How many opportunities do you have to get a full tan like this?” Erin asked.

Courtney answered “Never” and caught herself staring at Erin’s youthful body, thinking about it briefly without a top. Then she thought of her own pathetic form and seriously considered rejecting the offer.

But while she thought, Erin acted–slowly removing her top and laying it at the side of her lounge chair. Her breasts were even more magnificent than Courtney imagined them to be. Erin’s nipples barely stood out from the bronze skin surrounding them, but blended in with the breasts’ ideal size and shape.

Now she couldn’t refuse and Courtney, too, took off her top. Her breasts were not shameful in any regard, but were clearly a size smaller than Erin’s. Courtney grinned as she leaned back in her chair, commenting on the wonderful warmth of the sun.

They were silent for a moment before starting another exchange of chatter. It wasn’t all that long before Courtney was able to look at her friend without a sense of voyeurism. Likewise, Erin was quick to appreciate the natural beauty of Courtney’s somewhat pale body.

The wine flowed freely in the heat of the early afternoon. Perhaps Courtney needed it as a tranquilizer. If so, it was working.


The Hot Tub

After spending a short time tanning their backs (much to the delight of Courtney), the women—and wine—moved over to the hot tub. Erin invited her guest to climb in first, watching as Courtney gingerly stepped into the bubbling water. The host quickly followed, finding a seat close to Courtney in the four-person tub. Their legs touched as they settled in place and water churned up to their necks.

“This is so nice,” Courtney sighed. “I’d be using this every day.”

“I do most days. It’s nice not being alone this time.” Erin spoke as though she was going to continue, but cut herself off.

Courtney noticed the abrupt end and looked at Erin. For the first time during the day, the woman’s unhappiness was clearly evident.

“Then I’m glad you invited me over,” Courtney said.

“Me, too.”

Erin looked at the water. “Do you ever get lonely, Courtney?”

“All the time,” Courtney replied. “But I’ve got Jill.”

Erin smiled. “I would die without my kids. But I need a grown-up, too.”

It was too obvious and awkward for Courtney to ask about Erin’s husband. She felt she didn’t want to go there this early in their friendship. But Erin was about to go much farther, much faster.

Erin stretched her leg until making contact with Courtney’s again. Then touched the other woman’s arm by her wrist under the water.

“Courtney, I really appreciate you coming over today.”

“Thanks for inviting me,” Courtney said with a nervous smile. “This is great.”

Erin moved her hand up Courtney’s arm, onto the shoulder of the reclining woman next to her. Erin leaned over and quickly…fearlessly…lightly kissed Courtney on the lips.

To both women’s surprise, Courtney accepted the kiss and lingered on Erin’s lips, faintly touching them with her tongue. Erin reciprocated by opening her mouth and touching Courtney’s tongue with her own. Erin felt her breast contact Courtney’s skin.

Erin backed off a little bit and let her hand slide onto Courtney’s chest. An inch or two under the water line she touched the side of Courtney’s breast. They were looking at each other, Erin enthralled by Courtney’s spectacular eyes in the bright sun. She cupped the other woman’s breast in her hand.

Courtney wanted to say “No.” But the moment Erin’s fingers closed over her nipple and began squeezing, she knew she couldn’t. When Erin heard her moan, she lowered her head and kissed Courtney again.

This time it was a passionate kiss that lasted many, many seconds. Erin gripped Courtney’s breast more firmly and pressed it down onto the woman’s body, kneading it forcefully. Courtney squirmed under the water.

That’s when Erin decided she couldn’t resist. She put her hand under Courtney’s back and raised her enough that the breast was above water. Then she moved down and flicked her tongue across the warm, wet nipple. Instantly she felt it harden. When she closed her lips around it and sıhhiye escort ran her tongue back and forth, it grew considerably.

“Ohhh, Erin. God. No.”

Erin ignored the pleas of her friend, realizing at the same time that Courtney was making no effort to get away. Erin held her tighter by pulling up from below and forcing her mouth harder onto the breast. Water splashed against Erin’s face and over Courtney’s chest. Erin repeatedly licked water off each breast until both bright pink nipples stuck out.

Erin moved between Courtney’s legs and placed her own nipples on those of the woman below her. She pressed down and they kissed. Their bodies wanted to slide off each other, but Courtney held Erin in place while they kissed excitedly in the swirling water.

Both women loved the feel of the other, and they both had momentary thoughts of what it would feel like to be totally naked. This caused a mutual grinding of their pussies into each other and more moaning.

“Courtney, you are so beautiful.”

Erin’s soft words caught Courtney totally by surprise and flushed her with excitement. These were words she rarely heard at home and certainly not in the heat of lovemaking, such as was occurring now.

“You are, too, Erin,” was all Courtney could think to say. She held her friend more tightly. And she felt the body moving up.

She opened her eyes to the sight of Erin’s luscious breasts over her face. She had never wanted a woman before, now she wanted nothing more than one of those breasts in her mouth.

Courtney reached up and guided Erin’s breast to her lips. She licked the nipple as if not wanting to break it. But after feeling the soft skin on her tongue, she lifted her head and encircled the end of the tit with her mouth. Erin lowered her body and Courtney’s mouth was filled with beautiful, smooth skin.

Courtney squeezed the breast while anxiously sucking on it. She touched Erin’s other breast and ran her fingers over the nipple. Erin’s moans told Courtney she was on the right track. She sucked harder; squeezed harder; licked faster.

Courtney’s hands were all over Erin’s body now. She felt the woman’s flat stomach and silky hips. She felt the tiny swimsuit over Erin’s ass. With a breast still in her mouth, Courtney clutched at the cheeks under the suit. She crumpled the material in her fists and pulled at it.

The next thing she knew, Courtney was pulling the suit off Erin’s ass. She pulled it down the woman’s legs as far as she could, then touched the delicate skin now exposed. Erin let her play for a second, then stood in front of Courtney and removed the bikini bottom.

Courtney stared at the heavenly body in front of her—the neatly shaven pussy, the curve of the hips and waist, the perfect breasts she had just tasted. Before she could say anything, Erin was on her knees in the water pulling Courtney’s own suit down her legs.

Courtney had never felt so free. And, surprisingly, so sexy.

She also got on her knees and the women hugged and kissed in the middle of the hot tub.


The Bed

“Let’s go inside,” Erin said between kisses.

“OK,” Courtney sighed. She was afraid what her approving might lead to. But ready to take the risk.

Erin grabbed towels as the women exited the hot tub and headed across the patio into the house. Parallel paths of dripping water led inside.

Courtney followed her friend through the kitchen, down a hall and into a spacious, bright bedroom. Erin closed the door.

She turned and looked at Courtney lovingly. Erin raised a towel and wiped off Courtney’s shoulders. Then she moved the towel over her friend’s breasts, lightly kissing and licking them after she was done. The towel moved over Courtney’s stomach and waist.

Then Courtney watched as Erin dried off her legs, lightly brushing against her pussy as she dried the inside of her thighs.

“Turn around,” Erin said.

Courtney obeyed and felt the towel rise up the back of her legs and onto her butt. She loved the feel of Erin’s hands on her ass and up her back.

Courtney saw the towel fall to the floor at the same time Erin’s hands were back on her ass. Then a hand slid between her legs, up to her pussy and onto her clit. With Erin’s body pressing against her from behind, Courtney felt a finger rub against her clit. She spread her legs. Another hand rested on her breast and rubbed the nipple.

Courtney was close to cumming, but didn’t want to. Not yet. This was too good. She moaned loudly instead, causing Erin to rub harder.

Courtney barely noticed when Erin forced her down onto the bed. She lay on her stomach at first, a hand still firmly planted on her clit. She raised her ass to give Erin better access.

But Erin moved her hands to Courtney’s waist and, with her motions, encouraged her to roll over. All Courtney saw was Erin on her knees, gazing between Courtney’s legs. Then that beautiful blonde hair was flowing down onto her skin.

What happened next will be forever etched in Courtney’s mind. The sensation of Erin’s delicate tongue on her engorged clit sent shivers through her like never before. She pitched her body to the side as if she’d been shocked. Erin gripped her by the hips and pulled her back to her mouth. And licked her again.

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